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Love to camp in the wilderness with your friends and family groups? Invest in suitable teepee tents to make sure that you get an adequate shelter.

The tents have a modern and stylish design and provide ample room for a group of people. It offers comfy headspace, and you can have a good night's sleep in the night.

However, while selecting a tent, you have to look into certain aspects. You have to look into the size, weight, portability, room space, and other additional perks. Gathering information on all these characteristics can become a tiresome task. You may even end with incorrect details and facts.

A well-detailed buying guide provides you all the information under one roof. You don't have to search tons of pages online. You can quickly skim through the pointers and make an informed purchase.

So, let us have a brief introduction of the product and then move further in this guide.

What do you mean by Teepee Tents? Why do you need them?

So, the story dates back to the time before the industrial revolution when fabric stitching was relatively uncommon. Originally the native Americans' tribe was always on the move from one place to another.

Moving with the entire building was impossible, and there was nothing like a caravan or any other portable shelter. However, the people noticed that animals could be of great help because their tough skin could withstand many adversities.

They started by using animal hides to create a small shelter for themselves. This would protect them from rain, sun, cold, and other hazards. The shelter made from the animal hides helped them to settle at unknown places.

After the industries showed up and the clothing industry was machine equipped, this inspiration from the nomadic people gave rise to the modern-day teepee tents.

Instead of the animal hides, these are now made from durable fabrics but retain the authenticity and nomadic essence. These are very popular amongst campers and backpackers who love being amidst nature to stay away from the busy urban setting.

These tents offer vast space despite being compact. They are highly portable and durable and hence protect you from the bad influences of nature. These provide you with a safe place to sleep and refill the lost energy to enjoy your trip.

Thanks to the adequate headspace that these provide, you can quickly move inside and don't have to feel trapped and suffocated. These can hold multiple people, which means you can take along your buddies and have a blast in the wild.

Difference between Teepee Tents vs. Normal Tents

The Teepee differs from a normal tent based on many features. Let's have a quick look at how these two variants of a tent differ from each other.

  1. Shape

These tents have a large rounded bottom that offers wide space for multiple people to accommodate. These are more compact than other tents but still, provide enough headroom and sleeping space. Also, these don't have walls, which increases the interior space.

  1. Use

The tents of all different kinds are used for camping because they are the only portable shelter available. The unique characteristic of teepee shelters is that they can withstand strong winds.

They have this strong wind resisting ability due to the single vertical pole at the center. These are more versatile than other tents because of the wide variety in their shape and sizes.

  1. Setup

These are very easy to set up because they don't have multiple poles to construct the wall and other areas, unlike the other tents. The single-pole at the center is all the only thing you require to set this tent in shape.

  1. Price

There is no significant difference between both these tents. However, the difference lies in the material, quality, and the additional accessories you may opt for.

  1. Ventilation

Teepees have a vent at the top, and as you know that the hot air rises, these top vents enable this hot air to pass through there. This, in turn, increases the air circulation and keeps you comfortable.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Teepee Tents

With so many different kinds of tents in the market, it is challenging to find the best one. Simultaneously, many claim that their product is a high-quality one, believing their words seem to be foolish.

To grab the perfect one that stands out on all your expectations and provides you long years of service, refers to this comprehensive buying guide.

The guide will lead you to find the best teepee tent. You will learn about all the essential aspects of a tent and what you should do to invest in the excellent one. So, let's take a glance to know more in-depth about these versatile camping tents.


To determine the size of your tent, you need to focus on some points. These are listed below for your convenience. So, look at each of them and then decide the size you want to opt for.

  1. The number of residents

First, you need to decide how many people will be accompanying you. Teepee tents have a broad base and provide enough space for you and your gears.

Keeping this in mind, you should opt for the tent that can easily accommodate all the residents and their gears without creating space crunch and suffocation.

  1. Transportation

Since you will be traveling to a place to spend some time in nature, you need to consider your tent's size. If you opt for a large size, you will face difficulty while transporting it.

On the other hand, opting for a smaller size will not accommodate all the people you are traveling with. Hence, search for the appropriate size and then invest in it.


Since the native Americans inspire these tents, the original design is still maintained. This gives the feel of living in the wild without the standard amenities you are used to.

However, with the increase in competition between brands, these tents have been improvised and introduced in new designs. The traditional ones only differ in the tent fabric's material while featuring the same pointed top design and a broad round base.

The style of these tents is also influenced by choice of material. A synthetic material gives it a more camping and sporty look while the ones made from natural fabric look similar to the traditional ones.

Some variants also feature numerous poles to help make it stable. The choice is entirely yours, and you should opt for the one that suits your preference and convenience.


To invest in the teepee tents with the appropriate weight, you need to refer to the points mentioned below. These will help you understand the different factors that make a difference while choosing the tent with the required weight.

  1. Transportation

Your campsite can be in your house garden or miles away from your city. This distance plays a significant role in your choice. If you want to use your tent in your garden, you can opt for a tent irrespective of the weight.

While on the other hand, if you have to travel long distances to reach your campsite, you should opt for a lightweight one. Lightweight tents are more comfortable to transport and set up.

  1. Backpack or car trunk

Another thing that influences your tent's weight is the medium of transportation. If you are going just for camping for a few days and will be carrying the tent in your car's trunk, you don't need to worry about the weight.

However, if you are camping and hiking together, you need to carry your tent inside a backpack. A backpack is hung on your shoulders, and the weight of this bag falls on your body.

If your tent is heavyweight, you will have difficulty while carrying it. Hence, opting for a lighter tent will be a smarter choice.


The material of your tent highly affects its durability, strength, and lifespan. If the material used is not high-quality, then there are chances that you might face danger in the unknown wild place.

To stay safe and protected, you need to focus on the material your tent is made of. To keep you safe and provide you a long-lasting service, teepee tents are made of two types of fabrics.

  1. Polyester or Polyurethane

These materials are man-made synthetic fabrics. These are highly durable and are a little bulkier. These are waterproof and hence save you from rain and withstand the rugged use.

  1. Cotton canvas

This is a natural material and lightweight. This is not as durable as the synthetic material but offers the same amount of protection as them.

In a tent, the fabric material plays a vital role, but the poles' material is equally important. What's the use of purchasing a durable material if the pole used to set it up breaks? The poles are made of two materials, which are listed below.

  1. Cotton Fibres

The poles made of cotton fibers are incredibly robust and lightweight. These withstand the pressure of heavy wind and keep your shelter intact to keep you safe.

The only drawback is the cost of these poles. Being made of natural fiber, these are expensive and cannot be afforded by many.

  1. Aluminum

This metal is an affordable version of the tent poles. These are lightweight and work similarly to those made of cotton fiber without making a hole in your pocket.


While sleeping, you tend to sweat if there isn't any fan or air conditioner during the hot season. Imagine the situation inside a tent full of more than five people! With less number of windows for airflow, it becomes very suffocating.

Teepee tents have a remedy to this problem. These have a vent at the top that evacuates the hot air and brings down the cold air. The air circulation inside your tent enhances because of the presence of this vent.

Hence, you feel less suffocated and more comfortable. This feature makes these tents suitable for hot and humid climates where air circulation inside the tent is vital.


When you are staying outside in your temporary shelter, you cannot be sure of the weather. Sometimes it can be at its best while at others; it can turn out to be bad. It is always recommended to stay prepared whenever you are planning for the wild.

To help you ease your task and beat the natural problems, teepee tents are the perfect options. These are waterproof and don't allow water to penetrate inside at any cost.

The set also consists of tarps and tent sprays to protect the harmful elements, be it sun or rain. You can also search for variants with higher waterproofing ratings and pick out the best one.

Setup Difficulty

A teepee tent can pose difficulty while setting it up, but it is not impossible. Being large, setting it up alone is extremely difficult. To ease the task, it is recommended that you practice a bit before taking it to the actual site.

If you directly use it without any knowledge of set up before your trip, you will be inviting trouble for everyone. Hence, practice the procedure with your peers and after getting prepared, grab it up for camping.

You can search for other variants that can be easily set up and not too large. If you get accustomed to the setup process, your camping experience will be delightful.


Teepee tents are incredibly safe to use. They can endure the pressure of high-speed winds and heavy showers. These tents are tested, verified, and approved as safe to use.

The materials used are environment friendly and don't contain toxins that may harm you. To make it safer for you, ensure that you set it up correctly and put the stakes in the right position. If the construction is not strong, there are chances that your tent may blow away.

Besides, adhere to the safety guidelines mentioned in the instruction booklet that comes along with this tent. These guidelines will provide you the different techniques in which you can enhance the safety provided by your tent.

Tent Poles

To know which pole is suitable for your tent, you need to focus on the pole's structure. It is the structure that determines the level of difficulty while pitching the tent. There are different variants of these tent poles which feature the freestanding ones and the ones which require stakes.

  1. Free Standing poles

Stakes are not required to pitch these poles to the ground and are hence known as freestanding. The absence of stakes enables you to move your tent freely from one place to another. The second advantage is that you can easily clean these before packing them.

  1. Non-Free Standing poles

These require stakes to get set up at a particular place. However, the staking process is quite simple and less time-consuming.

The poles, for easy attachment, either feature a clip system or sleeve system. In the clips system, these get attached to the fabric with the help of clips. In the sleeve system, the poles are threaded to secure them.

Besides, the pole corners and the clips are color-coded to make it easier for you to identify which pole goes which way. This makes the process faster and errors free.

Additional Accessories

With the increasing demand for campers for these tents, the manufacturers are inclined to introduce new technology-ridden tents that help their users stay safe and comfortable.

These tents are now equipped with additional accessories that have made tent lives more accessible and comfortable. Let's have a look at some of them.

  1. Electricity

Now you have access to electricity inside your tent that enables you to use a lamp to illuminate the surrounding. Also, you can charge your phone and other accessories. Before you purchase these tents, make sure that it is equipped with cable sleeves to hold the electric cables.

  1. Tarp

These tents include a tarp in the set. This tarp protects you and your tent. It is durable and prevents any possible damage to your tent.

  1. Vestibule gear

To offer you a home-like feeling, look for the tents that have pet washrooms and gear vestibules. The pet washrooms come in handy if you are traveling with your pets while the gear vestibules help you keep your gears organized in them and offer more space to you.

How To Keep Your Teepee Tents Stable?

There are specific steps that you need to follow to stabilize your teepee tent. These steps are listed below to help you out in the best way.

  1. Align the poles

Ensure that the base's bolts are in an 'X' position as it helps maintain the stability of your tent. Next, place the lower holes of the bolt below than the higher ones.

You don't need to do this setup as it comes in this manner when you order your tent. But if by any chance it doesn't, then you can align it in the given way.

  1. Place the fabric

When you put the tent material on top of the tent's skeletal construction, ensure that the fabric covers the entire structure from top to bottom. There shouldn't be any space left anywhere.

  1. Open the poles

Now, you stretch the poles apart to open them to their maximum capacity. This opening aids in your tent's stabilization. Also, ensure that you extend the fabric to cover the poles entirely.

Follow these steps to keep your tent stable so that it can withstand the weight of the boulders that nature throws at it. Also, the stability of your tent determines how protected you are inside it.

How To Take care of your Teepee Tent?

Taking care of your tent is crucial because it takes care of you when surrounded by danger from all the sides. These speechless protectors cannot express their feelings and to help them stay fit and healthy, maintaining them is extremely vital.

Listed below are ways you can take the best care of your tent while staying in the wild.

  1. Do not precondition your tent

Since these tents have a triangular shape with a pointed top, water is less likely to accumulate. However, the fabric of your tent material may shrink due to contact with water.

This doesn't mean that you should precondition it so that it retains its shape. This is not required because these tents' material is not made to suit a framework, so even if it shrinks, it's totally fine!

  1. Firepits

You should not light a fire inside your Teepee. There are chances that the material may catch fire, which is the last thing you want to happen. Hence, to keep yourselves safe, refrain from lighting campfires inside your tent.

  1. Mildew issues

Never store your tent while it is wet or having moisture. This will give rise to mildew formation and damage the material. Hence, before storing your tent, make sure that it is completely dry and moisture-free. Also, store it in a dry and shady place so that the material stays intact.


  1. Is the product waterproof?

Yes, the tents are waterproof. The property depends on the material and coating used in the fabrication of the tent. Fabrics like cotton and polyester are coated with PU coating. It enhances the water resistance property and can protect the members even in heavy pours.

  1. What is the typical size of a teepee tent?

Typically, the diameter of the product ranges from 10 to 25 feet and height to 15-16 feet. There is enough space for all the members and the camping equipment. You can enjoy and relax in the tent with your loved ones.

  1. I am new to the camping world. Are these tents a safe option?

Yes, teepee tents are a safe option to choose when you go camping in the wilderness. They have a substantial threshold against strong winds and provide proper water resistance. You should check all the elements of the tent before making a purchase.

Final Verdict

Teepee tents present a simple yet effective way to relax while camping. All you need is to select the best option.

Here in this guide, you will get all the critical pointers that define the usability and performance of the product. Go through them and select an elite product. / - © Copyright 2020