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Grilling, no doubt, is the best way to relish delicious food with your loved ones. To create unaccountable happy memories with your loved ones, you need the best-quality grill. Weber grills are here to cater to your hunger for delicious food and sweet moments.

The grills have a durable structure and present all the necessary features to make the activity more comfortable. However, you have to look into different elements to select the best model.

A buying guide comes handy while sorting out the best model. You get all the essential information under one roof, which saves you valuable time. Also, you get the correct facts and details with which you can quickly funnel down the best product.

So, starting with a quick introduction to the product, let us dove into this comprehensive guide.

What are Weber Grills, and why should you buy them?

A family get-together, or a Sunday party is short without good food. Grilling is a reasonable option to have some lip-smacking dishes and enjoy your time when you are camping outside or partying in the backyard.

Therefore, the top-quality weber grill can be the right equipment that can help you enjoy the restaurant-style grill without any hassle. A wide variety of Weber gas grills are available in the market that can be used for different styles of grilling.

You can choose this tool for grilling in three seasons. Whether it is your springtime get together or Thanksgiving party, these Weber gas grills will be a compelling choice for grilling fish, meat, and vegetables.

They also come with some unique accessories, so you will be able to try new recipes for your friends and family. Even if you are going car camping, you can cook home standard foods effortlessly.

Models of Weber Grills Series

Weber Spirit Series

It is considered the smallest size of the grills available with Weber, but they function in a significant way. If you are searching for the optimum size of the grills for grilling occasionally, this grill can be the best option for you.

These 2 or 3 burner grills are perfect for individuals, couples, and small families. You can easily use them in a small yard, patios, and even in your balcony.

Though they have a small size, all the essential features are included in the series. You will have folding side tables along with Flavorizer bars so that you can use the grill conveniently. The stainless-steel design is also very appropriate for grilling.

Weber Genesis Grills

In this series, you will see a wide variety of sizes, and they are designed with different features as well. You can get both 3 and 4 burners models.

These grills have a cart-like design that can be either opened or closed. The E-models are designed with porcelain grates. On the other hand, the A models have a stainless-steel finish, which is appropriate for maximum heat retention.

Also, you can find the SE models which are equipped with a light handle and thick grates. The Weber Genesis ll grills are designed with some more powerful features.

Weber Summit Grills

If you need a large sized grill, you can go for the Summit series offered by Weber. You can have up to 6 burners, which are enormous but have an elegant look. Also, they are more potent than any other series come up with Weber.

In the 470 series, you can have a Sear Station burner, which is preferred for the unique seared-in flavor. This feature is like a boon to the grilling enthusiasts.

Some models are designed for grilling in the backyard, so they have some specific configurations. With the Summit series, you are allowed to have versatility with better performance that can give a different level of grilling experience.

Different Parts of Weber Grill

The Gas Grill Lid and Exterior

Most of the grills are designed with a lid that ensures the safety of the grillers while grilling. It provides better ventilation during grilling.

Some Weber grills have a lid equipped with a thermometer to measure the temperature during grilling. You can also choose a stainless-steel control panel that will withstand the pressure effectively.

Moreover, it will be better to have more exterior surface area where you can store your cooking tools and other essential ingredients. Some grills are available with a foldable side table.

Also, the wheels are necessary for the backyard grill. With high-quality wheels, you will be able to relocate your grill effortlessly.

Grill Interior

Besides the exterior, the interior of the grills is equally essential. The first thing you will notice is the grill grates, which are among the most vital parts of the interior. Next, you can see the burners that are required for heating and grilling.

The Grates

Your grilling experience much depends on the grill grates. The highest quality grates are made of cast iron and porcelain enamel, which can enhance the flavor of the foods without creating any mess.

Cast irons are a great choice to hold up the flavor and increase the seasoning appropriately.

Besides, you should check the cooking space before selecting the grates.

You must consider the number of people and how regularly you use your grill to choose the grates without any confusion.

The Burners

What is a grill without the burners! The burners are mainly responsible for cooking the food. After ignition, you get intense flames that help you to grill the foods properly.

You must check the knobs beforehand to make sure that you are allowed to adjust the flames' strength and size. Also, the burners should work in a significant manner to provide heat consistently.

Foods like shrimps, chickens need lower heat with longer grilling time. On the contrary, for searing the steaks, you will require extreme heat.

BTU usually measures the energy that comes from heat.

Other Grill Parts

Along with the main parts, most of the Weber gas grills come up with some extra parts which are also worthy of your consideration.

It would help if you searched for the porcelain enamel trays to collect the grease. It will prevent dripping and improve the taste of the foods.

The interior warning racks are essential as well. You can use it to keep your foods warm without worrying about overlooking.

Grease catching trays are helpful to keep your grill clean and safe while grilling.

Things To Deem About While Buying The Right Weber Grill

Right Size

People have a common belief about the grills that bigger is better. But you must select the size without adjusting other essential factors. It would be best if you kept in mind that a bigger size grill is hard to fit in other places apart from your backyard and large patios.

Usually, large models take longer for heating because they have more space, so they need more heat to reach the required temperature.

The larger grills have another major downside that they use a substantial amount of gas. Weber grills with more burners, or larger burners will need more gas to get the job done quickly.

You must consider the grill space and frequency of use to make the right decision while choosing the grill size. Though it depends on your personal choice, both large and small sizes have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Cooking System

How efficiently you can grill with your Weber grill depends on the cooking system.

Some Weber grills are designed with a charcoal grill. This charcoal grill has a steel cooking grate, which is sturdy and durable. Also, it has a charcoal grate that helps in fuelling up the grill. A lid for ventilation can be a great addition.

For free-standing gas grills, you should choose more than one burner, offering better heat control.

Generally, the electric models come with fewer burners, but they are also well equipped for excellent heat control. These small and portable models can emit heat consistently.

It will also help if you are looking for the grease and ash collecting tray to make sure you can get a clog-free heat source.

With a high-quality cooking system, you can reduce flare-ups, get rid of any drippings, and enjoy mouth-watering dishes with smoky flavor effectively.


Typically, Weber gas grills are more likely to be designed with black and silver colors. However, you can have a wide range of colors to choose from.

You can take the Q 1200 Portable Grill as an example that is available with seven different colors. All these colors are so vibrant and attractive that you can choose any one of them according to your personal preference.

Chefs and avid grillers prefer the Weber has grills because of this variety of colors. It is not difficult to find a Weber grill that suits your grilling style and matches your aesthetic choice within a single package.

Fuel Types

Before selecting the Weber grills, you should remember that every grill runs on with a specific type of fuel - either natural gas or propane.

Both propane and natural gas have some benefits and drawbacks. You should focus on your grilling style and availability of gas while choosing the fuel type.

  1. Propane

There are hundreds of reasons why grillers go for propane. The first and foremost reason is propane provides more energy compared to natural gas.

With propane, you can have up to 2500 BTUs for each cubic foot, which means it can heat the grill quickly. Propane helps you in the best possible way to reach the required temperature for grilling without any extra effort.

Another critical factor is that you can get propane from any local stores. So, you do not need to worry about running out of the fuel.

Moreover, propane is less expensive and can be installed easily. You need to hook up the new tank to the grill and start grilling.

  1. Natural Gas

It will be better to have an accessible natural gas main in your house so that you can use the fuel without worrying about running out.

However, it isn't easy to get natural gas mains in all properties that you can avail for grilling. Also, it takes a lot of time and cost to install.

But natural gas is more environment-friendly than propane, and you need to set up for once. After that, you can skip the hassle of swapping propane tanks frequently.

Therefore, natural gas can be a more useful option for regular grillers than propane.

Temperature Gauge

It is crucial to understand the temperature gauge of the Weber grills so that you can grill effectively.

Not all the meats and vegetables require the same temperature for grilling. It totally depends on the type of foods you are going to grill.

If you do not give the grill enough time to heat up properly, it will not be easy to prepare your food fast.

Weber gas grills are equipped with an ultra-accurate temperature gauge that can provide detailed information about the grill's internal temperature.

Without having the right idea of the temperature, you cannot manage your cooking process efficiently. Put simply, it will help you to know the exact time when you need to throw on the fish or meat.

Furthermore, these temperature gauges are built with stainless steel and durable lenses to ensure that they can last long.

Grate Material

The grill grates' quality matters a lot because you will put all the foods and grill ingredients on the grates. You must pay attention to the grate materials when you are looking for Weber grills and choose what meets your requirements.

  1. Stainless Steel Grates

Grill grates made up of stainless steel are very popular among the grillers. There are some specific reasons behind this popularity.

Stainless steel is rust proof, and it does not get damaged quickly. Thus, you can have an extremely durable grilling surface.

However, one major downside of using the stainless-steel grates is that it becomes messy fast as the cooking ingredients stick on the surface, which is impossible with cast iron and porcelain enamel.

  1. Porcelain Enamel Grates

You can choose the porcelain enamel grates because it is incredibly resistant to rust. It allows you to place the foods directly on the surface, which is considered an excellent feature for the grillers.

Also, porcelain enamel grates are very useful to deal with acidic foods, so they do not wear out quickly like cast iron made grates. If you want to grill with maximum safety, you can rely on the porcelain enamel grates without any doubt.

Although it is all about your personal preference, you should know that the porcelain enamel grates have better performance than the stainless-steel grates.

Special Features

You will be very excited to know that the Weber grills come up with some additional burners that are not commonly found in any other standard grills.

Besides the regular cooking burners, they have some individual burners for effective grilling.

Side burner

As the name suggests, the side burners are placed on the side tables. These additional burners are away from the inner grilling area.

Having these side burners will help you to cook or warm foods. You can cook sauces or any other items besides the main cooking that will definitely save your time.

Therefore, side burners are very helpful for the grillers who are into multitasking while grilling.

Sear burner

It is a special kind of burner which is mainly used for heating the cooking area. This burner can create small but intense flames that are appropriate for the grid marks.

It helps to sear the steaks and lock the flavor inside. Moreover, this is an effective way to have juicy and flavourful steaks. These searing burners are considered as a vital tool for high standard grills.

Smoker feature

Grilling without a smoky flavor does not sound much interesting. So, most grillers want to lock the smoky flavor that can be created by burning wood chips.

Weber gas grills equipped with the unique smoking feature allow you to have the savory, smoky flavors. There is a particular compartment where you can add wood chips to get the smoky flavor.


Generally, stainless steel is majorly used as the construction material of Weber gas grills. There are several reasons for choosing stainless steel.

You will want a grill that is durable and long-lasting. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and rust, so it does not get damaged quickly. Grills designed with stainless steel material are protected from wear and tear.

It is needless to mention that the grill will be exposed to heat and moisture while on use. Also, the grill must deal with oil, grease, metal scrapping, etc.

All these can have a severe impact on the grill if it does not have a durable and robust construction. Otherwise, it can easily be affected by flame, smoke, and other cooking ingredients.

With a view to that, Weber gas grills are constructed with high-quality stainless steel to make sure that the grill can work efficiently for an extended period without any replacement.


Weber grills are available with some additional accessories, which will improve your grilling experience and increase the grill's longevity.

Some of the useful accessories are–

Weber grill covers

Grills covers are required for the protection of the grills. You can protect your grill from elements with these covers. Some covers are made of water-resistant fabrics.

Also, they can give protection from the sunlight. So, it will be wise to bear some extra costs for the covers to increase the lifespan of the grills.

Cleaning brushes

Another very essential accessory for your grill is the cleaning brush. It would be best if you kept your grill clean and clear. Without a good brush, you cannot remove the dried grease, food particles from the grates, and burners. You can choose a longer brush so that it helps you to scrub and clean the dirt with ease.

Cooking tools

With Weber, you can get some special cooking tools which come handy for your grilling. These tools include spatulas, tongs, spikes. Moreover, you will have aprons, charcoal scrapers, wood chips, and more that will be very beneficial for any style of grilling.


When you are about to buy the grill, you must check the warranty in the first place. However, Weber is renowned for its remarkable warranty programs. All the Weber grills are available with more extended warranties.

For example, Weber Genesis Series is a trendy choice for the grillers. Almost all parts of the models, such as the cook box, lid, burners, cooking grates, Flavorizer bars, ignition system, etc. have a 10-year warranty. This warranty covers the ignition issue, rust, burn, etc.

You can have an extra warranty for 2 years for the lid assembly and cook box. Another 5-year warranty is offered for the porcelain enamel grates and the Flavorizer bars against damage.

It is very rare to get the robust warranties for any other grills.


You can select Weber grills for your home as well as outdoor camping. One thing you should keep in mind is the size of the grill.

The primary purpose of these grills is to help you in grilling flawlessly. You can grill anything you want, including fish, red meat, vegetables, poultry and more.

There are some Weber gas grills designed with some special cooking features. Some grills are equipped with smokers to add a smoky flavor to the steaks.

You can look for an in-built rotisserie for a crispy outside and juicy inside of the chicken.

If you want to use your grills exclusively at your home, you can go for an electric model. Though it consumes more energy, it will be a perfect choice when you do not have any access to charcoal or gas.

Also, electric grills are renowned for their minimal emissions.


  1. How to select the right Weber grill for me?

First, you need to check all the specifications of all the grills, and then, opt for the one that suits your needs well.

  1. Are lights available in all models?

You can ask the manufacturer or have a look at the specifications to know about if lights are present in the grill or not.

Final Verdict

With a suitable grill, you can enjoy delicious food comfortably with your family members and friends. All you need to do is select the best model of Weber grills.

Go through this extensive guide to find all the necessary information on different characteristics of the product. Evaluate them with your requirements and select an elite product. / - © Copyright 2020