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Swimming is the best recreational activity. You should never miss a chance to make the most out of it. You can never think of visiting a pool without a perfect swimming suit, some rolls of towels, and dry clothes.

To carry these essential items and still make a fashion statement is the dream of every person. To convert this dream into reality, investing in the right swim bags is very important.

While there are different features and designs available out there, opting for the specific one is troublesome. Even after browsing through several websites, you may not find the right match.

To make your task a bit easier and more enjoyable, we have this comprehensive guide. This buying guide includes all the relevant information that you need to know before purchasing a swim bag.

Without any further wastage of time, let's dive deep into the guide and unlock the hidden details.

What do you mean by Swim bags? Why do you need them?

Are you preparing for the Olympics? Does swimming help you release stress? Whatever be the reason, we cannot deny that swimming is the most enjoyable form of exercise.

While you have fun behaving like a swift dolphin, weight reduction is another perk. These days different types of sports are being introduced, and swimming is no exception.

Be it the Olympics or Commonwealth games; you will find this sport included everywhere. To help the budding swimmers and aid in their practice, swim bags are a must.

To compete in national and international level competitions, you need to have a wide range of swimming equipment and gear. To accommodate all of them in one place becomes much more comfortable when a swim bag is around.

There are several benefits of using a swim bag. You can use them for any casual waterside outing like rafting, kayaking, etc.

If you plan a poolside picnic, you can use these bags to store snacks, fins, decorative paddles, and other essentials. A swim bag is a savior if you want to keep your electronics safe from water.

With so many advantages and many more not mentioned here, these bags form a very integral part of your adventurous life. The absence of such a crucial carrier will mess up your life.

Types of Swim bags

Every product on this planet has many variants. You can find many such examples in your house that serve the same purpose.

Each product has its distinct characteristics, and so does a swim bag. During your search, you will come across many such bags that are very different from others. Let's have a look at the different kinds of a swim bag.

1. Backpacks

Like the shape of your school bag, this swim backpack is the most versatile bag you can access. This bag keeps your hands free to carry other things.

Swim backpacks have a stylish appearance that makes you look like a professional athlete. These are very popular among all the aquatic sports persons. You will find pockets on either side of this bag made of mesh.

The mesh helps in drying your wet equipment so that they don't retain moisture. These bags are very convenient to use and have adequate space to accommodate all your gears and equipment. You can store your lifebuoys, towels, dry clothes, and many other items.

Swim backpacks have bottoms that are made of rubber to increase your backpacks' durability. This is also made waterproof so that your equipment stays dry and protected.

These come in various sizes. According to the preference, you can opt for any size. If you are an adult, big backpacks are recommended. If you are interested in buying one for your kid, you can select a size that fits him.

2. Duffel bags

If you are suffering from back problems and are advised not to use any shoulder bag, duffel bags are designed just for you. These are of two types.

  1. Large swim duffels

To keep the water clean, chlorine is mandatorily added. Regular exposure to this hazardous chemical can damage the material of your bag. Thus, Duffels also have a layer on them to prevent damage from chlorine.

The large swim duffels offer more room than the backpacks. You can store your fins, kickboards, etc. inside these duffels. These also have side pockets similar to those on the backpacks and feature two strong straps for carrying.

  1. Small swim duffels

If you are the 'minimalistic user' and want to move with minimal essentials, small swim duffels are the best for you. These bags are very compact and have all the necessary features.

These feature the traditional bag styling that includes one big compartment and two strong straps to carry it. The main drawback is that these bags wear off too soon. Though these are inexpensive, durability is compromised. However, it is the versatility of these bags that attracts sports enthusiasts.

3. Mesh bags

Another very compact bag that serves minimalistic use, mesh bags, is an excellent option if you want to keep your gears dry and safe. These bags are used for storing essential items like the swimming suit, goggles, and fins or paddles.

These items get wet and need some breathable space to dry up. These bags are made using breathable material like mesh.

These come in both the backpack design or the traditional swim bag design. It is up to you which design you want to opt for. Mesh bags are very durable and lightweight.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Swim bags


You never know when your mind might change. Some days you may feel like spending some hours listening to the water's melody and want to stay for long. An extended stay means that you will have to carry many items with you. Starting from food to clothes.

More items require a large bag. On the other hand, there may be times when you want to do your regular practice. For this, you would need a compact bag that can fit only the essentials.

There are many sizes available in the market. Purchasing a separate bag for different moods is an unnecessary investment. To solve this dilemma, swim bags have been chosen midway.

These bags don't have a fixed space that restricts you to carry a certain amount of articles. They offer you the flexibility to regulate the amount of space according to your needs. If you want to take minimalistic items, you can reduce the bag's size and vice versa.


Do you find it challenging to move around with your bag? It's high time that you switch to a swim bag. These bags are very lightweight. The added advantage is that even if you fully stack it up, you won't feel it heavy to carry.

These bags are made with materials that are very light in weight themselves and do not add any extra burden to your bag. Despite being so less in weight, these bags have outstanding durability.

Having a bag that is not too heavy increases its portability also. You can always rely on your bag and transport it very quickly. These do not get damaged or leave you helpless on the way.

With such a useful feature, you can easily store all your favorite accessories and enjoy the day.


Material is a vital feature of any swim bag. It affects the weight, the bag's durability, and many other features. To grab a good bag, you need to focus more on the material used.

A suitable material imparts all its characteristics into the product it is turned into. The same is the case with a swim bag. The more durable and robust the material is, the longer it will last. Generally, swim bags are made using three different materials. These are listed below.

  1. Nylon and Polyester

Nylon and polyester are common, highly durable materials. These are mainly used to make the body of your swim bag. They are waterproof, and this quality is also imparted in your bag. Waterproofing allows your bag to repel water and keep your equipment protected.

  1. Mesh

Mesh is a unique material that is used in the bag making industry. This material is durable and enhances the performance of your bag. Mesh allows air circulation inside the bag and is very breathable. This breathability helps your gears to stay dry and protected.


To cut the blue, a few dashes of different colors are required. You may have heard it many times that you should fill your life with colors. Don't you think you should color your trip too?

A swim bag's color may not be important for all, but it makes a huge difference. While many complain of not getting the shade of their liking, swim bags have ended this suffering.

These bags feature many quirky color combinations or individual shades. You will also find several unique patterns on them. With such a wide range, opting for one may become difficult. It is recommended that you either go for color-coding or rely on your taste.

With color-coding, you can opt for a bag that matches the color of your dress or other bags. If you take the road of your taste, you can pick one depending on your mood. There is something for everyone, and you will never find any shortage.


Bags and comfort go hand in hand. If a bag is not comfortable to carry, then what's the use of buying it? A bag not only helps you transport things from one place to another but also makes you look like a dedicated athlete.

A bag reflects your personality, and if you don't feel comfortable in it, you better not opt for it. When swim bags are considered, you want an adequate room to store your essentials and carry it comfortably at the same time.

Comfort demands for adjustability. If you opt for a swim backpack, you will find it more comfortable to carry than the other types.

These feature adjustable straps that are padded and do not weigh much. It would be helpful if you look for a mesh back. Mesh, being breathable, will help dry the sweat on your back.

Mesh bags and duffels are also good choices but not as effective as backpacks. Backpacks are not suitable for individuals with back problems. These people can look for variants of mesh bags and duffels that are lightweight and easy to carry with their hands.


Can you guess the reason behind the success of a swim bag? It is the presence of additional storage compartments that this bag has. But you must be wondering that even every ordinary bag has it, what makes the difference?

The answer to this question is that an ordinary bag has compartments that can store many items in them. They do not have any partition to keep things individually. Imagine keeping all your wet gears along with the dry ones. Such a mess it will be!

To avoid such circumstances, a swim bag helps. Do keep in mind that these bags are designed specifically to deal with water-related problems.

An ordinary bag may lack features like waterproofing, mesh pockets, etc. a swim bag keeps them all in the account.

This bag is completely waterproof and has mesh pockets on either side. In the main compartment, you will find small pockets to keep dry and wet gears separately. This saves you from the dirty mess and keeps your things organized.


The quality, comfort, and portability of a bag matter the most. Still, you must not forget that a bag is all about its capacity. A bag is deployed to carry your essentials, and it mustn't fail in that work.

Since a swim bag is all about carrying items related to water sports, you should opt for a capacity that suits all types. Whether you are going for your daily practice to the pool or planning a beachside trip for a week, your bag should have enough capacity.

Search for a moderate capacity swim bag. This bag offers adequate room to carry things for a week. You will never miss your essentials and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

If you want to follow expert advice, opting for a swim backpack or a large duffel bag would be appropriate. These allow you to carry all the essentials and offer enough room for snacks also.


Pockets are the essential feature of a bag. Besides the main compartment, the presence of pockets makes a difference.

While the big compartment is occupied by items like towels, suits, fins, etc., the pockets help you store small items like your phone, watch, earplugs, and other stuff. The pockets of the swim bags are made of mesh. This helps in keeping your valuables safe and dry.

Even if they experience a splash of water, the mesh helps to dry them quickly. Also, having additional pockets helps in your trip.

What if you find a beautiful shell on the beach? Your bag's pocket will help you carry it along. Search for bags that have zipped pockets. Zippers secure your valuables inside the pocket and prevent from falling.

Waterproof or Water-Resistant

Staying around water is a huge deal. Though you have more fun and enjoyment, there is a constant fear of your valuables getting damaged. To make the bag water repellent and keep your stuff protected, swim bags are made waterproof.

Some bags don't have waterproofing in them but are water-resistant. These bags can withstand a few splashes or heavy rainfall but not for long. After a specific time, the water will penetrate inside your bag.

This is not the case with a waterproof bag. These bags have a waterproof lining in them and repel water for a very long time. Hence the name 'waterproof.'

You will never find your bag wet even after it has been submerged inside water for hours. If you want to invest in a good quality bag that protects your valuables from every adversity, you should opt for a waterproof swim bag.

The durability of small items

You know how vital your swim bag is. The same importance should be given to your pockets and other small compartments. These are the areas where you keep your valuables.

While the stuff kept in the larger areas are protected with a waterproof lining, the pockets are not. Once a single drop of water enters inside, your electronic items or other crucial things will face the consequences.

You would never want to lose your beloved possessions because of your carelessness. Hence, before you invest in any bag, check that the small compartments are highly durable and can withstand any adversity.

Comfortable straps

The comfort offered by your bag's straps is very significant. How will you carry the weight of your gears if the straps are not comfortable?

Narrow and non-padded straps leave dark marks on your skin. These straps are very uncomfortable and give you pain. Swim bags have wide and padded straps. This design helps reduce the pressure exerted on your shoulders.

Even if you are opting for mesh bags or duffle bags, you will find the same design. These straps make it easier for you to travel and transport your gears efficiently.

Swim Bag Packing list

Now that you have chosen your suitable swim bag, it's time to find out the essential items that you should carry in it.

  1. Two pairs of swimsuits, caps, goggles, towels

Having an extra pair is worthwhile. Whether it be your swimsuit, cap, towel, or goggles, you should always carry an extra pair. Swimsuit and cap are vulnerable to scratches and wear off.

While on the other hand, towels can get wet, and you might need a dry one. Also, you can never rely on the strap of your goggles. It may break anytime. Hence, if you are heading towards any competition, you should be carrying an additional set of everything.

  1. Your team T-shirt

When you are traveling with others, you should look like a team. This helps to identify other teammates easily and establish your identity. Ensure that your team has a customized T-shirt for every member.

  1. A pair of deck sandals

While you are swimming, there are chances that your foot might hit any sharp edge. There are chances of skin infection too. To have something to wear on the deck, do carry a pair of deck sandals.

  1. Clothes (dry and warm)

You cannot spend the entire day in a swimsuit. Clothes are necessary and should always be present in your bag. Also, put some warm clothes inside it, in case you get ill.

  1. Healthy snacks, books, and DVDs

Who doesn't like a bag full of delicious snacks loaded with books of different genres and DVDs housing melodious tunes? To release the stress and enjoy the night below the stars, stack your bag with these happy hormones.

  1. Toiletries and baby powder

do not forget to carry body care products in your swim bag. This should include a comb, bottle of moisturizer, hair care essentials, etc.

How to Maintain a Swim Bag?

A swim bag is used and abused. They endure all the rough treatment done to them and still support you. There are some crucial tips to maintain your swim bag. Have a close look at each of them, and enhance the lifespan of your bag.

  1. Washing

Avoid soaking your bag in soapy water and use of fabric softeners. Wash your bag using warm water and a material friendly soap with hands. Do not scrub hard to remove the stains.

  1. Drying

Do not use dryers to dry your bag. Leave it for air drying under the sky. Since these bags are made using synthetic materials, using dryers can damage the fabric and the bag.

  1. Aftercare

You should not forget to take care of your bag while on the move. Always empty your bag and let it dry in the air after every use. While traveling, use cleaning wipes to remove dirt and coarse particles that might damage it.

By following these small steps, you can increase the durability of your swim bag. With the enhanced durability, you can guarantee yourself a service that will last long.


  1. How should I clean my swim bag?

Take out all the articles, and use a mild soap solution with a damp cloth to clean it. Dry the bag adequately, but never put your bag in a washer or dryer.

  1. Can I use the swim bag as a transition bag?

Being a dedicated sportsman, you must know the transition bags are used in triathlon events. If your swim bag has a massive lower compartment to store your shoes and has adequate space for other items, then you can use it as a transition bag.

  1. Are all swim bags waterproof?

No, you should look into the type of material before selecting a product. Mesh provides quick-drying properties and is not waterproof. So, if you are looking to protect your supplies from water damage, then go for nylon and polyester.

Summing Up

Swim bags allow you to carry your essential items safely while going out for a swim. All you need is to select the best quality product.

In this guide, we have presented all the critical pointers to look into while selecting an apt product. Analyze them and make an informed purchase. / - © Copyright 2020