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With summers around, it is imperative to protect your head from the scorching heat. Sun hats provide a simple yet efficient way to do so.

The hats protect your head from the heat of the sun and even complements your fashion style. All you need to do is to select the best option.

A buying guide provides you with all the necessary information that defines the usability and performance of these hats. You can quickly go through all the elements and funnel down the best product.

So, without any further delay, let us start with a quick introduction and then move further with the guide.

What are Sun Hats, and why should you opt for them?

Summer is here, and the most awaited opportunity to enjoy yourself and dress up in summer clothes. When summer arrives, the beaches are the places which draw tourists the most. Pleasant weather, sunbathing, and a mocktail in hand! These are the perks that the summer season


But at times, even intense heat can become your enemy, especially of your head. Sun hats are the must-haves to keep your mind calm and make your stay fun.

Just make sure you have a good head covering gear with you before setting out in the bright sun.

Because your head is a majorly exposed part of your body, it cannot protect itself from the harmful UV rays that fall on it. While you have clothes on your body to filter the harmful radiation from the sun, you have nothing to cover your head except your thick mane.

And if you are aware, the leading cause of skin cancer is harmful rays from the sun. Cancer is the deadliest killer in the world.

Focusing on this, researchers have suggested using a hat or an umbrella when planning an excursion with the naked sky overhead. A sun hat protects your head from harmful radiation. It also keeps you calm and relaxed, making you look trendy at the same time.

Sun hats vs. three other hats

Since there are a lot of hat styles out there and every hat looks the same. It can land you on a bisected road, where you have no idea which one you should go for.

Three other styles of hats, which are very similar to the sun hat but technically different, are listed below. Let's take a look at how they vary.

Sun hat and the baseball cap

You can notice that your sun hat has a brim covering your entire hat to give you super protection, whereas the brim of a baseball cap protects only your eyes.

  1. Made of synthetic materials, sun hats are very convenient to wear in every season. The baseball caps fail here. They are made of wool and can't be worn during summers.
  2. Hats built for Sunlight have large vents to let the sweat evaporate. But in the case of baseball caps, they have panels which have small eyelets.

Sun hat and the bucket hat

  1. The brim of your sun hat extends outwards while bucket hats have a brim, which moves downwards. Also, hats designed for sun have a wider brim while those in bucket hats are shallow.
  2. The bucket hat is made from natural fibers like cotton, wool, etc. unlike the sun hat.
  3. A sun hat includes a chin strap, so your hat doesn't fly away even when strong winds are blowing. Bucket hats, on the other hand, lack chin straps. It makes them vulnerable to fly away with the airflow.

Sun hat and the sun visor

  1. Hats intended to keep away the sun's rays are more casual than sun visors. These also give your head maximum defense against the harming rays.
  2. The sun visors only provide shade to your eyes, and the upper part is completely open, exposing your head.
  3. Although sun hats are used for hiking and other outdoor activities, sun visors are often worn in golf settings.

Why should you read a buying guide before buying suitable sun hats?

Sun gives life. It warms you when extreme cold freezes you. It enables you to embrace the beauty of nature. Wait! Isn't it just imaginary?

Things are different when we face reality. As the season progresses, the temperature increases, and so does your vulnerability to catch up with a severe ailment.

The advice works only when we bring it into action. You need to choose the best sun hat of them all to protect yourself in the best way possible. It may sound like a hectic job, but your perceptions will change after referring to this guide.

Let's look at the key features that are necessary to ponder while hunting for your best match.

Types of Sun Hats Styles

Get accustomed to various styles of hats before initiating your quest. Then, pick the best according to your needs.

It will help you assess your hat and provide assistance if you want to counsel others on this subject in the future. It is always good for you to know!

Four distinct styles of Sun Hats currently exist. These are:

  1. Bucket hats

This hat has an effortless style. It's made of polyester and cotton materials to give you maximum comfort. It has a wide brim that appears to bend downwards.

You can always count on bucket hats if you are looking for a hat that maximizes protection.

  1. Caps

These come with an additional flap tucked inside, featuring a design that has front protection but nothing at the back.

The flap helps you to pull it down and protect your neck region when the sun hits you directly. They have a stiff round build.

  1. Fedora

Such hats are trendy and suit any style, and have a brim that covers the hat on all sides. Having a similar shape to a bucket hat, the upturn at the back distinguishes them from others.

  1. Flap

You should also opt for flap hats if you are likely to experience extreme heat for a longer duration. Not only do they shield your head, but they also stretch towards your neck. When you're on a desert expedition, these are the perfect hats to take along.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Sun Hats


The most important factors to consider when buying a hat are the hat size and the brim width. Your ideal sun hat should have a 3-inch brim width and should be uniform throughout. It gives you full protection from the harmful radiation.

Even the hat size varies from one brand to another. To ensure that your hat fits you well, you can measure your crown size with the help of a measuring tape and then refer to the size chart.

Also, search for variants of sun hats with an adjustable belt or strap. It lets you customize your hat to suit your comfort and needs. If you want to avoid any difficulties in your movement, you can also look for appropriate brim width that does not compromise protection.


Want to match your daytime outfit with your favorite sun hat? Do not worry! Sun hats come in various colors to match everybody's taste. They also feature colors that you probably haven't seen before.

An essential factor to note here is that dark shades absorb more heat than lighter ones. Also, they require less maintenance, as excessive heat is something you don't want. They also carry a chance of fading away with time.

To avoid this, search for non-fading hats whose color lasts long and does not require too much maintenance. Also, ensure that it keeps your head cool.


Materials used in the sun hats play an important role similar to that of a film's protagonist. They give you comfort and help you stay protected. No other feature of a hat can provide the love and care which the material gives you.

Hats are made of sturdy materials that help you stay comfortable under the scorching sun. These materials are:

  1. Polyester or nylon

Hats made of polyester and nylon are the most durable of them all. These hats are water-resistant and have moisture-absorbing linings in them. While the material's breathability is quite less, the ventilation outlets in the hat help to tackle this issue.

  1. Cotton

It is a natural fabric, ideal for hat making. Hats made of this material keep you more comfortable and absorb the sweat oozing out of your hair follicles. But they are not durable and are vulnerable to wear and tear. They are excellent if you are looking for a pleasurable sunny outing.

  1. Straw

Straw hats are incredibly lightweight and look elegant. They are made by hand and are perfect for informal or semi-formal gatherings. Straw cannot be folded, which makes these hats less portable.

UPF Rating

Fed up of the sun-tan? Don't want to go to the beach parties again? It's time that you need to change your hat. The sun hat's critical role is to shield you against the scorching heat. What good is it if it fails to fulfill its obligation?

The UV index scale ranges from 10 to 12, which means that in just 15-20 minutes, a person is likely to get burned. You should look for hats that offer you complete protection to prevent yourself from burning.

You will be surprised to know that the sun hat provides you with an ultraviolet protection factor of 50 and above. It means that your hat will block 97% of the harmful radiation falling on you. Isn't that great?

Because you are unable to quantify the amount of radiation you are exposed to, a UV index scale can help you understand better.

  1. 0-2 (low, green zone)

Wearing a pair of sunglasses is mandatory because even if the amount of radiation is less, there are still chances for your eyes to get damaged. It also enables you to enjoy your outdoor trip to a more considerable extent.

  1. 3-5 (moderate, yellow zone)

It is better to stay in the shade during the middle of the day. Glasses that block UV radiations are highly recommended, along with protective clothes and sun hats having wide brims. Frequently apply sunscreen on your exposed skin. The sunscreen should contain SPF 30+. Apply it irrespective of a cloudy day.

  1. 6-7 (high, orange zone)

You should abstain from going outdoors between 10 AM to 4 PM. If you have any urgent work and have to leave, do not step out without wearing the protective gear.

  1. 8-10 (very high, red zone)

Follow the same guidelines as the orange zone. Avoid going near surfaces with sand, water, etc. these reflect UV rays and can contribute a lot in harming you.

  1. 11+ (extreme, fuschia)

If you step out in the sun, then you will end up burning your skin and eyes. So, avoid stepping out in the day hours even if it is urgent.

Special Note

If you feel curious to know how much UV rays are getting exposed to, you can simply follow these steps to get an idea of the same. This method is called the shadow rule.

  1. Taller shadow

If you are observing a taller shadow, you are exposed to a lower amount of UV rays.

  1. Shorter shadow

If you notice a short shadow of yourself, you are exposed to a significant number of UV rays. Try to find some shady place or wear your protective gear to save yourself.


Before you buy a sun hat, be sure what are your intentions behind purchasing it? Are you buying it just for fun? Are you going to wear that at any party? Or just for carrying out your backyard gardening activities?

There are a million reasons for buying sun hats. To make the most of it, buy a hat that fits every occasion, is lightweight, easily portable, and doesn't need much maintenance.

You can opt for fedora hats. These are fashionable, comfortable, and can be used anywhere regardless of the occasion.

Brim Size

The brim sizes differ depending on the caps. Many of them have wider brims, and some have smaller ones. Your choice of location influences your preference for brim width too.

Use wide-brimmed hats for your planned beach trips. If you're going out for hiking, then a narrow-width brim is more appropriate.

Wider brims provide more shielding than their counterparts, but they cause hindrances while you are on the move. Focus on the different factors influencing your trip and then opt for the right hat.

Additional Features

Many manufacturers have some additional features in their hats to make their sun hats stand apart from others.

Not only does this improve your experience, but it also benefits you in other ways. Let us look at what additional features we can access if we buy these exclusive hats.

  1. Sweatbands

Summer is all about sweat. To combat this disadvantage, hats have a band on the inside to absorb the moisture and sweat. It also prevents the sweat droplets to drip down and causes hindrance in your vision.

  1. Vents and mesh

To enhance your comfort, hats have vents to allow more air circulation. It lowers down the temperature and also reduces the amount of sweat excreted.

  1. Drawcord/string

Otherwise known as a chin strap, this keeps your hat stable and prevents it from flying away.

  1. Waterproof

It is vital to own a waterproof hat, especially when you are invited to a house party. You never know when your friends might push you inside the pool. To avoid your hat from getting damaged, look for hats that are waterproof to increase its lifespan.

  1. Earflaps

It is always good to stay protected while you are outdoors. These hats have ear flaps that can be folded when not in use. When you feel the need to protect your ears, you can simply let them down.


Investing in a good quality hat also creates an expectation inside you that it should last for years. Sun hats made out of durable materials guarantee you the same. They can be used roughly and packed inside a bag.

When it comes to cotton or straw hats, you need to be careful. Straw hats cannot be folded, and if you try to do so, they will break.

The same goes for cotton hats. Though they are foldable, they are vulnerable to wear and tear. They require high maintenance and need to be handled carefully.

To ensure durability, search for options that last long and can withstand rough handling. Also, look for hats made out of durable materials.


Hindrance in the vision can annoy anyone. To make your trip smooth and trouble-free, you should always focus on your hat's visibility.

Make sure that your hat does not have a brim, which is too broad. It can lead to lower visibility. Also, ensure that your bought hat is not compromising with your safety in any way.


If you are traveling, undoubtedly you will be carrying a backpack. It needs the sun hats, which you will be carrying with you to be foldable and easily portable.

Hats made of any material except straw allow easy portability and do not occupy much space in your backpack. Also, opt for variants that are lightweight as well so that you do not end up carrying heavyweight.


You will come across two types of straps during your search. They are:

  1. Adjustable straps

These straps enable you to adjust your sun hats to fit your head and sit firmly on it.

  1. Chin straps

These straps enable you to secure your hat to your face so that your hat doesn't fly away even if it's a windy day. It will always stay at its place.

These also give you the liberty to tuck them inside if you do not want them. It allows you to stay protected, even while looking fashionable.

Top tips for wearing sun hats for protection against Sunlight

The primary objective of a sun hat is to give you full protection from harmful sun rays. So often, you have to give up on your style to meet your top priority, which is protection.

The top 3 tricks for wearing your sun hats are mentioned below to allow you to access more excellent protection.

  1. Color

Given that dark colors absorb more heat, it is often better to choose a sun hat with a neutral hue, such as a straw hat. Neutral color complements all colors, giving you optimal comfort.

But opting for dark shades is sometimes crucial, particularly when planning snowy regions or near water bodies.

Since we know that ice and water reflect light, you do not want any hindrance. Hats having darker shades do not reflect light and are great for use at surfaces like water and snow.

  1. Face shape

Face shape doesn't significantly contribute to protecting you from the sun because almost every sun hat has a wider brim. But if you want to make yourself look a bit fashionable without compromising with the protection, you can consider face shape as a deciding factor.

Look for hats that match your face shape but do not give up on the protection that they offer.

  1. Brims

Besides the wide brims, you should look for brims which have dark shade on the underside. It helps in preventing the reflected light from the snow or water surfaces to enter into your eyes.

Sun hats having darker underside brims are ideal if you stay near these surfaces most of the time.


  1. Can I wear sun hats on airplanes?

Yes, there are no specific TSA regulations that state the sun hats cannot be worn on airplanes.

  1. How to clean a sun hat?

A sun hat can be easily cleaned as per the instructions mentioned on its label. If you are still unclear, most Sun hats can be washed with hands. Also, wipe off any dust that may stick to it after use.

  1. Are sun hats preferred at wedding ceremonies?

This is entirely based on preference and overall marriage attire. Thus, you may or may not wear sun hats during weddings. It is all up to you!

  1. Do sun hats come with a warranty?

It depends on the brand that is offering the hats. While some luxury brands offer a warranty, others have no warranty as these hats are very delicate and can be torn very easily.

Final Verdict

Sun hats provide a simple yet efficient way to protect your head from harmful rays. In this guide, we have presented in-depth information on all the characteristics of the product in an organized way.

You can quickly evaluate them with your needs and strike down an elite product. With the right hat, you can enjoy your trip in a more relaxing way. / - © Copyright 2020