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Nothing is better than a chilled drink after strenuous activity. Even after a long hike, everyone wants to enjoy a cool soda. To cater to these needs, Yeti coolers have set their mark.

They provide chilled drinks and are quite durable. Ever with a strong case, the product is handy and portable. You can easily carry them around during traveling. However, selecting the right type might become a tiresome task.

Hours of browsing through web pages and still not finding your best match? It is true for almost everybody, and you're not a new victim. From the very beginning, we have heard that good things take time to get to you. Yet how can you wait while this trip approaches soon?

It's always smarter to refer to a buying guide to reduce this tiresome procedure and get a simple fix. It contains all the necessary information that is essential to choose the best product.

Therefore, to help you out, we've illustrated some of the significant characteristics you can look for before buying a YETI cooler. It will make your hunt quite comfortable.

So without any further ado, let us start with a quick introduction and move further with the guide.

What are YETI Coolers, and why should you opt for them?

Are you going out for camping again? Do you want to carry a few bottles of drink with you, but fear they will turn warm over time?

YETI coolers are here to reduce all your worries and become the best camping companion you've had.

These are portable boxes made out of durable materials. They are crafted to keep your cold drinks or other stuff at the right temperature they need to be at. Besides being durable, they have excellent insulation that enhances their performance.

It is always fun, chilling out with friends on a summer night! Sitting around a bonfire, enjoying your favorite drink, chilled enough to match your mood.

A YETI cooler fills the void that may have been created on your camping trip otherwise. It enables you to carry many goods while on the move without worrying about them getting rancid.

Types of YETI Coolers

These coolers are convenient because of their durability and ability to keep your supplies cold. These are the best coolers available in the market currently. No other product is capable of meeting the high standards that these coolers set.

The best thing is, it is worth investing in them. These coolers are the perfect choice for people who frequently plan outdoor trips and bring drinks or food with them.

According to the different needs of various individuals, manufacturers of YETI coolers have come up with various kinds of coolers. These are designed to suit every need of an individual so that they do not miss anything.

There are two types of coolers available in the market:


These have a hard outer shell as the name implies, and are suitable for use on long car rides. These can easily withstand rough treatment because of their unbreakable material. These also have spectacular thermal efficiency.

They have three key features in them:

  1. Roto-molded construction

It is the most popular feature of all the hard-shell coolers. This type of construction enables the cooler's wall to be made out of one thick piece of plastic.

  1. Fat wall design

This design prevents the warm air from outside to enter inside the cooler. There is a possibility of it if the walls were made of tiny pieces of plastic.

  1. Permafrost insulation

A thick layer of foam, made out of top-grade polyurethane, is secured to the cooler's wall. It provides an extra layer of insulation and ensures that your supplies are well-protected.

Soft-shell coolers

Don't go with the name! Their outer shell is made out of extremely durable yet rugged material despite being named 'soft-shell.' These are the best coolers to accompany you on trekking or along the rocky shore-line.

The unbeatable technology that these have include:

  1. Cold cell insulation

A special type of foam is secured on the interior wall of these coolers to maintain the frosty, cold climate inside the box.

  1. Dry hide shell

The outer wall of the soft shell coolers is made using a tough, durable material that is also waterproof. It ensures that your cooler stays damage-free always.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate YETI Coolers


The size of coolers matters a lot. It is because while you are outside, you never know what might come your way. There are chances that you may get lost or stranded in a lonely place.

Food and water supplies are a must to have. These are lifesavers, and you cannot compromise with them anyway.

To ensure that you carry sufficient supplies for you and others, you need to look for coolers that have adequate room to accommodate them all.

YETI coolers are great cooler options for you. They feature different sizes and capacities and are always ideal for long trips. To eliminate the problem of inadequate supplies, these coolers work the best.

They not only proffer enough room for you to carry your essentials but are also light in weight. This feature makes them highly portable and great for camping.

If you are planning for longer duration trips, you can opt for coolers that have higher capacities. On the other hand, if you are going on weekend picnics with the family to a nearby location, small coolers that can accommodate some sandwiches and a few bottles are the best.

Ice Retention

Purchasing a cooler is all about keeping your supplies cold. At least till the time you are outdoors.

To make sure that your items stay cold for as long as possible, it becomes crucial to emphasize the ice retention property of your cooler.

A cooler's ability in retaining ice depends on the following aspects:

  • Construction of your cooler.
  • The number of times you open it to grab your stuff.
  • Amount of ice you used initially.

To retain the ice for a longer duration, switch to YETI coolers, and part ways with your old one. Others cannot match Their efficiency in retaining ice. Even during summers, you get access to cold items whenever you open your cooler.

Stop wasting your time reading the reviews and get hold of the best YETI cooler instantly available. These coolers guarantee you long hours of ice retention and protect your food at all times.

Also note, if you are inclined to purchase the soft shell coolers, make sure that you bring extra ice packs along with you.

Though they are efficient in maintaining a frosty environment inside, they have poor ice retention ability.


Outdoor trips are all about fun and enjoyment. You don't go camping or trekking every day. To make the most of your precious outing, you should invest in products that will serve you long and look fabulous at the same time.

Unlike tents or other camping gears, you don't find various styling options when searching for coolers. That sounds sad!

To cheer you up and make your day, the manufacturers of YETI coolers have a brilliant idea. If changes are not possible on the inside, why can't you customize the outside?

Yes, you have guessed it right. Colors and designs are the two things that are being regulated by these manufacturers at regular intervals. Now you have access to coolers with many different colors and patterns which you could never think of.

Whether your favorite color is blue or yellow, you have various options to select from. You can also customize the color according to your taste and get it painted on your cooler.

Besides color, various designs are also available that make you look fashionable and different from others. Hence, opt for the best cooler which suits your style and taste.


Roto-molding is a technique that uses melted plastic to construct the walls of the YETI coolers. It includes no seams and makes the cooler more durable as compared to others.

Since no seams are present, airflow does not occur, and hence, the insulation of the cooler is enhanced. It helps in the ice retention of your box and keeps your supplies fresh and cold.

Apart from the insulation, roto-molding also makes the cooler unbreakable, thus increasing its life span. It is the intention behind using roto-molding construction to make hard shell coolers.

Also, soft shell coolers do not use this technique. Though they are waterproof if you consider ice retention ability, they perform poorly in that field.

So, if you are hunting for a cooler that is durable and keeps your items cool all the time, you should opt for hard shell YETI coolers.

Use and Functionality

What's the use of a cooler which is very heavy to carry or difficult to open? What if the cooler which you own is fragile and gets damaged easily?

The size and quantity of supplies, the location, and the type of outing, all these aspects affect the use and functionality of your cooler.

If you are carrying your cooler for a casual outing with friends, you can opt for a small lunch cooler that will accurately satisfy the requirements. But using the same cooler when you are planning for fishing won't make any sense.

Also, if you plan to take your cooler in a kayak, you will have to choose a different sort of cooler which can easily fit inside your kayak and is compact.

Searching for coolers to fit different purposes every time is neither economically feasible nor time-friendly. To serve every requirement that you have, you can always rely on YETI coolers.

These coolers have sleek designs to fit anywhere and offer decent space to accommodate your essentials. Besides keeping your items cold, these also allow you to carry them anywhere without any unnecessary hassle.

These coolers offer great ease in their functionality. Their efficient buckles and straps allow you to access your supplies with comfort and not hinder your activity.

Their lightweight and sturdy handles make it very easy for you to carry them from one place to another.

Visual Appeal

Though the outer appearance of your cooler box doesn't mean a lot. If you have got hold of one with a fashionable look, that's an added benefit.

The primary aim of a cooler, as discussed earlier, is to keep your stuff cold and protect from getting rancid.

A cooler is highly efficient in serving its primary purpose, so its appearance doesn't make a huge difference.

If you still consider the visual appeal to be an essential factor while choosing your YETI cooler, you can search for variants with different colors or patterns. It will contribute significantly to making you stand apart from others.

Apart from the design, you can also search for different styles of handles, buckles, and straps. These also increase the visual appeal of your cooler and make it look good.


Like a dry sponge, when soaked with water gets enormously heavy, your cooler too may become heavier after you fill it up with goods.

Initially, you cannot make out how heavy it can get, but when you are preparing for your trip, you will get to know the difference. It demands that you own a highly portable cooler and do not gain much weight even after being full.

Search for YETI coolers that have a soft-shell. They are convenient for transportation and do not gain too much weight.

If you are not willing to opt for soft shell coolers considering other factors, you can always choose to look for coolers that have wheels attached to them. These are more comfortable and mobile and do not give you much pain.

You can simply lift the handle and make your way through. While purchasing a wheeled cooler, ensure that the wheels and handle work properly and do not hinder while you are on the move.


Well, the secret to the best YETI cooler is 'roto-molding.' Rotomolding is a technique used to make durable coolers. But what material is used in this technique that makes a cooler box so sturdy?

YETI coolers are made out of the following materials:

  1. Polyethylene

The valuable material of a yeti cooler is the polyethylene. It is the most commonly used plastic. Its melted form is poured into molds, rotated slowly, and then the whole cooler is assembled.

Polyethylene provides durability to the cooler box and makes it damage resistant.

  1. Polyurethane

It is injected into the polyethylene molds during roto-molding. Polyurethane helps in keeping your supplies super cool by preventing the flow of air. It is the insulating material used inside your cooler.

Polyurethane forms a rigid shield that again contributes to strengthening your cooler box.

  1. Rubber

This material is used to make the latch of your YETI cooler. It is durable, and your latch lasts as long as the cooler.

These materials, when combined, make your cooler very sturdy and long-lasting. They can endure the rugged use and any attack on them in the wild. They are undoubtedly unbreakable and keep your essential supplies protected always.


Both hard shell and soft shell YETI coolers keep your food cool efficiently. But despite that, they differ from each other when insulation is considered.

As discussed above, soft shell coolers are not efficient in retaining ice for an extended period; hard-shell coolers are the opposite. Only one material makes the whole difference.

When you referred to the material section, you might have noticed that polyurethane is used. Polyurethane is the insulating material used in your coolers. The difference is, in hard-shell coolers, the thickness of the polyurethane layer is about 3 inches. It prevents the transfer of heat.

While in the soft shell coolers, their foam layer fails to form that vacuum level inside the cooler. Hence, a small amount of heat transfer takes place.

Insulation directly influences ice retention. More insulation in your cooler means the ice inside won't melt quickly.

Hence, depending on your trip's duration, you can choose between these two coolers and invest in the one that suits your preference.


There are times when you get attracted to a good-looking cooler with all the facilities in it, but as soon as you check the price tag, you step back.

It is a general perception that good things come with a considerable price tag. To burst the myth, YETI coolers with their exclusive features and varieties feature a very affordable price that everyone can buy.

Since everyone has the right to enjoy, YETI leaves no stones unturned to convert everyone's dream into reality. Their motto is to provide access to joy for all, and hence coolers manufactured by them do not cost a lot despite having such cool features.

If you want the best cooler for yourself, do not hesitate to purchase the most exceptional YETI cooler and make your trip memorable.

How to Keep YETI Coolers cold for longer?

Ice retention being the most important factor behind buying any YETI cooler, it is vital to know how we can keep the coolers cold for long hours.

With no seams and thick polyurethane layers, these coolers leave no stones unturned to keep the frosty environment inside intact. No matter what the weather outside is, you will always find your supplies cold and fresh whenever you open the lid.

There are six ways to keep your cooler cold for a longer duration. If you do not believe, you must take a look at the points below.

  1. Chill your cooler before using it

When a cooler is stored, it accumulates some amount of heat inside it. If you use that cooler directly, you will find that a good amount of your ice has been wasted while decreasing the cooler's temperature.

To avoid this unnecessary wastage, it is better to chill your cooler before using it. You can use ice packs or keep your cooler in some cool place to bring down the temperature.

  1. Use more ice than the number of your supplies

This step is to ensure that you have enough ice inside your cooler to keep your supplies fresh for long hours. You can follow the trick of using twice the amount of ice compared to your supplies.

More ice means long hours of coolness. Also, cover your essentials with ice all around to increase the effectiveness.

  1. Ice temperatures vary

Make sure that the ice you are using is dry and cold. Warm ice will melt soon and eventually get wasted. Also, to increase the temperature of the ice, you can make use of salt. It will help in preventing the ice from melting.

  1. Limit cooler access

Every time you open the lid of your cooler, you are allowing heat transfer. It eventually leads to the melting of ice. Very soon, all the ice inside your cooler will melt, and your supplies will no longer remain cool.

It is better to limit the access and grab your things in one go.

  1. General precautions

Try to avoid direct exposure of your cooler to sunlight. Also, do not drain away the cold water accumulated inside your cooler due to melting ice. It helps in the insulation and also in maintaining the temperature.

  1. Ice supplements

Exclusively manufactured by YETI, these ice supplements have a temperature just below the temperature that your regular ice has. You can use this supplement to prevent the ice from melting soon.

How are YETI Coolers better than regular coolers?

Coolers manufactured by YETI are way different than the regular ones. Many aspects contribute significantly to set them apart. The primary factor is the material used.

You know that a YETI cooler is made of polyethylene and polyurethane as the insulating material. The regular ones, on the other hand, are made from high-density polyethylene.

Using HDP makes the exterior of the regular coolers very thin. Hence, they are not as durable as a YETI cooler.

Besides the exterior material, the regular coolers' interior is made from a material known as polypropene copolymer. This polymer deforms when the temperature increases. For instance, if you leave your regular cooler out in the sun and the water starts boiling inside it, be sure that the interior walls have been damaged.

YETI coolers rule out this problem and handle a significant amount of heat with their shape intact.


  1. What is the warranty of YETI Coolers?

YETI Coolers come with a warranty of 5 years that speaks of their high-quality and durability.

  1. How to prepare a YETI Cooler for transportation?

Add about one-third of ice along with all the different items that you need to put. Try to add soft ice-packs that cause minimal water dissipation.

  1. Can you choose YETI Coolers for any location?

Yes, YETI Coolers are super-reliable for any location. Be it a beach party or an adventurous trek; you can carry these coolers anywhere without any risk.

Summing Up

With the right cooler, you can enjoy your favorite drinks anywhere anytime. Here in this comprehensive guide, we have listed out all the critical factors of the product.

Go through them quickly and evaluate your requirements to select an elite cooler. With a suitable product, you can enjoy your meals with your family members and friends at any time during your journey. / - © Copyright 2020