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Everyone loves to enjoy their favorite music whenever they need to relax. But due to being an electronic product, nobody dares to wear them while enjoying in the pool or when dealing with water.

However, this ends now. With waterproof headphones, you can enjoy your favorite playlist even if you are in the pool or having fun in any water activity.

Picking the right set of headphones is not a simple task. You have to consider some vital aspects. You have to look into the sound quality, build quality, size, comfort, and several other additional properties.

Also, the market is saturated with different models. Every company is flaunting their products as best, and it is natural to get confused.

So to save you from all the trouble we have prepared an extensive guide that contains all the useful information. You don't have to look here and there as you will get all the details under one roof.

All you need is to skim through the pointers and funnel down the one that meets your requirements. So without any further delay, let us give a quick look at the introduction and then dive deep into this guide.

What are Waterproof Headphones, and why should you buy them?

For most of us, music is a crucial motivation during a workout, whether it is for a gym workout, running, swimming, or any other physical activity.

A catchy beat of music helps you pump up to break a PR (Personal record) and encourages you to keep spinning during your cycling sessions, and motivates you to punch during a boxing session.

But when it comes to drizzly days or water sports, a little moisture to your workout routine might force you to be stuck inside or workout without music.

A regular runner who often gets caught in the rain is well aware that not having tunes pumping in your ear can make your workout routine drag. Here enters waterproof headphones, a crusader when it comes to your workout routine.

Whether you are a triathlete, swimmer, or just looking for a reliable pair of waterproof headphones to get through bike rides or rainy runs. High-rated waterproof headphones are perfect for sweaty workouts and water sports.

Waterproof Headphones will work well for every sport in which your headphones are going to get wet. They are perfect for kayaking, wakeboarding, paddleboarding, surfing, etc.

While finding a pair of the finest headphones for dry land is a relatively simple task, choosing a pair of durable and water-friendly headphones requires a little more research.

However, most of us mistook the concept of Waterproof Headphones and Water-resistant headphones. Both are quite different in their field. To find out the difference, let's have a deep dive into this guide.

Waterproof Headphones vs. Water-resistant headphones

Finding a suitable pair of earbuds can be a challenging task to do, especially when you don't have an idea about this jargon. What is an IP (Ingress Protection) rating? To get the best quality, you need to explore a bit about the product.

Well IP stands for 'Ingress Protection and can tell you how protected your headphone is. Every Ingress Protection (IP) rating comes with the letter 'IP' and a number.

But what exactly does it mean? Let's have a look at it:

  1. Water-Resistant

Water-resistant implies that your headphones can bear water but are not submerged in it. IP1 and IP2 headphones or earbuds are safeguarded against gently dripping water, like sweat or rain.

IP3 and IP4 are safe from any vertical spraying or splashing that you can find yourself in. IP5 and IP6 are relatively safe from water jets, just like a garden hose.

  1. Waterproof

Some headphones go above and beyond by being designed to drown entirely in water. These types of headphones are waterproof headphones.

The length and depth of time for them to be submerged will vary. Waterproof headphones can usually resist a run through the dishwasher.

Both IP7 and IP8 ratings are quite safe when submerged. It means you can consider them when purchasing and can use them even while swimming or during running while drizzling.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Waterproof headphones


Before making any purchase, you need to know how to choose the right headphone for you and your needs. To find out what headphones perform well for you, you need to go according to your requirements. Here are some of the popular options:

  1. Sports and Working Out Headsets

If you are a fitness freak and love to work out, you should prefer headphones, specially made for sports and workout persons.

Some headphones are specially made for those who are regularly indulged with a physical workout. These headphones especially come with some special requirements:

When it comes to choosing headphones for sports or workouts, they need to be water and sweat-resistant means you should consider waterproof headphones so that you can wear them even when it drizzles out there. Also, they need to stay safe at the time of fast movement.

It would help if you were sure that they have at least certified sweat-resistance or IPX3 rating.

  1. Home Listening

There are home listening headphones available in the market. These headphones can be big and wired since you can comfortably relax on your couch while watching TV or listening to music.

You'll get these headphones wired as well as non-wired and can enjoy the great sound quality.

But to get wireless, you might need to pay a bit more for lower audio quality. To get excellent sound quality, you can choose from closed-back and open-back designs.

  1. Gaming Headphones

Getting gaming headphones is perfect for all game lovers. A perfect gaming headset is a great combination of microphones and headphones. You can enjoy quality sound and talk to your friend while playing games.

If you enjoy video games, then a gaming headset is the perfect choice for you because it will immensely improve your gaming experience.

Most of the gaming headsets come with an over-ear closed-back design with a boom microphone, and you'll get them as wired as well as non-wired headsets.

  1. Portable Headset

Portable headsets are usually wireless, and you can easily pack and take them with you everywhere. These earphones are portable and can be easily affordable. These earphones are foldable and easier to store and take with you.

Cables are usually annoying, especially when you move and walk, so there is a wireless (Bluetooth) headset available in the market so that you can enjoy the best wireless sound experience.

  1. Versatile Headphones

Choosing versatile headphones can do a little bit of everything. You can use them at the gym, swimming, running, traveling, home use, gaming, etc.

You can easily take them with you anywhere because they are portable and enough to take them anywhere.

This type of headphones might not be the best, but they are decent enough for many things. You can pick any model for this job because they have all the features you are looking for.

Types of Headphones

When it comes to choosing the waterproof headphone or normal headphone, there are three main types that you can consider:

  1. On-Ear Headphones

The on-ear headphones are also called supra-aural headphones. They are one of the best middle-ground options to choose from. The name on-ear shows that their cushions sit on, rather than over your ears.

This makes these headphones more compact and can easily set up in your bag. They are also bigger, and most people think that they are often more comfortable to wear for an extended period than in-ear headphones.

These headphones can be the best choice for those who travel a lot and listen to podcasts and music.

  1. Over-Ear

These headphones come in different sizes and shapes. There are wireless earphones, wired earphones, the bottom of the chain, and on-ear headphones. If you find the best sound quality and comfort, then over-ear headphones tend to be the best option for you.

These headphones are the standard big cans that provide you with many comforts, but they are big and quite bulky. Over-ear is most suitable for home and professional use when sound quality is your top priority. Because of their thick padding and large drivers, you will get the best sound and comfort possible.

  1. In-Ear Or Earbuds

In-Ear Or Earbuds are perhaps the most common type of waterproof headphones today. Because of their small size, in-ear headphones come on top when it comes to portability.

Some headphones come with the travel case, but for many people, it is as simple as wrapping the cord around their fingers and tossing them in their travel pocket or bag.

The comfort of these headphones depends on your personal preferences and how you'll be using these headphones.

If we talk about these headphones' comfort, to some, in-ear is quite comfortable, while for some, they are a bit annoying and sometimes even painful.

This is why it is recommended to choose headphones that utilize memory foam or comply with ear-tips rather than silicon or hard plastic.

Bluetooth Codes

Before making a purchase of waterproof headphones, you need to know about the quality based on Bluetooth codes. Bluetooth codes are quite famous these days because they improve the wireless transmission of data and sound quality.

Basically, Bluetooth is dependent on a particular code or program that constricts source device data to get transmitted using a wireless medium and then mellows the speaker or headset's data.

Eventually, all codecs have different functions, with many advanced codecs to transfer high data packets in no time.

Sub Band Codec (SBC) is the in-demand codec that is now a universal standard for all Bluetooth devices nowadays.

Microphone and Remote control

Before choosing waterproof headphones or earphones, check out if they have an in-built microphone or remote control. The in-line or built-in microphone and the remote control allows you to answer phone calls and easier management of music.

Today most of the headphones are designed for mobile users to have an in-line microphone. These microphones used are known as electret microphones.

They are minutely small and can be easily fixed into small devices. These are microphones that are often used in mobile phones.

In technical terms, you can say that These electret microphones are as small as candy. They have a very dynamic frequency range of 30Hz to 18kHz.

These microphones are extremely energy efficient as they do not need any external amplifier due to the inbuilt capacitor.

These microphones and remote controls help you manage your phone calls, as you can easily pick or disconnect your call while walking, running, or doing any other physical activity.

IP Rating

Waterproof tech has become a trend these days, whether it is for purchasing smartphones or waterproof headphones. These days waterproof headphones are in trend.

People are getting a fitness freak, and they prefer waterproof headphones at the time of the workout. But the question is, how do you know how protected your device is?

Well, the answer is IP ratings. IP ratings are the best way to check if your headphones are dustproof or waterproof or not. An IP will tell you the level of protection of a device that it offers against liquids and solids.

The IP means Ingress Protection or international protection and is followed by two numbers. The first number shows you the protection level against dirt or dust and ranges from one to six.

While the second number shows you how much water your headphones can handle without suffering damage and ranges from one to eight.

The higher the number goes, the better the protection of the device. If you can't find an IP rating at the time of purchase of your waterproof headphones, your product might not be officially resistant to moisture or dust.

You need to make sure to check the IP rating of your headphones before purchasing them or before using them in physical activities that potentially saturate you in sweat or expose you to lots of dust or moisture.

Cable and length

Another thing where you need to give focus is to check the cable and the length of your waterproof headphones.

Headphones cables and length are the essential part because they protect weak voltages as they transfer them from point to point between the video/audio.

Some people say that no headphone cable can do better than the voltage loss during the transmission.

Indeed, there might be a single loss as the electrons tend to go through the conductor and have problems jumping the boundary, which obtrudes by the connection at each end.

Also, some studies show that the better headphone cables can do less harm which might be lost.

Furthermore, if you are purchasing headphones and the headset is not tied correctly, it will move with the smallest movement, and the water might sweep in your ears.

Connecting your headphones with the goggle strap is the most effective way to keep the headphones in place. So you need to make sure that you are buying headphones with a short cable length.


Checking your waterproof headphone's battery life can be the right thing you can do before purchasing them. There are numerous options available in the market when it comes to waterproof headphones.

But thinking that every article will provide you a great battery back is not necessary. It is the reason you should pay attention if the battery of the headset is offering battery durability or not.

Every wireless headphone is Bluetooth connected, which means it is directly connected with your Bluetooth. And you need to charge them when needed.

It is a fact that nothing worse than your Bluetooth headphone battery life is bad. Most of the headphones come with chargeable batteries.

The waterproof headphones are specially designed by keeping in mind the fact that they need to work for a long duration. Thus, they need a battery life of 6 to 7 hours.

So, it has always been recommended to check your waterproof headphones' battery life so that you can enjoy the longest benefits of your earphone.

You can ask the vendor about your headphones' battery capacity and then make up your mind for the final purchase.


If you are a music lover and entertainment lover, then buying a durable set of headphones is going to be a good buy for you. A huge stereo can provide you with quality music, but what about your time spent in the market, traveling gym, office, in the park, or any other public places?

This is where you mostly feel the need for a headset. There are several headsets out there, but when it comes to choosing the best and the most durable headset, we often get confused.

Do we need to prioritize durability? or do we need to think about the budget and get the cheapest one just to fulfill the need?

In this scenario, we always suggest you choose durable waterproof headphones if you go with the headset, which might seem cheap to you and easily suit your budget.

But you might need to replace them within a few months or, in the worst cases, within a few weeks. So, in a nutshell, it is always good to go with higher durability instead of budget-friendliness.


For serious sportsmen and athletes, headphones with extra bass are most suitable as they help them to focus more to reach their goal.

These are waterproof headphones and provide you the best sound quality with the higher bass. The higher bass will clear out every other noise and offers you a clear sound quality.

The higher the bass, the more clear sound you will get. But these types of headphones might hit your budget as they are quite expensive.

For people who are sportspersons or athletes, tree-shaped headphones are perfect because they have higher bass.

Sound Preference

To check the sound of the headphones before a purchase is a must. Every headphone's sound is different. Some offer you heavy bass, some offer you flat sound quality, and some are in between. It depends on you what sound quality you will like.

You can take a demo test of your headphones before buying them. Every vendor provides you the testing option so that you can choose the best one.

In any case, if you don't like the sound of your new headphones and you are not using them, then you should send them back and get the one with the proper soundcheck.

Apart from this, you can give sound preferences to the vendors to get the idea of what exactly you are looking for and why. They will offer you the headphones which suit your requirements and sound preference.


Can I wear the headphones while swimming?

Yes, there some models that allow you to have a relaxing swim and enjoy your favorite playlist. These buds block your ears and prevent any water from entering your ears. Make sure that the buds fit your ears correctly, as even a little gap can ruin your whole experience.

How can I get the best fit in the headphones?

Here are some handy tips to follow:

  1. Make sure that your head does not hurt when you wear them. If your ears and head get tired quickly, then that model is not suited for you.
  2. The ear puffs should be soft and cover your whole ear. This will elevate the comfort level.
  3. Always opt for lightweight headphones. You can use them for a long time.

Final Verdict

Here is everything to know about waterproof headphones. The product allows you to enjoy your favorite music whilst you have fun with your favorite water sport. Make sure that you pick the model that is comfortable to wear and has good sound quality.

Some models even allow you to have a swim. You need to check the IPX rating before using them. We have laid out all the pointers in a well-organized manner to aid your selection process.

You will get all the details at a single stop, and you can go through them in a jiffy. Do your research and arm yourself with an ultimate pair to enjoy your favorite music anywhere, anytime. / - © Copyright 2020