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Are you planning for a long trip on your bicycle? Are you tired of halting your ride, again and again, to use the supplies from your backpack? Don't worry anymore. Top tube bags are here to solve this issue smoothly.

The bags can be easily installed on the mainframe of your cycle. This allows you to access all your gear and equipment while you continue your ride. Also, the bags have enough space to carry your essential items without hindering your movement.

However, selecting the right bag requires proper research about all its characteristics. You have to consider the overall weight and capacity, water resistance, durability, usability, and other additional properties.

A comprehensive buying guide provides you all this information under one roof. You can quickly evaluate them and pinpoint the flaws that are kept hidden by the brands. This will prevent you from falling into the market's bear trap.

But before all this, we should know the product inside out. Let us start with that.

What do you mean by Top Tube Bags? Why is it important to have it?

Love cycling but unable to carry your beloved belongings? Don't worry; tube bags are here for your rescue.

Tube bags are the essential accessory that every cycling enthusiast needs to carry their belongings with themselves while on the go. A tube bag is one of the various cycling accessories that every cyclist should have to fulfill their passion and reach the pinnacle of success.

Top tube bags come in different shapes and sizes as you search for various brands, and the list is indefinite. They are also equipped with different mounting options, making it more convenient for you to carry them.

These bags are convenient to use and have various features required to give the user a more enjoyable experience of cycling.

While some riders use saddlebags and backpacks, the benefit of using a tube bag lies in the easy access it provides to use your gears at all times.

Unlike backpacks, tube bags are attached to your bike's top frame, which is within your reach. It means that you can open the zip and use your gears even when you are riding.

Why should you refer to a buying guide before selecting the appropriate bag?

The tube bags provide a simple yet efficient way to store your essential items and access them in a jiffy. But with so many options available in the market, you can get confused while selecting the best options.

A well-detailed buying guide contains all the information on different characteristics of the product. By going through it, you can easily funnel down the best option from the various choices. Moreover, you can quickly get all the answers to your common queries.

So without any further ado, let us dive into the guide.

Things to deem about while selecting an appropriate Top Tube Bags

When you are going for a long trip on your bicycle, you need to carry a lot of things that may come handy in any situation. Though panniers and backpacks are the preferred choices, they require you to stop pedaling and access the gears, which lead to the wastage of time.

Tube bags are easy to access and do not stop you from grabbing out stuff from it because they are sitting right in front of you.

Since the market is flooded with different choices, it becomes challenging to pick out the right bag, which you want to flaunt amongst your fellow riders.

Before you go for any purchase, we have come to help you with this buying guide to get a glimpse of the critical features of the top tube bags. All these characteristics mentioned below will help you invest in the right bag and ease your search.

Size and capacity

An ideal tube bag for you should be designed in a way that has adequate space in it to ensure that you don't run out of space and, at the same time, do not carry any extra weight because you will be staying outdoors.

Top tube bags come in various sizes and capacities, and it depends entirely on you how much weight you would like to carry with yourself. You will find tube bags that will be less than 10 inches in length but may be wider enough to provide space for all your gears.

Most common tube bags often hold less than 3 liters of gear, which is appropriate if you plan to keep small items like a snack or your phone in it. Otherwise, if you want to carry very little weight with you, then you can opt for more compact tube bags that only hold the essentials or personal belongings.


Generally, the size and capacity of your bag affect its weight, which simply means that larger bags having more capacity and size will weigh more than the compact ones.

It is a general perception that having large bags will make you carry more weight, but that is not the case here. As Top tube bags weigh less than one pound, they are lightweight.

You can carry only those many gears with you which can fit inside the tube bag. Hence, go for bags with more capacity in them but weigh less so that you don't have to worry about carrying too much weight with you.

Mounting system

Your top tube bags should have mounting systems which enable the bag to be used efficiently. Mounting systems help your bag stay stable while you are riding your bag. It keeps your belongings safe and prevents any damage.

There are two main mounting systems which are available for the bags:

  1. Straps

Whether it is Velcro, hook and loop or strap with a buckle, top tube bags come in a variety of strap systems that wrap around your bike's top frame and are tightly attached to it so that it doesn't fall.

  1. Bolts

Some bikes come with bolt mounts that are built on the top tube of the bike. You should use these mounting systems to bolt your bag to the frame so that it becomes very stable and immobile while you ride.

It gives a clean finish to your bag's look because it is simple to bolt the bag, and no strap system is involved.

Choose a mounting system as per your liking. Though both the systems are good enough if you do not want to use Velcro and buckles, opt for the bolts system to attach your bag firmly and in an easy way to your frame.

While considering the mounting system, you should also consider its versatility. It should be able to fit in all types of frames of different bikes having different sizes. The adjustability of the straps enables you to secure the bag to any frame without much effort.

Easy access

While riding, you often feel the need to energize yourself by eating a protein or a cereal bar or go for an energy drink. It is where the ease of access comes into play.

You will never want to stop after traveling a short distance to grab your essentials. Tube bags are the most accessible bags that you can open even while riding to make things easier for you.

It sits on the frame right in front of you, making sure that you can easily open it whenever needed.

Top tube bags should have zippers which can easily open. Moreover, they should have tabs large enough to pull and unzip the bag with less effort.

Amidst the different variants of tube bags available, look for something which provides you ease while operating it. Also, ensure that it does not hinder while you are steering your bike.

Just search and pick out the best fit for you.


While planning for a ride, you are always uncertain about the weather conditions on the way.

You can carry many essential gears with you, phones, and eatables being the major ones, and you will never want your valuable companion to be damaged or to eat water-soaked eatables.

To ensure that your things are dry and safe, you should always consider the waterproof ability of your bag and zippers or buckles used for its closure system.

  1. Water-resistant and weatherproof

These bags give you peace of mind while you are on the go. They keep your essentials dry all the time. If you have water-resistant gears, then you need not worry at all.

If you are carrying gels, packaged energy bars or drinks, weather-resistant or waterproof tube bag variants will be suitable.

  1. Waterproof

If you are carrying electronic gadgets and cameras, then you have to have a waterproof bag.

Invest in a bag that at least has two properties to enjoy your moment without worrying about your gears and gadgets.

Welded seams

Seams are the joints where two pieces of fabrics are stitched together, and in the case of top tube bags, the seams are taped, which is otherwise known as welded.

These welded seams ensure that your bag remains waterproof or water-resistant so that your gears are safe.

If the seams are not welded, then there are huge chances of your bag experiencing water leakage. Stitched bags allow the water to penetrate inside because thread fibers are not water-resistant and hence, get soaked, resulting in water leakage.

Make sure that your bag's seams are not stitched and instead are welded to ensure that your belongings are extra protected even if you experience a heavy shower.

Soft straps

If you are a newbie in the world of bike riding and have brought a new bike, you will not want to lose the luster and the new paint that your bike is decorated with.

It is a common human tendency to keep things good looking always. And to be successful in that, you need to be careful about the accessories that you buy to accompany your bike.

Hooks and loops straps are made of a unique material, which makes it softer than the regular material. The softness of these straps reduces the friction between the strap and your bike's frame, helping you to protect the paintwork on the frame. Thus, it protects the bag from damage and corrosion.

If you want to make your bike look new forever, then you should opt for hooks and loop strap.

Padded bags

To reduce the friction between the tube bag and the frame of your bike and to protect it from further damage, tube bags feature some padding at the bottom to protect the frame.

While searching for bags, always look for extra padded bags to ensure your frame's longevity, which might get damaged over time otherwise.

Padding also protects the paint on the frame, which helps keep it corrosion-free, you will end up losing the frame of your bike.

Slot style opening

slot style opening refers to the way the bag opens. This style is generally seen in the zippered pencil case, which you used in school.

If you are planning to purchase bags with this style of opening, make sure they have a better closure system and a secure zip tab. It can be pulled up to close the bag in a hassle-free manner while riding smoothly.

It is not much convenient because you cannot see the things which are inside but can only feel them. If you want something urgently, then you will have to look down, which is not at all safe while riding.

Flap lid

This book-style opening has a flip on the bag that covers the entire top section and opens like a book cover.

It allows easy access to the inside of the bag, and you can quickly grab whatever you want by just taking a glance at the bag while riding smoothly.

Ways to Keep Your Top Tube Bag Clean

You may be thinking that you are a very organized person, but once you turn your tube bag upside down, you won't believe your own eyes. There will be so many things inside which you might not remember keeping.

The best and most excellent way of cleaning your bag is by removing everything that's there inside.

Shake it to make sure that no tiny particle is stuck at the bottom. While riding, it is evident that your bag will pick up dirt and stains, but washing them is not a big task, but it needs some care and patience to be done.

Mix water and liquid detergent to dilute the detergent particles which may damage the bag's material

According to the instructions given, you can wash your bag in three ways:

In Machine

If your bag can be washed in the machine, make sure you use liquid detergent and give it a gentle spin.

By hand

If your bag has to be washed by hand, then submerge it in lukewarm water and add a small amount of liquid detergent. Be very careful while cleaning it; don't apply pressure while cleaning, and don't scrub too hard. You can also use a soft bristle brush to remove the stains.

With a clean cloth

Some bags are not meant to be washed. In that case, take a wet cloth and gently remove the dirt and stain from its surface.

You can use the same methods to clean the straps and different parts of the bag.


  1. Are different bags designed for different types of bikes?

All the bags, irrespective of their brands, are designed to suit all types of bike frames and sizes. Thus, it makes it easier for the user to use it on different types of cycles.

But it entirely depends on you, which bag do you prefer. While some prefer bags with a width the same as the frame of the bike, others search for bags that provide them with enough space irrespective of its size.

  1. Is any specific kind of tool required to mount the bag on the bike?

Bags that come with straps mounting systems are more comfortable to be attached to the bike frame with the help of Velcro and buckles because the straps are just wrapped around the frame.

However, the bags that feature the bolts mounting system may require bolt tightening tools because the tighter the bolts will be, the more stable and firm the bag will be.

  1. Can these bags be used for any other purpose?

The features of the bags differ with brands. Some bags come with a small strap which enables you to hold the bag after taking it off from the bike. Hence, these bags can be used for transporting and can be kept with you at all times.

You can carry tools, personal essentials, eatables, etc. in the bag and move around freely. Also, you can search for bags with an extra strap to help you wear it like a sling bag, which can give you the freedom to carry it without any hassle.

  1. Is the bag strong enough to keep fragile items like a camera?

Many bags come with extra soft padding at the bottom, which helps reduce the risk of vibration and scratches. It also provides a cushioning effect to the items kept inside even if it accidentally slips off while moving.

Hence, these bags are a convenient place to keep your cameras safe and damage-proof. The soft bed which the bag provides can be used to hold many sensitive items like glass, watch, phone, etc.

  1. Will my knees hit the bag while pedaling?

It entirely depends on your body type. While people with skinny legs don't experience this issue, for riders with muscular legs, it may pose a problem because their legs tend to rise higher while pedaling and are also close to the bag.

It carries a risk of wear and tear over time. To eliminate this problem, find bags that are fully framed bags and keep about the same width.

  1. Do top tube bags move while riding?

Nobody wants to ride with a bag dangling every time and causing a lot of problems while pedaling. Bags having a small length of straps do not wrap around the frame well, and this does not keep the bag stable, which eventually makes it move.

To make sure that your bag is stable enough and does not move side to side while you are riding, search for bags that have an adequate length of the strap. It will aid in wrapping around the frame of the bike entirely or go with a bolt mounting system. As they do not have straps and bolts, it can keep the bags firmly attached to the frame, which helps it remain stable.

  1. Is the transparent mesh on the top of the bag touchscreen compatible?

Many tube bags have transparent mesh on the top, which allows you to slide down the phone while riding and use it instantly when needed.

Generally, the mesh on the bag makes it difficult for you to see the screen of the phone, and the touch is also affected by the mesh, which means that the transparent mesh is not touchscreen compatible and creates hindrance while using.

However, it is recommended that you use a phone mount for your bike instead of using the mesh pockets on the tube bags. Also, phone mounts allow you to easily access your phones to find out routes leading to your destination.

  1. Is it comfortable to stand over your bike while the bag is attached to the frame?

Standing over the bike while the bag is attached is uncomfortable because you get very little space with the bag in front of you. But that is not a very big issue because you will spend more time riding your bike than standing over it.

Summing Up

Long gone are the days when you needed to halt your ride for accessing your essential items. With the dawn of top tube bags, you can keep your supplies safe and access them whenever you want while riding your cycle.

In this guide, we have provided all the necessary details on various factors that define the usability and performance of the product. Go through them and choose an elite bag for your expedition / - © Copyright 2020