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Women's Climbing Pants buying guide

Are your baggy pants ruining your climbing experience? Don't worry. Climbing pants are here to the rescue.

The women's climbing pants are sufficient enough to provide full comfort and support to the legs. They enhance your performance and allow you to enjoy the activity without any unnecessary nuisance.

However, while selecting the product, you have to look into some elements. You have to look into the size, fabric choice, breathability, and other additional properties. These elements define the usability and performance of the pants.

Gathering information on these characteristics can become a tiresome task. In contrast to this, reading a detailed buying guide will give you access to all the information at a single stop. You can quickly go through the details and funnel down the best product.

So, without wasting any more time, let us have a brief introduction to the product and then dive into this comprehensive guide.

What do you mean by Women's Climbing Pants? Why do you need them?

Climbing pants for women is a type of climbing attire made explicitly for the female climbers to enhance their performance.

Most climbers do not give much importance to climbing attire. But you should consider the best quality women's climbing trousers like other gears such as harnesses, quickdraws or a rope while you are going for rock climbing.

Usually, these climbing pants come a little expensive, but they are quite different from athletic pants in functionality and comfort.

Climbing pants are more stretchable than any regular pants, so you will get better mobility and flexibility during your climb.

These pants also have higher durability, which is essential to prevent the pants from ripping and other damages caused by hard, sharp rocks.

Some climbing pants are designed with roll-up ankles to give you more comfort during a tough and technical climb. These pants will ensure more breathability that is missing in the regular pants.

Women's Climbing Pants vs. Leggings

Both climbing pants and leggings are available in the market for female climbers. There are some significant differences between the climbing pants for women and leggings. You should know the differences in details before making your decision.

Leggings have a body-hugging fit, but the climbing pants fit more loosely, making you feel more comfortable during climbing. Besides, leggings may make your body more exposed, which some climbers do not prefer, so they go for climbing shorts.

However, both of these pant designs have their advantages and disadvantages, so you should. Though it is all about your personal preference, you should check the pros and cons before purchasing.

Climbing pants for women are designed with secure pockets, breathable fit, and they have better durability than climbing leggings. Moreover, many climbing shorts can be rolled up with the drawcords according to the climbers' comfort.

On the flip side, climbing leggings are softer, more versatile, and less restrictive when compared to the climbing pants. Also, they match well with different climbing accessories like a harness, etc.

By wearing climbing leggings, you can enjoy maximum flexibility and mobility. However, they do not offer great coverage like the climbing pants women style.

These leggings are light and not much resistant to abrasions, so they can get damaged more quickly.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Women's Climbing Pants


When it comes to choosing any clothing, the first and foremost thing you should check is the fit. There is no exception for women's climbing pants too. A snug fit is incredibly essential for improving your comfort and performance as well.

You should choose climbing pants which are not too tight. Otherwise, it will surely decrease the freedom of your movement that can affect your performance negatively.

Furthermore, you should check the pants' length properly to confirm that the extra fabric will not create any problem while you are moving. If it is too long, you may have difficulties to place your feet in the right place.

There are some climbing pants built with drawstrings or elastics so that you can roll up the ankle according to your convenience, and it will never impede your movement.


You must be careful when choosing the material of the women's climbing pants because it determines the pants' performance. Usually, people are more likely to select such materials that feature breathability, durability, warmth, moisture-wicking, UPF protection, etc.

Cotton and nylon are two materials that are typically used in designing the climbing pants.

  1. Cotton

Cotton offers a softer feel, so it is comfortable to wear for a long time. Though it is breathable, it does not have much durability.

  1. Nylon

Nylon is renowned for its lightweight. Also, it has more breathability and elasticity. Nylon can be the right choice for wet weather conditions because it dries faster.

If you are looking for better breathability, you should go for lightweight climbing pants. If you want better performance, it will be better to buy pants with versatility.

Most of the high-quality pants are designed with stretchy materials such as elastane and spandex besides nylon or cotton.

The main reason for using these stretch materials is to provide better flexibility to move without any discomfort.


The stretchability of women's climbing pants is very important because it is closely related to flexibility. So, you should choose the proper amount of stretch to have a comfortable climb.

You will want your climbing pants women style to be flexible as much as possible so that it can not create any problem while trying to make a move.

With a view to that, most of the climbing pants for women contain a certain amount of stretch materials. Mostly spandex or elastane is used as stretch materials along with the major fabric materials.

These stretchy materials are very effective in increasing the stretchiness of the climbing pants. With better stretchability, you will have better flexibility, which can help you enjoy your freedom of movement.

If your pants are not flexible enough, you will not climb comfortably, so you must consider stretchability as a crucial buying factor while choosing your climbing pants.


Breathability is one of the most critical factors that you must consider while scanning the climbing pants. You should pay close attention to this feature, especially if you are choosing climbing pants for female climbers.

When you are planning to climb in hotter weather conditions, breathable pants can be the best choice. You will always be wanting to climb comfortably.

Therefore, it will be extremely miserable if your sweat starts dripping down inside the pants during your climbing. It can potentially ruin your climbing experience.

This is why you are suggested to look for a pair of climbing pants that offer maximum breathability. You should check the fabric beforehand, whether it is appropriate for proper air circulation.

You will find different types of fabric materials, including nylon, polyester, and cotton, which are breathable enough to keep you dry from precipitation.


All the top-quality climbing pants have some unique designs which help to improve their performance.

There are some women's climbing pants coated with UPF 50 sun protection, and this design is essential for climbing on sunny days.

Many climbing shorts are designed with adjustable cuffs near the ankle areas that make them less restrictive and ensure your legs' free movement.

You can also search for climbing pants designs that are available with pockets, D-rings, loops, etc. so that you can store your climbing accessories hassle-free. You should make sure that the pockets are secured enough for climbing.

Many climbing pants designed for women have wide waistbands along with the high rise to provide a fair amount of coverage, especially when you stretch or bend. You will get a better tummy control with this high rise facility.

The elasticity of the waistbands is good for the right fit. Gusseted crotches can increase flexibility by reducing pressure on the seam. Reinforced Bolton and knee designs also help to enhance your performance.


Another vital factor is the durability that you must take into consideration when you are about to choose women's climbing pants. Without having durable pants, it will be challenging to climb outside.

There are high possibilities during rock climbing that your pants will get damaged from abrasion caused by the hard rocks. Also, you will need to sit on different surfaces.

So, if you do not want your climbing pants to rip quickly, you must look for the best quality pants offering higher durability.

Moreover, when it comes to performing approach hiking, your pants may snag on the branches or any other obstacles. So, only wearing climbing pants can prevent you from getting a hole in the pants.

It is highly recommended to check the material's quality while buying your pants to make sure it will last for a long time.

Types of Climbing

Not all climbers have the same style of climbing. The particular climbing type you prefer can significantly impact your preference for women's climbing pants.

Commonly, there are three types of climbing you can see that include summer outdoor, cold-weather outdoor, and indoor climbing.

Indoor climbing does not depend on outdoor weather conditions, so it can be controlled in an effective way. For indoor climbing, you will need pants that are lightweight, flexible, moisture-wicking, and durable instead of protective and thick.

If you plan for summer outdoor climbing, you should look for the indoor climbing pants. But you should make sure that the pants are more protective and durable to withstand rougher outdoors.

It will be better to opt for pants designed with reinforced bottoms and knees to increase your pants' ruggedness.

On the other hand, cold weather climbing pants have some unique qualities like windproof, water-resistant, quick-drying, etc. A little moisture-wicking feature also can be a good addition.

Pant Length and Versatility

When you are going to choose the length of climbing pants for women, you will have three options to choose from. They are - Full-length, roll up, and convertible.

As the name suggests, full-length pants can cover your legs entirely and give full leg protection even in hotter conditions. Some full-length pants are built with mesh pockets and zippered vents for better airflow that can reduce overheating.

You can use the convertible pants as either pants or shorts. Therefore, these pants can be an excellent choice for different weather and extended hikes. Thus, you do not need to pack a lot of gear for climbing.

Roll-up pants are something between the full length and convertible pants. The cuffs are secured with drawcords, tabs, or buttons when you roll up the pants.

So, if your priority is to have better mobility, you can easily choose these hiking pants. They are effective for cooling as well.

Moisture Wicking

Some women's climbing pants come up with excellent moisture-wicking properties. You should check the fabrics how efficiently they can wick the moisture before you buy the pants.

You should keep it in mind that different materials work differently to wick the moisture away, so you should choose the fabric according to your choice.

Cotton can absorb water quickly, but it holds moisture for a long time, which is why it takes more time to dry. Cotton is not suitable for wicking the moisture away.

On the contrary, synthetic fabrics like nylon can wick away moisture and sweat in an effective manner. Also, they are able to dry quicker than cotton.


How much warmth you need from your climbing pants depends on the weather you are going to climb. You should consider the weather condition and your type of climb when you are searching for the best women's climbing pants.

For summer climbing, you should choose thinner fabrics for more comfort. However, if you are climbing in the winter condition, you must need lightweight materials, ensuring that you will remain warm for a longer time when out for climbing.

You may have to sacrifice the flexibility of the lightweight fabrics, but it is more important to keep yourself warm in colder weather.

Besides, you can wear an extra pair of thinner leggings under the climbing pants. They will not allow the chilly wind to get inside and provide more warmth as well.

On the other hand, you can wear solid leggings under the climbing pants to get the right amount of warmth in extremely windy conditions. In case the condition changes, you can remove the pants, and the leggings will be enough to protect you from cold.


Mobility of the women's climbing pants should be at the top of your priority list while considering the pants' features because freedom of movement is essential for climbing.

You should not choose pants that will restrict your free movement. It is recommended to look for some unique features such as gusseted crotches, articulate knees, etc. Also, you should select some stretchy materials for better mobility.

You can try different pairs of pants before you finally pay for one so that you can check the snug fit effectively. As female body shapes are a little difficult to fit, you will find different options like straight and curvy fits so you can choose one according to your convenience.

However, some climbers are more likely to have climbing leggings because they do not restrict the movement and stay longer on the rough trail.


The cost of climbing pants women option matters a lot, so you should fix a budget before purchasing the pants. Usually, these climbing pants are available at a wide price range, so if you have a fixed budget or will help you to narrow down your search.

Different climbing pants have various technical features that create a difference in the cost. If you think you have all the special features, you will have to spend a high amount of money.

It is needless to mention that expensive pants will have more impressive features to aid you in improving performance.

However, you should always go with climbing pants having all the essential qualities but come at an affordable price range. It will serve your purpose significantly, and you do not need to exceed your budget as well.

Weather Resistance

You may overlook this feature if you are an indoor climber, but you must check the weather resistance capacity of the women's climbing pants for outdoor climbing.

You should always choose a pair of pants that can keep you warm and dry. One thing you should remember that the many climbing areas become colder during the night. Also, it is hard to predict the weather in advance.

Summer climbing pants have a coating of sun protection, which helps you to climb efficiently in sunny conditions. Similarly, climbing pants that are windproof and resistant to water can be a better choice for colder situations.

Additional Features

  1. Adjustable ankle cuffs

Baggy ankles of the climbing pants can be challenging to manage while rock climbing and they can impede your free movement that will have a negative impact on your performance.

If you wear wide-leg yoga pants when you are climbing, it will get damaged very quickly, and you will not be able to switch your foot comfortably.

So, most of the climbing pants are available with drawcords that help cinch the ankle cuffs to better fit. Some pants have turn-up tabs so you can fold the legs up and button them appropriately.

  1. Chalk bag loop

You will find the chalk bag loop in many climbing pants. They are attached to the backside of the waistbands. Therefore, you will not commonly find this feature in any climbing leggings.

Especially if you like tree or boulder climbing, this feature will come in handy for you. You will see a chalk bag loop in the harness because you will get easier access to the harness than the pants while climbing.

  1. Brush loop/pocket

You should not expect the brush loop or pocket on the climbing leggings. But it is common to find climbing pants. This brush loop will allow you to keep brush-sized equipment so that you can clean the patches from the dirty rocks effortlessly. It can be a handy feature in climbing pants for women.

  1. Pockets

Pockets are the most vital additional feature which can be found in almost all climbing pants. Secured pockets are handy for carrying your essential belongings.

You should search for the Zipped pockets because they are appropriate for storing small things like phone, key, route notes, etc. Even if you want, you can also carry snacks in your pockets.

However, you should always check the position of the pockets on the legs. Make sure the pockets are placed on the lower side so that you can reach the thing without any hassles.

  1. Waistband

You will see different styles of waistbands, and you can choose one as per your preference. Most climbers like the wide and elasticated band because it has no fasteners or buttons, and thus it feels soft on your skin.

A fuss-free waistband can be an ideal choice for climbing pants as they go well with a harness and do not create any discomfort. There are some waistbands designed with an adjustable drawcord.

  1. Reinforced sections

Reinforced sections in the climbing pants are good for extra durability, and this is how the pants can be protected from wear and damages.

Generally, knees, cuffs, and the pant's seat are more prone to wear and tear, so you will find reinforced designs in such areas. This feature is not extremely essential for indoor climbing, but it is always good to have for better longevity.

  1. Gusseted crotch

Some of the climbing pants are designed with an extra layer of fabric across the crotch area to reduce the pressure on seam areas. Moreover, gusseted crotches are very helpful in increasing the flexibility of climbing pants. The extra fabric can prevent wedgies when you wear the harness.


  1. Are climbing pants waterproof?

Yes, mostly, the models come with a DWR coating on them. They don't allow the water to soak in the fabric.

  1. What is the benefit of articulated knees?

In some models, darts are present on the fabric at the site of the knees. They allow the pants to take better shape when you bend your leg.

  1. I am new to the sport. Should I select cotton or nylon pants?

Being a beginner, you should select nylon pants, as they are light in weight, and the fabric dries out faster than cotton. It is more elastic and stretchable.

Summing Up

With all the information under your possession, all you need is to select the best option. Here in this guide, you will get all the details to aid you in the selection process.

Go through the pointers and select an elite product. Climbing pants keep your legs safe, and you can enjoy the sport smoothly. / - © Copyright 2020