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Babies love to have fun in the pool and enjoy it a lot. However, if you are stressed about poop accidents, you should look into swim diapers.

The fantastic product not only prevents the poop from seeping out but also keeps the skin safe. You can let your toddlers enjoy the pool water without any interruptions.

These diapers are explicitly made to hold the solid and semi-solid material but can let the pee out. So, you have to be a little worried about that. Other than that, these diapers can come in handy whenever you take your babies to the pool.

In the market, you will find a lot of products and can get confused quickly. Selecting a particular product can become a tiresome task. To resolve this issue for you, we have prepared a detailed buying guide that includes all the necessary pointers to look into while purchasing.

So, stop wasting time here and there, and let us begin the hunt by starting with a quick introduction.

What are Swim Diapers? How do they work?

Glistening seashores, beautiful lakes, and cool pools always beckon to kids and their parents on hot summers. Yet getting in the pool with your younger one can hinder the fun if they are not potty trained and asking you to dip their toes into the water.

It can be a bit clumsy for everyone in the pool if your infant poops in a pool. Moreover, it will be more embarrassing for you as a parent.

So, what can you do to avoid this? Well, luckily, swim diapers are here to prevent this issue. Regular diapers won't work in water as the material of regular diapers is not suitable enough to resist water for a long time.

Swim pants or swim diapers are specially designed diapers for your infant that are meant to be used in the ocean, lake, or pool to ensure that your child's bum is adequately covered and contained.

These diapers don't work as regular ones. The regular ones puff up when they come in contact with liquid. While the swim diapers won't absorb liquid, they are designed to contain solids and pass the liquid content.

The primary purpose of having a swim diaper is to keep solids in and prevent contamination of the pool by ensuring that your infant can enjoy his/her time in the water during hot summers.

These diapers come with variations. You can make your choice between two types of swim diapers - disposable and reusable. Both work fantastic against unpredictable poop and unpleasant actions of your child.

But it is a fact that all products are not the same, so to get a suitable one for your younger child, you need to find the best swim diaper for your child.

There are plenty of options available out there. But first, you need to make up your mind whether you need disposable or reusable diapers for your kids.

But before making any purchase, you should know what makes swim diapers different from regular diapers. So let's have a look at it.

Swim Diapers vs. Regular Diapers

When it comes to daily use of baby essentials, diapers always come on the top. It is as essential as babies' clothes. And that is the reason they also come in different designs and varieties. And regular and swim diapers are one of them.

These two again have two variations one disposable, and the other is reusable diapers. Confused right? So let's discuss this in detail for a complete understanding.

  1. Regular Diapers

A regular diaper comes in a disposable and reusable form capable enough to contain absorbent material or contain pee.

These diapers remain useful for a few hours at a stretch. But they need to be changed when it gets puffed with the liquid (Pee or stool)of your child.

A regular baby diaper is designed to protect the solid waste from leaking out of the diaper. A regular baby diaper needs to be checked after 3 to 4 hours as they can start leaking if they get puffed because of the waste.

  1. Swim Diapers

As I have mentioned above, swim diapers are specially designed for infants when they go underwater. The diaper's design and material are best to contain poop of your child even when they are playing in the water.

These diapers are comfortable and are very light in size. The material used to make this diaper is waterproof that makes this diaper different from a regular diaper.

Swim diapers do not have absorbent material to prevent swelling of the diaper in the water. It is always suggested not to use regular water while swimming.

It is because these swim diapers have high absorbency and would quickly swell in water. Besides this, it will make your child uncomfortable due to the increased diaper weight. And most importantly, a regular diaper is not that capable of containing poop or pee.

Dissection of swim diaper layers


As you choose a diaper for your infant, it needs to be made with a material that won't affect their soft sensitive skin. Material has the biggest role-play when it comes to the sensitiveness of the body of a child.

When choosing a diaper, always check the diaper's specifications to know what material manufacturers have used in it. Studies have shown that most of the baby's rash is always caused by diapers.

This is the reason why you need to pay more attention while purchasing diapers.

There are three layers in the swim diapers. Let us get into the details of the layers.

  1. Wicking layer

It is a crucial layer. It keeps your loved one's skin safe from the rashes and chafing. The layer is quite breathable, which aids the process. The more rash-free your baby feels, the more he/she can enjoy in the water.

  1. Waterproof layer

While talking about the reusable ones, they are not completely pee-proof. They are designed in a way where the running poop will not get out however, some pee may seep out.

This feature protects your loved ones from sudden accidents and can save your day too.

  1. Absorbent layer

The absorbent layer protects your child from outside water accidents. The super-absorbent layer will hold a decent layer of pee of your kind in case of out of water accidents.

Different types of swim diapers

When it comes to types of swim diapers, there are always two options available, one is disposable, and another one is reusable. Both of them work great in their own way.

You need to choose the one which suits your convenience or the comfort of your child. So let's have a look at what specification they are providing.

  1. Disposable

Disposable diapers are popular among those parents who are always looking for the easiest way to help their parenting. And these diapers provide them the same as they are mainly chosen for their convenience.

There is no cleaning involved after they are purchased. You just need to throw them away once they get used.

However, disposable diapers are not that popular as reusable swim diapers as they can absorb the water of the pool; your toddler might feel heavy and weigh down the diaper.

These types of swim diapers are also a bit expensive and are not breathable enough when they get wet.

Here are some of the essential things to know about disposable swim diapers.

  1. Disposable diapers come with pull-off and pull-on designs with stretchable sides to add more comfort to your child.
  2. The sides quickly get torn for more quick disposal and removal.
  3. You can only use this diaper for one-time use and should throw away after use.
  1. Reusable

As the name indicates reusable, it means you can use the diaper more than one time until you don't want them to be thrown away. These diapers are easier to use and quite eco-friendly than disposable, easy to clean, and inexpensive.

They are readily available in the market and come in fun designs and colors. You don't need to purchase many reusable diapers like disposable; having 2 or 3 is more than sufficient.

These diapers come with distinct features; here are some:

  1. Disposable swim diapers are easily affordable as they suit every person's budget.
  2. These diapers are commonly made with polyester or cloth material and lined with soft mesh, making them stable enough to hold waste.
  3. There is elastic around the legs and the diaper's waist, which keeps the diaper snug and helps to block leakage.
  4. The best thing is they are reusable; also, they can be hand or machine washed and used many times before permanent disposal.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Swim Diapers


Whether you swim occasionally or once in a month or year, having a child means there will probably come a time when you require a swim diaper for your infant.

There are countless options available in the market when it comes to shopping for these products. Whether you are finding a disposable diaper or reusable, extra-large, or extra small, you need to find the best swim diaper.

You can use the baby's swim diaper as their bathing suit or use it under the swimsuit. They will work great in every situation.

These diapers are available in both disposable and reusable styles, so you can make your choice as per your convenience or need.

But it is useful if you choose the one that is easy to put on and take off for quick changing. Pull-off/pull-on diaper styles are common among both disposable and reusable diapers.

But some people don't find this style easy as they would like to prefer reusable diapers that come with snap closures or velcro as they are easy to remove.

But there is one drawback of these diapers; they are a bit bulkier than those pull-off and pull-on diapers when worn under another swimsuit.

Fit and size

The most important thing that needs to be considered before getting a swim diaper for your kid is to check their size. The main purpose of buying a swim diaper is to hold your infant's leakage or poop, which is crucial if he/she is going into the water.

But have you ever thought about what will happen if the diaper gets leaked under the pool because the diaper was loose and won't properly fit on your baby's waist?

Embarrassing right? That would be an awkward moment for you as everyone might be staring at you. That is why you need to make sure that the diaper you are choosing fits correctly with your baby.

A swim diaper comes with a snug fit around the legs and the waist to contain poop. Both the disposable and reusable one comes with the adjustable snaps/sides to adjust the fit around the waist.

The swim diaper comes in different sizes based on age and weight. Choose the one with excellent fit and comfort that adequately fits around the waist and legs.

Closure Style

Every parent gets choosy when it comes to choosing something for their babies, whether for their clothing, milk bottles, or their diapers.

Every parent wants the best for their kids. They want everything perfect, perfect clothes, accessories, daily essentials, and even swim diapers.

There are plenty of options available in the market for swim diapers. It all comes in different patterns and closure styles down to parents' preferences.

There are pull-up diapers which are often quickest to use because you don't have to make a fuss with velcro or snaps to close it. But if they don't fit your child flawlessly, they are not the feasible choice.

If you choose a diaper with velcro or snap for your child, you need a little more work when you are getting your child ready for cleaning or swimming. But the fantastic part is to check if they can be adjusted to fit your child's size.

Skin Sensitivity

Babies' skin is naturally sensitive to adults' or older children's skin, making it harder for parents to spot when their babies have certain sensitivities.

The infant's sensitive skin is distinguished by an inclination to redden easily in response to daily stresses. The sensitive skin of a baby can easily get rashes by a stiff fabric of clothes or even with diapers also.

So it would help if you were more careful while choosing a swim diaper for your kids. Although diaper manufacturers keep this thing in their mind as they formulate new products.

If your baby quickly gets irritation and rash from additives in diapers, bath products, or certain detergents, you need to be more conscious when choosing a swim diaper.

The amalgamation of warmth, moisture, and prolonged exposure to swim diapers' chemicals can create a harmful reaction on your baby's skin.

To prevent skin rashes from diapers, you have to consider disposable swim diapers for your little one as they are specifically designed to limit skin reaction.

Seal Security

To choose the swim diaper for your child, we have to think about your baby's bowel movements' frequency and regularity while choosing a diaper.

When your child is very young, then he/she tends to have frequent, runny stools. In this scenario, you need to choose the diaper with the tightest seal possible so they can handle the runny frequency of the stool of your baby.

If diapers are loose enough, you risk a blowout situation that could degrade the water and cause the entire pool to be shut down.

As compared to small babies, older babies tend to have stool in a more solid form, which is easy to be contained by most of the swim diapers.

Breastfed babies tend to have more loose and more frequent bowel movements, and as a result, they need more protection.

The best thing you do is to double up your infant's swim diapers, as they will provide a little more protection than a single one.


Summers are the time when you need swim diapers the most because it is the time when you want to go out on a peaceful lake, cold swimming pool, or on a stunning beach with your family.

And this is the time when you cherish the moments with kids on beaches and lakes. This where you need the swim diaper the most, and thus, the diaper you are carrying must be convenient to use.

You just need to put them on your toddlers and take them off into the water. If you want, you can put a swimsuit on top of a diaper and leave your child to enjoy their day out on the lake/ beach.

But if you want to put it covered under a regular swimming suit, you need to be sure that the diaper is thin enough to avoid being heavy and bulky as it might make your child uncomfortable to move.

Tips for using Swim Diapers

A fun day with your child on a beautiful beach or lake is always fun. You want to cherish every moment with your child to make lifelong memories.

A perfect swim diaper pad can make some addon in this fun by letting your baby in the water because there are some places where faculty will strictly deny letting babies who are potty trained.

As the infants can be clumsy under the water, swim diapers play their role the best in that scenario. They provide perfect protection to your kids and won't let any liquid come out. Just buying diapers is not enough; you need to maintain them as well properly.

Plan yourself to handle the worst scenarios by following the tips given below:

  1. If you are using disposable diapers, then make sure to carry three to four pairs of the diaper with you. As if your child poops once or twice. You should have enough backup to use more. But make sure of carrying a plastics bag so that you can quickly dispose of the used diapers.
  1. In any case, if you have a reusable diaper, you need to be sure that you are also carrying an extra pair so you can wash the one and can put the other one.


  1. My child is not potty trained. Should I invest in swim diapers?

Yes, if you want to take your kid to the pool, then you should invest in these diapers. Pool hygiene is essential to maintain, and you have to take the necessary steps for it. These diapers come in handy as they prevent poop accidents and let your kid play in the poo water without any distractions.

  1. What is the correct fit of the swim diapers?

Always ensure that the diapers have a snug fit around the waist of your baby. The legs should not be suffocated, and there should be ample space for the diaper to contain all the poop.

Some diapers come with adjustable sides, which help you to adjust the fit accordingly. A tight diaper can cause skin rashes and chafing, which can further ruin your baby’s day. It will make your kid uncomfortable and irritating.

So, always ensure that the diaper does not squeeze anything and is comfortable around the legs and waist.

  1. Are these diapers effective with running poop?

No, these diapers are ineffective with running poop. If your toddler is consuming more liquids or suffering from diarrhea, then you should avoid taking your baby to the pool.

Also, when suffering from a disease like this, you should never exert your baby. The diapers work best with solid things but cannot keep in the liquid. So, try to avoid the pools whenever facing these conditions.

Summing Up

Here is everything you need to know about swim diapers. Make sure you get familiar with the layers and understand how these diapers are different from the regular ones.

We have laid out all the other critical pointers in the guide, which will help you funnel down the best product in the market. Moreover, you will get answers to various common questions and queries.

Have a quick look at the guide and purchase some swim diapers to save the pool day. / - © Copyright 2020