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Love kayaking over vast areas but don’t want to do it alone? Don’t worry. Tandem fishing kayaks are here to the rescue.

These unique kayaks allow you to explore the vast area with your partner. You can even access the areas for fishing that are not accessible through bigger boats.

However, selecting a suitable kayak for your expedition requires proper study of its every element. Gathering information on all these characteristics can become an arduous task and consume a lot of your time.

A buying guide presents a simple and efficient solution to look into every characteristic of the product in detail. You can quickly look for answers to common questions and evaluate all the factors with your requirements. This will aid you in funneling down the best product.

Before starting with the guide, let us shower some light on the product and get a clear picture in mind.

What do you mean by Tandem Fishing Kayaks? Why is it important to have them?

Fond of going on fishing trips but end up being alone? Are you also a gang craving person? Let’s eliminate all your sadness and loneliness by investing in a worthy tandem fishing kayak, which allows you to carry more heads on board!

Tandem fishing kayaks are portable water vessels, having a streamlined shape (ideal for floating in water). They can accommodate a maximum of 3 people on them and also your paw friends if you wish them to accompany you.

Some fishing enthusiasts like you are pro at fishing but have no idea how to paddle a kayak. To help them with their dilemma, tandem kayaks work the best.

They allow the efficient anglers to catch their trout while at the same time, the person who is an expert in handling the kayak, helps their friend by driving it to their favored location.

Tandem kayaks come at affordable prices because they do not include the motor system. There is an intention behind not using a motor, and that is, to not scare away the water dwellers.

These also feature a double paddling system to maximize the speed and require less maintenance. The operation and handling are a lot easier, and they also offer you a room to carry your essential gear.

Why should you read a buying guide before selecting suitable tandem fishing kayaks?

Fishing is the most thrilling outdoor activity which brings forth many unexpected challenges and gives you fun at the same time. It is also the best sport that you can take part to satisfy that adrenaline rush inside you.

Before going out for the first time, you always have that gut feeling to ensure that all the equipment you carry is capable enough to save you from any trouble.

Thus, it becomes your responsibility to check all that you carry, at least once, before you step out. Searching for everything in detail can get tiresome. To ease your pain, we have gathered all the necessary information in this guide that you need to buy the best tandem kayaks for yourself.

The vital features that you should emphasize on while searching your best fit are mentioned below with a brief explanation for your clear understanding. Let’s catch a glimpse at all of them.

Types of Tandem Fishing Kayaks?

Based on the activities that you carry out mid-water, tandem fishing kayak comes in 5 different types, each specially designed to suit your preferences.

  1. Fishing kayak

Made out of durable plastic, these kayaks can accommodate a maximum of 3 people in them, including your beloved pet. They have enough room to accommodate you all, without you feeling any congestion.

You will find a cargo area in the front area of your kayak, equipped with a cord strap that is built for shock absorption.

These kayaks also feature a pole holder and a receptacle to put up your mast to experience smooth sailing.

  1. Ocean kayak

If you are planning a tour among the corals, dolphins, and sharks, ocean kayaks are the ones that can offer you a thrilling experience. They are more stable than the single kayaks, when in the rough sea.

Besides comfortable seats and gear straps, ocean kayaks also feature footwells which are overlapped. These also have adequate space to give you a comfortable and relaxing experience to explore the fishing area with your loved ones.

  1. Touring kayak

This kayak is built of high-grade material and has waterproof storage solutions. If you want to invest in the best touring kayak, then opt for the one which has a v-shaped hull, situated in the middle of your kayak.

This type of hull is essential to track through a straight line. Touring kayak, in itself, defines that you belong to an elite angler group. So, don’t miss a chance to stand apart from others and flaunt your kayak.

  1. Sit-on-top kayak

You will find that the kayak has a hollow shape in the middle, which enables you and your companion to have a comfortable journey throughout while sitting on top.

The major drawback that you will find here is, it exposes your gears to the corroding elements of the sea.

Also, since you are sitting on the top, there is a great danger surrounding you as well because you will also be directly exposed to the harmful elements of the weather.

  1. Inflatable kayak

If you are looking for a kayak that is comfortable yet easy to travel with, an inflatable kayak is what you want.

Because of its inflatable nature, it becomes more portable and easy to store, occupying less space.

Due to the air blown inside, it offers buoyancy if, by any chance, your kayak capsizes. There are various models available, both for rough sea and flatwater. Depending on your preference, pick out the one that suits your style.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Tandem Fishing Kayaks


While surfing, you need your kayak to have high speed, stability and should be easily controllable. Its dimensions govern all these vital requirements.

While a wider kayak offers more stability, at the same time, another kayak having a streamlined body offers you maximum speed and tracking.

Tandem fishing kayaks will be a great choice because they have the desired narrow body and are wider enough to give you comfort and maintain the required stability.

Dimensions also play a significant role when it comes to portability. If you have a storage place, specially dedicated to a fishing kayak, you can go for a large kayak. If you do not have that space, you should search for a tandem fishing kayak with a small body and can be easily transported.

This will ensure that your kayak is having a suitable place for it and does not wear out over time due to the harmful elements.

Load Capacity

During your voyage, your kayak is your only savior. You will never want it to get ruptured or damaged midway and drown.

Here, the load capacity of a kayak plays a very crucial role. Tandem fishing kayaks can easily accommodate three people and have extra storage space as well.

To ensure your safety, weigh everything that has to be loaded in the kayak, including you and your partner. Do not overload beyond the maximum capacity, which may result in an accident.

Search for kayaks that are made from a durable material, which can endure more weight and still don’t rupture.


When someone is accompanying you, you need to make sure that you have enough amenities for both of you, in case you come across any unpredictable situation or feel the need to extend your trip.

While investing in a kayak, look for extra storage solutions so that you don’t run out of space mid-way.

You shouldn’t forget that you will be carrying eatables, water bottles, tackle boxes, and the fresh trout that you caught hold of, on your kayak.

Tandem fishing kayaks offer you with additional storage spaces and also have tackle boxes that are in-built in them. Thus, reducing the amount of extra load that you would be carrying otherwise.

So, you can enjoy your time in the placid water, munching your cereal bar while waiting for a fish to nibble your lure at the other end.


Catching a fish requires patience. You will have to sit for hours, waiting for your favorite catch.

Sitting for long hours can result in an immense pain erupting at your back. To avoid such circumstances from arising, search for tandem fishing kayaks which have adjustable seats to provide you with adequate comfort and support for your spine.

You will also find seats that adjust accordingly to help you grab the catch. Invest in something useful rather than spilling tears on the same.

Besides adjustable seats, you should also search for footrests that can adjust to help you fight with those bad guys down there. Adjustable footrests provide you the necessary support and push that you need to catch the big ones.

Accessories and Mount

If you are planning for long trips and fishing is what you want to do with your buddies, having a GPS along with a fish-finding tool is a must-have.

Searching for tandem fishing kayaks frees you from this headache because these have an in-built GPS and a fish finding mount. It helps you in accurately locating your catch and drive in that direction.

This helps not only in saving time, but also to locate the species of fish that you want to catch.

In addition to the necessary mounts, tandem fishing kayaks also have numerous rod holders to help you avoid unnecessary hustle while grabbing a catch. It keeps the rods in an organized way and provides you the easy access to them.

Having all these mounts and crucial fishing accessories onboard makes your fishing experience a lot better and fun for all of you.


It is a crucial feature that is always brought to light before you purchase any item. You want to invest in a durable product that lasts longer and stays intact without any scratches or marks.

Since kayaks are used in water only, the minerals and salts present in it can affect your kayak a lot. Thanks to tandem fishing kayaks.

They are made of corrosion-resistant, high-quality material, which can resist the harshness of the water and have a longer lifespan. These do not get punctured and are not prone to breakage.

Also, search for the kayaks which come with a warranty to ensure that the materials used in your kayak enhance its durability and all your investments pay off.


The material used in your kayak offers you the stability and durability which you search for. Though most of the kayaks are made from plastic, tandem fishing kayaks are made of composite fiber, polyethylene along with PVC.

All these form a rigid frame that supports your kayak and makes it lightweight and durable. The extraordinary properties of the materials used are:

  1. Composite fiber

Carbon and kevlar are mixed simultaneously along with fiberglass, to make your kayak stable and increase its durability. It imparts lightweight properties to your kayak, which makes it portable also.

The main drawback here is that they easily get scratched and require a lot of maintenance.

  1. Polyethylene

It is a very common material in the world of kayak making. It is shock-absorbent, lightweight, which makes it an ideal material to make kayaks. This also helps the kayaks to resist any scratches.

If you are kayaking in water bodies that have shores housing rocks and sand, a hull made out of this fabric is a great choice.

You need to take precautions while handling a kayak made of this material because exposure to intense heat can damage it pretty soon.

  1. PVC

This material is typically used to construct inflatable kayaks. Since this material can get punctured easily, many anglers don’t prefer this. Over time, many improvements have been made to make the kayaks made out of this material puncture resistant.

They are portable because the kayak can be deflated and folded to pack it inside your backpack.


Do you want the water, entering inside your kayak, drain on its own or stay at the same place? Would you like it if your kayak breaks as soon as you step on it?

Your answer would be a big ‘NO.’ None of you would buy a kayak that has a weak floor made out of low-quality material that gets damaged or harbors stagnant water.

The floor is a crucial aspect that needs to be inspected before you make any decision, especially when you are opting for an inflatable kayak.

To ensure that your kayak’s floor lasts longer and stays stronger, do make sure that it is made out of high-quality material. Tandem fishing kayaks feature durable floors and have the ability of self-bailing.

Self-bailing allows the water to enter your kayak and drain on its own without creating trouble for you.

Search for more variants which have air floors in them, so that you can offer a long-lasting service to yourself without any problem.

Many inflatable kayaks come with foam floors as well, but try to avoid them because foam absorbs water, which will eventually create more hurdles for you.

Hull Weight

The one thing that keeps on ticking in your mind is the portability of your kayak, especially when you have to travel long distances.

To ensure easy carriage, you need to search for kayaks that are light in weight and do not compromise with your safety. You should always remember that the performance of any kayak that you purchase depends on its hull shape. During your search, you will come across three main types of hull shapes:

  1. Flat bottom

When you are a beginner, you are most likely to kayak in calm water rather than directly jumping into the rough sea.

Flat bottom kayaks work the best for beginners because of the great stability that they offer. They do not perform well in waves, but for flatwater, they are an ideal choice.

  1. Rounded bottom

After you have gained a decent amount of experience in the flat water, you will always wait for an opportunity to try kayaking in water bodies with moderate waves. Search for rounded bottom kayaks to help you cut through the wavy stream. Besides that, they are also ideal for speed enhancement, which gives an enjoyable experience to the intermediate anglers.

  1. V-shaped

If you are an experienced kayaker, having a v-shaped hull will be fruitful to you. They provide high speed and thrill to you. They are an ideal choice if you want to cover more areas in a short time.

These are less stable but have enough capability to stabilize themselves if, by chance, your kayak bends to one side.

Controlling them is much easier, and you can have an extraordinary kayaking experience if you are an expert and own the v-shaped hull kayak.


If you are a beginner, it is highly advised that you look for tandem fishing kayaks that have a short length. This helps you control your kayak easily, though it cannot be used if you are planning to explore vast areas.

If you are an expert in tackling the big waves and handling worse situations while kayaking, opt for kayaks with a long body. These help in controlling your vessel efficiently amidst the rough water and explore vast areas.


You are more likely to put more emphasis on the price of the tandem fishing kayaks, and undoubtedly it holds the top priority in your list, but it is not always wise to choose your product based on its cost.

Kayaks are affordable, but the quality of the fishing kayaks matter the most and not their price.

Search for variants with unique features and good quality material rather than wasting your time looking only at the price tag.

Multiple Footrests and Rod Holders

While on a kayak, waiting for your favorite catch is a tiresome process in itself, and getting hold of a tangled fishing rod when the moment arrives, is a very annoying thing that can happen to any angler.

To avoid a situation like that, tandem fishing kayaks feature multiple rod holders and footrests to ease your task and organize your rods.

Multiple footrests help you paddle smoothly without putting much effort. They are adjustable and do not slip, which means you get a firm grip.

This not only helps in reducing the amount of stamina required to paddle but also helps in adjusting according to your different postures to help you control your kayak in a better way.

Tracking and Stability

If you are familiar with the world of kayaking, you must be knowing what tracking means. Don’t you? Well, let’s dive inside to know what exactly does it mean.

The action of steering your kayak and controlling it is known as tracking. Tandem fishing kayaks offer easy tracking when you are on board. But you should also consider the shape of your vessel as it contributes a lot in providing the ease of tracking your kayak.

Besides, to have a stable kayak, you again need to consider your kayak’s design. It should be able to steer through sharp turns and maintain a good amount of stability even in big waves.

To get all these features, invest in a suitable tandem fishing kayak, which caters to all your requirements and gives you an exciting experience.

Fish Finder Attachment

Finding out a fish from its hiding place is the biggest challenge. Whether it be a boon or a bane, technology has made our lives simpler to a greater extent.

With your smartphone or a fish-finding tool, you can easily spot your fish and catch it from its abode. To fix your finding tool and keep your hands free, you need an attachment.

Many tandem fishing kayaks feature in-built fish-finding tool mounts to help you navigate your fish in a hassle-free manner.


  1. How can you smoothly use your tandem kayak?

For smooth glides, the person on the rear side should focus on steering, and the person on the front side should focus on paddling power. Both persons should have proper tuning and work simultaneously to avoid sudden jerks.

  1. I am new in the world of kayaking. Should I opt for a sit-on or sit-in variant?

It totally depends on your preference. However, the sit-on variant provides more mobility on the kayak, but the chances of getting wet are also high. On the contrary, the sit-in variant provides more capacity and saves you from getting wet quickly.

  1. Are tandem fishing kayaks worth their price?

Yes, definitely, the kayaks are very useful in accessing tight spots for fishing. With the ability to accommodate one more partner, you can enjoy the sport with your best companion.

They are highly portable and easy to store. You will have a memorable experience while kayaking on these canoes.

  1. What material should I prefer while selecting a kayak?

Basically, all the materials have different pros and cons. You have to choose the one that fits your budget and caters to all your needs. However, you should always opt for thicker materials as they have a higher threshold against environmental wear and tear.

Final Verdict

With suitable tandem fishing kayaks, you can easily enjoy your expedition with loved ones. With all this information under your possession, all you need to do is select an appropriate product for your expedition.

In this guide, we have presented all the necessary facts and details that define the usability and performance of the product. Go through them and select an elite kayak. / - © Copyright 2020