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Travel fishing rod buying guide

Long gone are the days when you had to compromise your fishing experience due to traveling. With the dawn of travel fishing rods, you can easily take your favorite rod on your journey and enjoy this calm and relaxing activity.

These rods present a compact and lightweight solution for carrying the rod. You can easily fit the rod in your vehicle and travel to your favorite destinations and enjoy the sport.

You may think that due to the lightweight, you may have to sacrifice power and durability in the rod. But you will be surprised that the travel fishing rods are quite durable and can complement any level of style and power.

However, you have to choose a quality rod. For this, you need to look into several factors that define the performance, durability, and usability of the rod. An extensive buying guide contains all the necessary details on these factors at a single stop.

By reading it, you can quickly sort out the best rod without wasting your time looking for all the information in different sources. But before diving into the characteristics, you should be familiar with the product.

Let us start with a brief introduction.

What do you mean by Travel Fishing Rods? Why is it important to have them?

Whether you are a professional angler or just a beginner, traveling and fishing seems to be an easy and fascinating outdoor activity that you can go for, with your family or friends, especially when you are stuck in a pandemic for more than two months now.

A travel fishing rod makes fishing a lot more convenient and enables you to enjoy it even more.

You don't need to put extra effort into it when you have a great fishing rod, and by having it, you can put more emphasis on improving your fishing skills rather than just fumbling around to learn how to catch one.

Don't you want to own a smaller yet sturdy fishing rod to accompany you while you are traveling to some exotic place? You will if you are an enthusiastic angler.

Having access to a proper fishing rod and reel can make you a professional angler with time.

Such rods allow you to choose any kind of bait that you want to attract your fish with and also features like producing vibrations to alarm you to prepare yourself. The travel fishing rods are compact and quite easy to use.

If you often go out fishing, these fishing rods do not occupy too much space as they are easier to carry and aren't too heavy, making them a great choice if you are traveling by air.

Also, you will find them to be very affordable and come in various packaging. You can handle them with much ease and also carry some additional accessories.

What is the Difference between Travel fishing rods and telescopic fishing rods?

Ask yourself, do you want something more reliable and stronger or something which is not so durable?

Before you get more confused, have a peek at what these two fishing rods are and how they differ.

  1. Telescopic fishing rods

Telescopic fishing rods are a great choice if you want to invest in a compact and easy to fit fishing rod at the expense of durability and strength.

Though, these fishing rods can be easily carried, keep in mind that they can betray you at any moment because they tend to get damaged pretty soon and cannot bear the weight of massive fish.

  1. Travel fishing rods

These are not as small and compact as their counterparts but are more strong and durable than them. You can rely on them always, and they won't betray you mid-way.

They are lightweight and give the right feel to your hands, just like the traditional fishing rods and are consistent throughout.

Depending on your fishing style and your preference regarding the ease of transportation etc. you can choose your favored fishing rod. Although the quality of telescopic fishing rods is steadily improving, there is no doubt that the travel fishing rod still rules its users' hearts.

Why should I look into this guide before purchasing a suitable travel fishing rod?

While purchasing any product, you look at some vital features and then decide if you still want to buy it.

This not only is time-consuming but also exhausts a lot of your energy while you are searching for different features on different sites.

To ease your tiresome task, we have collected all the vital information about the product in this guide. You just have to ponder on the pointers to arm yourself with necessary details, which will indeed aid you in striking down the ultimate rod.

Mentioned below are different features of the fishing rods, which can be a deciding factor for your investment.

Things to deem about while selecting an appropriate travel fishing rod

Length of rod

The length of the fishing rods is the first considered factor when you are searching for a new rod. While searching among the variants, you will come across rods varying in size from four to seven feet long.

The two significant things, you should keep in mind while considering the right length of your rod is:

  1. Casting distance

Casting distance is directly proportional to the length of the rod, which means shorter rods cast short distances and longer ones cast long distances.

You may be wondering, how does it matter? Well, if you are fishing in close combat, then the shorter fishing rods are more suitable. The shorter body enables the rod to bend and stretch while the fish is fighting with you.

Longer rods cover more distance, and they are great for walking and deep-diving baits. If you are a saltwater angler, then longer rods are the ideal ones for you.

  1. Kind of bait

If you want fish of the same size range and are opting for medium to small-sized baits, investing in shorter travel fishing rods would be a great decision, but if you are opting heavy sized baits, it would be wiser if you get hold of larger fishing rods.

Whether you are fishing from a dock or a high-altitude, search from different lengths of fishing rods and choose a type that suits your fishing style.


Your rod's material can create a significant impact on your fishing style and even on your pre-decided budget. Therefore, it is a crucial factor to consider when you are buying a fishing rod.

Travel fishing rods are composed mainly of three materials, which are:

  1. Graphite

This is the most commonly used material for constructing a rod, for the high tensile strength and the stiffness that it offers. The majority of the anglers are a big fan of graphite made rods.

Though they are a bit expensive, the lightweight composition that they offer is commendable.

This makes it much easier for you to sense any activity happening on the other end of your fishing rod. The strength and stiffness provided by this rod are sometimes known as 'modulus.'

Modulus is a powerful weapon, used by different brands to fool their customers by stating an easily breakable, stiffer rod as rods having 'higher modulus.' So it is highly recommended for you to not get fooled by such terms and emphasize more on the rod's strength.

  1. Composite rods

These rods are fabricated with a combination of graphite and fiberglass rods. The combination takes the best of both materials and offers lightweight and sensitive rods.

Being budget-friendly, they are more durable and are a great choice if you also have a liking towards fly fishing.

  1. Fiberglass rods

Fiberglass is the staple for rod production for very long. Many fishermen prefer these rods in situations where medium to slow fishing actions are needed.

They are highly affordable, but they aren't too durable because they lack to possess power and sensitivity.

If you are planning for fishing heavyweight fish or are a beginner, then it is advisable that you not buy these rods because they break when heavy fish is lifted.


When you apply pressure on your fishing rod, you will always want it to flex and bend so that it becomes easier for you to catch your fish.

A rod's action is the intensity of the fishing rod at which it flexes. Usually, the rods' pace varies between extra fast to slow, but if you are planning to buy bass-specific rods, then search for the ones that offer extra fast to fast pace.

  1. Extra fast rods

If you purchase rods that have extra fast movement, then you will notice that only the top of the rod bends thus, making your fishing experience a bit tougher.

  1. Fast rods

Almost 25% of your rod bends, which means the slower your action is, the more your rod bends, and you get a comfortable and enjoyable fishing experience.

These factors govern other things like a rod's sensitivity, hook's firmness, etc. You should opt for a sensitive rod.

Also, the bass of the rod spits out bait that it doesn't like, hence, go for a rod which has more tip-movement to get a strong hook set. This is a vital factor to consider if you are using considerable baits to attract your fish.

Fishing style type

Fishing is an easy yet fascinating outdoor activity that you can get started, irrespective of the place and time.

Although these fishing rods are not specific for any single species of fish, your fishing style affects the type of rod you choose.

The two popular fishing style types adopted are

  1. Slack-line fishing

This style makes use of attributes like dragging tubes, plastic worms, and jigs. To use this technique, it would be highly advisable for you to pick out a lengthy and versatile rod that offers fast action functioning.

If you are planning to opt for this fishing style, then you should choose stiffer rods. These rods enable you to exert immense pressure on the fish. This helps you catch your fish from their deep hiding places.

  1. Tight-line fishing

If Crankbaits and buzz balls are what you are planning to attract your fish with, then you should opt for a tight-line fishing style. Also, to keep the line as tight as possible, these have to be used quickly.

You should use travel fishing rods with softer tips that can be softly moved underwater. Also, invest in a rod that delivers increased casting distance, as it allows deep-diving plugs to get the maximum possible depth.

Size and weight

While traveling, you always prefer something small, compact, and easy to fit in your bag or trunk.

Besides the size, weight holds equal importance and determines how strong your rod is. Your chosen rod should not be too small or light that it can't be used properly.

It should have an appropriate length and weight, which can be easily handled underwater without any hindrance.

If you are searching for all-purpose travel fishing rods, look for rods that are light to medium in weight, but if you are searching for more specific rods, look for rods that are heavier in weight, for they will be a right choice for you.


Do you want to invest in something which does not stand up to your expectations? Surely, you won't.

To make sure that you buy the best fishing rods, you are required to check many aspects of the rod, which can be too tiresome.

To free you from all the worries, travel fishing rods are made from the best materials and are durable enough to handle heavyweight and withstand any damage. It has the finest mechanism, which makes your fishing effortless.

Thus, invest in the best travel fishing rod and search different variants for more features and pick out the best.

Besides, the way you maintain your rod also affects its quality. Make sure you clean it regularly and treat it in the best possible way.


The power of your rod determines how much it bends. If your rod has more power, then it will bend easily. In simple words, the more power your rod possesses, the less it will bend under stress.

Power is classified typically into three types, and they are:

  1. Lightweight

If you are planning to catch small-sized fish, then a rod of 7-feet with moderate to slow action should be the ideal rod. These rods are great if you are catching fish like trout or any other panfish.

  1. Medium weight

A ten-foot road with moderate action is all you need if you are fishing offshore or the distance between you and the water body is long.

You can use crankbaits, jerk baits, or any other attractive bait on this rod. If catfish is your choice of catch, then medium weight powered rods are great for you.

  1. Heavyweight

If you're a challenge lover and bigger and predatory species of fish is what you challenge yourself against, then rods having fast action is what you should own. These rods are great for anglers like you who regularly deal with large baits.

Since you want a rod with more power to make your fishing easier, search for travel fishing rods that suit your preference, and purchase the best one.


Handles made with cork, foam, or a combination of both, are lightweight. This makes them highly portable and more comfortable to catch your preferred fish.

You can also choose from a range of shorter to longer handle entirely depending on your casting distance. Longer handles allow you to grab it with both your hands and catch fish that are a mile away while shorter handles are ideal for roll casting and casting with one hand.

Reel seat

The place where the reel of your rod is placed is known as the reel seat. You have to install in by sliding the foot of your reel into the collars of the rod.

Graphite reel seats are quite famous as they provide a cut-out feature with which you can feel the black space.

Inferior rods lack the soft cushioning material found in the collars. But you should know that these materials often rust and become stuck and don't function properly.

Also, while looking for a perfect reel seat, you should consider the type of reel which you are willing to use.

There are two types of reels:

  1. Spinning reel

If you are a beginner, then using the spinning reel is an excellent choice for you as they are simple to use. They are perfect for small baits and have an anti-reverse mechanism in them.

  1. Casting reel

The casting reels are installed parallel. Also, they incorporate a unique button placed at the spot where your thumb grips the handle. This button provides excellent control while launching.


For your rod to be effective, you should focus on the fact that your rod has the right balance of sensitivity. Sensitivity is the only way through which you come to know what's happening on the other end of your fishing rod.

Travel fishing rods have a suitable amount of sensitivity to let you know when your catch is nibbling your bait.

The rods that possess faster action are considered to be more sensitive than slow action ones. Graphite rods have the best levels of sensitivity when compared to their counterparts.

Steps To Protect and Maintain Travel Fishing Rods

Like many other sports equipment, fishing involves various equipment that can break down over time if not appropriately maintained. Maintaining your rod and reel should be your top priority, and why shouldn't it be. After all, you cannot go fishing without them.

Protecting travel fishing rods is easy (if you know how to do it) and stays intact for years. You just need to follow a few steps, and your rod will get rejuvenated again.

  1. The best way to keep your rods clean is to do regular inspections and wipe the rod with a clean damp cloth.
  2. You can also use rod covers to protect your rod and its reel because they are cheap and an easy way to safeguard your rod while on the go.
  3. After you are done fishing, make sure that you remove all the hooks and baits so that they do not tangle with other things.
  4. To increase the lifespan of your rods, you need to store it properly. If not stored in a proper manner, your rods may lose their shape and become weak.

Ensure that you treat and maintain your fishing rods in the right way because doing so can extend their life and increase your performance while fishing. Your rod is the essential equipment of your whole fishing activity, and you will not want it to get damaged while you are enjoying your day outdoors.


1. Are travel fishing rods suitable for fly fishing?

Yes, travel fishing rods are the best for fly fishing as you just need to take your travel fishing rod and start fishing in no time. Being super-portable, these fishing rods are an outstanding tool to help you do fly fishing quickly.

2. What are some handy tips to follow while traveling with fishing gear?

Follow the given tips to get the best out of your travel fishing gear:

  • Create a separate rack in your car that will have all the fishing gear that you need.
  • Follow all the rules and regulations if you are on a fishing trip abroad.
  • Know about the Insurance and warranties of the rod beforehand to use whenever you need it.
3. Why can't I use regular fishing rods while traveling?

Your regular fishing rods do not offer the ease of breaking up the rod and carrying it anywhere without any hassle. It has dimensions and weights that do not allow it to be carried easily to different fishing trips.

4. Are travel fishing rods allowed on airplanes?

Yes, anyone can carry a travel fishing rod by following all the government procedures. Also, keep an eye on the dimensions and weight of checked and carry-on baggage to know the exact size of your equipment.

Final Verdict

Whether you are an expert angler or a newbie starting with a hobby, travel fishing rods will complement your style and make your experience comfortable.

We have presented all the critical elements of the product in this comprehensive buying guide. All you need is to go through them and evaluate all your requirements with them to pick an elite rod. / - © Copyright 2020