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Music is the best way to relax and take a break from the stress of daily routine. Looking for an easy way to enjoy your all-time favorite music anywhere anytime? Waterproof Bluetooth speakers are here to cater to your needs.

The speakers are highly portable and have adequate sound quality.

Searching for the best Bluetooth speaker with waterproof abilities is very challenging. The market is full of different brands and designs. The competition has increased and so the demand for some extraordinary features.

The essential features stay the same in every speaker. Some brands make changes in their technology or appearance to stand out.

To narrow your search and distinguish the bad from the good, refer to this buying guide. The sections below will help you find your perfect match.

You find all the key aspects that you should look for while making your purchase. If you are new to technology, this guide will help you a lot.

Without wasting time, let's dive deep into this extensive guide.

What are Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers, and why should you buy them?

Who doesn't know the importance of having Bluetooth speakers these days? With the advent of technology and the invention of new electronic gadgets, demand for these devices is increasing with each passing day.

Bluetooth speakers are the best when it comes to outdoor trips. These speakers are wireless. This means that your struggle with the tangled wire system is over.

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers are excellent for use in pool parties, boat or kayak. Their compact size enables you to carry them wherever you want. The most significant advantage, you do not have to worry even if they get a short water bath.

These offer you top-notch sound quality and long-lasting battery life. They are highly waterproof and sturdy.

So, the next time you go for an outdoor trip or any social gathering, don't forget to carry your music device with you.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers


Size matters because portability depends on it. The size of your Bluetooth speaker determines where your device can be used, is it portable or not? etc. It also impacts the sound quality of your speaker.

Well, there is good news for you! Waterproof Bluetooth speakers have a compact size that makes them highly portable.

These are designed to be packed in a handbag, backpack or even a suitcase. These are lightweight and do not occupy too much space. You can easily carry the speaker anywhere without worrying about the weight of your backpack.

These speakers feature a unique design. This allows you to secure them to the loop of your backpack on the outside. It is quite user-friendly if you are interested in listening to your favorite song while on the move.

There are other designs also available that allow you to carry your speaker in your pocket. This design is not very popular because the sound quality is low due to the small structure.

It does not always mean that bigger speakers emit a clear and loud sound. Despite having a compact size, they emit sound having a higher frequency. This loud sound can be heard all around the party site.

Battery Life

You will not want to loiter around a charging point after every hour or two during camping or parties. To have uninterrupted music, long-lasting battery life is essential. When you are planning outdoor trips, your speaker has to be equipped with a long-lasting battery.

To eliminate your fear of not finding a safe charging point at your camping site, waterproof Bluetooth speakers have a brilliant solution to fix this. These speakers have batteries that differ in the timings.

The least powerful battery can power your speaker to up to 8 hours. At the same time, a powerful battery can keep your speaker working for 40 hours.

If you want a speaker that runs for 8 hours, you can opt for a small-sized Bluetooth speaker. To have a speaker with a battery life of 40 hours, big speakers are the best options.

Also, look for speakers among other variants with turbochargers. This ensures that your device gets charged in a few hours, and you don't have to wait for a whole day.

You see, being compact and portable, these speakers have so many fascinating features. Do you think any other Bluetooth speaker can shower you with so much love and care?

Audio and sound quality

Whether you are listening to pop or an EDM, your speaker should produce high-quality audio. A cracking sound will instantly kill the partying enthusiast inside you.

Since Bluetooth speakers are not wired and depend on the bandwidth, the sound quality is low compared to a wired connection.

Bluetooth speakers have carried this criticism with them for a long way. But now it's time to change. With revolutionary technology, waterproof Bluetooth speakers have dominated the market. These deliver high-quality audio and stand up to your expectations.

It means that crackling, muddiness, and breaking of audio are now the things of the past. Even if you turn the volume to the maximum range, the clear sound will persist.

By investing in these speakers, you can ensure an enjoyable party and have a blast with your loved ones. The stereo quality high-definition, crystal clear sound is why many customers prefer these Bluetooth speakers over others.

While purchasing, do check that your speaker uses more power. High power usage means that your speaker has enough power to produce high-quality sound that is strong enough to shake your whole building.

Waterproof or Water-resistant

Waterproof and water-resistant are two words having two distinct meanings. Many use them interchangeably and end up buying a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker instead of a waterproof speaker.

A water-resistant speaker can withstand a splash of water or exposure to light rain for a limited time. Prolonged exposure can lead to malfunctioning.

A waterproof speaker offers complete protection against water for a longer period, even if it is submerged in water. These do not get damaged and work as before.

You will find many waterproof Bluetooth speakers that have high ratings of waterproofing. This helps you to float your speaker in the water while enjoying a pool dance.

For your convenience, these speakers have IP ratings in them. These ratings determine whether your speaker is water-resistant or waterproof. You can check the ratings and decide which one to opt for.

Generally, waterproof speakers have an IP rating of 67. It allows your speaker to repel the water (if accidentally submerged) for 30 minutes. Note, the higher the IP rating, the more efficiently your speaker can withstand water.

Location plays a vital role in choosing between the two kinds of speakers. Water-resistant speakers are ideal if you are using them indoors or near pools. If you are taking them along for hiking or any other outdoor activity, you should pick waterproof speakers.

What the weather will be like when you are hiking is unpredictable. To overcome this uncertainty and stay prepared always, waterproof speakers are the best of them all.


There are many drawbacks to using a wired speaker. You will have to search for a connecting point, and the device should stay close to the point, and so on. You cannot even move comfortably with that device.

Owing a Bluetooth speaker eliminates all the unnecessary hassle. The speaker is connected to your device like a phone or a tablet via Bluetooth. It negates the need for any wire that tends to tangle every time you store it.

You get a wide range of connectivity and can move about freely without worrying about your speaker getting disconnected.

If you compare traditional speakers with these using Bluetooth, you will find many differences. The first and foremost being the issue of range.

Traditional speakers used wire, so the length of your connecting cable determined the range of connectivity. It posed a problem and restricted mobility. In the case of waterproof Bluetooth speakers, this problem does not persist.

These speakers have a range of 30 feet to 100 feet. This enables you to keep your speaker safe and move with your device within this range.

Another thing that impacts the range of connectivity is the presence of obstacles. If there are any obstacles present in the path connecting your device and the speaker, disruption is bound to happen.

But do not panic. You can quickly reconnect your speaker to your device and enjoy your day without any further interruptions.


Wireless connection is excellent and offers ease while traveling. But these may also lose connectivity due to technical glitches.

Thanks to waterproof Bluetooth speakers. The speaker set includes a spare auxiliary cable. This cable can be used when facing technical glitches and cannot connect your devices via Bluetooth.

It helps in enhancing the sound quality and also saves battery. Also, search for variants that come with a microphone. Having access to a microphone enables you to answer your calls using the speaker.

You get a double benefit when microphones are present. You can hear as well as speak. Like you order Alexa to play songs for you and read the weather forecast or any important news, a microphone attached to your Bluetooth speaker gives you the same feeling.

You can ask your speaker to play your favorite song, answer your calls, or read out the recent news articles without touching your phone.


Drivers are an integral part of any speaker, without which a speaker is useless. Waterproof Bluetooth speakers feature drivers of a decent size.

The minimum size is 40mm, which is very good for the new speaker users, while the massive speakers have drivers having a size of 58mm.

The position of your speaker's driver makes a huge difference in emitting sound. By investing in a small Bluetooth speaker, you will find that there is only one driver in it that is either placed on the top or the bottom.

Due to the presence of only one driver, manufacturers of these speakers use high-range drivers.

If you opt for a little big size, you will find two drivers that emit a considerably louder sound. Since portable Bluetooth speakers are small, not many drivers can be installed.

These speakers are installed with passive radiators to give you a club party feeling and energize your songs. These radiators vibrate while emitting sound, thus producing bass.

Frequency Response

The frequency response or the range of a Bluetooth speaker is 100-20,000. The measuring unit is Hertz. It is presumed that speakers having a higher range produce more loud sound.

However, only the high range is not responsible alone; the way your ears perceive the sound also plays a crucial role. It varies from one individual to another.

Since our hearing ability decreases over time, our ears tend to catch less frequency than the original one. The range complementing the bass of the audio is 20Hz to 250Hz. Instruments and vocal audio can be heard in the range of 250 to 4000Hz.

This is the mid-range. Any range above 4000Hz is termed as the high range and forms the treble.

Depending on the frequency range that you prefer, opt for the speaker that matches your preference and doesn't hurt your eardrums.

Bluetooth Version

The Bluetooth version of your waterproof Bluetooth speakers impacts the audio quality and the range between your device and the speaker.

These speakers use Bluetooth version 4 because it enhances your speaker's battery life and offers you a range of 60 meters. You can also hunt for other options that have Bluetooth version 5. It is the latest version and offers more range and improvised data transmission.

This version is adopted by only a few models and is not very common. Ideally, you should look for version 4, which is very popular and can be found easily.


The budget holds the top priority, and nobody wants to spend some extra penny on buying a device to listen to songs.

But sometimes, investing in a quality product splashing some extra notes is worthwhile. At least a device emitting catchy tunes will add four stars to your dull and boring outing or gathering.

A waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a bit expensive, and there is no doubt in that. The material, the size, audio quality, battery, etc., whatever goes into its making adds some worth to it.

If you opt for a cheaper Bluetooth speaker, you may listen to songs and travel with that, but you will feel that empty void.

With a little higher price, you get access to a durable speaker that will show up for a longer period. Whenever you feel low, you can make it your best companion and use it. If you are planning any trip, without a speaker, you will feel lifeless.

Therefore, before investing in a Bluetooth speaker, consider some tailoring in your budget. You will never regret investing in a worthy product like this.

Charging Style

To make things convenient for you, a waterproof speaker includes a USB charging port. This eliminates your effort of carrying a big bundle of dangling tangled wires.

You also get a micro-USB port to charge your speaker using a power bank. This becomes very handy, especially at places where you have no access to wall sockets.

Since power banks have become a lifeline in everyone's life, you will find them everywhere. This reduces any extra investment in a power bank.


Connecting your speakers to a device like a phone or a tablet is very easy, and everyone is acquainted with the process. However, to bypass the whole process of pairing the device and entering the pairing codes, Waterproof Bluetooth speakers use the other way around.

Instead of using the pairing code feature and making you wait for minutes, these speakers come with an extraordinary feature known as Near Field Communication or NFC.

This enables you to surpass the process and start playing your favorite music only by tapping both the devices together. Effortless, isn't it?

But this feature is only available in android devices. Due to some security reasons, iPhone users cannot avail of this feature despite having NFC compatibility.

Wired inputs

Bluetooth has gained popularity in recent times. Before, these devices used only wire cables to get connected.

Many old devices do not have Bluetooth installed in them. To fix this out, waterproof speakers are equipped with jack input that measures around 3.5mm. Hence, it is possible to connect your speakers to a device that does not have any Bluetooth system.

Therefore, before investing in these speakers, do check whether these have any jack input or not. This will help you to find another way out to this existing problem.

Enhanced features

Besides playing music, Bluetooth speakers can be used for various purposes. Smart speakers like Amazon's Alexa and many more are in the way of making new trends in the electrical industry.

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers have many enhanced features that you should not overlook at any cost. Let's pay attention to each of them.

  1. Companion app support

This app comes in handy when you have to tackle multiple speakers simultaneously. If you want to keep an eye on your speaker's battery life or want to update the software, you can always make use of this app.

  1. Audio profile support

If you are a fan of EDM or listen to audio files with high resolution, you should get hold of an audio profile that supports high-resolution. These profiles create a considerable difference when connected to the correct audio source and a compatible device.

  1. Pairing multiple speakers

To have a blast in your party and shake the entire building or the venue, a single speaker won't suffice. If you are a person who loves to listen to loud music with high bass, multiple speakers will be needed to do the job.

Search for speakers that can pair multiple speakers with them to emit loud audio and suit your taste.

Safety of Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Any electrical device when it comes in contact with water, it starts malfunctioning. Even if you get it repaired, you will not get the desired results. Though waterproof speakers are designed to resist water, the most troubling question that we all face is: is it safe to use near water?

Wet electronic gadgets carry the risk of electrocuting you that may be fatal. The best part about waterproof Bluetooth speakers is they can be safely used around water.

  1. Protects the internal components

Since these speakers are waterproof, the internal components of your speaker are protected. This leads to no short circuits and is very safe to use.

  1. Rugged design

The design of your waterproof speaker does not allow water to penetrate inside it. These use durable mesh as the outer coating. This mesh is waterproof and keeps your speakers safe.

Some speakers have a floating feature that allows them to float on the water surface. This means that they have a durable design and provide complete safety to you and your speaker's components.

  1. Waterproof rubber pieces

Your speakers feature waterproof rubber pieces to seal the charging ports. This repels water from entering inside through these ports and causes any damage.

  1. Never charge speaker when around water

Your speaker is waterproof, but the cable or the battery is not. When you charge your speaker, the flow of electricity takes place. If this electricity flow gets exposed to water, there are high chances of you getting electrocuted or your speaker getting damaged.

Apart from these tips, waterproof speakers are accompanied by a safety booklet. This booklet helps you in understanding how to use your speaker safely. Go through the instructions carefully and follow these tips mentioned above.

By doing so, you can protect yourself and your speaker and make the most out of it. So, go and play some exciting music and show your moves on the beats.


1. What is the best style for waterproof Bluetooth speakers?

The waterproof Bluetooth speakers can be opted in any style as per the personal preference of different people.

2. What does waterproof rating signify?

It signifies that the Bluetooth speaker you have is always protected against rains, accidental splashes, getting dropped in a pool, etc.

3. How does the size of the driver affect the size of the speakers?

The size of the driver is directly proportional to the size of the speakers. It means if the driver size is bigger, the speaker will be bigger as well.

Final Verdict

Now that you have acquired ample knowledge about different traits in Waterproof Bluetooth speakers, it is time to finally buy it. Just keep all the details in your mind while shortlisting the one that is apt for your needs and budget.

Go through all the pointers structured in this guide. We are sure you will get the best product that will cater to your needs well! / - © Copyright 2020