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Whether you want to go for kayaking, hiking, or merely want to stroll on the beach, it is important to wear a pair of good water shoes. You need water shoes that are highly comfortable and are durable as well.

But, deciding on the best water shoes is something more than just checking the size and aesthetics. You need a pair that is durable and lasts longer. Furthermore, it should have a thick sole with better traction so that it doesn’t slip on the wet surface.

To help you make an informed decision, we are here to help you buy the best water shoes. Here is a guide that comprises various factors that you should check before buying water shoes.

The shoes should be able to withstand slippery surfaces so that you can walk and run without any issues.

Advantages of buying water shoes

There is a multitude of benefits of wearing water shoes. These shoes are highly comfortable, and there is no issue such as water logging inside the shoe due to the airy design. The shoes are lightweight and dry quickly.

Also, they have flexible soles for better traction to walk on wet surfaces.

Ultimate foot protection

For most people, the hot and warm sand of the beach is pleasurable, but not all people feel the same. Sometimes the sand can get too heated, and that is where you need water shoes. Having a pair of water shoes will help you walk on the hot sand with ease.

Your feet will also remain protected from pointed objects hidden into the sand that isn't visible, but they can cause injuries if you walk bare feet on the beach.

The shoes offer protection on all types of surfaces, such as hard rocks that are wet or concrete.

Ample support

If you think that water shoes aren’t comfortable, then you haven't worn the best water shoes yet. These shoes are highly comfortable, and wearing them will reward you with ample support.

The shoes come with a cushioned footbed that feels soft on the feet and prevents issues such as ankle twisting and blisters.

If you buy a pair of water shoes following this guide, expect the shoes to offer excellent comfort and support.

Excellent traction

The primary purpose of using water shoes is to get the ultimate traction on wet surfaces. When you wear water shoes, then expect them to reward you with great traction on the boat deck, beach, and jet ski.

You can walk or run on any type of wet surface, and this is why buying water shoes is a good idea. The outsoles of water shoes are made using rubber that has high traction and is flexible as well.

If you have plans to engage in watersports or sailing, it is important to wear water shoes. The shoes are great for any type of surface, and there are numerous models available in the market.


The modern water shoes are extremely fashionable, and you will love to wear them. No matter if you are wearing jogger pants or a pair of shorts, you can wear water shoes with them. These shoes are available in different options, and most of them look good on the feet.

Healthy feet

If you buy a pair of water shoes following this buyer’s guide, you can expect your feet to be happy and healthy. The design of the shoes lets the water out on the go, and therefore your feet will remain dry all the time.

There is a lesser risk of fungi or other issues caused due to wet feet. The temperature regulation offered by water shoes is excellent, and you can rest assured that your feet will remain healthy all the time.

Factors to consider when buying water shoes

Water shoes are available in a range of options. Some shoes are designed for rocks, whereas some are good for boat decks. Depending on where you will wear the shoes, and how you will use them, you should buy a pair.

Below we have listed some factors that you should check before buying a pair of water shoes. We have classified the factors in multiple categories for your ease, so it becomes easier to make a decision.

Where do you want to use them?

Depending on where you want to use water shoes, you should buy a pair accordingly. If you want to wear shoes while hiking, then your preferences should be different. On the other hand, if you want to use the shoes on the beach, then you should look for different things.

Firstly, determine where you want to use the shoes so that you can make an informed decision. Water shoes are ideal for hiking, kayaking, and other sports activities.

Also, you can easily make a choice by choosing the shoes that are good for a particular task.

Types of water shoes

It is important to choose the right type of water shoes so that you get a good experience with them. These shoes are available in a range of options such as sandal type shoes and proper water shoes that cover the feet fully.

The choice of the type depends on your personal preference and where you want to wear shoes.

Here are some common types of water shoes you will find in the market:

Active water shoes

If you remain active throughout the day and need shoes that keep your feet comfortable, then you should go for active water shoes. These shoes are great for backpacking, hiking, and running as the outsole and insole are incredibly flexible.

The shoes are highly comfortable as regular shoes so that comfort won't be an issue for you. There are multiple types of materials used to manufacture active water shoes. Also, they have an excellent drainage system that lets the water out of the shoes, and you can keep running or doing what you want.

Aqua socks

Aqua socks may not sound like the name of water shoes, but this type of water shoes is highly popular because of their comfort. If you need versatile shoes that you can wear for a myriad of tasks, go for aqua socks.

These socks are sleek, and you can wear them with regular running shoes to keep the water away from the feet. Furthermore, the socks are good to wear with scuba fins as they are comfortable and prevent blisters.

Sandal-type water shoes

Sandal-type water shoes are the most common type that you see people wearing on the beach. These shoes have big drainage holes, so there is no chance that the water keeps logging inside the shoes. The shoes look like a pair of sandals as they have exposed openings.

The sole of the shoes is usually thick and flexible. The water shoes offer good protection, but we don't recommend using them while hiking. You can easily carry the shoes as they are lightweight, so traveling with them will be easy.

Barefoot water shoes

Barefoot water shoes have a minimalistic design because the shoes don’t cover the entire feet. These shoes are made using rubber to offer unmatched flexibility, and you can walk with ease. If you need water shoes to wear on the beach, go for barefoot water shoes.

However, these shoes aren’t that great for using while hiking or running. For hiking and running, you should go for active water shoes.

Water shoes with closed-toe

You can even call them the most versatile water shoes as they are good for multiple purposes. The shoes have a combination of active shoes and sandal-type water shoes. There is a huge difference between sandal-type and closed-toe water shoes, and that is the layer that covers the toes.

You can use these shoes while hiking because of the layer that covers the toes and offers protection.


Water shoes aren’t waterproof because there are drainage holes present on the shoes that let the water in and then drain it out of the shoes. The insoles of these shoes are water-resistant so that there is no water soaked by the insole.

The insoles of water shoes are extremely flexible, and they don't get damaged due to water exposure. Furthermore, the insole of the shoes should offer cushioning and breathability so that the feet can breathe, and you can keep wearing the shoes for a long time without any issues.

Most of these shoes come with the fixed insole, and you cannot remove or replace it. On the other hand, some shoes have removable insoles that you can take out to replace them or to dry them quickly.

The choice is ultimately up to you and why you are buying water shoes. Shoes with fixed soles are robust, whereas shoes with removable insoles let you change it with a better sole after it wears out.


The outsole of the shoes has a lot to do with traction and durability. There are different types of soles available with water shoes. Some shoes have thick soles, whereas some have thin outsoles.

If you are buying a pair of water shoes to wear on the beach, go for shoes that have thin soles. On the other hand, if you want to wear shoes while hiking, then go for a pair that has thicker outsoles.

Furthermore, the outsole should be flexible enough to withstand any impacts. The outsole should also cover the front area of the shoe to protect your toes from any injuries caused due to bumping in shells, rocks, and other things.

No matter for what purpose you are buying water shoes, the outsoles should be durable and breathable. Before clicking the buy now, the button considers going through some customer reviews to know more about the quality of the outsole.


The traction depends on the outer sole of the shoes. After checking the outer sole, you should make sure that it offers excellent traction so that you get a good grip over different surfaces. The traction depends on multiple factors, such as the grooves on the outsole and the materials it is made up of.

Go for a pair of shoes that have excellent traction so that you don’t slip over the wet surface. Another thing to take into account is the thickness of the sole.

The material of the shoes

Water shoes are made using a plethora of materials. Some shoes are made using synthetics, while some are made using different blends. The material of the shoes should be durable so that it lasts longer without wearing out quickly.

Furthermore, the material should dry quickly so that you don’t have to walk with wet feet. Go for shoes that are highly breathable and allow the feet to breathe even when they are wet. Don't go for shoes that can retain the water for a long time.

Some shoes are available in the market that have a cotton upper. The material is breathable, but it doesn’t dry quickly, which can be a major issue.

Closure style

Water shoes are available with different closure styles. Some shoes come with laces, whereas some don't have them. Choose the style that you think will be great, according to your taste. If you want to wear the shoes quickly without worrying about the laces, go for water shoes that are slip-on style.

On the other hand, if you love the regular sports shoes look then, you can go with water shoes that have laces.


A pair of good water shoes should offer ultimate flexibility so that you can walk with ease. You should go for shoes that have flexible outsoles so that they don't develop cracks when you run or hike while wearing them.

The sole of the shoes should support your natural flex so that you can walk with ease without stressing the feet. Always walk after wearing the shoes so that you can understand the flexibility.


The durability of the shoes depends on multiple factors, such as material and construction. The material of the shoes should be durable so that it lasts longer, and you don’t have to worry about anything.

Also, the outsole of the shoes should be durable so that it can withstand the bumps with ease. Another thing to check is how quickly the shoes dry so that you can wear them for longer.

Water shoes that remain wet for more time don’t last long.

Thermal protection

If you want to wear the water shoes in an area with cold temperatures and cold water, then make sure to check the thermal protection of the shoes. Water shoes with good thermal insulation will keep the feet dry and warm for longer.

Generally, these shoes are made using neoprene, which is a popular material used to manufacture wetsuits. On the other hand, if you want to wear shoes in a warm area, there is no need to look for thermal protection.


The comfort of the water shoes depends on various things such as the size and fit. You should buy a pair of shoes that are of the right size and give you a decent fit. Also, check the cushioning of the shoes so that you can walk with comfort.

When buying water shoes, always try them and consider walking a few steps to determine their comfort. In case you are not able to try the shoes as you are buying them online, then consider checking customer reviews.

Go through some reviews to find out the comfort offered by the shoes.

Size of the shoes

It is essential to choose the right size if you want the shoes to feel comfortable. Water shoes are available in different sizes, just like regular running shoes. The only way to determine the size of the shoes is by checking the size chart.

If possible, use a cloth tape, and measure your foot for its length and width. Some manufacturers have different sizes, so you should check them before buying the shoes.

Shock absorption

Just like regular running shoes, water shoes also come with padding that absorbs the shock and rewards you with comfort. Check the padding of the shoes to ensure that they can absorb the shock quickly so that your feet don’t feel the jerk while running.

Water shoes are available with different types of padding. Some have thick padding, whereas some have thin padding. You should choose the shoes depending on where you want to use them and the comfort you need.


Most of the branded water shoes come with a decent warranty that covers issues such as cracks in the soles. You should go with shoes that come with a warranty so that you can get a claim for any manufacturing defects.


The price of water shoes depends on multiple factors, such as type, material, and much more. You will find a variety of water shoes available at affordable prices. Also, there are some high-end models available as well that are extremely durable and offer ultimate comfort.

Accessories to buy with water shoes

So, you have selected the best pair of water shoes? Excellent, now it is the time to select some accessories for your shoes so that you get ultimate comfort from them.

Here are some accessories that you should consider buying.

  • Socks

Buy a pair of aqua socks that you can wear with these shoes. The socks will enhance comfort while keeping the water away from the feet.

  • Insole

Always carry a pair of insoles so that you can replace them whenever required. You can replace the insoles if the existing ones wear out or you need more comfort.

  • Lace toggles

If you own a pair of water shoes with laces, then it is suggested to buy lace toggles with it. By using lace toggles, you can keep the lace in place, and they won't open while running or hiking.

  • Odor eliminator

But a good quality odor eliminator that you can use to get rid of the foul smell coming out of the shoes due to water.

  • Storage bag

Get some mesh storage bags that you can use to carry the water shoes. If the shoes get wet, put them in the mesh bag and let them dry while you are returning back to home.

  • Silica gel packs

Sometimes the shoes can take a lot of time to dry, especially in the cold weather. You can use silica gel packs to absorb the moisture so that the shoes dry quickly.

FAQs: Best Water Shoes

Q: How to take care of water shoes?

A: If you want the shoes to last longer, it is important to take care of them properly. Always keep the shoes clean and make sure that you don't store them dirty. Wash the shoes with regular water after returning from the beach as the mineral deposits can harm life.

Q: How long do water shoes last?

A: The lifespan of the shoes depends on multiple factors such as durability, material, outsole, and much more. These shoes are that durable as compared to the regular running sports shoes, but still, you can expect a decent lifespan.

Buy a pair of water shoes following this guide to ensure that the shoes last longer.

Q: Do water shoes prevent slipping?

A: Yes, the reason why water shoes are extremely popular is due to the traction they offer. The shoes provide great traction, so you can rest assured that there will be no issues such as slipping. The shoes reward you with a great grip on all types of wet surfaces.


Wearing good quality water shoes is important so that you can walk on the beach with ease. Also, the shoes are good for hiking so that you can walk on the terrain without slipping or without feeling any discomfort.

Buy a pair of shoes following this buying guide to ensure that it is comfortable and lasts longer. Also, don't forget to check the customer reviews to know more about the quality of the shoes. / - © Copyright 2020