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Want to enjoy a relaxing bath after a stressful day without any disturbance? Don’t worry. Whirlpool Tubs are here to the rescue.

You can quickly fit the tubs in your home. They come in various shapes so you can choose the best shape that fits your space.

However, you have to look into certain factors before selecting an option. You have to look into its size, shape, capacity, and other additional properties.

Collecting information on all the factors can become a tiresome task. A well-structured buying guide presents a simple solution to this issue. It contains all the information in an organized way. You can quickly skim through the factors and funnel down the best product.

Let us start with a brief introduction to the product and then move further into the guide.

What do you mean by Whirlpool Tubs? Why do you need them?

A whirlpool tub can be the best option to have a relaxing experience after a busy day. It gives you a luxurious, spa-like feeling at your home. If you want to enjoy a relaxing bath with maximum comfort, you will find peace inside a whirlpool tub.

These tubs usually come with different sizes and shapes, so you can easily upgrade your old bathtub space to a whirlpool tub without any hassles.

A whirlpool bathtub is equipped with jets, a pumping system, and a water heater, making it different from the regular bathtubs.

You can also use these jetted tubs like a hot tub, but they are effortless to maintain. There will be no hassle of difficult cleaning, and you can use it conveniently, even if you do not have a large space.

Types of Whirlpool Tubs

  1. AlcoveTubs

Three wall alcove tubs are surrounded by bathroom walls on its three sides. The front side of the tub is designed so that it can hide the subfloor and plumbing. You should choose a proper drain location before installing the tub.

  1. Drop-In Tubs

These tubs are opened on each side so you can quickly enter and exit. As the name suggests, the tub design is dropped into the deck covered in tiles. These tubs are appropriate for larger bathrooms where the shower stall is not attached to the tub.

  1. Walk-In Tubs

These tubs offer easy access, so you can choose a walk-in tub if you have any mobility issues. These tubs are made up of fiberglass or acrylic and taller than the regular bathtubs. Designed with the integrated seat and whirlpool jet, it can be an excellent option for therapeutic relief.

  1. Undermount Tubs

With these tubs, you can get a smooth surface as they are mounted under the deck. So, you can set up the tubs in different locations such as corners, islands, and more.

  1. Freestanding Tubs

These stand-alone bathtubs require a larger space to fit your bathroom. You can choose this model for both modern and traditional bathrooms. However, you will need more water to fill in the tubs.

There is a wide variety of freestanding tubs designed with acrylic, stone, copper, cast iron, etc. Though they are more expensive than other models, you can choose them to enhance your bathroom's interior.

  1. Clawfoot

This is the special type of freestanding tubs that are usually found in traditional-style bathrooms. They are designed with feet, which are quite similar to the animal's claws. Because of the higher backs, you can consider these tubs for lounging.

  1. Pedestal

Another type of freestanding tub that is more suitable for a modern bathroom. It is fixed on a raised platform so you can use it conveniently.

  1. Soaking

Soaking tubs have more depth than the regular tubs. It means you can immerse yourself up to the torso instead of the lower body.

  1. Corner Tubs

These triangular shaped tubs can be fitted in a location that is surrounded by two walls. Having a corner tub in the bathroom will be an excellent choice for two persons.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Whirlpool Tubs

Space for tub

Before buying the whirlpool tubs, you must consider the area where you want to fit the tub. It will be wise to measure the width, length, and height correctly so that the tub can fit well.

If you want to replace the previous bathtub, you should check the drain location and choose the new tub accordingly to align with the plumbing effortlessly.

Some tubs need a mortar bed that can protect the tub from tracking, breaking, and squeaking.

Moreover, you should consider the bathers to pick up the most appropriate model for your bathroom. A low model can be handy for children to make sure that they can have an accessible entrance and exit.

Walk-in tubs are the best choice for older persons who have mobility issues. Taller people will need a longer tub where the high back is essential for lounging.


You should select the size of your whirlpool tub according to the style of your bathroom. Whirlpool bathtubs are available with various shapes and sizes, so you can choose a model that fits your bathroom correctly.

You can find a larger bathtub which can fit two people easily. Therefore, it is essential to consider who will be using the bathtub and how often you are using it to choose your bathtub's best size.

Some models have a small size to fit the regular bathtub cut out.

If you choose a corner model, it may take some extra effort to install it in your existing bathroom.


  1. Acrylic

Acrylic is a very common material used in making whirlpool tubs. You can find varieties of shapes, sizes, and colors of the acrylic tubs. These tubs are prone to stain and scratch, but if you go for a high-end model, it will be more resistant to damages.

  1. Cast Iron

Whirlpool bathtubs made up of cast iron are more expensive because they are more durable than any other finishes available in the market. These tubs are protected from scratches and other damages.

As these tubs are heavy, you will need a reinforced ground to install them. The best thing about the cast iron material is that it helps to keep the water warm for a long time.

  1. Fiberglass or Plastic Composite

If you want to have a lightweight model, you should look for fiberglass materials. These tubs have the least price among all models. Also, they are very convenient to install. However, being the thinnest material, fiberglass is more likely to have scratches and cracks.

  1. Porcelain Enameled Steel

These tubs can be a great alternative to cast iron or acrylic tubs. They come within a reasonable price range but provide more durability. You can clean these tubs easily, but you should be a little careful because of their heavier weight.

  1. Other materials

You will find some uncommon materials such as copper, natural stone, etc. which can enhance the beauty of your bathroom to a great extent.

Shapes and Colors

Besides the size, the shape and color of the whirlpool bathtubs are equally important so that they can enhance the look of your bathroom to a different level.

  1. Shape

Generally, most of the tubs are designed with a rectangular or oval shape, but you can find different other forms of the tubs.

There are some tubs made with the shape of hourglass or hourglass in the rectangle. You can also choose an oval in a rectangle. Also, some models are available with corners and round shapes.

  1. Color

When it comes to choosing the color of the tubs, you will see most tubs are white or off-white. Nevertheless, there are different color options that you can consider for your tubs, including grey, black, brown, bronze, copper, silver, etc.

If you want your tub to look brighter, you can opt for some solid colors like blue, red, etc.

Faucet Consideration

  1. Deck-Mounted

This can be a great option if you have a lack of space in your bathroom to fit the bathtub. If there is less free space around the bathtub, you can mount the faucet on to the existing bathtub. This facility is mainly available for whirlpool tubs or drop-in tubs. It will also be very economical to choose the deck-mounted faucet for your bathtub.

  1. Floor-Mounted

You can look for the floor-mounted faucet if you do not have any issues with exposed pipes. You will need enough space around your bathtub to mount this faucet. Therefore, you must measure the area accurately before having a floor-mounted faucet. It is very appropriate for freestanding tubs.

  1. Wall-Mounted

With the wall-mounted faucet, you can have more surface area. Also, it can be an excellent option to create longer water arches. If your bathtub is not separated from the shower stall, you can easily consider a wall-mounted faucet for the tub.

Types of Jets

The kind of whirlpool bathtubs is determined by the jet type used in the bathtubs. Three common jet types are there used in the bathtubs, including air jet, water jet, and combination.

  1. Air jet

As you can see from the name, this type of bathtub uses air jets to push millions of bubbles through the tub water. This is how it can create a low-pressure message effectively. Air jets are fixed and have many jets that you can adjust according to your convenience.

Moreover, if you use any bath products like gels or bath salts, air baths will not get clogged easily. These baths are usually made of acrylic, but you can find the fiberglass models too.

  1. Water jet

This type of bathtub pushes water through larger jets so it can offer a high-pressure massage. This is why water her bathtubs are used for therapeutic purposes to give you relief from muscle sprains, pain, and aches.

In addition, you are able to control the jet, which is not possible in the air jet. Many water jet tubs are designed with acrylic, but you can have cast-iron models as well.

  1. Combination

There are some whirlpool bathtubs that have features of both the air jet and water jet. They are the combination of these tubs so you can select the jet according to your need.

Pump Power and Placement

When you are scanning the whirlpool tubs, you must check the pump power and pump placement with proper attention.

Whirlpool bathtubs are engineered with a pump that helps to create relaxing bubbles so you can enjoy your time comfortably. The pump is needed to push air through the jet to produce the bubbles.

It is needless to mention that a powerful pump will force more air to create a more relaxing stream. Typically, the pumps have the strength between the range of 1 and 2 HP.

Also, you should decide the right place for the pump. It will be better to check the instruction manual before installing the pump. You should make sure that the pump is placed in a way that it can reach both the water and electric hooks easily.

Heating Option

There are some whirlpool tub models that are designed with the heating option, which means when the pump pushes the air through the jet, it will become heated automatically.

With this heating option, you can ensure that you will always have warm water. You can get the desired temperature without adding hot water frequently.

It will save you time, and therefore you will be able to enjoy more time in the tub. However, you should not be in hotter water for longer, so check the temperature before you get into the tub.


You must pay much attention to the warranty when you are about to buy a whirlpool tub. You will invest a lot of money in the tub, so the warranty is very crucial for your purchase.

Generally, whirlpool tubs are expensive, and if you have a more extended warranty, it will give better protection to your investment. With a more extended warranty, you will have a better idea of the credibility and reliability of the product.

But you should remember that the warranty can differ depending on the manufacturer. You will find some company offering a more extended warranty for up to one year. But some companies, on the other hand, provide a limited period warranty.

You should also consider the customer service besides warranty. If you find a model with a small warranty and poor customer service, you should discard it and opt for some better bathtubs.


Another vital buying factor that you should consider while choosing your whirlpool tub is the weight. Some whirlpool bathtubs are massive in weight even if there is no water and bathers inside.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to check the floor structure to make sure it can withstand the weight of the tub you are buying. You should be more careful if you want to install the tub on the second floor.

It will be wise to talk to a professional before installing the tub. It will help you to increase safety, and you can fix it without any hassles.

If you want to have a lightweight model, you can go for fiberglass material, but it will be less durable than other models.


The whirlpool tubs are incredibly sanitary, but you need to use your tub in the correct way to maintain it.

Usually, all the whirlpool bathtubs are available with a user manual. You must follow the manuals while you are using the tub.

Most of the whirlpool tub models are designed with flexible piping and have an effective draining system to remove the water faster. It means you will not have any problems maintaining the tubs.

If you want your whirlpool tub not to be the breeding ground for bacteria, you must follow the guidelines without fail. Also, you should check and maintain the timeline when you need to clean and refill the water.


Whirlpool bathtubs are costlier than any other bathtubs found in the market. So, you should always fix your budget in advance that will help you to narrow down the options quickly.

If you need a small size tub, it will cost around $500. But the medium and large size tubs start from $2000. If you are looking for some additional features, the cost may raise up to $3000-4000.

You should keep in mind that this cost does not include the maintenance cost. If you need to replace any parts, that will have additional costs.

Having a larger tub means it will have more maintenance costs. So, you should also consider the hidden cost before you make your purchase.

If possible, you should check if you are getting a better offer from other manufacturers. You should remember that lower prices may come with poor customer service, so fix your budget accordingly.

Steps to install Whirlpool Tubs

If you can follow the steps correctly, it will not be much difficult to install a whirlpool tub.

You should fix the tub in a mud ground to have more support. A solid bottom is essential to set a tub so that you can use it comfortably.

Also, you should check the electrical panel. You can use the Ground Fault Interrupter for an isolated circuit.

You can set up access that will help you to access the pump and drain at ease.

However, it is always recommended to consult a professional to install the tub hassle-free.

Whirlpool bathtubs are heavy, contain a large amount of water, and are also equipped with electrical components, so they include more risk.

You should make sure that your city has permission. Otherwise, you will have a problem in the future.

You should always check the specifications of the models you are going to buy beforehand and share the details with your plumbers. It will help you to avoid the unnecessary hassles related to installation.

They can guide you in a significant way to purchase any accessories required for the tub and figure out the cost for installation as well.

Steps to clean and maintain a whirlpool tub

Cleaning the whirlpool tubs is not a very difficult task because you will not need to add pool chemicals to the water, and these tubs have a better draining system.

However, it will be better to consider deep cleaning as it is essential for maintaining the jets. With having a deep cleaning, you can ensure that the entire system is in the proper place.

Also, you can use a hot tub cleaner to clean your whirlpool tub efficiently. It is suggested to clean and maintain your jetted tub like the hot tubs to use it for a long time without any replacement.

You should never use an abrasive cleaner; otherwise, it will damage the finish of your tub. For acrylic tubs, you should use specialized cleaners.

When it comes to daily cleaning, using water, dish soap, and a soft scrubber will be enough.

You can follow these tips to maintain your tub more effectively:

  1. You should try diluted vinegar solutions for water deposits.
  2. You can remove the stubborn water stains with a nylon scrubber. Also, you add water and baking soda together to scrub the stain.
  3. If you are thinking of using any cleaning product containing baking soda or vinegar, try it on an inconspicuous spot to ensure it does not have any harmful impact on the tub.
  4. It will be better to clean the tub frequently to avoid stubborn stains.
  5. For the whirlpool bathtubs, you should fill the tub thoroughly, add a little amount of dish soap, and then start the pump for at least seven minutes before draining.


  1. Can I add a bubble bath to my whirlpool tub?

Yes, you can add the bubble bath, but you have to be careful so that there is no overflow in your bathroom.

  1. Is there any difference between the standard tub and Whirlpool tub?

Yes, in Whirlpool tubs, you get a lot of relaxing features like heaters, jets for massage, and a pumping system.

  1. Is the product worth its value?

Yes, you can enjoy a relaxing bath anytime without any disturbance. With these tubs, you can enjoy relaxing massages. The product is durable and comes in various shapes that can fit your space properly. Moreover, your kids can enjoy their baths in the tubs.

Final Verdict

Whirlpool Tubs presents a simple way to enjoy relaxing baths. All you need is to invest your money in the right product.

In this guide, you will get all the critical pointers laid out in a well-organized way. Go through them and select an elite product. / - © Copyright 2020