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Are you looking for a collapsible fishing rod? Search no more. The telescopic fishing rods are here to the rescue. The rods are highly portable and do not take much space in your boat or kayak.

The rod acts as the go-to gear for enjoying your fishing experience, either in freshwater or saltwater. All you have to do is mount the reel, and you are all set to reel in the bigger fish on your favorite spot. It is a highly convenient rod that can be easily stored even in a bag.

You can easily assemble the rod in a jiffy. Just take out the rod sections and put them together and voila, your rod is ready at the drop of the hat for fishing.

Why study a buying guide before selecting the appropriate product?

A good fishing rod should be durable and flexible enough to match the power and action. Also, the material should have a good standard of quality to stand against wear and tear for a long time. The buying guide provides all the necessary information about the rod's different characteristics at a single stop.

Don't waste your time here and there and go through the buying guide to make an informed decision and select the elite telescopic fishing rod for yourself.

What are telescopic fishing rods? Benefits of these rods.

A telescopic fishing rod can be the essential gear for the anglers. It is a special kind of fishing rod which can be folded easily to carry and also you can extend it for your convenience. This rod may come like a pocket fishing rod or a reel rod.

These telescopic rods are very lightweight, so they are travel-friendly. Usually, these rods are designed with a comfortable handle that helps you to cast for longer distances. However, it is recommended to buy a rod according to your fishing type to experience the best performance.

The telescopic rods are hugely popular among fishing enthusiasts who also love camping, traveling, and hiking for fishing. However, professionals like these rods, too, because of their advantageous features. Some benefits of having the telescopic rods are given below—

  1. These fishing rods are lighter than other rods and easier to carry.
  2. The compact design of these rods is appropriate for easy storing and maintenance.
  3. Despite the lightweight and compact design, these rods are capable enough to catch bigger species of fish.
  4. These rods are very easy to clean.

Different Variants of telescopic fishing rods

There are a plethora of telescopic fishing rods. The major three types include—

  1. Spinning fishing rods

These rods are specifically designed for the spinning reels, which help to spin the reel in a different style. These rods are hugely popular among the anglers because they are very appropriate for deepwater like rivers, lakes, ponds, etc.

When it comes to fish in deep water, the reel should spin properly for the better fishing experience. Otherwise, it may turn into a disaster for you. So it is better to set the sites, and these rods will help you in the best possible way.

  1. Surf fishing rods

When you are going to surf, you will need a reliable fishing rod. Since you will be fishing in the salty water, the fishing rod should be resistant to corrosion. Sue fishing rods cover all the anti-corrosion features that help you to protect the rods from saltwater, and thus it becomes more durable. You may choose a surf fishing rod that has an optimum length between 10 feet and 15 feet. It will be a good choice for surf fishing.

  1. Fly fishing rods

You can find a fly fishing rod, but you have to search for it. Some fishers do not prefer handles so that they can work on the wrist. If you are one of them, this is the best choice for you. These fishing rods are very flexible and lightweight so that you can use them comfortably.

Things to deem about while selecting an appropriate Telescopic Fishing Rods

  1. Rod length

When you are about to buy a telescopic fishing rod, the first thing you should check is the rod's length. You should choose the rod length depending on your fishing style and use instead of its appearance or storage. You should keep it in mind that the rod length is important for accuracy and casting distance.

The full length of the telescopic fishing rods is measured from butt to tip. Usually, a longer rod that is above 7 feet can cast in longer distances than a shorter rod. On the contrary, the shorter rods length less than 7 feet provides better accuracy. Nevertheless, you should choose the length of your telescopic fishing rod that you can control properly.

No doubt, the longer fishing rods are good for casting as they offer more leverage for hook setting. But if you are not experienced enough, the longer rods may take a toll on you. Therefore, beginners should always start with a shorter fishing rod.

The best thing about a telescopic rod is that you can make it shorter according to your comfort. The rods' design allows the rods to shrink into a handy size so that you can use them with less effort.

  1. Materials

You should opt for the best telescopic fishing rod made of high-quality materials. Choosing the standard materials is very important to increase the functionality of your telescopic fishing rod. Two varieties of materials are commonly used in designing telescopic fishing rods, including Graphite and Fiberglass.

  1. Graphite

Fishing rods made out of graphite are very sensitive, but they are sturdy enough to deal with the big fishes. Though this material is not perfect for the beginners, the experienced fishers will definitely like this. Because of its high sensitivity, it may create a problem for the new anglers to understand the difference. Moreover, this rod will not support you much for trolling.

  1. Fiberglass

Fiberglass is used to make the fishing rods sturdy and durable. Also, this material is considered as the best when it comes to troll and jig. So it is ideal for medium action. But if you are looking for lightweight rod fiberglass will not be the right option for you. In general, it has more weight than graphite, so it makes the rods heavier. They come with less sensitivity, which may seem like a big problem for spot casting.

  1. Weight

Another important factor in choosing the best telescopic fishing rod is the weight. There are two major reasons why you need to consider the weight beforehand. The first and foremost reason is portability.

Put simply, if you have a lighter rod, it will increase the portability and make it easier for you to carry the rod without any difficulties. The second reason is that the weight of your fishing rod has a huge impact on your style of fishing.

When you fish on a boat, you will have to hold the rod for a long time constantly. In such cases, it is wise to select a lightweight fishing rod that will not stress your wrist and arms. Different models come with different weight, but lightweight rods come with several benefits. Therefore, you should consider your fishing style in the first place while buying a fishing rod.

  1. Power

The strength of the telescopic fishing rods is determined by their power. It means a powerful rod will always offer you a better fishing performance. The fishing rods are mainly available with medium, medium-heavy and heavy powers. It is better to mention that the rod length and material quality have an essential role to play to make a rod powerful. If your target is to catch bigger fish species, you should search for a rod that comes with more power.

Usually, heavy power rods do not have much sensitivity, so they are appropriate for the smaller size fish. You should remember that being lightweight, the telescopic rods have more sensitivity than the regular fishing rods. As a result, they have a lack of power as you get from the regular rods. You should go for medium power to have better sensitivity of the rods.

  1. Guides

Guides are also an essential consideration for buying telescopic fishing rods. These are also called eyelets. These are kinds of rings that work as the guide to the top of the rods. You should make sure that the guide is strong enough and sturdy.

It helps the rod to deal with the extreme pressure created during your fishing. With a stronger guide, your fishing rod can perform better, no matter whether the fish is big or small.

Basically, the guides help to distribute the weight equally in the rod, so when your rod has more guides, it can distribute the weight in a significant manner. If you want to catch fish with your telescopic rod without any effort, you should carefully choose guides. These tools are very effective in finding different sizes of fishes efficiently.

  1. Action

The action of a telescopic fishing rod is closely related to the flexibility of the rod. It tells you about the speed and the length of the tips. In simple words, the action of the telescopic fishing rods refers to the rods' movement under pressure. You can find three action types for telescopic rods such as –

  1. Slow action

For a slow action rod, you can see the whole rod is moving if there is a fish on the line. It means that slow-action rods have more flex than any other rods so you can effectively catch small fish with these rods.

  1. Middle action

If you have a fishing rod with middle action, you will feel the strike in the center of the rod. It helps you to identify the strike efficiently. This rod does not bend like a slow action rod, so it will allow you to switch your fishing styles as you wish. With a medium action rod, you can fish both small and big spices hassle-free.

  1. Fast action

Fast action rods are not as flexible as medium action rods. They can not bend much and get back to their initial position very quickly. So, if you target big fishes or look for a rod for fishing games, fast action rods will support you better than the previous two types.

  1. Portability

The compact design of a telescopic fishing rod enhances its portability to a great extent. If you overlook your telescopic fishing rod's portable feature, you may have to face a lot of troubles while fishing. Usually, telescopic fishing rods come longer in size.

But make sure it will not create any issue when you want to carry the rod for traveling. These rods are lightweight, and they can be folded and extended according to your needs. So, keep your fishing rod in your backpack to travel comfortably.

However, it will be a problem if the rod does not fit in your backpack properly. Holding your fishing rod in your hand all your way is difficult and not so convenient. To avoid this type of hassles, you should choose a rod that is portable and travel-friendly.

  1. Durability

Nobody wants to have a rugged rod for fishing. So you must consider the durability of the telescopic fishing rod that you have chosen to buy. If you have a telescopic rod with maximum durability, you can extend and shrink the rod frequently without any doubt.

Though telescopic rods are not very appropriate for catching bigger fish, you can not ignore them because of their portability. So you must select a rod that has better longevity.

The durability of your fishing rod directly depends on the quality of materials used in constructing the rod. You should be careful while choosing the material so that they can withstand the saltwater effectively. Even if you need to invest a little more in getting the best quality material, you should consider that only for the durability of the rods.

  1. Twist

When you are thinking of having a telescopic fishing rod, you should know that this rod tends to twist. It seems like a great issue for some anglers, so be aware of that to avoid any disappointment in the future.

Because of the lightweight materials, the reel can twist, so you must be careful when you put the rods together. Always make sure that you put the rod together perfectly so it will not create any problem while fighting with a big fish. If your model is not aligned properly, it may cause twisting while fishing.

  1. Reliability

If you are looking for reliable telescopic fishing rods, you should go for the premium quality rods. It will be stupid to choose a telescopic rod without checking its reliability. Typically, the fishing rods are designed with graphite, increasing the durability of the rods. Some telescopic rods are also made up of the mixture of fiberglass and graphite.

With the increasing demand of telescopic rods, the manufacturers use high-standard materials for the rods, so they are not less reliable than any other available fishing rods.

The telescope rods are indeed lighter than the traditional fishing rods, but you can easily trust them for high-end performance. Though anglers prefer the traditional rods to telescopic rods for heavy-duty use, you can rely on the telescopic rods that come with a good brand name. Also, you may search for customer feedback on several websites.

  1. Application

There are different types of telescopic rods available in the market, which means you can choose your rods from a wider variety. It is better to decide the size of your targeted fish to narrow down the choices while buying your fishing rods. Always remember that no rod will function in the same way in different situations. You may choose more than one rods to use for different areas.

For instance, when you are going to fish in the ocean, you will require a rod resistant to corrosion. On the other hand, for ice fishing, it will be better to have a rod that can work compatibly in colder weather conditions.

  1. Convenience

Most of the fishers are likely to pick up the telescopic rods because of their convenience. If you want to go camping or hiking while fishing, no other fishing rods can serve you as well as the telescopic rods. The compact design of the rods makes them travel-friendly.

Besides transport, they are very easy to maintain. You can store them anywhere in your house because you will not need much space. It means it will increase the fishing rods' longevity, and you can use them conveniently for the next few years.

  1. Warranty

Before making a purchase, it will be wise to check the warranty of the telescopic rods. These rods come with several moving parts, so there will be a chance of collapsing of the rods if you use them very often. Warranty means an assurance from the manufacturers that may vary between 1 and 3 years.

You can look for a rod that offers a longer period of warranties to ensure the fishing rod you are going to buy is made of high-quality materials and has the maximum durability. Also, it is suggested not to go for a rod if you think it does not meet all your requirements properly.

  1. Flexibility

With a flexible telescopic fishing rod, you will always have a better chance to increase your fishing performance. Now, if you are not sure what the flexibility is, it will be difficult to find the right fishing rod for you.

Flexibility indicates your fishing rod's natural movements that happen when you have a fish on the line. You can be sure about the action and power of your rods with the flexibility of the rods. You can have an enjoyable fishing experience depending on the flex of your telescopic rod.

  1. Budget-friendly

You should fix a budget before buying a telescopic fishing rod. There are different types of telescopic fishing rods available in the market with varying ranges of price. So you can make your budget according to your requirements and affordability.

When you are aware of your purchasing capacity in advance, it will be easier for you to narrow down your options. You are suggested not to go for the inferior models so that you will not have to spend a lot of money on maintenance in the future.

The telescopic rods can be ideal for smaller fish, but you should not catch bigger fish like salmon. A telescopic fish can support you the best for fishing in ponds, lakes, streams, or rivers instead of deep seawater. So, choose your rod accordingly and, if possible, invest a little more to have the best quality fishing rods.


  1. What are the steps to add a fishing line on these rods?

It is quite easy to put a fishing line onto these rods. All you need to do is follow the given instructions, and you are good to go fishing:

  1. At first, begin by setting up the reel.
  2. Now pass the line via the guides
  3. Then, you need to fix allure.
  4. Voila, you can now start fishing.
  1. How is a 2-piece different from the telescopic fishing rod?

A 2-piece fishing rod is the best one when you are looking for sensitivity. However, a telescopic fishing rod does not offer it. But if you are the one who prefers flexibility and portability more, then, this telescopic fishing rod will be your ideal choice.

  1. How are telescopic poles different from others?

A telescopic fishing rod is super-lightweight and is a perfect fit for traveling fishers. Owing to this reason, they have poles that are not bulky at all. They are apt for fishing anywhere you like, unlike the traditional rods that have heavier poles and hamper the portability option.

  1. What is the ideal action required for this fishing rod?

The telescopic fishing rod you intend to buy must have a medium action. It will help you to catch all the bigger fish with the same ease as you get the smaller fish. Therefore, it will offer you higher convenience and a higher chance of getting the fishes.

Final Thoughts

Take out the sections from your bag, put them together, and you are all set for your fishing expedition. The telescopic fishing rods are easy to manage and can perform properly both in saltwater and freshwater.

We have corner stoned all the essential features of the rod in this exclusive buying guide so that you can go through it in no time and choose an elite rod for yourself. / - © Copyright 2020