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There’s one thing that we all miss when camping outdoors, and that’s taking a hot shower. A good shower can make the entire day even amazing, as it takes away the tiredness and makes one feel refreshing.

But there is no source of hot water outdoors to take a shower, so what to do? Well, you should go for a portable solar shower that you can set anywhere to take a quick shower.

Solar showers are designed to offer the ultimate convenience, and you can set them up anywhere. But, when it comes to buying a solar shower, it can be a little challenging, especially if you aren't aware of what it is.

To assist you in making a rewarding decision, we are here with this comprehensive buyer’s guide. The guide consists of various factors that you should check before buying a solar shower.

Read on to find out more about solar showers and what to look for when buying one.

What is a solar shower?

A solar shower is just like a regular showerhead that you have in your bathroom. But there are some significant differences. The shower comes with a heating tank that heats up the water, and then the showerhead sprays it on your body.

The design of the solar shower can vary based on the model. Some have a standing showerhead, whereas some are designed to be hanged on a branch or tent pole.

How does a solar shower work?

To know more about solar showers, it is important to understand how they work. The working process of solar showers is simple. These showers have three main components: the showerhead, the heating tank, and the solar panel.

When you fill the water inside the solar tank, then the solar plate starts heating it. The time required to heat up the water depends on the capacity of the tank and the efficiency of the solar panel.

When the water heats up, then you can take a hot bath whenever required.

Benefits of using a solar shower

There is a myriad of benefits of using a solar shower. They are highly portable and can be set up anywhere, provided that you have a source of water. Check out these benefits before you buy a solar shower.

Easy to set up

Setting up a solar shower is easy, and you can set it up on the go. There is no need for wiring or anything, as there are only a few components that you have to connect to make it work.


Solar showers are highly portable, and that is why campers and travelers love to use them. These showers are available in a range of options from small to big, so you can buy one according to the water capacity and size so that you can travel with it without any issues.

No electricity required

Solar showers don't use any electricity, and using them is free of charge. Just set up the shower, and let the sunlight heat up the water for you.


Just like other solar devices, solar showers are also eco-friendly. The showers don't release any fumes and work by using renewable solar energy.

No refueling required

If you have ever used gas-powered showers, then you will agree about how hard it is to refuel it over and over to make it work. But there are no hassles of refueling when you have a solar shower.

Considerations to make when buying a solar shower

To get the best solar shower, it is essential to go through this guide, as it contains all the information that you need to look for before buying a solar shower. From the capacity to heating time and there are a lot of things to check before you click the buy now button.

Check out these factors to ensure that you can buy the best solar shower.

Water capacity

The first thing that you should check is the water capacity of the shower. The capacity should depend on how many people are there to take a bath. If you are traveling with your family, then you need a solar shower with excellent water capacity so that everyone can enjoy a hot bath.

On the other hand, if you are traveling alone, then you should go for a solar shower that has a limited capacity that is good for one person only. As the capacity of the tank or water bag increases, the size of the shower tank also increases.

Furthermore, more time is required to heat up more water, so you should make a decision wisely. Most of the solar showers are available in 5-gallons option, as they are common because of the portability.

But you will also find some solar showers with around 10 gallons of water capacity. If you want to take multiple hot showers in a day, then go for solar showers with bigger water holding capacity.

Types of solar showers

After checking the capacity, you should select the type of solar shower. These showers are available in two options: solar shower bag and solar pressure shower.

Both showers are ideal for outdoor use, but there are some considerable differences that you should know about.

Solar shower bag

Solar shower bags are the most common options available in the market. They are affordable and easy to use. Also, the solar showers are extremely portable, and you can pack it into your backpack. However, the capacity of solar shower bags isn't that great, and they are good for one or two people only.

Furthermore, the water dispensed from the showerhead has poor pressure, so you have to compromise with it if you need a portable and affordable option.

The shower bag has a built-in hook that you can use to hang it. The pressure depends on the amount of water present in the bag.

Solar pressure showers

If you want a solar shower with good pressure, then go for solar pressure showers that have a built-in pump that dispenses the water with pressure. These showers are big and have good water capacity.

The installation process is almost the same as solar shower bags, but there are some more components like a rod that lets you attach the showerhead. Mostly, you will find foot pumps with these showers that help you build-up pressure inside the tank so that the water comes out with pressure.

There are some battery-powered options available as well, so you can skip pressing the foot pump. The choice depends on you and your budget. If you are comfortable spending some more to get ultimate convenience, then you can go for solar showers with a pressure pump.

Easy to set up

Go for a solar shower that is easy to set up so that you don't have to spend hours finding out how to install it the right way. Solar showers are available in two options, i.e., freestanding and mountable. The choice of the shower will impact the ease of set up


Freestanding solar showers come with a pole, so there is no need to hang the shower bag on the tree branch or tent pole. You can set up the shower using the collapsible pole, so it becomes easy to use anywhere and anytime.

Some areas have nothing to mount the shower bag, and that is where freestanding solar showers should be used for.


As you can easily guess from the name itself, these solar showers are designed for mounting. You need a tree branch or a tent’s pole to mount the shower. These solar showers are the most affordable ones and are foldable so you can pack them into your backpack.


The material impacts the durability and lifespan of the solar shower, so it is essential to make sure that the shower you are going to buy is made using good quality materials. Most of the solar showers are made using plastic and PVC so that they are durable and lightweight.

Further, these materials are resistant to easy wear and tear and are affordable. When choosing the material, make sure to check some customer reviews so that you can know more about the materials.

Ease of maintenance

When buying a solar shower, it is essential to check that it is easy to maintain so that you can keep its hygiene. Go for a solar panel that requires minimal maintenance, and the material remains free from mold and algae formation.

To clean a solar shower, you need to add a cleaning solution to the bag so that it can travel through the pipes and the shower nozzles. Most modern solar showers are easy to clean, so there is no need to spend a lot of time cleaning it.

Heating time

The heating time depends on the size and efficiency of the solar shower. Generally, it takes somewhere around 3 hours to heat up 5 gallons of water, and when the capacity is bigger, it requires more time.

You should go for a solar shower that heats up the water efficiently so that you don’t have to wait for longer to heat up the water. Furthermore, the heating time depends on the placement of the solar shower so that it gets direct sunlight that can be converted into heat.

Lastly, check some customer reviews to find out how much time the particular solar shower requires to heat up the water. Always invest in a good quality solar shower that heats up the water efficiently, and you don't have to wait for too long to get a hot shower.


The design of the solar shower is a matter of personal preference. You can choose any design that you love when buying a solar shower. Compare different designs and find out the one that you like the most.


The solar shower that you want to buy should be versatile so that you can use it anywhere on the go. Most of the solar showers are designed for use anywhere. Getting a versatile option will help you get the most out of the solar shower, and therefore you can invest your money into the right product.

Drainage system

When buying a solar shower, check whether it has a drainage system or not. The drainage valve will let you drain the water on the go. Sometimes you don’t need more water for the shower, and that is where the drainage valve will help you.

Draining the water is essential so that you can pack the solar shower easily.

Inlet options

To use a solar shower, you need to refill it with water so that there is enough water inside the tank to get heated. Check the inlet option before buying the solar shower so that you don’t find it hard to refill the water whenever required.

Usually, most of the solar showers come with a single inlet, but you will find some showers with two inlets also. The choice depends on you and the water capacity of the solar shower. Generally, solar showers with bigger water capacity have two inlets.


Check the construction of the solar shower and ensure that it is made using the best materials and has sturdy components. Go for solar showers made using four-ply materials as they last longer and are durable as well.

The four-ply material has four layers that keep the water intact and prevents it from leaking. You will find some good four-ply solar showers under your budget.


Buy a solar shower that is made using durable materials so that it doesn't get damaged during the travel. Solar shower bags are prone to punctures, and buying one that is made using durable materials will give you the assurance that it will last longer.

Built-in valve

Go for a solar shower that has a built-in valve so that you can adjust the amount of water flowing through the shower nozzles. The valve should be handy so that you can easily control it. Most of the valves are made using hard plastic, so they are durable.

Furthermore, check the number of nozzles and the size of the showerhead before buying a solar shower. The bigger the showerhead, the more water it will dispense.

Some more features of a solar shower

After checking all the factors, you should consider these features so that the solar shower you are going to buy offers ultimate versatility and convenience.

Velcro straps

Some solar showers come with Velcro straps that let you hang them. These shower bags are versatile, and you can use them with free standing poles and with tree branches as well.

Side pockets

You can keep your soap or sachet of shampoo inside the pockets of the solar shower. Make sure to check the availability of pockets before buying it.

Foot pump

With a foot pump, you can build pressure inside the tank so that it comes out with pressure. Pumps are usually available with solar showers that have excellent water capacity.


Solar showers come with a warranty for the critical parts such as the hose and other such components. Before you buy the solar shower, make sure that it comes with a warranty, so that you can claim for after-sales service if required.


The price of the solar shower depends on various factors such as the material, size, water capacity, and much more. Usually, solar showers are affordable, so getting one won't cost you much.

Accessories to buy with a solar shower

Buying these accessories with the solar shower will surely enhance your experience.

  • A freestanding pole

Get a freestanding collapsible pole so that you can hang the shower bag if there is nothing available in the particular area. It is easy to carry a freestanding pole inside your backpack, and they are lightweight as well.

  • Cleaning solution

Always travel with a cleaning solution so that you can clean the solar shower whenever required. When you are traveling outdoors, it is hard to find fresh water, so using the cleaning solution will be a great idea.

You should clean the shower bag frequently to protect it from mold and algae.

  • Water reservoir

Get a good quality water reservoir so that you can store some water to use it during an emergency to refill the water into the shower’s tank.

FAQs: Best Solar Shower

Q: Do solar showers really work?

A: Yes, solar showers really work, and they heat up the water so that you can enjoy a hot shower. However, the heating time depends on the water capacity and efficiency of the solar shower.

Q: How long does a solar shower last?

A: The life of the solar shower depends on multiple factors, such as the materials and how frequently you are using it. Usually, these showers are durable, and they last longer.

Q: How to use a solar shower?

A: Using a solar shower is easy, and you don’t have to worry about anything. Here are some tips for using the solar shower.

  • Clean the solar shower bag, and make sure that it is ready to be used.
  • Fill the water through the inlet pipe and close the lid.
  • Place the solar shower in direct sunlight so that it heats up the water quickly.
  • You can now take a shower.
Q: Where can I use a solar shower?

A: You can use a solar shower wherever you want, especially where there is no source of electricity. The solar shower doesn’t need anything apart from sunlight. So, with a solar shower, you are always ready to get a hot bath.

Q: How much time does a solar shower take to heat the water?

A: The time taken by a solar shower depends on the capacity and efficiency of the reflectors. If you go for a bigger solar shower, say one with 10-gallons capacity, then expect it to heat up the water in around 5 hours.

On the other hand, if you go for a solar shower with a smaller capacity, then it will heat up the water quickly.

Q: How much water do I need for a shower?

A: It is a personal preference, as some folks enjoy taking a shower for long, whereas some settle down with short showers only. The number of showers you can get with a solar shower depends on its water capacity.

With a 5-gallons solar shower, you can expect around 2-3 showers, but a solar shower with more capacity will give you around five short showers.

Q: When to clean a solar shower?

A: The cleaning of the solar shower depends on how frequently you are using it. When you pour water inside the bag, then sediments and other such things also enter, and that is why the solar shower requires frequent cleaning.

Q: How to save water with a shower bag?

A: To save water, you have to use it smartly. Use the valve to turn on/off the water supply so that it lasts longer, and you don’t have to refill the tank multiple times.

Q: What is 4-ply construction?

A: The 4-ply construction means that the solar shower bag is made up of thick material that lasts longer and is durable as well. The best solar showers are made up of 4-ply materials because they are resistant to punctures and are great for using outdoors.

Q: How to drain the leftover water?

A: To drain the water from the bag, remove the drainage plug. Most of the solar shower bags come with a drainage plug that lets you remove the water from the tank. If the bag doesn’t have a drainage valve, simply turn on the shower to drain the water.


With all the factors in mind, you can buy the best solar shower under your budget. Make a list of some top-selling solar showers and then compare them based on this buyer’s guide. You can quickly choose the best shower that has good capacity and is easy to set up and use.

Also, go through customer reviews to know more about the solar showers and to read the buyer’s experience with the showers. Don't settle down with cheap quality solar showers as they won't last long, and you need a new one after a few months. / - © Copyright 2020