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So, you love to explore the wilds with your friends? There is nothing better than exploring the untouched places, but there’s a thing that can turn out to be a nightmare!

Whether you go on hiking or you are paddling on board, staying in touch with your buddies is essential. In remote areas where phones don't work, you are left with only one option i.e., walkie talkie.

With a good walkie talkie, you can stay connected to your group, and it will be easy to locate the team member that is ahead or left behind.

But, do you know how to buy a pair of good walkie talkies? Well, buying a waterproof walkie talkie can be a challenge if you haven't used it before.

Thus, to help you in making a quick decision, we are here with this definitive buyer's guide. Go through the guide to find out the factors that you need to check when buying a waterproof walkie talkie.

We have listed the factors that you should check before clicking the buy now button.

Benefits of waterproof walkie talkie

Here is a list of benefits that you will get with a waterproof walkie talkie. But before hopping on the advantages, let us help you with some more information about the walkie talkie.

You might have seen your favorite actor holding a walkie talkie in the movie to communicate with the team! A walkie talkie is a similar device to a smartphone, but it uses radio signals for communication.

The walkie talkie has a built-in antenna that helps you in getting a stable connection and ensures distortion-free communication with the team. Now go through the benefits of using a waterproof walkie talkie.

Easy to use

Using a walkie talkie is easy, and you can connect with your friends on the go just with a click of a button. There are no such features that are hard to learn or use, so you won’t be having any issues when it comes to using the communication device.


These walkies talkies are waterproof, and you can even use them while kayaking or snowboarding. In short, you can use the walkies talkies in the areas where water is a threat to the electronic device.


Walkies talkies come with multiple modes, and you can switch the speaker mode for seamless communication. The speaker mode is also beneficial, especially when you are riding something like kayaking or paddling a board.

Unlimited communication

You can communicate with your friends until the battery dies. There are no such hassles of limited minutes, and it will help you stay in touch with the team.

Factors to look for when buying a waterproof walkie talkie

Below mentioned are some factors that you should take into consideration when buying a waterproof walkie talkie. From range to IP rating, there are numerous factors that you should check before buying.

Let’s get started:


The first thing that you should check is the brand. Always buy walkies talkies that belong to popular brands, so that you get a quality product along with the assurance of excellent after-sales services.

A walkie talkie is an electronic device, so there can be some issues while using it, and that is the reason why you should go for branded products only.

Types of walkie talkies

When looking for waterproof walkie talkies, you will come across the following options. After making a list of reliable brands, you should go through different types to pick the one that suits your purpose.

Walkie talkies are suitable for fun as well as for professional use. Furthermore, the device can be a life-saver in a survival situation, so selecting the right type is essential.

Different types of walkie talkies have different frequency range, channels, and battery life. Also, the price of the product varies with the type.

Hunting walkie talkies

If you are a hunter and need to communicate with your friends, then hunting walkie talkies should be your choice. The walkie talkies have excellent battery life and come with a speaker mode so that you can talk to other hunters even while holding the fishing rod or gun.

Long range walkie talkies

Long range walkie talkies are suitable for hikers or kayakers, where every member of the team is at a considerable distance. Some of the best waterproof walkie talkies can even offer a range of up to 30 miles.

Walkie talkie for kids

Kid-specific walkie talkies are ideal for fun and are lightweight. These walkie talkies are made using soft plastic and are good for kids. The battery life is average, and the range is also not that good when compared to the other types.

Furthermore, you will find these walkie talkies as the most affordable among all types.

Radio size

Radio size is the size of the walkie talkie. You might be thinking that how size can influence the choice, well we have explained about it below.

If you are a hunter, hiker, or backpacker compact and lightweight waterproof walkie talkies are the best choices. You don’t need to carry bulk for communicating with the team.

You should choose a radio device that is compact and easily fits into your pocket. Handling a bulky radio device can be a challenge, and you will find problems carrying it in your pocket.

Battery life

Another important factor that decides the working of the radio device is battery life. You can only use the walkie talkie till it has some juice left inside the battery, so it is important to buy a device that offers uninterrupted communication and the battery isn't a barrier.

If you need a walkie talkie to use in a place where continuous power is available, then you can go with an average battery life radio device. But if you are in a remote area with no power, then the battery life should be your top priority.

Check the size of the battery and find out the run time promised by the manufacturer. Also, check which type of battery the radio device supports so that you can quickly replace the old battery with a fresh one to keep the device working.

The battery life depends on multiple factors, such as the type of walkie talkie, brand, and cost. Most kid walkie talkies have average battery life, but walkie talkies for hunters have ultimate battery life.

Furthermore, don’t forget to check some customer reviews to determine whether the battery really lasts longer, as promised by the manufacturer.

A pro tip: Buy some spare batteries with the walkie talkies so that you don’t run out. Moreover, go for walkie talkies with rechargeable batteries as these will be affordable in the long run.


When choosing a radio device, the check of the walkie talkie is UHF (Ultra High Frequency) or VHH (Very High Frequency). The frequency range of the walkie talkies decides the range the signal can cover without getting deviated.

In the case of VHF frequency, the radio device operates at a range of 126 to 174 Mhz. If you need a device that works well even at a considerable distance, then go for VHF.

The signal doesn’t disrupt even if both the users are far away, and there are multiple obstacles in the way. On the other hand, UHF radio devices work well when the obstacles are thick, for example, when there are trees and foliage between both users.

The operating range of these radio devices is 400 to 512 Mhz. They are suitable for professional purposes if you want the signal to penetrate through the thickest of walls, and you can communicate with the other person.

You cannot connect a UHF radio device with a VHF radio device, so make a wise decision while choosing the frequency range.

NOAA weather alert

When you are out in the wilds hiking with your crew, it is essential to keep a check on the weather, as bad weather can splash water on your plans. If you have a radio device that gives you information about the weather forecast is important.

With some walkie talkies, you will get a built-in weather channel band. NOAA weather forecast reports are accessible round the clock so you can check the weather anytime with the radio device.

Folks that want to travel in remote areas should consider this feature as an accurate report about the weather that can save the entire day.


Walkie talkies have a multitude of channels so that you can connect with different radio devices based on the same frequency range. You can tune the radio device to establish a connection with your team that may have a different walkie talkie.

Usually, most walkie talkies have 20 channels, but you can even go for devices that have more channels if you are willing to spend some extra money. Buying a radio device with more channels gives you the freedom to communicate with more users.


Most walkie talkies come with a distance rating such as 3 or 4 miles, and you can use the radio device in the particular range only. Walkie talkies with small distance coverage are not good for outdoor use.

If you need them to use at the warehouse, then low distance range devices will work, and they are affordable as well. Some high-end walkie talkies have a wireless range of up to 30 to 50 miles, and you get distortion-free sound.

For the folks who want to travel through the remote areas, radio devices with better signal strength are good. However, the price of these waterproof walkie talkies is more.

IP rating

You will see an IP rating with all waterproof walkie talkies. The IP rating is the measurement of how much resistance the device can offer against water. Usually, most of the walkie talkies have an IPX4 rating, which makes the device resistant against splashes and rains.

However, you cannot go for a swim with these radio devices in the pocket. Some manufacturers offer high-end walkie talkies that are highly resistant to water and have better water resistance rating.

The IP rating of the walkie talkies depends on the brand and budget. If you are going for a high-end model that's perfect for outdoors, then you will get excellent water resistance from the radio device.

Types of batteries

The battery life and performance of the walkie talkie depends on the type of battery it houses. Some radio devices support AAA batteries or AA batteries, which are non-rechargeable, and you need to put in a pair of fresh batteries after the previous ones get expired.

The type of battery you should choose depends on your purpose. Walkie talkies for professional use come with rechargeable batteries that are powerful and last longer as compared to regular batteries. However, radio devices with rechargeable batteries are expensive, and you have to pay more to get a high-end device.

On the other hand, walkie talkies with regular batteries are cheap, and they are good to use at home for entertainment and fun purposes. They are also affordable, and you can put in a pair of new batteries after the walkie talkie stops responding or the low battery indicator turns on.

Interference codes and privacy

You will find the built-in 20 channels to be low in some areas, as there can be hundreds of active walkie talkies in the nearby area. So, you should consider models that have interference codes and privacy features in order to connect with the selected devices.

With these walkie talkies, you can connect to your team without any issues, and there will be no hassles of transmitting the message to the wrong person due to a lack of channels.

Built-in GPS or compass

Well, it may sound surprising, but some walkie talkies come with built-in GPS or compass. With the help of GPS, you can locate the route in remote areas where there is no cellular connection available.

The GPS or the compass takes power from the batteries, and you can use it whenever required. Another benefit of the built-in compass is that you don’t need to carry a separate device along with the walkie talkie, and it will save your space while you have to carry less weight.

While checking a walkie talkie with these features, do check the customer reviews as well to determine the preciseness of the GPS or the compass.

Some more features to look for when buying a waterproof walkie talkie.

After checking the above-mentioned factors, have a look at these features as well to select the best waterproof walkie talkie.

  • Backlit screen

It can be challenging to see the buttons and the LCD screen of the walkie talkie during the night, so you should look at whether the radio device has a backlit screen or not. Some best waterproof walkie talkies have built-in backlit that helps you set channels and control other features even during the dark.

Also, the buttons should glow in the dark so that it becomes easy to dial a particular channel.

  • Built-in jack for speaker and microphone

The built-in jack will help you use the walkie talkie without using your hands. You can connect the radio device with a mic, so it will be easy to communicate. These walkie talkies are ideal for hunters and other people who have their hands occupied by other things most of the time.

  • Channel saver

The channel saver feature will save you a lot of time, as you can quickly dial the channel as per your needs. You can save multiple channels depending, so there will be no hassles of spending time again to set the channels when you turn on the walkie talkie.

  • Incoming alerts

The incoming alert feature is important to check so that the radio device tells you if you are receiving a call from your team. The incoming alerts can be in the form of beep sound, or vibration hunters need a quiet environment.

  • Weather radio

With the weather radio feature, you will get information about the climatic conditions of the particular region. The walkie talkie will announce the weather for the day after you connect it with a dedicated weather forecast channel.

  • Battery indicator

Checking the battery health shouldn’t rely just on the guesswork. Some walkie talkies have a built-in indicator that tells you about the current status of the battery.

  • Voice-activated

If you need a radio device that gets activated by your voice, then don't forget to check this feature. Not all walkie talkies support your voice commands, so you should check it beforehand.


The price of the walkie talkie depends on multiple factors, such as the brand, distance, and type of radio device. It would be great if you make your budget before making a selection. These radio devices are available at a range of prices, starting from $20-30 and going up to a few hundred dollars.

Keep in mind the purpose you are buying waterproof walkie talkie for, and then you will be able to make a wise decision while saving money.

Accessories to buy with a waterproof walkie talkie

After selecting the best waterproof walkie talkie, you should check some accessories that are ideal to buy with the radio device. These accessories are a must if you want to travel to remote areas.

Extra batteries

Get a pack of extra batteries so that you can switch them in case the existing batteries die. If you have a walkie talkie with a rechargeable battery, then make sure to choose similar batteries that are compatible with the device.

Solar chargers

Solar chargers are perfect for charging the batteries using renewable energy. Get a good solar panel charger so that you can recharge the batteries while hiking to your destination.

Waterproof case

Yes, waterproof radio devices are resistant to water, but there can be some instances where you have to cross a small puddle, or a river by swimming into it. If you have a waterproof case by your side, then you can use it to protect your devices, such as walkie talkies, smartphones, and other gadgets.

FAQs: Best Waterproof Walkie Talkies

Q: Are walkie talkies better than smartphones?

A: Yes, walkie talkies are better than smartphones if you want to stay communicated to your team. You can quickly dial a call on the go, and you can keep using the walkie talkie as there are no hassles of roaming charges.

Moreover, you can stay communicated to more than one person at a time. Last but not least, walkie talkies even work in the areas where there is no smartphone coverage.

Q: How to set up the walkie talkie?

A: Setting up the walkie talkie is easy, and you can do it in a couple of minutes. Just turn the device on and connect it with the same channel as that of the other device.

Q: How long does the battery last?

A: The runtime of the battery depends on multiple factors, such as the power of the battery and how many features you are using at a time. Check the mAH of the battery and make sure that you are going for a branded walkie talkie that comes with superb battery life.

Q: Can I set a walkie talkie on vibration mode?

A: If the walkie talkie you are buying supports vibration modes, then you can set it on the vibrating mode. Walkie talkies with vibrating mode are good for hunters that need a quiet atmosphere for hunting.


With this waterproof walkie talkie buyer’s guide, you can make an informed decision by selecting the device for the money. We have listed almost all factors that are essential to consider if you are looking for a radio device.

If you are a team of more than three people, go for walkie talkies that are available in a pack. These radio devices are configured on the same channel, so it will be easier for the team to stay connected without any hassles.

Lastly, make your budget beforehand so that you can buy a radio device without overspending. / - © Copyright 2020