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If you are an outdoor enthusiast and go on frequent adventurous journeys for long periods, then having a good tactical bag is indeed mandatory. You can always rely on your tactical backpacks for anything from nails to noodles.

These multi-purpose bags are more than sufficient to cater to all your needs.

But choosing the right one for yourself can be quite cumbersome, especially with the availability of the vast varieties of backpacks in the market.

Let us dig into the critical factors to consider while selecting the best product.

What is a tactical backpack? How is it different from regular hiking ones?

Backpacks are the perfect partners for hiking, camping, and other long periods and high-distance activities and adventure. The tactical bags are almost triple in size compared to a regular pack and can be used to carry many more items and essentials than a regular one.

And one can easily carry this backpack even after keeping many different items in it. These backpacks are made of mostly cloth material, and half strap surrounded, making it comfortable to carry the bag.

You can also minimize the chances of injuries related to heavy weight lifting or wrong postures and can have an enhanced and better experience. Moreover, because of the waist belt, the chances of you hurting your back minimizes as well. So basically, you cannot only save your energy but also perform tasks with much ease.

There's a lot of difference between a regular hiking backpack and a tactical backpack. Tactical bags are much better than regular hiking backpacks, especially for a long trip.

  • The most fundamental difference between these two is that tactical backpacks can carry many items other than the regular packs as these backpacks are more significant in space inside and have more pockets.
  • Another primary difference between these two backpacks is that tactical ones are usually worn on the back more comfortably as these backpacks do not go too high above the shoulders.
  • Furthermore, even though tactical backpacks have more massive storage, they are much less bulky than the regular hiking backpacks. It has also been observed that tactical bags are much more durable and long-lasting than the regular packs. Therefore, it is needless to say that choosing a tactical backpack, especially for long-distance activities, is a better choice.

Why should you opt for a tactical backpack?

Choosing a tactical backpack is much of a necessity when going for high energy activities and that too for a long-term duration. Moreover, tactical backpacks are perfect companions for short hikes and for daily usages as well.

Even though a tactical backpack's fundamental purpose is for military and law enforcement service usages, they can be used for literally anything and to travel anywhere.

A tactical backpack is so comfortable that you can run, jump, walk, or do whatever you want while carrying it on your back. Moreover, these bags are much more organized and have various compartments with zippers and straps.

Tactical bags also have inbuilt emergency features such as radio communication, hydration bladders for water, space for headphones, and so on.

These backpacks also have more cushioning and padding that keeps your valuable items safe from breaking and is also made out of durable 500D water-resistant nylon.

Things to consider while selecting the Best Tactical Backpack

Before purchasing a tactical backpack, there are some elements that you must consider. These elements are further described below.

  1. Type of backpack

A tactical backpack comes in different types. All of these are slightly different and are the perfect companions in different situations. They are explained with more details in the below-mentioned points :

  1. Tactical MOLLE Backpacks

The MOLLE in this backpack's name suggests Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, and it has been given this name because you can do your whole packing according to your special equipment with this backpack.

Furthermore, additional pouches and modules can be easily added to this type of tactical backpack, and more space for storage can be made quickly. This backpack has been widely used, especially in the USA military.

  1. Tactical Sling Backpack

The second type of tactical backpack is the tactical sling backpack. If you are a student and are looking for a bag for school or college classes, the tactical sling backpack is an excellent option.

This is because this backpack has numerous storage compartments for books and has separate pouches for small items. This type is also waterproof and more durable and is designed in a way that enables it to be carried comfortably on one shoulder as well.

  1. Tactical Laptop Backpack

As the name suggests, the Tactical Laptop Backpack is the most suitable kind of tactical backpack for keeping a laptop and other electronic devices.

This backpack is also waterproof, so you do not have to worry about your devices' safety. Moreover, the extra cushioning and padding make the bag much safer and keep your device from breaking and protecting it from any kind of external damage.

Material of backpack

The material of the tactical backpacks is another critical element to focus on before buying one. The most popular ones in which these backpacks come are nylon, polyester, canvas, and ripstop nylon.

  1. Nylon

Nylon is one of the best and finest quality materials, mainly because of its quick-drying feature. Nylon backpacks are also very lightweight. The quality of nylon is stretchable, which makes the bag more durable. Moreover, the fabric of nylon is softer yet more durable and is of effortless maintenance.

  1. Polyester

Polyester is another easily maintainable synthetic fabric. The polyester material backpacks are also more reliable, but not as durable as nylon. Polyesters also have the quality to dry fast, and it is also very heat resistant.

  1. Canvas

Canvas is an extremely heavy-duty fabric that confirms its strongness and sturdiness. However, Canvas material backpacks are more heavily weighted than others.

  1. Ripstop nylon

Tactical backpacks are also available in ripstop nylon material. These fabrics have the qualities of both nylon and polyester and are woven fabrics. This type of material is the most resistant against tearing and ripping.

Molle compatibility

As mentioned earlier, MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. These backpacks are amazing in terms of activities that require more items as they have more storage spaces, and additional pouches and compartments can also be easily added to such backpacks.

Moreover, these backpacks also can be packed and stuffed in a way that suits special equipment. Through a molle, you can attach magazines, knives, chargers, or any other essential easily.

Molle compatibility also allows you to organize everything nicely and set all your items in any particular way. Molles are widely popular and used in the British and United States Army.

Weave style

Another essential thing to consider before purchasing a tactical backpack is to look for a diagonal weave. The weave is designed in a way that helps in increasing the durability and performance of the bag. There are three different types of weave styles. They are :

  1. Ripstop Fabric

Ripstop fabrics have more strength and durability and are woven fabrics with thick materials. So, if the weave material on the backpack is of ripstop, then it indicates that it is more reliable and durable. Therefore, you do not have to worry over its wear and tear.

  1. Kodra and Cordura Fabric

Kodra and Cordura are two very similar premium fabrics known for their durability and their resistance ability to abrasion. These fabrics are waterproof and are excellent in terms of protection from damages and tears. However, these two fabrics are heavy and are not recommended in the backpack industry.

  1. Oxford Weave

Another weave type available for backpacks is the Oxford weave. This weave is very smooth and can be found in cars as seatbelts. This weave is also waterproof but not very strong, and if durability is important to you, then oxford weave is not a good option.

Size and weight

Size: It is crucial to look for the size of the tactical backpack according to your needs as these backpacks come in different sizes with different storage and compartment spaces. If you need to carry small items and books, you can look for something similar to a tactical sling backpack, and if you need more and more space for many essential things, then having a molle backpack is the best option.

Weight: Looking after the weight of the tactical backpack is also essential, and you must consider this factor according to your needs. In case you enjoy high energy activities, then you must look for a backpack that is lighter in weight, such as a nylon material backpack. It is always best to look for bags that have a balance between weight and durability.


Pockets are one reason why tactical backpacks are famous and widely preferred. Always look for pockets and compartments in amounts that are suitable for your needs. It is better to look for bags with extra compartments and pockets in cases of emergency.

Also, some manufacturers create additional pockets inside of compartments, which may not be suitable for keeping large items. Therefore, looking for the size of pockets is essential and ensures that your items will fit into it. Before making a purchase, make sure that all the pockets are in perfect condition and that they aren't torn or in poor condition.

Large, deep functional compartments are always the most preferred choice among most of the buyers. Also, look for pockets and loops on the outside as well and even the little storage additional compartments, after all, the more, the merrier.

Hydration sleeve facility

Hydration sleeve facility is another element whose availability makes a tactical backpack even better. Having additional space and storage for carrying a water bottle is beneficial in different ways.

First of all, you don't have to adjust any water leakage from the water bottle inside the compartments where you have kept your essential items. Secondly, you can easily take out the water bottle from the hydration sleeve and drink it anytime you want.

It also makes organizing more accessible and creates extra compartments and storage. Some of the tactical backpacks also have straws that allow you to drink water without even taking out the bottle or water container, making traveling even more comfortable.

So basically, with the help of a hydration sleeve facility, you can stay hydrated easily and also print additional storage and compartments to keep and carry more essential items.


Comfort is a crucial element that you must look for when purchasing a tactical backpack. Yes, tactical bags are designed for rough usages and can carry numerous essential items and things, but that doesn't mean that they cannot be comfortable. A tactical backpack can be extremely convenient, especially with the following components :

  1. Sternum straps

Sternum shoulder straps are the best ones, especially when carrying heavy weight or carrying the backpack for a long duration. These straps are not only durable, but they also help reduce the pressure and stress on shoulders, making it easier for you to carry the tactical backpack.

  1. Waist strap

The waist strap is another comfort feature that you must look for in a tactical backpack. These straps are also great companions for traveling greater distances while carrying the tactical bag. They help reduce the weight on shoulders by shifting them towards the hips and waist.

  1. Airflow

Airflow is another comfort factor that is a must to have in your tactical backpack. The airflow feature makes the journey much more comfortable as it allows the air to pass and flow between the pack and your back. This feature is very beneficial when you are traveling in areas with more heat and humidity.

  1. Portability

Carrying a bulky and full tactical backpack on your back can be difficult, especially for a longer duration. This is why portability is essential to make this task more comfortable, and the activity experience even better.

Most of the weight and pressure is applied on your shoulders when carrying a tactical backpack through straps. However, having adjustable straps can reduce this stress and strain and keep the bag closer to your body, which can bring relief to your body, especially shoulders.

  1. Fitting

Fitting is another crucial element for comfort. You must try out your tactical backpack before purchasing it to make sure it fits you well and sits on your shoulders in an entirely comfortable way. Anything wrong with the fitting can cause discomfort in your experience.

  1. Back panel

A back panel is critical in terms of comfort and relief from pain. Without a rear panel, a lot of discomforts can be caused to you in your back, and there are also chances of back injuries.

Back panel allows padding and cushioning in the backpack area towards your back, which further helps in reducing the overall weight on your back and provides relief to a certain extent.

Moreover, it also protects you from heat and from sweating too much. So, make sure you have a back panel in the tactical backpack for helping your back and having a better journey.


Different compartments are what make the backpack the best and the most functional. With the best compartments, you get to add and store as many essential items as required and that too with safety. Two of these types are mentioned below :

  1. Font loader

The font loader compartment feature is a fantastic choice for a backpack as it gives access to numerous compartments and storage spaces. Moreover, the font loader compartment is very smooth functioning and also durable and light very weighted. With a front loader, you can keep your essentials in different spaces and assure their safety.

  1. Top loader

The top loader is also a great choice in a tactical backpack. Such kinds of bags are smaller and lighter as they have a fewer number of compartments. Moreover, these compartments are very flexible and can hold various items and even electronic gadgets with safety. They are also very beneficial in terms of organizing and can help you find your essentials in it within seconds.


The more durable the backpack is, the even better it becomes for selection and purchase. Durability and long-lasting features of a tactical backpack make it more desirable and wanted.

Moreover, with better durability, you also don't have to worry about the consequences of what will happen if the tactical backpack tears or gets damaged in the middle of your journey.

Furthermore, better durability can help save money because you will not have to spend money again and again on the maintenance of the bag.

So, always ensure that your tactical backpack's durability is enough and can work for a long duration. You can check for durability by choosing the right material and fabrics of the tactical backpack and by looking for additional components and features in the tactical backpack.


How many times should I clean my bag?

Tactical bags should be cleaned on a daily basis like regular ones. You can remove all your items from the bag and clean all the compartments. Use a toothbrush with a mixture of soap water and baking soda to clean all the straps and other elements of the bag. Proper cleaning will increase the life of your bag.

Are the tactical backpacks comfortable to wear?

Comfort depends on the material used in the backpack and the style of straps. You can evaluate different styles and materials and choose the one which fits best to your body structure.

Is it beneficial to have a denser fabric material bag?

Denser fabrics have a higher threshold to wear and tear and can protect your items in the bag for an extended period of time. The denser fabric material is more reliable and durable than the other options.

Does appearance matter while selecting a tactical backpack?

The appearance choice is typically a personal choice. However, if you love hunting, then you should choose a bag with a camo style. This will help you hide easily while you hunt.

Final verdict

It is always beneficial to carry a super durable bag with exclusive compartments and pockets for all your working equipment. In a challenging situation, these bags can save the day easily.

It’s truly a reliable treasure for travel enthusiasts that makes them worry less about their possessions.

In this guide, you can get all the necessary information to make a thorough and informed decision while selecting a backpack. Try to choose the one which caters to all your needs. / - © Copyright 2020