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Don't want to miss any important call or message whilst you are dealing with waterworks. Struggling to save your device from water damage. Don't sweat anymore. Waterproof Fitbits are here to your rescue.

These smart devices provide you with regular updates about your important notifications. With waterproofing ability, these devices can cater to your needs even when you are dealing with water. Uncertain splashes and falls in water or any other accidents, these devices are quite sturdy and ready to serve in any condition.

However, you need to select a high-quality product. For this, you need to study all its characteristics. A buying guide provides you with all the necessary information about its elements that define its usability and performance.

You can quickly study them and strike down the best product. Also, you can get answers to different queries.

Let us start with a quick introduction to these smart devices and move into the detailed guide.

What are Waterproof Fitbits, and why should you wear them?

If you have already heard of smartwatches, you will get it quickly. A Fitbit is an exercise smartwatch which has some impressive features that cannot be found in typical smartwatches.

Fitbits help to track your exercise so that you can have the best experience. Being waterproof, they are also effortless to maintain.

If you do not exercise regularly, Fitbits can bring drastic changes in your life. With a step counter, you can decide the number of steps needed for you every day. You are also allowed to connect the Fitbits to your smartphone for better workout plans, videos, etc.

Moreover, Fitbits help you to improve your daily lifestyle by tracking your sleep habits. So, Fitbits are considered as one of the most exceptional fitness accessories that can make your life better in a significant way.


  1. Fitbits work like smartwatches that can monitor your exercise routine as well as meet up the requirements of a smartphone.
  1. A Fitbit is a pager-like gadget that you can wear on your wrist. It comes with some excellent features and can respond quickly.
  1. If you are serious about your exercise, a Fitbit will come handy for you. Besides, you will be able to keep your phone away during exercise when a Fitbit is with you.
  1. Fitbits are available with a sleek, lightweight design. With the sharp and modern looking accessories, you can enhance your appearance during exercise.
  2. They are equipped with a step counter, GPS tracker, and heart rate sensors that ensure an incredible performance. Designed with advanced technology, Fitbits are very effective in monitoring your health effortlessly.
  1. Finally, Fitbits are available with a wide range of prices so you can buy one for you at an affordable rate.

Fitbits Vs. Smartwatches

Before buying the waterproof Fitbits, you should know the difference between a Fitbit and a smartwatch. Here we will discuss the discrepancies in detail.

  1. Fitbits

Simply put, a Fitbit is more like a fitness tracker. With a fitness tracker, you can track your exercises, daily activities, count your steps and calories, monitor your sleep pattern, etc. If you go for some advanced models, they will be able to support some sports like swimming, running, cycling, golf, etc. Some multi-spots trackers help you to track your entire workout routine effectively.

Fitbits are also equipped with some smart sensors which can count heart-rate. Also, you can get notifications for emails or texts. A Fitbit equipped with GPS is also very easy to operate even if you do not have your phone with you.

Fitbits are also available in a budget-friendly price range, so you do not need to worry about your pocket.

Different types of models are accessible so you can choose the best one for you that is designed with all the essential features. They are also very comfortable to wear for an extended period.

  1. Smartwatches

A smartwatch comprises all the features that a smartphone can have compactly.

The best thing about a smartwatch is that it can connect to your smartphone so that you can get the notifications from calls, texts, email, social media, and more. You are also allowed to respond accordingly.

Besides, a smartwatch helps you to track your fitness and daily activities accurately. You do not need to take out your phone, but you can get all the notifications related to your exercises through the smartwatches.

Some smartwatches are engineered with advanced sensors. For example, an altimeter helps to detect your location on the map. A barometer can predict the weather in advance and provides a storm alert, the thermometer tells you about the temperature, and a heart rate monitor is useful to measure your heartbeat accurately.

Some models also have running metrics, swim-specific metrics, navigation features.

For better durability, many smartwatches are designed with a durable strap and a high-quality display resistant to scratch.

However, smartwatches are a little bit expensive, and you should check the battery life carefully as shorter battery life may hamper their functionality.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Waterproof Fitbits

  1. Design

When you are going to buy waterproof Fitbits, you should look for the design in the first place. Choosing the right design not only does increase comfort but also ensures versatility and aesthetics.

Different models come up with different designs. Most of the models have different designs of the bands. These bands are made up of various materials, including rubber, mesh material, etc.

So, it ultimately depends on your choice whether you want to have a sporty band made of rubber or a bigger mesh band that can serve the purpose.

Also, you will find some interchangeable bands which you need to buy additionally.

Some people prefer sleek leather bands where others are looking for steel mesh. Therefore, it will be better to decide what type of band you need for your comfort and search for that particular band according to the models.

  1. Waterproof

Nowadays, most Fitbits come waterproof. However, you should check the waterproofing features properly before you pay for the waterproof Fitbits. Usually, the build materials have an essential role in improving waterproofing features.

When you have a waterproof Fitbit, you will be able to use it in water, and even if you submerge it inside the water, you will not worry about it. There are some models which are appropriate for tracking several swimming exercises like water aerobics, lap times, etc. as they are protected by excellent waterproofing features.

If you are a water person, you will need a waterproof Fitbit. Getting a splash-proof Fitbit means you will be able to enjoy your water activities without any severe damages.

However, you can get some models which are not ideal for swimming. They can protect the device from occasional splashing. So, you can choose these Fitbits for different watersports or swimming excursions to ensure the highest protection from getting damaged by water.

  1. Phone Sync

While you are choosing your waterproof Fitbit, you should check whether it can sync to the phone easily or not. It will help you to use your Fitbit even though you leave your phone at home.

You will find some waterproof Fitbits which can be synced to the phone up to 20 meters. It means you are allowed to keep your phone away from your Fitbit within this particular distance.

Some Fitbit models provide a stable connection to the phone in less than 20 meters.

So, you must pay attention to the sync distance when you select a Fitbit to make sure it will work correctly if your phone is kept away from you.

It will be very disappointing that your Fitbit gets disconnected from the phone when you are swimming in the water.

  1. Reviews

Some of the buyers just overlook this aspect when it comes to buying waterproof Fitbits. But you should check the customer reviews of the devices before making a purchase. So, it will be very advantageous if you go through the review to make sure you will get precisely what you want.

Some Fitbits are designed with some additional features, so you will not find many negative reviews about them. Also, they are free of any common issues that you may get in other models.

If you are thinking of having Flex 2, you will see that they are not able to satisfy some users as a smartwatch. Flex 2 does not work up to your expectation level.

On the other hand, Charge HR has a problem with the bands. You can see some bubbling occurring in the bands after a particular time, and you may find it difficult to wear the device comfortably.

It is also a pervasive issue that you will find in the Surge. Many people have complained that the heart rate tracker of the Surge does not function efficiently and stops working after some months.

  1. Heartbeat Sensor

Another crucial factor that you must consider while buying your waterproof Fitbit is the efficiency of the heartbeat sensor.

Most of the smartwatches are equipped with a heartbeat sensor, but undoubtedly, Fitbits PurePulse is considered as the foremost one.

Generally, all the waterproof Fitbits are designed with the PurePulse heart rate tracking system. But Flex 2 is an exception because of its sleek band design. Though Flex 2 does not come up with PurePulse, it has another heart rate tracker, so you do not have to worry about the heart tracking feature.

It will be better to choose PurePulse if you have any type of heart disease in which you need to check your heart rate effectively.

Also, it will help you to watch your pulse during exercising. Start with the pick time for checking your heart rate to maintain your health in a better way. So you should never make any compromise with this feature while buying your Fitbit.

  1. Battery life

Commonly, people look for a waterproof Fitbit that has the highest battery life. You should also buy a Fitbit that provides maximum battery support.

Not all waterproof Fitbits have the same battery life, so it is your task to check which model offers the best battery back up.

Generally, Fitbits has longer battery life than other accessible smartwatches. However, you should scan different models thoroughly for better battery life.

For instance, the Surge comes up with 7-day battery life, whereas Charge HR and Flex 2 can run up to 5 days with a single charge. Both the Ionic and Versa can last a maximum of 4 days.

Higher battery life is mainly required for adventures and excursions. With Fitbits, you do not need to think about charging frequently. Most of the Fitbits have a longer battery life like your phone.

  1. Social Media Compatibility

One of the most significant features that the waterproof Fitbits have is the social media feature. It means you are able to access your friend list, leaderboards, etc. through your Fitbit.

Recently, Fitbit has come up with a new feature that includes social media feed. You will find it in the Community section. If you are a long time user of Fitbits, you may find it a little challenging to handle this social feed.

You can use this feed to post your updates exactly how you do on Twitter and Facebook. Moreover, you can post your Fitbit activities, including the step count, several unlocked badges, etc.

Also, it is easier to interact with your friends through the comment section as you do on Facebook. You can access the privacy option as well to control who can see your post.

  1. Price

Without considering your budget, you should not move forward to buy waterproof Fitbits. You should decide your requirements beforehand so that you can narrow down your choices quickly.

Different Fitbit models are available with a different price range. Though all of them come within an affordable range, you should select a model that will not create a hole in your pocket.

Ionic is designed with lots of smart features, so it is the costliest model among all. If you go for Inspire HR, you will get the essential features at a pocket-friendly range.

You should always pick up a Fitbit model that can meet up all your requirements without exceeding your budget.

  1. GPS

Having your waterproof Fitbit equipped with GPS will help you in a significant way, especially if you are a runner or cyclist. So, it will be wise to find out the GPS feature on the waterproof Fitbits that will assist you in locating your position on the map.

Besides, with GPS, you can keep track of your routes and distance. Therefore, you will have a clear idea of your pace details as well.

Ionic is designed with in-built GPS where Charge 3 and Versa comes with a connected GPS. It means you need to connect the Fitbit device to the phone to get the GPS signal accurately.

  1. Heart Rate Monitor

Another very crucial feature of the waterproof Fitbits, a heart rate monitor, can effectively help the users. You should know that the heart rate monitors come up with a wide range of variety and you should go for it only when you need it. Choosing an in-built heart rate monitor means the device will be costlier.

Typically, the Fitbit devices are engineered with the optical heart rate monitors. You will find some top-quality fitness trackers designed with the chest strap instead of the heart rate monitor. But here, Fitbits are different from other smartwatches.

Also, Fitbit's heart rate tracker is handy to track your sleep pattern along with your daily exercise because it is accessible 24/7. You are also able to know the cardio- fitness count so you can have a fair idea of your cardiovascular fitness. You can measure it by the VO2 max measuring system.

However, if you want to know your heart rate while resting, you will not need the optical heart rate monitor necessarily. You can use any popular app available on your smartphone to check your pulse.

  1. Sleep Tracking

Waterproof Fitbits can monitor your sleep pattern efficiently. So, it is equally essential for keeping a record of your sleep beside fitness tracking.

Usually, the Fitbit devices use the three-axis accelerometer to watch your movement.

You will also see some Fitbits devices which can create graphs to show the time whether you are in deep sleep or light sleep depending on your movement.

There are some unique sleep trackers available in the market as well. You need to attach them to the mattress, but they are not as useful as the wrist-based trackers.

With a wearable tracker, you can track your sleep as well as regular fitness. However, if you are not comfortable with wearing the device during sleeping, you can go for a smart bed option.

Therefore, you should choose the Fitbit model designed with a sleep tracker according to your comfort and convenience.

  1. Sports tracking

It is possible to get some waterproof Fitbits that can track some specific sports. If you love to swim, you will look for a waterproof Fitbit enabling you to use it in the water.

For runners, the Fitbit should record the shows time, pace, distance, lap time very quickly. A Fitbit device equipped with the advanced GPS will be helpful for the runner to measure these metrics with accuracy, and you do not need your smartphone for that.

It is recommended to search for the always-on display where you can watch all the stats without any hassle. Furthermore, you should consider the weather so that you can access the display while wearing gloves.

When it comes to cycling, you need to watch the miles and calories. Fitbit trackers work effectively for cycling activities. You can also look for some additional equipment to enhance your performance considerably.

Working of waterproof Fitbits

With a Fitbit device, it is not difficult to monitor your different body parts. You can also easily connect them to your smartphone so that you can get information from several apps and customize your Fitbit device accordingly.

Fitbits can count the steps you have taken on a particular day. Different models have different methods to measure the steps. Some models use the GPS signal where others depend on weight to track your movement. Unlike other exercise tracking smartwatches, Fitbits can count the steps with accuracy and perfection.

The heart rate monitor can track the heartbeat through wrists. You are also allowed to watch your pulse during exercising or walking. It helps you to check that you have the optimal heartbeat, which is a symptom of good health.

Along with your pulse, Fitbit devices can track your sleep patterns. Usually, the heart rate decreases while sleeping, and it fluctuates depending on your sleep level. So, Fitbits help you in the best possible way so that you can improve your sleep patterns if needed.

Also, a Fitbit device helps you to track different sports, including cycling, running, swimming effectively.


1. What is the working mechanism of a Fitbit?

A Fitbit keeps track of all your daily activities such as your steps, heart rate, sleep, etc. Although the functioning of every Fitbit is different from the other one, while some focus on the change in your weight, others keep an eye on different GPS-like signals. The best part is that a Fitbit has perfected this art with its extra-special powers.

2. What are the best types of Fitbits?

Fitbits are quite different from the regular smartwatches as they provide all the vital information as accurately as possible. Thus, you must have a clear idea of all the essential features that must be in their ideal Fitbit. Some of them include water-resistance, step-counter, heart-rate counter, sleep counter, etc. In short, it serves as an excellent tool for beginners in exercises.

3. Why is a Heartbeat sensor important?

A large number of Fitbits are equipped with pulse and heart rate tracker to help you keep an eye on it all the time. Especially when you exercise or perform the workout, you need to monitor your heart rate closely to know the limit of strenuous activities you can handle every day.

4. How is Band Size important?

The band size plays a vital role in understanding your wrist size and getting the optimum size Fitbit for your arm. It will keep your device intact to your arm without any chance of losing it ever.

Final Verdict

No matter how much water strikes your wrist, these waterproof Fitbits will never bow down. With all this information under your possession, what are you waiting for?

Go through this extensive buying guide, and arm yourself with an elite product. With a suitable device, you will be able to perform all the essential functions of your mobile phone while keeping it safe and secure. / - © Copyright 2020