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Are you looking for a fun toy for your toddler? Stop searching. The water table for kids is here to the rescue.

The particular table is easy to set up and allows your kids to learn new things. They learn to indulge with other kids, which makes them socialize. Moreover, with a lot of fun, they enhance their motor and problem-solving skills.

However, while selecting the product, you have to look into specific features. You have to look into the size, durability, color scheme, safety, and other additional properties.

Gathering all the information on these elements can become a tiresome task. You may even end up collecting the wrong facts and details.

A comprehensive buying guide provides you with all the necessary information under one roof. You can quickly skim through them and funnel down the best product. Also, you will get answers to common questions and queries.

So without wasting any more time, let us start with a brief introduction and then move further into the guide.

What do you mean by Water Table for Kids? Why do you need them?

It is heart-wrenching to see small kids having smartphones in their hands instead of toys. The scenario is such that as soon as a baby is born, he becomes a social media influencer overnight. Not only this, the childish gifts are now transforming into social media handle presents.

This technology is badly influencing your child's mind and body. It's cutting down their exposure to nature, uprooting their foundation of friendship building, and much more. It's high time that changes should be made.

Keeping this necessity of a drastic change in mind, the toymakers have introduced an innovative tool with years of studies and improvisation. This tool intends to bring your kids closer to the natural elements and provide them with a fun factor.

This divine gift disguised as a toy is none other than the water table for kids. These are small tables that have a tub-like shape with four legs attached. This gives them a table-like appearance and hence the name, water tables.

These can be used outdoors or indoors (when it rains) to help kids become familiar with new playing techniques. These also enable them to become creative and play without worrying about any mess.

These mess-free water holders help your child to play and learn, both simultaneously. Learning should be fun, and this mantra has inspired the toy-making industry to develop an education tool of this sort.

These instill a sense of sharing in your kids as they can play with multiple others. Their motor and cognitive skills are enhanced besides exploring their creative area.

Why should I read this buying guide before making a suitable purchase?

There are many kinds of learning tools available for your kids, and opting for the best of all is a bit challenging. No matter how much you search for, you will always end up in a dilemma.

To help you find the perfect tool for your kids and help them grow faster and stronger, refer to this informative guide that we have formulated just for you. Each page tells you a different story that you can relate to and provides you the necessary information to help you in your hunt.

You may miss many things unknowingly, but this guide won't let you forget the essentials. With this guide in hand, you will buy your children the best tool to provide them an overall development.

So, without any further wastage of time, let us begin searching for the best water table for kids.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Water Table For Kids


Kids love playing with mud, water, sand, and many more things. A table should have a suitable size that can fit in your garden and allow adequate space for the kids to move freely. If any obstacle is there, it will pose a threat to their well being.

They can get injured and lose interest. To negate this problem and make their experience of playing more fun outdoors, a water table for kids is the most reliable option.

These come in varying sizes that enable everyone to choose the suitable one. You should opt for the apt size that fits in your house and outdoors.

Also, keep in mind the energy of your kids and their playing style. If they are always on the run and carry the risks of hurting themselves, pick out the variant that provides adequate space around it so that they can play happily.


A water table for kids is made from safe materials that don't harm the kids. Those innocent toddlers always play around it, and having an unsafe material near them proves to be dangerous.

Small children also have a habit of biting onto things, be it an apple or a plastic toy like this table. This also exposes them to harmful toxins as these come in contact with their mouth directly.

Keeping these factors in mind, these tables are made using BPA free plastic. This variant of the plastic is highly durable and scratch-resistant. Your kids can bite it and still stay safe because these do not possess harmful chemicals.

The significant advantage of using this material to construct this table is that it's incredibly lightweight. You can quickly shift it from one place to another, considering your child's preference for the playing area. Besides, these are regularly exposed to the sun, which can fade their beautiful coloring.

Thanks to this variety of plastic, the color doesn't fade away and keeps shining even when exposed to the UV rays.


Kids are vulnerable to injuries as their sensitive soft skin can get torn with just a scratch. You cannot overlook the safety of your kids and make your purchase randomly. While you buy every product that comes into their use, safety is paramount.

Water tables are no exception, and they need to be carefully examined too. Considering this factor, manufacturers of these tables have made some changes in their overall table construction. Let's see what changes are made.

  1. Blunt edges

While moving around, your kid can get hurt with a toy having a sharp edge. The skin will tear up and cause pain. To eliminate this problem, these tables have round edges.

The rounded edges ensure that no sharp pointed edges are present, making them blunt and smooth. They can easily lean on the table, put their hands inside fearlessly, and have the best time.

  1. Toxin-free material

As stated above, the materials used to manufacture these tables are toxin-free. This ensures that if your kid licks or bites the table, no chemicals enter his system that may be harmful.


By versatility, the manufacturers mean that the table can be used anywhere all year round. You can use them inside your house as well as outdoors.

Some variants come with other features like using them with water or any other dry material like sand, beans, balls, etc. You get the liberty to drain the water out with ease when the table is not in use. These can also be used always irrespective of the season.

These tables help your kids to learn many different habits and develop their skills. Social relationships are enhanced, along with their ability to understand things and explore their capabilities.

You can teach them values and textual knowledge using this helpful tool, playfully and enjoyably.

Water Holding Capacity

Refilling the tub at regular intervals is a tedious job. You need a water table that reduces your task and enhances your kid's enjoyment.

The water table for kids is made to hold a maximum amount of water so as not to disrupt your kid while playing. In addition to that, these also can recycle the water that is there inside the tub. This feature of these tables makes your work much more comfortable and more manageable.

Now you don't have to check the amount and condition of water your kids are playing in. Thanks to the consistent improvisation made, you can let your little cuties play amongst themselves while you enjoy a nap.


If you ever notice a small toddler carefully, then you would know how these little children play. They start by throwing things around, then start biting when their milk tooth begins to show up.

Then they punch things to show their aggressive nature, and this is how they act to show different emotions.

Children are unpredictable, and so are their activities. You never know when they are fascinated by a small stone and start hitting their water playing equipment with it.

To ensure that the equipment stays damage proof and safe, the water table for kids is designed to use unique materials to enhance their durability. These are constructed of rigid BPA free plastic.

It is lightweight but can hold a large amount of water and withstand the harmful UV rays without getting damaged. What else do you expect from this versatile, highly durable, super strong water table crafted just for your kid?


The best water table for kids features many shades of vibrant colors. Blue, purple, red, or green, you name it, and you get it! Child psychology says that kids are attracted to bright colors. They are fascinated to see different shades and always want to be surrounded by colors.

To make your child's childhood more colorful and happening, choose bright colors that grab your kid's attention.

Bright colors compliment every season and location. These cover up the stains, which reduces your task of cleaning them regularly. Hence, you can select the bright and shiny colors to mesmerize your kid and keep him engaged day long.


The stability of a table is crucial, whether it is empty or filled with water. This aspect needs more scrutiny, especially when small toddlers are around because you don't want them to get hurt.

During their development days, small children try to climb, crawl, and do many other activities. While climbing up a table is a widespread phenomenon, you need to ensure that the table is stable enough to endure your kid's weight.

Investing in the water table for kids will strike out all these problems arising from the lack of stability. These tables are reliable and stable. Due to the material used, they stand at the place and do not fall or move despite their lightweight.

To ensure more stability and protection of your kids, it is recommended that you place this table on the grassy lawn of your house. This will make sure that even if by any chance your child falls, he will fall on a soft surface that won't hurt him.

Easy to clean

With water and other materials around, cleaning becomes essential. Bacteria and molds find their way and divide in no time, putting your baby's life at risk.

Finding an easy to clean children's toy is vital. The water table for kids is easier to clean and maintain. Their dynamic design doesn't allow the growth of molds and bacterial colonies. This helps maintain hygiene and keep your kids safe and happy.

You can find other variants that are designed according to your convenience. These will help you clean the equipment faster and with ease.


The cost of this table depends on the quality and the material. Since high quality durable, and toxin-free plastic is used, these are quite affordable. Some variants also feature high costs.

However, the basic design will also fulfill your child's needs. So, instead of chasing the features, you should focus more on quality.

Search for the durability, quality, and other crucial features and then decide your budget. By doing so, you will be able to opt for the best water tables for your kids.


These tables come in different styles, colors, shapes, etc. The designs keep changing and are improvised at regular intervals keeping in mind the needs of a child.

There are modern designs as well as the traditional ones. It depends entirely on your preference. You may get many designs in the market to choose from. They vary according to the costs as well. Hence, keeping in mind your kid's needs and happiness, select the one that he needs.

Before purchasing, ensure that it is safe for your child, and he likes playing with it. It should be stable, child-friendly, and fashionable.

Also, note that the new designs that are being introduced into the market have unique features. These may help in making your kid's playdate more exciting and enjoyable.

So, if you want your child to have fun and let you stay peacefully at home, you can invest in this product to keep him completely engaged and help him build up his skills.


Comfort plays a significant role when water tables are discussed. The surface should be smooth; it should be compact and extremely lightweight.

A Water table for kids that is made of plastic is incredibly durable and lightweight. These don't have sharp edges or rough surfaces. The smooth finish of this table makes it famous and child-friendly. You can rely on these completely because they are very safe for kids.

Also, you can quickly transfer it to anyplace in no time. Whether it be the garden or your child's room, this compactly shaped table can fit anywhere.

The safe and smooth design of these tables makes them transportable and easy to use. Thus, giving your child full liberty to hang around it always.

Toy Inclusion

Do you think your child is slowly losing interest in his playing tool? If so, then you can opt for a water table for kids that have toys included in them. These cut down your extra investment on the toys and also help your kid play with something.

If your kid is small, you can keep these toys aside and let him enjoy the cold water. When he grows up a little more, you can give him some to play with. By doing so, you can keep him glued to the water table so that he stays engaged.

Learning and fun, when mixed, brings out the best in kids. This is the aim of these water tables. If your child loses interest, this won't be of any use. Smartphones are something that you don't want him to touch.

In that case, these toys, accompanied by these tables, work as a boon in your life. You can teach your child many things using these toys. The education of a child starts from his home, and the more you converse with your child, the better he would understand.

Hence, make sure that you invest in the safe and informative yet eye-catching toys that your child would love to play with.

Umbrella and covers

These tables have to be set up in the garden. This helps to keep your toddler close to nature and away from the gadget world.

But the main hindrance outdoors is the scorching sun. The heat is immense and can harm your child. To shield him from the harmful UV rays, these tables feature fancy-looking brightly colored umbrellas and covers.

These umbrellas are quite similar to the ones that you see on beaches. They protect your small child from the harmful effect of the sunrays. Besides, these provide shelter to him to play in the shade and a calm environment.


The more accessories the activity table has, the more hours your kid will stay with it. Keeping the kids engaged is a challenging task. To keep them engaged, you need to invest in different types of toys and other tools.

To negate the need for this extra unnecessary investment, the water table for kids is equipped with different tools and accessories to make your child's playtime more fun.

You will find three significant additions to these tables. These are listed below. Have a look at each and opt for the one that you think is necessary for your child.

  1. Playing equipment

These include shovels, buckets, slides, etc. These items help your kids to play with water, sand, mud, and many more things. They can build castles, sculptures, etc. The slides can be used to play with and have more enjoyment.

  1. Water Shoes

Water shoes help keep your toddlers' feet safe and protected. Since they will be running around and playing, wearing a shoe is a must. These are waterproof and repel the water to prevent it from entering inside, thus keeping your child safe.

  1. Waterproof camera

Capturing your toddlers' sweet moments and watching them later when they grow up is a real bliss. Having a camera allows you to capture every move of your kid and save it. Since you and your baby will be staying near the water all the time, a waterproof camera will be an excellent option.

A waterproof camera will not get damaged if dropped in water by mistake. This will ensure that all your cherishable memories are safe.


1. How to clean a water table?

Children tend to make a water table dirty. You can easily clean a water table using a disinfectant and hot water. A disinfectant is crucial to ensure that the kid gets a sanitized table every time it sits on the table.

2. Can I use my kid's water table indoors?

Yes, water tables come with a versatile atmosphere of being used both indoors as well as outdoors. It becomes your kid's favorite play if you pair it with a Bluetooth speaker and let your kid listen to his favorite melodies. Remember to keep only dry items like rice etc. indoors to let your baby play.

3. Why is the drainage system essential?

A drainage system helps in easy cleaning of all the water inside the water table. It is quite convenient to use a pull-up plug that clears all the water out of the table in no time.

4. What is the ideal size of a water table?

You should always consider your house measurements and size before considering a water table. It is crucial as the child needs adequate space surrounding it to play without any space issues.

Final Verdict

A water table for kids presents a fun and safe way to enjoy and learn new skills. All you need is to select the best option.

Here in this guide, we have presented all the pointers in a well-organized way. Go through them and purchase an elite table for your loved ones. / - © Copyright 2020