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Are you tired of dripping water from hair after every swim? Looking for a simple way to protect your hair? Don't worry. Swim caps are here to the rescue.

Swim caps keep your hair dry when you enter any water body. They are quite elastic and comfortable. However, you have to look for certain things while selecting the best option.

You have to look into size, fit, material, and other additional properties. Searching for all the characteristics on the internet can consume a lot of your valuable time.

On the contrary, a comprehensive buying guide presents all the useful information in a well-organized way. You can quickly skim through it and pin down the best cap for yourself.

So, starting with a brief introduction, let us take a deep dive into this immense pool of information.

What do you mean by swim caps? Why do you need them?

Swimming is an intense workout, and no one can deny that this form of exercise has gained popularity overnight. We can see swimmers all around the world and regular competitions being held almost every month.

There is not much that goes into swimming. It is a pocket-friendly water sport where you have to purchase only two or three pieces of equipment and you are done.

One such essential equipment is the cap. Swim caps are the much-needed swimming essential without which you will find it harder to swim and meet your destination. These caps have many advantages, and those are listed below.

Have a look to know why investing in these caps is necessary and how these form the essentials of swimming.

  1. The first advantage is that these caps keep hair away from your face. It helps to have a clear vision without hindrance. Even the smallest hair is covered through these headgears.
  1. With these caps on your head, you need not worry about tying a ponytail or fear about your hair getting wet. These caps secure all the hair and keep them safe even if you let them loose.
  1. You know that the water in the swimming pool is disinfected using chlorine, which damages many things. It can damage the texture of your hair and the skin too.
  1. Since skin can be repaired, hair cannot, and having this cap is exceptionally crucial to protect your locks. These caps keep chlorine away from your hair and thus protect it.
  1. These caps also keep your head warm if you are swimming in the winter months in the cold water bodies.

Now that you have seen how vital a swim cap is, let's move further to see this headgear's other vital aspects.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Swim Caps

Swimming is the widely preferred workout, and so the gears required in it are present in abundance. You will come across all types of gears with different sizes, textures, colors, and whatnot.

With such a wide variety, you will be in a dilemma, and searching for the best one will be troublesome. Also, we cannot let your enthusiasm die!

Hence, to help you find your best match, we have shown up with this buying guide for these caps. Here, you will find all the relevant information about this headgear. All the things you need to consider and those you need not worry about are mentioned in this guide.

So, without wasting any more time, let's dive deep and unfold the secrets and wonders of these water caps.

Size and shape

Swim caps come in different shapes and sizes to suit the needs of every swimmer. These caps are stretchable and hence can fit any head shape and different sizes.

However, you need to keep the basic rules in mind, such as the size of a regular cap won't be suitable for your kid. Since they have small head sizes, a cap size one or two sizes down the regular size will better fit them.

The second thing you need to consider is that all the caps are unisex and hence fit all irrespective of the gender.

If you have short hair, you can opt for the standard size while, on the other hand, you should look for a size an inch up if you have long locks. A size above the standard size helps secure all the strands and keep them protected.

Also, you can search for other variants like the ones with bubbles on top. These bubble caps have a helmet-like head shape with tiny bubbles protruding from the material. But you need to put your personal choice on top while opting for a suitable shape.

Types and Material

There are different types of swim caps available in the market made of different materials. These materials differ from each other based on different aspects and have their pros and cons.

Let's look at these so that the information provided can help opt for your suitable match.

  1. Silicone caps

These caps come in different shades and are very popular these days. It is their durability which has made them famous worldwide, for they provide you a long-lasting service. The smooth edges of these caps prevent your hair from breaking off while wearing or removing them.

These are extremely easy to use and do not form wrinkles, making them an excellent swimming competition choice. Thanks to the fewer wrinkles, the water drag reduces, and your speed enhances.


These caps are very smooth and hence always carry the risk of slipping off your head any moment.

  1. Latex caps

Latex rubber is a thin material and has more breathability. These caps provide a snug fit that stays in place even when swimming faster.

The excellent breathability helps the heat generated inside to evaporate and keep you cool. If you participate in a swimming competition in summers, opting for a latex cap is a better choice.


These caps are not very durable and get damaged pretty soon. Besides, the edges are not smooth, which can pull your hair and uproot them. Wearing it and removing it is a tedious process.

This type of cap is highly not recommended for swimmers who have an allergy to latex. It can harm you more than doing any good. So, to enjoy your swimming expedition, refrain from using it if you are allergic to latex.

  1. Lycra Caps

The swimsuit that you wear is precisely similar in feel to these caps. These are much more comfortable than any other swim cap and easy to wear or remove. Your head doesn't get squeezed in this cap, unlike the other, and you can easily concentrate on your activity.

These caps are incredibly durable and last very long if you maintain them well. These are perfect to be worn on casual swimming trips and not for competitions.


These slip quite often and irritate you. Water can easily penetrate through these caps as they are not waterproof and can damage your hair.

  1. Neoprene Caps

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that is also used to make wetsuits. These caps made of neoprene help keep your head warm and ideal for cold water bodies. Besides, these don't pull even the smallest hair strands and keep you comfortable.


This material is quite thick and has a different rubber-like smell. Though these are very good for insulation, getting used to this cap's smell can take some time.

  1. Funny caps

If you want to opt for an unusual looking cap with a shark fin design or that of the good looking flowers or tiny protruding bubbles, these funny swim caps are the excellent choice. These give you a different and funny look.

These caps are excellent if you want to go on a casual swim trip or to the beach. You can search these if you are looking for one for your kids. The visual appearance will appeal to them and add a fun element to their swimming trip.


These are not durable and get damaged due to chlorine very soon. Also, these are not suitable for swimming training because these caps reduce your speed and efficiency.


There are plenty of designs that these caps feature. You name what you want, and you get that. Pretty impressive, though! Well, the choice is entirely up to you because you are the one who will be using it.

Design can have a significant effect on your swimming too. As discussed above, the fancy caps don't enhance your performance, but that doesn't mean that you cannot have one.

There are other occasions to hang out with friends and chill in a pool with a glass of champagne in hand. You will need a water cap there, also. Keeping the necessity and the different swimming environments in mind, swim caps feature styles and designs to match every surrounding and occasion.

You will find caps with the standard design with the monochromatic colors, while you will also find variants with a storm of colors. There are fish fin designs, bubbles, flowers, etc. These, however, are best suited for kids, but even adults too can opt for them.

Hence, opt for the variant that suits your taste and occasion. If you are a professional swimmer, opting for the standard design is an excellent choice. If swimming in competitions is not a priority but having fun is, then going with funny designs will be much better.

Water Temperature

As you saw earlier, neoprene caps are the best for use during swimming in cold water bodies. It doesn't mean that they cannot be used during the summers.

These caps can be effectively used in the summer seasons if you are going in the early morning slot. Since the water is cold, then this cap will provide adequate insulation and keep your head warm.

We would also like to mention here that you shouldn't use these caps if the temperature exceeds 81 degrees. This temperature level is hot, and if you use a neoprene cap while swimming in such water temperature, the cap will heat up quickly, making your head even hotter.

This heating may lead to many problems. Hence, whenever you plan to swim at such water temperature, make sure you use latex caps instead of these neoprene ones.


Swim caps feature many colors. These caps come in vibrant colors and subtle shades also. The choice of color depends entirely on you and your preference.

If you are swimming in open waters, you should opt for the ones with bright colors. This vibrant color helps emergency as the boats and ships sailing near your location can easily spot you and rescue.

On the other hand, if you are participating in swimming competitions or searching for caps to wear for your regular training sessions, you can match your cap's color with your swimsuit. It would be even better if you are a part of a swimming group and want to color code with them.

These vibrant colors can be mix-matched in any way you want. The silicone caps, for instance, feature an array of colors in a single cap while the others come in one shade.

Frequency of use

Every type of these caps available in the market is used for a specific purpose. If used for another purpose other than the one specified will land you in trouble.

To choose the apt cap for yourself and other members, be clear about the purpose you will be using it for. You can opt for latex caps for recreational activities because these caps are thin, lex expensive, and cater to all the recreational swimming activity requirements.

For everyday swimming training use and competitions, opting for caps made of neoprene, silicone, lycra is better. These caps are comfortable, stretchable, and incredibly durable. These don't get damaged easily due to chlorine's effect and protect your hair for an extended period.

Workout Intensity

By swimming, you lose many calories, and this water sport is termed to be the best exercise that involves fun. Many people have opted for it as their profession and dedicate most of their time practicing it.

Since it is an intense workout, sweat and heat are bound to generate. To feel comfortable and less warmed up, you should search for a suitable cap.

Latex swim caps work perfectly in these situations. These caps are light and comfortable to wear. This feature of these caps helps reduce the heat accumulated inside the cap and keeps you cool and comfy.

Besides, if you are indulging yourself in water aerobics, then you may need some extra insulation. For this, you can rely on silicone caps.

These caps are highly durable and long-lasting and provide you with a small amount of insulation that may help to maintain the body temperature while carrying out water aerobics.

Team Membership

If you are participating in triathlon and are a part of a team, you need to color-code your cap with others. This color-coding helps your teammates distinguish you from the others while performing and making out your status.

Also, it enables others to know which team you belong to, and in any case of emergency, you can be easily spotted, and your team can be informed. These benefits of a cap's color help you and your team a lot and give you a sense of belongingness.


There are different scenarios where you may need a swim cap, and to find a suitable pick, refer to the list below. All the different uses of these caps and the suitable match are mentioned there for your convenience.

  1. Recreational activities

When you go to pool parties or any other non-training swimming trip, you indulge in recreational swimming activities. Recreational activities involve fun and enjoyment but not any workout where you are likely to sweat or get heated up.

For these activities, latex or silicone caps are excellent options. Latex caps are light, and silicone caps are highly durable. By investing in these caps, you can buy yourself a long-lasting service.

The benefit of the latex caps is they feature different designs that can match the casual and leisurely environment. You can also opt for lycra caps as they are effortless to use, pocket-friendly and durable. The only disadvantage of these caps is that they are permeable and can make your hair wet.

  1. Competitive use

Competitive swimmers use caps that enable them to move faster by reducing the drag. Such efficient caps are the ones that are made of silicone and latex. These do not form wrinkles and thus reduce the drag in the water.

These caps are manufactured to cater to professional swimmers' needs and give them a sleek, sporty look.

  1. Showering and bathing

Many of you might have this habit to keep your hair dry while taking a shower in your bathroom. Here, you have the liberty to choose a cap of your choice with different designs and colors, and materials.

These caps are versatile and can keep your hair dry all the time. You can search for other variants too that can be used around pools and also in bathrooms.

How to take care of swim caps?

The way you maintain your swim cap will be reflected in its condition. If you take care of it well, it will always stay new and will last for years. On the other hand, if you don't maintain it, it will lose its charm and rip it into pieces.

Listed below are some crucial steps you should follow to maintain your swim caps and make it last for a more extended period.

  1. Rinsing

Always ensure that you rinse your cap after every swimming session. This process removes chlorine residues from your cap, which doesn't damage it.

Water rinsing also enhances its life span so that you can use it for years. Wash your cap with cold water without any soap or detergent.

  1. Drying

Never let your cap stay in your damp swimming equipment bag. Make sure that you take out your cap and leave it for air drying.

Drying again enhances its life span and doesn't expose it to any damage. Though emptying your bag after a tiring session is the last thing that you want to do, but for the sake of your cap's longevity, you can do so.

  1. Talcum Powder

If you are using caps other than the latex or lycra caps, then sprinkle some baby powder on it. Sprinkling powder on a dry cap keeps it soft and dry by absorbing all the moisture that might be retained in it.

This sprinkling procedure is especially for those who get time between their sessions, and upon returning home, their caps have already dried up inside the bag.

Steps to putting on a swim cap without pulling hair

Wearing a cap can be a painful task, sometimes because of the hair-pulling. However, this painful process can be converted into an effortless one by following specific steps. These are listed below.

  1. Stretch your cap

Bring all your hair strands together close to your head so that not a single strand is left out. Then stretch your cap and start wearing it from the front. First, cover your forehead and then stretch it backward to cover the rest of the head.

By stretching your cap, you will create adequate space inside it that none of your hair strands will be trapped.

  1. Wet your hair

Dry hair tends to get pulled even more because the hair strands are smoother and scattered when dry. Wetting them will help in setting them in a particular way so that no hair is pulled.

Wetting will also make it easier for you to bring them closer to the head and tie them. Also, the cap slides more easily on wet surfaces. If your hair is wet, the cap will get a wet and easily slidable surface.

  1. Take help from a friend

While you place the cap on your forehead, your friend can stretch it from the back to cover the entire head and hair strands without pulling a single one of them.

  1. The suitable material

Using a silicone or lycra cap helps a lot in this process. These caps have soft edges and glide more easily. Wearing and removing is easy, and the soft edges don't pull hair.


Should I invest in a cap with ear pockets?

Yes, the ear pockets will protect your ears from water damage. They will cover the ear adequately and won't allow any water to enter. If water enters your ear, it can cause a problem known as a swimmer's ear, which causes itching and irritation. So, invest in an excellent cap to prevent this condition.

How can I protect my head from cold waters?

Invest in thermal caps that will protect your hair and keep your head warm.

I am new to the swimming world. Which material should I invest in so that there is minimal damage to my hair?

You can opt for thick silicone caps that are stiff. They won't stick to your hair. You can use baby talcum powder to avoid any sticking.

Final Verdict

Swim caps present a simple yet effective way to protect your hair while swimming. All you need is to find a comfortable cap.

Here in this guide, we have corner-stoned all the critical pointers that define the product's usability and performance. Go through them and purchase an elite product to enjoy the sport smoothly. / - © Copyright 2020