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Do you love bass fishing? Are you all set to win the battle with these monster fish? To ensure a 100% win, you must equip yourself with proper fishing gear and equipment. The most crucial tool to deem about is the spinning reel for bass fishing.

Spinning reels are quite simple to use and work efficiently for catching different varieties of fish. Especially if you are a newbie in the fishing world, this reel will suit you precisely. However, selecting the best reel requires in-detail consideration of different factors.

You have to consider the drag system, spool capacity, line capacity, size, weight, and whatnot. To create a balanced combination between all of them, you need to understand all these factors appropriately. Gathering information on them can become a tiresome task.

But don't sweat. We got you covered with this comprehensive buying guide. It contains all the necessary information about critical elements that define its performance and usability. With this, you can quickly sort out the best reel for your expedition.

Before going over to the guide, let us get familiarized with the product appropriately.

What do you mean by spinning reel for bass? Why is it important to have it?

Spinning reels for bass are considered as one of the essential fishing gears that are exclusively used for fishing activities.

If you want to catch a single fish at once, you will definitely need a bass spinning reel. The spinning reel works effectively for retraction and extraction of the wire.

Therefore, most of the angles are likely to have the bass spinning reels because of their simplicity and versatility.

You must choose a suitable reel by considering the water depth and the weight of your targeted fish. Doing this always ensures a higher chance of having a good catch. You can also use them efficiently.

The spinning reels for bass are also handy for performing different techniques such as split shot, drop shot, shaky head, etc. You are also allowed to use different types of lures.

You can use bass spinning reels whenever you want as it is super-convenient to catch bass by using these spinning reels using several fishing techniques. Also, you can catch various types of fishes with these reels.

Why should you read a buying guide before selecting a suitable spinning reel for bass?

A buying guide contains all the necessary information on all the characteristics of the product under one roof. Reading a guide saves the hassle of gathering all the information and saves you valuable time.

Moreover, you can quickly get answers to your different questions and queries. So, without any further ado, let us dive into the immense pool of information.

Critical Features to deem about while selecting an appropriate Spinning reel for bass

  1. Size

The size of the spinning reel for bass plays an imperative role when you are about to buy the best model for you. Having the right size of your bass spinning reel can significantly impact several other things, including the weight of the reel.

If you have a bass spinning reel with an optimum size, it will ensure that you have better control over the rod. A larger bass spinning reel increases the weight, which may create problems while fishing.

However, the bigger spinning reels for bass are essential to have higher speed and more power. Spool capacity and drag output are also increased with the size of the bass spinning reels.

Moreover, it is essential to check that the model you are going to have is designed with the proper balance between usability and strength. But make sure that you do not buy a large bass spinning reel; otherwise, it will be hard to catch fish effectively.

  1. Bearings

The efficiency of a spinning reel for bass is closely related to the number of bearings it has. The primary purpose of using these bearings is to reduce the friction between different moving parts of the bass spinning reel. Using the bearings help in free rotation of the moving parts along with linear movements.

The best quality bass spinning reels have more bearings to help the fishing gear move freely. With the higher number of bearings, the bass fishing reels have more opportunity to rotate around a fixed axis with less friction.

The bearings are quite useful for the free movement of the reel. Moreover, they reduce friction between the movable parts.

Therefore, you should consider bearings as an essential factor and check them properly before buying your bass spinning reel. It is recommended to go for a minimum of 5 bearings so that you can enjoy a flawless fishing activity in deep water.

  1. Drag capacity

When you are about to buy a spinning reel for bass, you should always look for the highest drag capacity. Drag capacity determines the weight of fishes that the spinning reel can pull. If you want to catch different types of fishes, you should never overlook your bass spinning reel's drag capacity.

The weight of the fishes varies according to the species. So, it will be better to look for the maximum drag capacity to check if your spinning reel can pull any fish with moderate weight effortlessly or not.

You should also know that the drag capacity of your bass spinning reel is affected by its weight. A spinning reel with heavier weight has a higher drag capacity.

For example, if your spinning reel weighs 8.1 oz, you can make sure that your spinning reel can pull a fish with a weight of 8.1 oz. It helps to transmit the weight over the entire body.

Usually, if you choose the drag capacity of above 17 lbs, it will be ideal for bass fishing.

  1. Weight

It was mentioned above that the weight of the spinning reel for bass plays a vital role in determining the performance of the spinning reel. Generally, the weight of the spinning reel is measured in ounces.

A lighter bass spinning reel has a better lifting capacity, and it also creates less strain to your arm and shoulder. A lightweight spinning reel is always helpful in getting better retrieval and response swiftly.

The weight of your spinning reel is also crucial for the overall weight of the fishing arsenal. A heavier spinning reel will increase the overall weight of the equipment.

You will need a higher quality of retracting wire when the spinning reel has more weight than your fishing rod. Otherwise, it may damage both the fishing rod and fishing wire.

Moreover, the weight of the bass spinning reels depends on the material used in constructing the reels. Either aluminum or graphite is used to make the reel body. If your target is to get a lighter bass spinning reel, you can go for graphite instead of aluminum.

  1. Line capacity

The total number of lines you get with the kit of your spinning reel defines the line capacity of the model. It not only does provide the line weight but also ensures the spool capacity. Line capacity is crucial for a spinning reel for bass as less amount of line may have a high impact on casting distances.

Mono Line capacity

As the name suggests, mono line capacity has a single line used in the bass spinning reel. You can easily go for this line capacity if you do not need to use a lot of fishing accessories. Mono Line capacity can be a suitable option for the recreational anglers to catch fish with utmost comfort.

This kind of line capacity is also useful for a linear direction gliding, and the reel line swings less because it does not have much weight. Thus, you do not need to put much effort to pull them back. However, it may cause damage to the structure when it comes to deal with the heavier fish.

Also, the threads used in mono line capacity have a lesser diameter, which means you are able to lift fishes with lesser weight effortlessly. But for massive fishes, it may seem a little difficult for the anglers.

Braided Line Capacity

Besides Mono Line Capacity, you will also find braided line capacity for the bass spinning reels. Two multidimensional lines are used in this line capacity that works significantly for luxurious fishing activities.

Most of the top-quality bass fishing reels are designed with braided line capacity because of its incredible strength. The braided two lines enhance the strength to a great extent, which is vitally needed for catching heavier fish.

Also, the two lines do not increase the thickness level. Therefore, it is not at all different from the mono line capacity in terms of thickness. If the thickness increases, it will increase the weight as well.

Braided line capacity is perfect for both pushing and pulling, but if you can have control over your fishing rod, it will not be difficult to catch more substantial fish effectively.

As numbers note the line capacity of the spinning reels, you can easily identify them and put them into use accordingly.

The mono line & braided line capacity are represented by 8/240 and 15/280, respectively. The first number is for the line weight, where the second number shows the spool capacity of the lines.

  1. Construction

You must pay attention to the construction of your bass spinning reel before making a purchase. Typically, aluminum and graphite are used in designing the spinning reels for bass, which increases the strength and durability of the reels.

Moreover, these materials are so lightweight that they do not put any extra weight. And thus, you can have better control over the fishing rod.

You should determine the species of fish and their weight in advance that will help you to choose the right material without any hassles. Normally, people prefer a metal body because it is capable enough to withstand the flex of the fishing rod, which is difficult for graphite.

When you are investing in your spinning reel, you will definitely expect it to last long without any replacement. So, you should always choose a well-made spinning reel which does not tend to break easily.

Know that your fishing activities require lots of strength, so it will be wise to choose a bass spinning reel that can control the strain and pressure efficiently.

  1. Gear ratio

The gear ratio is all about the revolution you get from one complete rotation of the handle. Usually, the gear ratio varies depending on the size of the bass spinning reels, which means you should check it carefully before paying for your spinning reel for bass.

In general, larger reels come with a lower gear ratio, which can be a great choice if you are targeting bigger fish. When it comes to bass fishing, you should choose a gear ratio that is not too high or too low.

You should not go for something bigger unless you want to waste your energy and money.

For example, a gear ratio of 4:1 is considered as an average gear ratio which supports you with more torque when you are pulling a fish. On the other hand, a gear ratio of 6:1 determines rapid recovery.

  1. Anti-reverse handles

If you are looking for the best spinning reel for bass, you should never overlook the anti-reverse handles feature. It is beneficial because it allows the handles to not turn in the reverse position so that you can use the reels with comfort and precision.

To get the right type of handles, what you need to do first is to make a clear idea of the area you are going fishing. It matters a lot for the performance of the bass spinning reels.

There are some spinning reels that work effectively in freshwater, like rivers, lakes, etc. But they lose their effectiveness when it comes to fishing in saltwater. So, you must be careful while choosing your fishing reel.

These spinning reels are commonly used for fishing purposes, but they can have hundreds of uses. Therefore, you must pick up a bass fishing reel that meets up all your requirements accurately.

If you find any retrogressive movement, you must consider another alternative model of that spinning reel.

  1. Sensitivity

When you are buying a spinning reel for bass, you will want the highest support from it so that you are able to catch fish in the water smoothly. Having a sensitive line can help you in the best possible way because it will let you know even if there is a soft bite of the fish.

A sensitive bass spinning reel is essential while you are in the water to make sure that you will not miss any catch.

Furthermore, you should go for a standard quality of fishing line along with a strong fishing rod so that you can feel the bite quickly. Also, a good quality spinning reel made of graphite and aluminum helps you to feel the vibration along the fishing line.

  1. Corrosion resistance

Another crucial factor that you must look for while scanning for the best bass spinning reel is whether it is resistant to corrosion or not.

Usually, metals are likely to corrode when they are exposed to saltwater for a long time.

Corrosion has a very negative impact on the efficiency of the spinning reel. Thus, you will always want your spinning reel to last long.

But if it is not resistant to corrosion, you will have to compromise with its longevity and durability.

Therefore, you should buy a bass spinning reel which is specially made and protected from corrosion. It ensures that you can use the spinning reel in any corrosive environment.

The spinning reels having protective coatings and sealed internal parts are absolutely perfect for dealing with corrosion without any damages.

  1. Ease of use

You will spend money on your bass spinning reel to get the best quality so that you can use it comfortably without any issues. If you feel discomfort while using the spinning reel, it will not be worth your money.

Remember, you should always go for a well-balanced bass spinning reel that provides maximum comfort when you catch fish with it. Therefore, you should check properly whether the spinning reel you are choosing is easy to use or not.

Another issue most of the anglers face is the right and left-handed issue. When you spend long hours casting, it will come handy for you. Nowadays, many models are available with flexible handles, and different users can change the side according to your convenience.

  1. Handle knobs

You should check the handle knobs properly because they are beneficial to increase the comfort and power of the bass spinning reel. And thus, they ensure a good catch for the anglers.

You will never want to go with a slippery knob as there will be a high chance that the handle may slip from your hand while you are struggling with a strong and heavy fish. Needless to say that you will end up missing the catch even after putting all your strength and energy.

Also, you should look for the rivet and screw that are used to connect the handle knobs. Thicker rivets are always a better choice as the thinner rivets are likely to have wear and tear quickly.

  1. Cost

It will be better if you find out a spinning reel for bass within your budget that will fulfill all your needs. The bass spinning reels are available with a wide range of prices, so you have to choose what you want without getting confused.

Cost is surely an important factor for buying a spinning reel. Some people love to fish for recreational purposes, where some people catch fish to earn their livelihoods. So, it is more about your fishing style, and thus, it will be reasonable to invest money on your spinning reel accordingly.

It is no brainer that cheaper models do not have any excellent features. Therefore, you can choose them for recreational fishing activities. So, you can just look for some essential features that come within your affordability.

But if you want to go fishing for an experience, you should spend a little more to get an expensive bass spinning reel. With a higher price range, you will be able to get the best quality models.


1. Which is the suitable rod for the spinning reel for bass fishing?

While bass fishing, the best rod will be the one that is highly compatible with the reel. Thus, you need to check the material quality along with the size of your reel to get the best rod. Bass fishing is perfect when the rod complements the action of the spinning reel perfectly.

2. How is a fishing reel's weight dependent on the arsenal?

There is a direct relationship between the arsenal and weight of the fishing reel. That means if the fishing reel's weight becomes heavy, you will see a heaviness in the weight of the fishing arsenal.

3. I am a newbie in the world of fishing. What material should I opt for spinning reels?

Aluminum is by far the best spinning reel that has all the outstanding qualities which make it the best for spinning reels. Not only does it have a strong body that stays in good shape for a long time, but also an utterly corrosion-resistant material which also adds life to the material.

4. What is the ideal gear ratio of reels for bass fishing?

Typically a gear ratio is inversely proportional to the reel size. Also, for bass fishing, you need to go with the mid-range ratio. Ideally, 6:1 is marked as one of the best gear ratios that work perfectly for fishing bass in a jiffy.

Final verdict

With all this information under your possession, what are you waiting for? The guide contains all the essential elements that will aid you in funneling down the best product.

Evaluate all the factors with your requirements and arm yourself with an elite product. Fishing with a suitable reel will allow you to reel in the bigger fish in no time. / - © Copyright 2020