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A fitness tracker has become an essential part of a fitness enthusiast. It could be challenging in our busy lives to keep a journal of your day-to-day performance and progress. However, fitness trackers make it convenient for you with their automated functions.

It's not an exclusive device for athletes. Almost anyone can use fitness trackers to live a better, healthier life. With the advent of waterproof fitness trackers, you can wear them practically anywhere. There's no danger of damaging them or impairing the function.

But did you know that not all waterproof fitness trackers will support your swimming activity? More importantly, their waterproofing, features, and other aspects may differ from each other! Furthermore, there are way too many options available in the market today!

Thereby, to help you simplify the selection process and enable you to buy the best waterproof fitness tracker according to your preference, we've prepared this guide. It will highlight all the essential aspects and provide you some critical tips to make the right choice.

About waterproof fitness trackers

A fitness tracker is also known as a fitness band and sometimes a fitness watch if it tells time. However, it doesn't necessarily have a feature to tell time. Primarily, its function is to provide you an overall statistic of your day to day performance.

You can get information about your heart rate, the number of calories burned, analyze your sleeping pattern, and much more. Most fitness bands enable you to keep track of activities like running, jogging, and swimming. More advanced versions allow you to keep something like a performance log for each day by recording individual exercises. Thus, making it great for gym people.

In other words, it's convenient for people that are into fitness, sports, athletics, or any other similar activity for living a healthy life. Alternatively, people with obesity, cardiovascular disease, or insomnia, among other medical conditions, benefit significantly from the fitness bands.

However, people assumed that these fitness trackers were waterproof without any official rating or declaration from manufacturers. Unfortunately, any trace of water, including sweat, could damage these devices as they were at the mercy of their band material's protection.

Benefits of buying a waterproof fitness tracker

Are waterproof fitness trackers worth the investment? Do you need a fitness tracker? If you're still contemplating whether you should buy a waterproof fitness tracker or not, then these reasons will further help enlighten you. Here you will get some common reasons for using a fitness tracker and what makes 'waterproof fitness trackers' a better choice than other versions.

For losing weight or fat

Losing weight and fat is all about counting your calories. You have to burn more than you consume, and a fitness tracker consistently brings you a number. It tells you how many calories you have burnt throughout the day. With its sensor that analyses your heart rate and movement speed, it can quickly gauge what you're doing.

If the fitness tracker allows you to 'set' the activity, it brings you a more accurate analysis of the number of calories you've burnt. Thus, it enables you to keep track of your weight goals. Additionally, as you witness these calories, you can decide whether you want to consume something 'extra' or not. Psychologically, it motivates you to keep going as you get the progress in numbers.

Enhance your performance

A fitness tracker often has a timer and other essentials that make it a well-versed fitness device. If you're riding a bike, jogging, running, or swimming, you can set the activity. Thus, it will start monitoring time, laps, and other essentials. Many fitness trackers come with extra features to help you select the distance among other calculations.

These tracking features enable you to overview your performance. You can have log records that you can access anytime on your smartphone. It could be for a day, or a week, even longer if the tracker allows you to save records. Thus, you can analyze your performance and see whether you've improved or not.

As you review your performance, you can make the right tweaks to change your fitness regime. It would enable you to enhance your account and get better. Let's not forget that track records and calories burnt also motivate you to reach your goals. Hence, you will always strive to be better.

Perfect for fitness enthusiasts

In our busy lives, almost all of us want something convenient to keep track of the activities. It's especially vital for any fitness enthusiast. If you're a working professional and a fitness enthusiast, you know how challenging it gets to keep a log of your activities throughout the day.

A fitness tracker's primary function is to help you track and log your day-long activity. Therefore, it's perfect for any fitness enthusiast. Whether you're new to fitness or not, it could be an invaluable addition to your fitness goals.

Log your day better

If you're a perfectionist or someone striving for consistent improvements, a fitness tracker enables you to keep a log of your day to day activities. Thus, you can reschedule each day according to your rest and work requirements. Many successful people like to keep a journal about their daily performance, and a fitness tracker could be your companion.

Monitor health

Thanks to the heart monitor, sleep pattern analyzer, and other similar features, a waterproof fitness tracker can also be a valuable asset to keep track of your health. Some fitness trackers, some with blood pressure sensors, among other features.

In the future, you can expect them to be your one-stop medical examination solution, but for now, the features vary from one brand to another. Either way, if you're a heart patient, someone with blood pressure problems, or excessive cholesterol that requires you to lose weight, a fitness tracker is perfect for monitoring your health.

Get better sleep

Most of the fitness trackers come with some form of sleep analyzer that will tell you if your sleep was good or not. Many smart features enable the sleep analyzer to plan your rest for the next day. It showcases when you should go to sleep, how many hours of sleep you need, and when to get up.

Sleep is essential to maintain optimum health in every possible aspect. Thus, by keeping track of your body's recovery period (Sleep), you can maintain excellent health year-round.

Access more activities

The above-given benefits could be found in almost any fitness tracker. Taking it up a notch, waterproof fitness trackers bring you access to more activities. It is excellent for sweat-drenching and water soaking activities. If you're into swimming, it will help you there. For many water sports enthusiasts, a standard fitness tracker would be a waste of money.

That's where a waterproof fitness tracker thrives on providing access to invaluable features. You can have uninterruptible access to fitness convenience everywhere. It also eliminates accidental damage, like when you wash your face or hands and forget that you're wearing a non-waterproof fitness tracker. That could potentially damage your tracker.

Factors to consider when buying a waterproof fitness tracker

Now you're ready to buy your fitness tracker. It's about time to help you browse through a wide range of options available for waterproof fitness trackers. This guide aims to help you consider certain aspects that you might overlook.

A fitness tracker is not a cheap device, it can cost excessively, and if you don't get your value for your money, you will be discouraged from using it. This valuable and highly helpful device would then become something you loath. To prevent any mishaps like these for you, this guide brings you a way to 'personalize' your choice and get exactly the device you need.

So let's begin:

Determine your purpose

The number one rule of buying the right fitness tracker is to determine your purpose. However, this section is pretty much covered in the reasons to buy a waterproof fitness tracker. If you think that those reasons apply to you, you should buy one of these brilliant masterpieces.

Don't forget the budget

You might have no idea about how much a waterproof fitness tracker cost. However, it's always a better idea to get a rough estimation regarding the sum you're willing to invest. Alternatively, you can browse the internet and see the standard cost for a fitness tracker.

After that, you can prepare your budget. As a general rule of thumb, it's to expect that you might end up buying a more expensive device than your budget. For this, you should consider carrying 1.5x the amount you're willing to invest for safekeeping. However, always try to find a choice under your selected budget.

In the end, remember that for devices like these, you get what you pay for. With that in mind, let's continue further into more relevant aspects.

The durability factor

Why should you buy a waterproof fitness tracker? For added protection to the device's performance. However, many manufacturers attempt to reduce your device's durability in the material composition while trading it for waterproofing capacity. As a result, you might not have to worry about water damage, but undoubtedly physical damage.

If you want the right bang for your bucks for waterproof fitness trackers, consider these factors for durability:

Waterproof rating

Ingress protection rating or IPX is imminent in almost all waterproof fitness trackers. It is also known as the International rating for waterproofing in a device. The 'x' in the rating is often replaced with a number. IP1 means it would protect against water drops, while IP8 is the strongest waterproofing that protects the device below 3 feet in the water.

For a well-versed waterproof fitness tracker, you need at least around IP5 rating to even contemplate buying it. That rating is perfect for protecting your tracker from sweat and most of the swimming requirements. If you go higher, it would be a better choice.

Correlatively, the waterproof rating is the primary determinant of the cost. So the higher you go in the rating, the more expensive the fitness tracker will be. Don't confuse water resistance for waterproofing. The two are different.


Impact and shock can be a common occurrence when you're into sports or other physical activities. However, while many waterproof fitness trackers offer better waterproofing, they reduce the level of shock absorption and other protective features.

There isn't any specific rating for it. For this, you would have to rely upon the label or claim that would showcase that the device is shockproof or damage resistant. Additionally, you could check for the material's integrity, performance, and durability to gauge this capacity further.

For example, rubber material for the body would be more shock tolerant than a physical plastic body. However, most of the waterproof fitness trackers come with a rubber band as a strapping option. So, you wouldn't have to worry too much about shock proofing. Dustproofing is what you should consider more.


The dust-proof rating is also IP, and you should check for it even if the device tells you it is dust-proof. It is combined with the waterproof rating. For example, IP65, where the number '6' is dust-proof and '5', is waterproof.

The resistance to dust can be anywhere from one to six in rating. One is protection against hands and other similar objects, while four would protect against objects of 1mm. IP5 or IP6 would mean it is highly dust resistant or dust-proof.

Performance aspects

Next, in the line of consideration should be performance. The performance of your fitness devices depends on the response, controls, and battery life. Here's a quick overview of each of these factors:

Battery life

Don't settle for fitness trackers that offer a battery life of around two to four hours. These should work as a substitute for your watch. Therefore, you're going to have to wear them throughout the day. It would help if you had a similarly long-lasting battery life. Look for extended battery life, and much latest addition in waterproof fitness trackers come with compelling battery life.

However, if you want to use it only at the time of the activity, you can compromise on the battery life accordingly. It could allow you to save some bucks on the device.

Charging factor

Most of the fitness trackers can charge overnight. However, if you're someone who's always on the run, you might want quick charging capacity. New fitness trackers and smartwatches are coming with wireless chargers. Maybe you can use it in the future, as right now it's too costly and not worth investing in.

The USB port for the charger might also make a difference. If you think about it, while you're working on your PC or other devices, a USB port on the fitness watch could be a remarkable addition. It would enable you to keep track of your device's charging while you work. We're talking about a standard USB Type-A, which is connected to the body.

Alternatively, a micro A or micro B could be the right choice as well. Make sure that there's a protective layer over the watch to prevent water leakage.


Some fitness trackers may have touch control or sensor control. Others may offer an analog or a single button function for your device. The modern convenience of connecting with smartphones has led manufacturers to provide controls in your mobile phone.

In other words, there may be a lack of control (except touch), and all the customization and modification might require you to use the smartphone. These depend on your performance. Generally, smartphone controls, even via the app, provides ease, and the response depends primarily on your device.

Analog wouldn't be best in a waterproof fitness tracker as there could be an opening. Touch means the controls are built-in and fewer chances of water exposure.

The tracker's application

Finally, it comes down to how useful the waterproof fitness tracker will be. This factor depends on the array of features and the device's compatibility. These features will depend on how much you are willing to pay. To ensure, don't pay excessively for a device, consider the quality of material and above-given essentials first before moving onto these considerations. Here's all you need to know:

Tracking features

Of course, you're considering a fitness tracker, and you need features that suit your needs. Most of the manufacturers showcase the features on the box and how it supports them. If you're confused, you can conduct additional research on whether you have specific options in a fitness tracker or not.

The essential features might be a calorie tracker, step tracker, and heart rate tracker. Of course, if it offers additional features to track your activity like swimming, running, and such, it would be more precise and beneficial. Sleep analysis is an option and only for those who strongly consider regulating their sleeping patterns.

Device compatibility

You can't overlook the indispensable requirement of smartphone compatibility. Whether it's through Bluetooth or an app, your fitness tracker should connect with your smartphone. This often unlocks a wide array of functions and features for you.

A smartphone device compatibility should offer you to keep logs for your activities, especially if you're into fitness. Furthermore, it should provide you essential controls to set and track your activities ideally.

Many fitness trackers work with various apps that are available in the market. For example, a diet app that records the number of calories you've burnt and whether you should eat anything yet or not. It would enable you to make better health choices while meeting your fitness goals for the body.

Watch replacement

Don't commit the mistake of assuming that your fitness tracker will work as a watch. Many waterproof fitness trackers don't have a watch or time telling feature. They may not have a stopwatch, lap watch, and other timing options either.

If you want a 'watch' feature, ask the dealer if the tracker has it or look inside the device. Some fitness tracking devices come with an alarm system that vibrates the widget on your arm to help you wake up. It could be highly beneficial. But once again, the price will increase.

FAQs: Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers

Q: How long does a waterproof fitness tracker last?

A: A waterproof fitness tracker can last for up to five years efficiently without any decline in performance. The battery life and performance will be optimum as long as you take care of the watch.

However, broken bands, physical damage, and other similar incidents are common factors for damaging a fitness tracker. It's not easy, but it's possible. Therefore, you need to be careful with them as they are still an electronic device.

Q: How to clean your fitness tracker effectively?

A: Primarily, cleaning alcohol (around 70% concentration) is an excellent choice for cleaning any device, including fitness trackers. For waterproof fitness trackers, you have an option to rinse them with water.

However, it's not advised because cleaning alcohol brings more thorough cleaning with disinfection, sanitization, and a new gloss to your device. If the band is removable, then it's better to clean the two separately for better cleaning.

Q: Are smart fitness trackers worth it?

A: Any smart device has a feature to connect and work with other devices. If you want the added leisure of connecting with your phone and using the apps, it could be a better choice. The general rule of thumb for buying fitness trackers is that the more features you get, the costlier it gets. Therefore, it breaks down to your budget.

However, if you want to reap the full benefits of a fitness tracker and want a future-proof selection, then the latest smart and waterproof fitness trackers should undoubtedly be your primary choice.


The guide brings you the essential factors to consider for 'waterproof fitness trackers’. You can find many tips, or you might already have an idea for a fitness tracker. However, what makes a waterproof tracker a viable selection? That's the aspect this guide focuses on and aims to help you get the right value for your money.

You don't have to worry about marketing schemes or a distracting range of features anymore. Now you know precisely what you want and how to look for it. With that, we hope that you can find your perfect selection without any problem! So, embark on a fitness journey with an ideal fitness tracker! / - © Copyright 2020