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Going out for a long trek? Make sure that you have selected the best trekking poles for your expedition. Not only do they support your weight, but they also allow you to increase stability in challenging terrains.

However, while selecting a product, you need to think about different characteristics like portability, size, weight, user-friendliness, and other additional properties. Collecting all this information will consume a lot of time.

A comprehensive buying guide saves you from the hassle of looking into different resources. You get all the information under one roof with which you can easily funnel down the best product.

But before diving into this guide, let us go through a quick introduction to get a better understanding of the product.

What are trekking poles, and why should you opt for them?

Are you montivagant? Someone who is highly ambitious in their life and ventures out for the same feeling- that means you trek around a lot or in case you want to start a new adventurous sport that gives you the feeling- Well, then trekking is just right for you!

Going out on a hike is not as easy as it seems. It requires many types of equipment that will help you survive out there in altitude and in the wild. The essential equipment that you need is Trekking Poles. These long sticks are made of carbon fiber that adds stability to your body and also distributes the weight of the knee-joint.

Trekking poles are essential for hiking, whether you are an amateur or a professional. It is a real peril job, to find the best poles for yourself as a lot of them come with different features. So this guide about trekking poles will make sure that you find your ideal pole partner.

After all, we also want your spirits to be as high as the mountain or hill you are planning to hike!

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate trekking poles

There are lots of features that you have to consider before you finally find your idle trekking poles. Well, do not worry about it as we will help you out. We have listed all the notable features that you must keep on your mind while purchasing your poles.

Pack Size

This feature entirely depends on the type of trek you are going for. It is one area where your fixed pole falls. This feature is all about the activity that you are going to intake.

In case if your trekking style is about taking a drive to a mesmerizing spot and then take a walk or explore for a few hours, then you will require the minimum pack size for your trekking poles. However, suppose you are into rigorous adventures. In that case, you have to choose very carefully because fixed poles do not have any adjustments.

However, if you are using telescoping poles, then you can easily fold them. They are much easier to carry and manage. You can easily store it in your backpack and use it only when you feel its need.


The length of the pole is significant to consider as they are of three types and have their advantages accordingly. Your trekking style determines which trekking pole is best for you.

  1. Telescopic poles

In case you are looking for a pole that gives you ideal balance on flat ground but lets you change its length once while you are hiking up a hill or maybe down, then this is the perfect choice for you. Telescopic poles are very adjustable and the most commonly used trekking poles.

However, the locking part is a drawback, and that may affect you while you are hiking up on a hill. Our best advice is to purchase it from any branded company so that it works just fine.

  1. Foldable Poles

As the name suggests, these particular poles come with portability and are very much preferred over telescopic ones. They can easily fold to one size less than the telescopic ones.

The only concern lies in adjustability. These trekking poles are more or less of a fixed length and have very little adjustability. You have to be very careful while purchasing as it is a vital issue.

  1. Fixed Poles

You have to be very precise while choosing these poles, as you cannot change or adjust them according to your wish. This is the reason that they are used very rarely as if you end up buying the wrong length, it will be frustrating for you on the whole hiking trip.


The weight of the trekking poles is a crucial feature. Imagine with every step, and you encounter back pains and aches. It might ruin your trekking. This is the very reason that weight of the poles is necessary.

You need to purchase a trekking pole that takes away your strain and also makes your trekking lightweight. If your hands keep aching after the whole trek, then what is the use? It would be best if you bought something that lets you trek comfortably.

We advise you to buy aluminum poles as they are very light. However, you have to consider other features that might come with them. Often the poles have shock absorption features, more weight as they are foldable and durable. While buying them, keep everything in context.


Grip Material

The first and foremost concern about this is that you are comfortable enough while holding it. The design should be in such a way that it can easily fit in your palm.

Once you are sure about the grip, move on to the type of material. The materials come in three types and have their advantages.

  1. Cork

Cork handles are very comfortable to hold. Moreover, as time passes, the grip becomes more smooth, and comfort level increases. It also comes with high durability and molds easily in your hand.

  1. Rubber

Rubbers have been used for a long time as a grip material on trekking poles. Their grip level is high and gives comfort while holding. Moreover, they work as fantastic insulators during cold weather and also come at a reasonable price.

However, if you trek in summer areas, then we suggest you not to purchase rubber grip as they become wet and make it difficult to hold.

  1. EVA foam

In case you are into long hours of trekking, then EVA foam is best for you. They are very light and keep the moisture away by keeping your grip firm and also comfortable. The handles are an ergonomic shape that gives you a better grip. However, it is very delicate, and its durability is less.

Shaft Material

Lightweight and durability are the two features that make up the shaft material worth choosing. If they are excellent in both these fields, then buy it right away! Shaft material comes in two types:

  1. Aluminum

Aluminum is used in most products and a reason why they are not expensive. One of the most important factors is that its durability is very high.

Under pressure, it will bend but then regain back to its original length, and there are fewer chances of breaking. We suggest you buy aluminum trekker poles as they will last long.

  1. Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is expensive, but very light when it comes to carrying it. Even though it does not provide the same durability as aluminum, it does have a natural shock absorber. This feature helps in reducing the weight from your joints and gives you a pleasant trekking experience.


It is a vital feature as if you buy trekking poles that are not adjustable, and then it might turn out uncomfortable for you. The poles that have a tremendous adjustable feature will help you in looking for the perfect height. It helps you in trekking in rhythm and also reduces the weight from ankle joints for you.

It is instrumental when you are trekking up the hill or maybe trekking down. Different trekking paths have different adjustability. It will be very comfortable for you to trek if you find the right adjustable feature for your pole.


You do realize that trekking is not as easy as it encounters many rigorous paths and even rocky terrains. Your trekking poles suffer from the harsh rocky path, climatic changes, and even many more.

The best for you will be only when you buy a pole that has durability. Your ideal pole must survive every harsh condition and should not wear down quickly. You have to examine the overall construction and also adjustability to find the best for you.

Durability also depends on the material that the pole is made of. Aluminum comes with high durability and also gives you a high level of comfort. The grip material also matters as you have to keep holding your pole for hours.

Our best advice is to get a pole with an aluminum shaft and a cork grip. However, your choices may differ according to your needs.


Straps are necessary as they keep the position of your hand in a fixed place even while you change. It does not let you lose your grip. It prevents you from encountering any accidents or slipping away.

You must buy straps that can be adjusted. For example, if you have small hands, it isn't easy to get a grip. However, if the strap is adjustable, you can use it according to your size. It will give you an adequate grip and will also stay in its place.

The material of the strap also plays a huge role, as you want something that must keep you comfortable. Please do not use any rough material as it may lead to soreness and might chafe your hand. Wear something that is breathable and does not suffocate your hand by too much sweating.

Well, entirely wearing the strap is also very useful. Remember to put your hand from below as it will secure the position of the around your wrist. Many people do not follow it, and it results in fatal consequences for them.


The trekking poles are best bought when you are aware of your purpose. There are many styles for trekking, and you can choose your ideal pole only after you are sorted about the purpose for which you are going to use it for. You need to analyze every feature and then decide what is essential for you.

Adjustable poles are best when you go trekking on tough terrain. For going up and down the trail, your pole will adjust to a perfect length, and it will be a very comfortable experience for you.

If you are someone who enjoys good weather and goes out on simple trails, then a fixed pole is the ideal choice for you. With long durability and not easily worn down features, this pole will give you a pleasant experience.

If you are a man of risk and undergo harsh condition trails, then foldable poles are best suited for you. You can carry it in your backpack and use it only when you require it.

Shock Absorption

Natural Absorption

natural absorption comes from carbon fiber and flexes very slightly, only when you put your weight down on it. This feature makes it survive for long, and this is why they are expensive.

If you are planning on buying aluminum poles, then you will be disappointed as they do not come with this feature.

Mechanical Absorption

Mechanical absorption impacts you with each stride that you take. Many think of it as a fantastic feature, but it has some drawbacks like it adds more weight to your trekking pole and turns out to be very uncomfortable.

Even though it has been designed in such a way that it can survive so much punishment, the best suggestion is to keep things that can break a minimum.

Locking Systems

The newest feature about trekking poles is a lever system, that you pop open, put the pole inside the shaft, and then lock the lever. Even though the method is straightforward, it keeps varying according to a different brand. It would be best if you compare every brand before you settle on one.

Telescoping poles are gaining popularity because of its locking system, and that is of very high quality. The system's security level is not the sole reason to buy it but also the durability to cope up with the strain enough.

However, some poles do need a screwdriver to adjust it accordingly. Make sure to buy with proper details so that you do not deal with any confusion about the adjustability. You should be clear about the instructions and how to use it.

Do keep in mind that you also have to change the levers while you go out for trekking. So in case, you are trekking in cold weather, make sure that you can easily change the levers with your gloves on.

Foldable models do not have a locking mechanism. However, they work in the same way by securing themselves with joints and then stay intact because of the weight pushed down on them. They work similarly to the tent poles.


One of the fundamental factors before purchasing trekking poles is the weather. Even if you are considering all other features, you cannot forget that weather plays a crucial role. You need a sturdy pole that will help you while you trek in hard terrains and also when the ground becomes peril to hike through.

Strong Poles will help you get away through this poor weather without entirely exhausting you or making you tired. In case you are not a pole person, foldable poles may save your day here. You do not have to carry them and only use them when required.

You should always be aware of the environment where you are planning to trek. Even though you are confident about the weather, you must go with full protection and every measure to have a pleasant experience.


Most of the trekking poles are unisex and works just the same for men and women. However, some brands do provide gender-specific poles, which are mostly distinctive by color and pole length. Well, there is no need for stereotyping the poles that way as we suggest you buy the ones that fit you best!

Environmental Consideration

As trekking poles make sure that you have a pleasant trekking experience, it is your responsibility to keep it in good shape. Do not plant your poles anywhere you want. It can cause damage to the terrains, vegetation, soil, and even the rocks.

It would be best if you always were mindful when you are hiking on high trails, especially after rain or snow- as it may result in erosion and washouts.


Imagine buying a trekking pole that turns out to be abrasive and very uncomfortable for your use. Why settle for less? A trekking pole that has been designed with cheap materials is never worth it.

We recommend you to inspect every trekking pole out there based on all the features that we have covered. Always look for stability, comfort, and the one that lasts long and has a secure grip and at a reasonable price.

In case you are confused, list up your purpose and your trekking style and then sort out what are the features that are very important to you. If you are an amateur, try sticking to a standard aluminum pole that will be very handy.

Tips for using Trekking Poles

We have given you an idea about your idle pole. Now here are some tips that you can follow to use your trekking pole that will make your experience more pleasant.

  1. If you lose the rhythm, keep alternating!

Imagine you took a trekking trail, and as you are using your trekking poles, you fall out of the rhythm. Do not worry! In case you fall out of your rhythm, continue walking with your poles lifted for some time so that you can reset.

Once you are ready, you can again plant your poles and get back to your rhythm. This will eventually become natural as you keep moving forward!

  1. Walk naturally!

Do not try to pace up or pace down when using a trekking pole. Keep walking in your natural form and natural pace. The swinging of your arm must be natural and maintain it. You can swing as if you are not carrying any poles. The poles can be slightly angled so that you can push forward as you plant them behind.

  1. Arbitrating hurdles!

You will encounter many hurdles as you go for a trek. Well, trekking poles can be very beneficial in cases like:

  1. Crossing a river or stream

You can easily cross a river or stream by planting your trekking poles among the stone and rock bed underwater. The poles provide stability and let you move forward.

  1. Puddles

If you are an athlete, then you can do the "pole-vault" using your trekking poles or maybe steer around the puddle using your pole for stability.

  1. Large Rocks

To climb up large rocks, put the poles in the ground, and then as you step up, give a push on the poles so that you can get up over the rocks. Well, if someone gives you a push from back, then it might be more accessible.

  1. Huge logs

In case you are using a log, to cross over water, then use your trekking poles for balance. However, in case you are climbing up a log, plant the poles and push up for stability.

  1. Maneuvering poles with your tent!

There is a particular type of tent that might require trekking poles to pitch it correctly. In case you own such a tent, make sure that your poles are compatible with pitching. Adjustable poles are best as they can adjust according to the length.

If you follow all these tips and look for the features in your trekking poles, then you will find your ideal trekking pole. Once you purchase it, you can reach the clouds easily!


  1. Should I use any chemicals to clean the pole?

No, never use any chemicals as it will fade the finish of the pole and might damage its grip. Just use a wet cloth and dry it before storing it.

  1. Any tips on the storage of the pole?

Cover the tip of the pole to protect it from unnecessary damage. Also, never put pressure on the pole from sides as they are vulnerable on their sides. Keep it away from your kid's reach and never store it in direct sunlight.

  1. How can I increase the life of the product?

Make sure that you don't use the tip on hard ground. Clean your pole correctly, and don't let any water enter your product. Store it in a safe place and never put pressure on the sides.

Final Verdict

Trekking poles come handy while trekking on challenging terrain. To enjoy a smooth expedition, you should always have a suitable pole under your possession.

Here in this guide, we have presented all the critical factors in an organized way. Go through them and make an informed purchase. / - © Copyright 2020