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Are you planning a hiking expedition to damp mountains and terrains? Have you selected your water shoes for hiking? You may think regular footwear will be enough to protect your feet. But you are absolutely wrong.

The water makes the friction of the surface and makes the terrain slippery and mossy. You can easily twist your ankle, stub your toe, or fall into unfortunate slips leading to severe injuries.

Water shoes present appropriate protection to your feet from the water and provide adequate support. However, you have to select the best fit for your feet.

Undoubtedly, poor quality shoes can not protect you from severe injuries, and even the irregular-sized footwear will also do the same. So, it is necessary to opt for the best quality boots and consider all its elements carefully.

A buying guide will present you with all the essential information about several characteristics of the footwear. Go through them and make an informed decision.

But before starting with a guide, let us get familiarized with the product properly.

What do you mean by Water Shoes For Hiking? Why is it important to have it?

Water shoes for hiking come with increased traction, which brings more protection and comfort to your foot and makes your outdoor activities such as hiking easier.

These shoes have ventilation functions and are designed in a way that it enables airflow and a prominent drainage system. It can prevent cuts and other problems that your feet may have to go through during outdoor adventures.

The increased traction in the shoes' sole provides efficient support that protects a person from slipping in wet or rocky areas. Another thing that increases its importance is the quick drainage system that helps the shoes to dry fast.

You can also swim or go fishing with water shoes as they are very versatile in nature and compatible with water. They offer ultra protection against anything that can harm your feet, such as wet or rocky areas, pointed or sharp surfaces or objects, etc.

They are incredibly essential to wear whenever you decide on an outdoor and adventurous trip.

Why is this buying guide essential to look into for selecting the suitable water shoes for hiking?

You may think that selecting shoes for your hiking trip is a piece of cake. Just select the right size, and you are all set with the footwear. But wait a second. Have you considered the unfortunate accidents and injuries you may fall into if you don't provide adequate protection and support to your feet?

You have to consider various factors like durability, breathability, fabric material, weight, and whatnot. This comprehensive buying guide incorporates all the necessary details about the critical elements of the product.

With all this information, you can quickly strike down the best product and make the right purchase.

So, without any further ado, let us dive into this extensive guide.

Crucial Factors to consider while selecting the appropriate Water Shoes For Hiking

  1. Material

There are some significant elements that you must consider before purchasing the water shoes. One of these elements that signify the durability of the product is its material. A weak material will lead to an overall weak product that will wear out quicker than expected.

So, you must look after the material to prevent such a situation. Durable materials like rubber, mesh, textile are recommended while buying water shoes for hiking. The material should be durable and have a tight hold with the sole but not too tight as that may cause discomfort.

Also, ensure that the material is not glued to the sole, but instead, it is attached through tight sewing as glued shoes will fall off quickly, making them undesirable.

  1. Fit

No matter how good a deal you seal, it will be of no use if it won't fit. The shoes should neither be too loose and nor too tight, but it should be perfectly balanced in between. Your trip will be somewhat ruined with the utmost discomfort if you choose the wrong size product.

Water shoes for hiking are meant to provide support with comfort. They continuously act towards your feet while you wear them. It will take no time for them to come off your feet if you mistakenly choose a bigger size. Your feet will feel glued and blocked up if you buy a smaller size.

You must buy the right fit to attain the right benefits from these shoes. Make sure to check the description and cross-check it with the reviews if you are purchasing the product online.

  1. Traction

Traction is one of the main reasons why people buy water shoes in the first place. An increased level of traction provides more support and a tighter grip. It protects you from falling even and slippery, wet and rocky areas.

Some manufacturers provide more levels of traction than the others. You must consider and look into this before making a purchase. You need to decide the trips you will be going to and the level of grip you will need.

Are the areas you are going to visit close to normal, somewhat slippery, or extremely slippery and risky? Once you are clear with such queries, you can make a purchase accordingly. Although, in one way or another, make sure that your ideal shoes have enough traction, which is desirable to work in the long run.

  1. Comfort

Comfort is a universal element. Everyone looks for it in every situation or product. The same law follows up with water shoes for hiking. Imagine having to regularly fix your boots when they keep running off your feet.

Or imagine having to wear extremely tight shoes that feel as if they are sucking the life out of your feet. Or imagine wearing too heavy shoes that make it difficult for you to even lift your leg and do basic walking.

None of these situations sound good at all, right? This is because they all are incredibly uncomfortable and terrifying. So, you must buy shoes that feel comfortable

to prevent these situations from actually happening.

Discomfort can leave cramps on your feet for a week or maybe even longer. Factors like breathability, fit, and flexibility contribute in accessing the comfort level, so you must consider them all before making a final decision.

  1. Protection

One definitely does not want their toe to get painfully stubbed, especially when they are outdoors. You should look for different types of protection features in your water shoes.

However, most of them do have in-built extra protection to help your feet. Still, one thing that you must consider is the closed-toe water shoes are very useful and efficient in providing protection, especially in rocky areas where chances of toe-stubbing are higher.

Above all, no matter what brand product you purchase, always be extra sure for protection. Sometimes the best brands can betray you.

Therefore, it is better to have a trial yourself and finalize the decision to make sure you end up with the best product. Go through the feedback and ratings to know about protection in case you are making the purchase online.

  1. Support

Another significant element that you must consider before making a final purchase of shoes for hiking purposes is the support they offer. It is an element that creates a difference between regular sandals and water shoes.

The reason why you just cannot go hiking or camping or any other outdoor activity in sandals is that they don't offer the necessary support. You may wonder why support is an essential aspect of the product.

Well, your footwear needs to provide the needed support. If it does not, you may twist your ankle, slip or fall, feel discomfort throughout the activity, suffer from pain in feet and legs for an extended period of time, and so on.

These reasons are enough to create concern and thus always be sure that the footwear can provide the needed support during the activity you have planned. Water shoes for hiking do have this support benefits most of the time, but still, you always need to cross-check.

  1. Multifunctional

The water shoes for hiking are very versatile in nature and, therefore, multifunctional. You may buy them for hiking, but you can also go fishing, camping, running or even swimming with these shoes.

These shoes are also comfortable for your daily morning walks and jogging sessions. They can definitely help in cutting off some extra luggage of shoes when traveling because of this versatile nature.

They have the perfect drainage system that helps in drying off the shoes quickly, so you don't have to worry about sweating or anything of that matter.

Moreover, unless specialized, these water shoes are suitable for both warm and cold weather. In short, they can come in use during all the seasons of a year. And if you pay some attention to its maintenance, then they can work excellently for ages.

  1. Water Drainage

Water drainage is another factor that makes water shoes extremely desirable and convenient. Several manufacturers design water shoes with ultimate water drainage facilities and functions.

You must consider this factor before making a purchase. With an effective water drainage system, you will not have to worry about water or sweating.

These shoes dry off really quickly because of this water drainage system. Plus, you will not have trouble with the bad odor coming from excessive sweating as the water drainage system takes care of it as well.

So make sure that the material of the pair of shoes you have your eyes on drains water instead of absorbing it. Shoes that absorb water can quickly turn heavy, stinky, and can also cause rashes. Rubber is one efficient material for water drainage purposes. Polyvinyl chloride is another material great for this purpose.

  1. Waterproofing

Water drainage and waterproofing are two different things that are equally important and, therefore, must be present in the water shoes for hiking. Water drainage focuses on getting the water out from the boots and maintaining airflow, whereas waterproofing focuses on preventing the water from entering.

Having waterproof shoes can be extremely beneficial, especially in situations where you know you will have to encounter water. Such shoes have a waterproof membrane technology that does the job of keeping water at bay.

Fabrics like rubber, nylon, or polyester are great in terms of waterproofing. So, do consider and buy such materials if possible.

  1. Breathability

Nothing hits harder than non-breathability in shoes. It is even painful to express how utterly uncomfortable it is to wear shoes that are not breathable. Your movement will be somehow restricted if you do not have breathability features in your shoes.

Breathable water shoes feel lighter and fresh on your feet, whereas the non-breathable ones can have the exact opposite effect. So, always ensure that ventilation and airflow are present in a pair of shoes. You can always cross-check the reviews for breathability in case the purchase is online.

  1. Antimicrobial

Antimicrobial factors play a critical role in the overall functioning of the water shoes for hiking. There is more likely no point in purchasing a water shoe if it does not have the antimicrobial element.

The presence of antimicrobial elements makes it much easier for you to wear the shoes continuously for a more extended period with comfort. Such factors finish the terrible odor of sweat or other things and allow more breathability.

With antimicrobial features, you will not have to worry about fungal or bacterial infections, even if your shoes are exposed to the water or wet scenarios for an extended period. They have agents that prevent such bacterias from growing in your shoes.

Plus, they also accelerate the quick-drying process, so you get your shoes dried even more quickly with antimicrobial components.

This element is a must to have in your shoes not only for durability and comfort but also for health reasons. The choice is yours in the end, and you definitely want the best product. Antimicrobial agents play an essential role in making the product the best in various terms.

  1. Grip

A person is always at the risk of slipping and falling and eventually hurting them well or the people around when they are walking near slippery or rocky surfaces.

Slipping and falling is not only painful but also very embarrassing. If you don't want your embarrassing tale of accidentally slipping to go on every Christmas and other occasions, ensure that your shoes have a proper and tight grip.

An adequate grip will provide extra support and save you from slipping. Look for the structure and pattern of the sole of the shoes and ensure it us somewhat thorny as that will facilitate a tight grip and more support during activities.

It is even better if the sole has spikes like structure on it as that too contributes towards a better and strong grip. Rubber is a recommendable material in terms of tight and sturdy grip.

  1. Laces

Many consumers forget to pay attention to the laces of the shoes, which eventually turns out to be a mistake. Laces are as crucial as other factors of the shoes. Lace is the element that helps in fitting the boots properly and securely on your feet.

Loose laces will not only create problems of tieing them again and again, but your shoe may fall off your foot because of them. And you certainly do not want that, do you? A knot too tight is again a cause of trouble and annoyance. This element should also be kept under consideration in the hunt for the best water shoes for hiking.

One of the best options in laces is the lace-up bungee system. They hold the shoes securely on your feet and also allow easy access ability and tieing and opening them. Therefore, do remember to pay attention to the type of laces if you want to end up with the best product possible.

  1. Size

It is always important to consider the size when looking for water shoes. Keep in mind that the size of water shoes for women and men differ from each other. The simple reason for this is that women have narrower feet than men.

The structure of the feet of women and men differs from each other, which leads to different variations in size. So make sure you look under the correct type and section when searching for the water shield for the purposes of outdoor activities.

If you don't pay attention to the size variations, then you probably will end up wasting your time, returning the product, and starting the search for water shoes all over again.

  1. Use

You must consider the usages you will be making and the benefits you want from the water shoes before deciding on them. Some water shoes are most suitable for wet conditions while some are more suitable for rocky areas and then there are some which are ideal for both the cases.

With so many types, it will be better for you to decide on its purpose and then look for it.

Most of the manufacturers design the shoes in a way to withstand muddy situations and dry off quickly. At the same time, there are others with different variations and usages. So it is better to make your final decision wisely.

  1. Season

As already mentioned, unless specified, most of the water shoes are multifunctional. This means that they can be used during rain, cold or hot summer seasons, and therefore needless to say they are very versatile in nature.

Most of the water shoes come with perfect ventilation and airflow with balanced moisture maintenance that allows it to have a versatile nature and be suitable for any circumstances or seasons. Though these shoes may not be able to help during freezing weather without socks, they may help you tackle mild once easily.

If you want to use them only in a particular setting or season, then you can look for the specialized ones made accordingly for purchase. So, make sure to consider the factor of the season, and in case you are willing to use the shoes for a particular, extreme season, then buy accordingly.

  1. Easy on and off

The time you spend in water can be of limited duration. And there can be situations wherein you encounter land and water alternatively. A regular pair of shoes will most probably fail in such circumstances.

However, if you purchase water shoes for hiking, then you won't have to worry about such situations.

Features like drainage system, antimicrobial properties, waterproofing, quick-drying, and so on facilitate the water shoes to bear and withstand whatever circumstances that will come in front of them.


  1. Are water shoes for hiking multifunctional?

Yes, you can wear shoes for fishing, kayaking, swimming, taking long walks on the beach, and for any other activity where you have to deal with wet and slippery surfaces.

  1. How can I dry my shoes swiftly?

You can opt for air drying. Also, you can use newspapers to boost the drying process.Newspapers are easy to obtain and have superb water soaking abilities.

Moreover, you can also use a hairdryer if you are in a hurry.

  1. I have no experience with water shoes. Should I opt for a tight fit or loose fit?

Water shoes provide appropriate traction when you have to deal with slippery surfaces. It will be best if you opt for footwear that correctly fits your feet. A loose pair of shoes will come off quickly when soaked in water and will provide no support or grip to your feet.

  1. Are water shoes for hiking worth their price?

Yes, you will find that the shoes provide adequate support to your feet on slippery surfaces. Also, they provide proper grip and traction for smooth hiking experience over challenging terrains.

Final verdict

In this buying guide, we have listed out all the critical factors to deem about while funneling down the best product. All you need is to select an elite pair of boots, and you are all set to tackle challenging and rough terrain on your hiking trip.

With suitable water shoes, you can easily enjoy the thrill of hiking keeping your feet safe and secured. / - © Copyright 2020