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Style, skill, fun, and thrill; this unusual combination awaits you in wakeboarding. This activity is quite exciting and is one of the best recreational sports to enjoy in summers.

However, you need to arm yourself with a suitable wakeboard to enjoy all the fun. For that, you need to deem the size, fins, thickness, weight, and other additional properties.

A comprehensive buying guide presents all the necessary information on wakeboards in an organized way. You can quickly go through all the factors and funnel down an elite board.

But before all this, let us first get a clear picture of the sport in our mind. Starting with a quick introduction to wakeboarding, this guide will aid in striking down the best product.

So, without any further delay, let us dive into it.

What is wakeboarding? Tips for mastering the sport

Surfing on ocean waters has been a dream for everyone. However, people find it a bit difficult as you have to learn to balance. If you do not know how to surf, you must try out this adventurous sport known as wakeboarding.

And that brings us to a fundamental question, what is wakeboarding? Wakeboarding is a water sport that is a combination of water skiing, surfing, and snowboarding. In this sport, the rider is attached to a board and hauled behind a motorboat that runs at a speed of around 30 miles per hour.


If you are a skilled rider, then you must also know some tricks to perform while wakeboarding.

In case you are a newbie, do not worry at all! Wakeboarding is very easy and quick to learn. All you have to do is learn the basics and follow some tips for a better grip and fun.

  • The primary step to know while wakeboarding is to understand which foot of yours will lead better. The best way to realize this is by running in a straight line, and the foot that you use to stop yourself, at last, is your leading foot.
  • Try putting 60% of your weight on your leading foot, during your first trial of using wakeboards. Always stay close to the board, and do not try to straighten your legs up. This might result in a fall into the water.
  • Remember to put the back binding always at the farthest side in the back that is towards the end of the board and let your body align it at zero degrees. Press the front, binding slightly towards the front. You have to try a lot of times before you get the perfect stance to go for wakeboarding.
  • If you are a beginner, keep your rope short as it is easy to handle and will allow you to tow correctly.

If you follow these tips, you are truly going to shine out there. However, practice makes a man perfect, so keep trying.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate ski jackets

Wakeboarding is an exciting water sport. You must have thorough knowledge before trying out this sport. This guide will help you out to understand, and in the end, you will be good to go wakeboarding!


Choosing a wakeboard size depends on your weight and the style you ride in. It is essential to get a perfect wakeboard as often a rider gets annoyed or frustrated if it is not long enough.

If other members use your wakeboard, make sure to buy it according to the heaviest person in your group or the one who rides frequently. Choose the length according to all suitable conditions.

When do we need a short wakeboard?

If you are a man who loves doing flips in the air and keeps turning on the water, then short wakeboards are your go-to wakeboard. It is very easy to spin on water using a short length wakeboard.

However, shorter ones require a lot of time to gain speed and consume a lot of energy to push through the water. Also, due to the shorter length, the surface area on water is less, making the landing difficult. You might fall into the water with your head first.

What is the need for a longer wakeboard?

Longer wakeboards give you a better grip and also a boost off in the water. You might consider learning wakeboarding with a longer size as it is easier to ride and learn on it. It is an excellent way for a newbie to start learning the basic tricks.

However, the longer size may tend to be a bit difficult while working against the air, but you do get more control. The more surface area also lets you have a soft landing.

Rocker and its types

  1. Wakeboards with a continuous rocker

If you love speed, then Continuous Rocker wakeboards are meant for you. It comes with a curved and fluid shape that helps you in accelerated and smooth rides. You can easily do the turns and initiate a lot of speed.

If you are into flips, this will help you in attaining the right height as you hit the wake and lets you dash more towards the flat.

  1. Rocker Wakeboards with 3-stage

3-stage Rocker Wakeboards comes with three features of a plane that is present on the bottom side of the board. This rocker helps in gaining more height when the rider hits the wake.

However, too much of everything is not right, and so it is when it comes to too much rocker. This gives a slippery feel on the surface of water that may lead to disbalance. Moreover, the shape also gives a slow cutting on water, and that results in a reduction of your speed. Your landing may also seem more sluggish.

  1. A Hybrid type of Rocker Wakeboards

The hybrid style rocker wakeboards give you more rideability and consistency while wakeboarding. They are much better when compared to the 3-stage rocker types. If you are into hitting the jump line course or take a tow in the lake any day, this is the best option for you.

You might find different boards when it comes to brands. Select wisely by comparing each with the other.

  1. Camber type Wakeboards

This type of wakeboard is a new addition to the types of rockers. It is made of a combination of classic ski and snowboard shapes.

It is very surprising as it lets you ride in a more centered way and also balances the weight distribution on water.


Considering your weight is very necessary before you purchase a wakeboard. If you get the right wakeboard, then you can float on the water very easily!

There is a vast range of different sizes of wakeboards according to weight and height. In case your weight falls in between- that is, you have a higher range on one side and lower on the other and then go for the larger board size.

If you use a large wakeboard, it will cover more surfaces on water and will make it easy for you to do wakeboarding. Weight is indeed an essential factor in choosing your ideal board.

Wakeboarding Style

If you think that wakeboarding is all about floating on water with the help of some tow rope, then you are entirely wrong. There are different ways to carry out this sport. All you have to realize is, your style!

  1. Behind Boat Wakeboards

As the name suggests, this style includes wakeboarding behind the boat. The wakeboards designed for this particular style give you stiffer flexibility.

This kind of board is more preferable for experienced riders as they give perfect stiffness to float and also produce more energy. It is more responsive to the wake than any other style. The rocker line is also in the right place if the wakeboard is stiffer, and this helps in better landing.

  1. Cable Park Wakeboards

This wakeboarding style rails, pipes, and other cable park features. The Cable Park style has evolved in the past years as the construction of Cable Park has increased. These wakeboard bases are designed with jolly and high-spirited flexes.

This style makes the rider do the unbelievable on cable ties, pipes, and rails with a mixture of surfing on the water. For this particular style, riders choose a crossover wakeboard that pulls them up from the water into the air and also lets them slide on the cables.

If you want to try a mixture of behind boat and cable park style, make sure to get a crossover wakeboard.

  1. Hybrid Wakeboards

If you are a rider that comes to a combination of both riding categories, then hybrid wakeboards are meant for you. The wakeboard is even designed in such a style that one can mix the tricks, flex, and bases of both behind boat wakeboarding and cable park wakeboarding.

The boards for this particular style are designed so that the rider can have a strong edge and a soft landing. These boards are playful and help maintain responsiveness and control while you are in the air or water.

However, if you are less into Cable Park style, it is best advised not to spend on Hybrid wakeboards as the base wears off too soon, and the performance may go wrong.

Base Shapes

  1. Concave

If you have used a wakeboard before, you might experience a feeling that you are riding a cruise. This feeling comes due to the concave shape. These unique dents help in lifting and act as suction reducing actors. These are present on the bottom side of your wakeboard and are the reason why you find it higher on water.

  1. V-shape Spines

If you have a 3-stage rocker wakeboard, then you might have observed the small spines present. They help break the water by the impact that they cause and help you roll from edge to edge on the water.

  1. Featureless

The board does not have any fins or channels carved in the base. The work and execution of this type of wakeboard are carried out by the shape alone, rocker, and fins.

  1. Channels

This base is made of less obstructive fins and helps in the direct flow of water from beneath the board. This protects our knees from any higher impact as it breaks up the tension of the water while landing.

  1. Grind Base

If you are interested in Cable Park wakeboarding, then your wakeboard must have a grinding base. This was made solely for the wakeboards that are used to ride on rails, cables, or pipes. The grind base gives a better grip and friction as it is about riding on a rough surface.


Just like weight, density also is a significant concern when it comes to choosing wakeboards. Each wakeboard is made of different materials, and that may result in varying density as it also affects the weight of the wakeboard.

Wakeboards with a higher density are durable and last long but weigh more. They are made of wood cores. These wood cores do not break easily as the fibers are intertwined and are very strong.

On the other hand, boards with lower density are not as durable as compared to higher ones. They need extra material and modifications to last that long as they are made of foams to be light-weight.

Foams consist of bubbles that are linked together to each other. However, these points are not strongly connected as the cores. The very reason it has small fractures from time to time and is weak in comparison to fiberboard.

However, if the density is high, it will be difficult for the rider to lift it in air. It will require more effort as a core puts on additional weight to the wakeboard.

The movement depends on the weight distribution of the thickness of the core. But if your board has a lower density course, it will work just fine, and you can easily do the lifts, and your board will be light-weight.

Core Thickness

You can easily understand this just by looking at the wood by viewing it from your eye level. Thicker the areas, it will be stiffer to deal with. You cannot even bend the wood if it's thick.

The wakeboards are mostly designed in a way that their profile is thinner towards the nose and tail and thicker and stiffer from under the foot. The riding style of the board is determined by the taping of the board from its center to its ends.

Behind the boat wakeboards are thicker, and the cable ride style has thin taper boards.


The claw-shaped figure that helps in gripping the water differently as it depends on the size, number, and placement is known as fins.

Placement of fin on a wakeboard and its size

If you are a beginner, then you need a stable and ride that protects you from not breaking the board while doing any trick. Deeper and longer fins help you to gain such stability. However, once you master the art of wakeboarding, you might look for a board with less traction, and that will help you to break the board loose.

You can also attain such ability by removing the fins. Boards used for cable parks have no fins for safety measures.

Difference between molded-in and removable fins

As the name suggests, removable fins can be removed easily by unscrewing. In contrast, the molded-in is fixed.

Many at times, the removable fins are present close to the center, and the molded-in fins are present on its edges. The durability of molded-in fins is higher when placed on sliders.

If you need options regarding a change when it comes to the feel of the ride, removable fins are worth it. They work well with cable park-style wakeboards.


To experience a fun wakeboarding sport, you need to purchase the best wakeboard boots. These boots have many features, and you have to choose the ones that fit you the best.

  1. Open Toe

In case you are planning to transfer your wakeboarding hobby on to your kids, open toe boots are the best option for you. They can fit many other shoe sizes, and it gives you room to breathe.

  1. Closed toe

If you want more control, increased leverage, and fast heel to toe response, then closed toe is the perfect boot for you. It fits you on point and even keeps you warm. These boots are a fantastic choice for people living in the northwest. They are more expensive as compared to open toe.

  1. System Bindings

This particular boot comes with customization of ratchet straps across the ankle and toes that keep it in place.

  1. Closure systems

These bindings are a mix of straps and laces so that it stays in its position and fits you. Most of the time, the inner side is layered with laces, and the outer shell is covered with straps.

  1. Laces with Fasteners

These types of bindings are simple and have an efficient working system. They are quite common among the purchasers.

  1. Velcro and Gummy straps

If you are annoyed about tying laces, then this is the boot for you! These are common and highly recognizable nowadays as the gummy strap feature makes the ability to wear it quickly and securely and fits right according to your size.



If you are looking for accelerated speed and an overall improvement in all terms, then you have to look for wakeboards with sharper edges.

However, sharp edges have a drawback as it results in face down falling because it gets caught easily at the edges.

If you are a rider who loves surface tricks or riding slides, then you are advised to look for round edges. It will let you experience the butterfly feeling.

However, if you are a hardcore, aggressive type of rider, sharp edges are best for you.

Variable Edged Boards

This type of wakeboard is a combination of sharp and round edges. The sharpness in the center is very different from the tip and tail of the wakeboard.

The middle of the wakeboard is thicker and rounder, and it grows thinner when it goes forth the tip and tail. The variable edge works by giving you a soft grip when on a smooth surface and also maintains a high level gripping while edging.

The board is designed in such a way that the thinner edges in the center make it work faster, and the soft to sharp pattern helps in creating a lift.


Wakeboards built out of compression and molding became quite famous for the way of their manufacture. These boards remained strong and rigid for a longer period as compared to other others.

In case you are not aware, snowboards have many different patterns engineered in terms of flex. The manufacture of flex wakeboards was initially a crossover with snowboards that happened during the summer break and vice-versa.

Flex boards or sandwich construction turned out to be a unique process as it includes a very different type of compression and molding than the traditional way.

Flex wakeboards gained fame because of its unique process that resulted in different materials, board press, molding, and board design as compared to the traditional one.

However, every wakeboard does not have flex just because they went through compression. They are different from one another.

How to maintain your wakeboard?

Wakeboarding is a water sport, and that means it is exposed to water for a long period. They are built in such a way that they can easily withstand any marine environment. However, basic cleaning chemistry is required so that it lasts for long and does not cost you much on its maintenance.

  1. Wash your wakeboard with fresh water

Saltwater can harm your wakeboard as it can corrode metal or chrome fittings. Always remember to wash your wakeboard with fresh water. Do not forget to wash the fiberglass and be extra cautious about the fin and bindings.

Avoid losing any important metal part or materials by giving it a thorough wash in freshwater.

  1. No contact with sunscreen

If your wakeboard comes in contact with oil, or lotions, then it will result in lubrication. This will worsen the rubber in the bindings and will make them slippery. This might result in accidents like slipping and even make it difficult for the rider to control the wakeboard.

  1. Inspection of wear and tear

Do a thorough inspection of the board and be more attentive to its hardware and bindings. Often unnoticed cracks and tears result in fatal crashes. Make sure the fins are secure as they may come off if there is any crack in the board.

  1. Keep your wakeboard under or in a shade

As you are going to spend hours with your wakeboard in water, make sure to shelter them in the shade. The rays of the sun will deteriorate the color of your wakeboard.

However, with certain precautions, you can actually delay this. You can wax your board to keep its color on point. One of the best examples is the Regular Carnauba wax to keep your color affix.

All these tips will help your wakeboard to be clean and last long. It only requires a little bit of time for its maintenance, but the results are worth it.


  1. Any tips to follow while turning on water?

Just cut the water through the long edges of the board by leaning on your toes and heel. This will allow you to make smooth turns.

  1. What is the best size of boards for kids?

If you are looking to buy a board for your kids, always stick to boards with size less than 130 cm.

  1. My weight is close to 200 pounds. What is the optimal size of the board that I should purchase?

Opt for the boards that have length more than 140 cm. They will be able to handle your weight properly.

Final Verdict

Proper wakeboards prevent unfortunate accidents and allow you to have a lot of fun during this thrilling activity. All you need to do is select the right board.

Here, in this guide, you will find correct information on the necessary factors that define the usability and performance of the board. Go through them and make an informed decision. / - © Copyright 2020