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Riding a snowmobile is fun, but when it comes to buying the right gear, things can get tricky! One of the essential components of the gear is a pair of snowmobile goggles.

The goggles protect your eyes from the spine-chilling breeze while rewarding you with a clear vision. Snowmobile goggles are available in a range of options with different lens types.

Each lens has a different function and FOV (field of view) that'll impact your vision. So, to make things easier for you, we are here with this comprehensive snowmobile goggles buyers guide.

The guide contains everything you need to know about these goggles. From size to lens type and frame type, we have covered almost everything to help you make an informed decision.

Let's get started:

Benefits of wearing snowmobile goggles

Before we hop on the list of factors you need to consider when buying a pair of goggles. It is essential to understand why wearing snowmobile goggles are important.

Here are some reasons to wear goggles every time you are about to ride the snowmobile.

Less glare

One of the biggest issues that snowmobile riders face is glare. Whether you ride the snowmobile for transportation or just for fun, you need protection against glare.

With snowmobile goggles, you can reflect the glare back into the sky to stay focused on the route. These goggles come with photochromic or polarized lenses that are effective against glare.

Overall, by using snowmobile goggles, you don't have to worry about the glare. Just make sure to buy the right lens type, and that's where this buyer's guide will help you.

UV protection

Some branded snowmobile goggles provide 100% protection against UV rays. UV rays can have lasting effects on your eyes. Also, the snow reflects a lot of sunlight, which increases UV exposure.

But with snowmobile goggles, you can prevent exposure to UVB and UV rays. The goggles seal your eyes, and the lens reflects the UV rays back into the atmosphere so that you can ride safely.

Better fit

Some folks think that they can use the regular goggles to ride the snowmobile, but that's not a good idea. With snowmobile goggles, you get a better fit. The goggles don't fall off accidentally when you are taking turns or riding the snowmobile at high speeds.

Keeps you warm

Another undeniable benefit of using snowmobile goggles is that they keep you warm. The big frame covers the eyes and some areas of the face, so you feel warm and protected from the snow. When you use these goggles with a proper mask, you can cover the entire face to stay and feel warm.

Guaranteed safety

The snow falling off from the wheels of the snowmobile riding ahead of you can be dangerous for the naked eyes. But with a pair of snowmobile goggles, you can ensure safety against the flying snow and debris.

The goggles are durable and keep your eyes safe during riding.

Things to look for when buying snowmobile goggles

Now getting back to where we left, here is a list of factors that you should consider when buying snowmobile goggles. It is indispensable to buy the right type, size, and lens configuration to have a good experience with the goggles.

For your ease, we have explained everything in detail so that you can quickly make a rewarding choice.


A properly fitting pair of goggles will be comfortable, and you can keep wearing them all day long. Snowmobile goggles are available in a range of options when it comes to size and fitting.

The thing that you need to check is the size of the frame. By the frame size, you can easily determine if the particular pair of goggles will fit you or not.

When you buy improperly fitting goggles, you not only feel discomfort, but there is a continuous risk that the snow will harm your eyes.

Here are the common options available when it comes to the frame size:

Small frames

Snowmobile goggles with small frames are good for people with a small face. Even kids can use these goggles due to the frame size. Furthermore, if you are looking for a tight fit, go for small frames.

However, kids can quickly outgrow the frames, so make sure to check the size chart when buying snowmobile goggles.

Medium frames

Medium frames are highly popular among people because they are best for adults. If you are a regular adult with a not so broad face, you should go for the medium-sized frame.

Large frame

Large frames aren't suitable for all. Goggles with large frames are ideal for people that have a broad face. Moreover, if you love wearing a mask under the goggles, then you should go for a bigger size.

Due to the large frame, the goggles are a bit heavy as compared to the other frame sizes.

Snowmobile goggles lens type

After selecting the frame size, have a look at the lens type. Snowmobile goggles come with different types of lenses. It is essential to choose the right lens type to get good UV protection and glare reflection.

Some snowmobile goggles even allow you to change the lenses so that you can use multiple lenses with the same frame.

The shape of the lens

Choosing the shape of the lenses is a crucial decision. The shape of the lens decides the glare reflection and field of view. Usually, most of the snowmobile goggles come with spherical and flat/cylindrical lenses.

Spherical lenses

Spherical lenses have horizontally and vertically curved facial features. The lenses even look like a bubble because of the curved edges. Wearing goggles with spherical lenses has multiple benefits, such as you get a better view in both directions.

You can see above, below, and on both sides without any interruptions. Also, spherical lenses reduce the glare up to a great extent because of their shape.

Flat/cylindrical lens

Flat or cylindrical goggle lenses have flat edges. If you are a recreational snowmobile rider, then you should go for flat lenses because of their lesser price. The flat shape helps in reflecting the glare, but the reflection isn't that great when compared to spherical lenses.

Most of the flat lenses have a plastic body with tint. Flat/cylindrical lenses aren't that great for everyday use.

Toric lenses

Toric lenses are a combination of cylindrical and spherical lenses. These snowmobile goggles lenses have a true curve on the x-axis side and a slight curve on the y-axis side.

With toric lenses, you get the benefits of both spherical and cylindrical lenses. The lenses reduce glare while improving the vision.

However, the cost of these lenses is more when compared to spherical and cylindrical lenses.

Interchangeable lenses

Some snowmobile goggles even let you interchange the lenses. You can switch between flat and spherical lenses depending on your need. This way, you can save the cost of buying another frame.

Also, goggles with interchangeable lenses are highly versatile and are perfect for different weather. You can change the lenses depending on the climatic conditions.

Lens color

Choosing the color of the lens is equally important as choosing the right shape. The color of the lens impacts its glaring and UV light reflection ability.

Also, the lens will affect the vision as dark lenses aren't that great during the dark. Here's a short guide that'll help you understand different colored lenses.


Yellow colored lenses are popular because of their sharpening features and depth perception. Ideal for a day with flat light, these lenses are great to use in stormy conditions.

However, you should avoid using yellow lenses during the dark.


Orange is an all-rounder color that increases visibility and works well for bright to medium light. The lens is even good for low light conditions, and you can use them during the dawn.

If you are not looking for multiple snowmobile goggles lenses, going for orange will be the best idea.


Yes, rose colored lenses look good, but they aren't useful throughout the day, just like the orange color. Like yellow, rose is also popular for its depth perception enhancing capabilities.

Also, rose colored lenses are good for improved vision in artificial lighting such as the light of your helmet or snowmobile.

However, rose color isn't that great for everyday use. You need to purchase orange-colored lenses if you have plans to ride the snowmobile at night.


Clear lenses are great for extremely low light conditions. Dark colors can make it hard for you to see the surroundings. Clear lenses are good if you want to ride the snowmobile at night.

However, you should avoid using clear lenses to avoid glare and UV rays.


So, you ride the snowmobile in stormy or grey weather? Going for amber or grey lenses will be a great idea. The lenses have the capability to filter out blue light so that you can see everything clearly.

Some snowmobile riders even call amber lenses the most versatile.


Just like amber, gold is good for medium to bright light conditions. These lenses are highly versatile and are fit for stormy weather. You get a good vision, so you don't bump into a chunk of snow while riding the snowmobile.

We recommend gold-colored lenses for stormy weather instead of amber or any other color.

Gray or black

In bright conditions, such as on a sunny day, you should use dark colors, including black or gray. These colors can block the light to protect your eyes from glare and UV rays. Dark colors are only suitable for sunny conditions when there is light in abundance.

You cannot use dark colors during the night time or in stormy conditions.


The next thing after choosing the lens is the strap. The strap of the goggles should be comfortable so that you can keep wearing them without feeling discomfort.

Check the material of the strap and determine its flexibility so that you can adjust it according to your comfort. Most snowmobile goggles come with silicone grips attached to the straps.

The straps should be easy to use and thick enough to hold with gloves. When trying the goggles isn't an option for you, try to skim through the customer reviews to have an idea of the strap fitting.

Closure system

After checking the straps, pay attention to the closure system. Choosing the right closure system is important to experience ease and convenience with the snowmobile goggles.

Here are the common types of closures available in these goggles:


Magnetic closures are the easiest to use. All you need to do is snap the goggles around your head and connect the magnetic closure.

However, there is one downside to using these closures, and that's the strength of the magnet. With time, the magnet can lose its strength, and the closure will become loose.

Click system

The click system is popular among snowmobile riders due to its durability. When you attach both closures together, you hear a click sound, and that's why they are known as click systems.

Clip system

The clip system is also widely used due to its lifespan. However, it can be challenging for new riders to understand how to use it correctly. Because the clip doesn't always fit into the loop.

Keep practicing, and you can learn how to use the clip system correctly.


Padding around the snowmobile goggles will enhance its comfort, and you can keep wearing them for a long time. Usually, most of the snowmobile glasses come with padding, but it is still important to check it beforehand.

Check the layer of the padding to determine the comfort. Some snowmobile goggles have two-layer padding, whereas some high-end models have triple-layer padding for more comfort.


Fogging is a common issue that most of the snowmobile riders face. Fogging of lenses happens when the cold air strikes the hot lens. You should go for snowmobile goggles that avoid fogging.

Due to reduced fogging, you get better vision, and there is no need to stop the snowmobile multiple times to clean the lens.

Snowmobile goggles with the anti-fogging feature have small holes for ventilation. These holes don't compromise the warmth of the goggles, but you get good resistance against fogging.


As discussed above, ventilation is important to reduce fogging. Furthermore, it is even essential to prevent overheating. You may feel the heat while riding the snowmobile in direct sunlight.

When you have a pair of goggles with proper ventilation, you can eliminate the hassles of feeling the heat.

Specialized lenses

If you use the snowmobile for transportation, then you will be using it day and night. People with such requirements should consider specialized lenses. These lenses are specially designed to reward you with a better field of view.

Yes, snowmobile goggles with specialized lenses can be a little bit expensive, but you get the real value of your money invested into them.

Here are the common types of specialized lenses available with these goggles.

Polarized lenses

Polarized lenses are in use for years because most of you are using them in sunglasses. Polarized lenses have great polarizing power to cut out the glare.

With these lenses, you get better vision even in direct sunlight. The ice reflects the sunlight, so it attacks on your eyes from every direction.

Transitional lenses

Transitional lenses aren't in use for a long time because it is a new technology. These lenses are highly adaptive and can adapt according to the light conditions. Furthermore, these lenses have great anti-UV capability, and you get better protection against UV rays.

These versatile lenses are great for people that aren't looking to replace the lenses every now and then. However, the cost of these lenses is on the higher side. You don't get them at cheap rates.

Anti-scratch surface

It is important to ensure that the snowmobile goggles you are going to buy have an anti-scratch surface. Those minor scratches on the lens can have major impacts on visibility.

Most of these goggles come with an anti-scratch coating that protects the lens and enhances its lifespan. Similarly, you should ensure that the lens can bear the air bombing on it when you ride the snowmobile at high speeds.

Suitable for

You should sort the list according to the person who will be using the snowmobile goggles. These goggles are available for men, women, and kids.

Because of the difference in body structure, it becomes essential to choose the right type. When buying snowmobile goggles online, make sure to search according to gender and age.


Snowmobile goggles are available at a range of prices. Some cost you around $50, whereas some are expensive and can cost you around $100.

Make a budget before you start searching for a pair of goggles. If you are a recreational rider, you can go for cheap goggles as you won't be using them every day.

On the other day, folks that use snowmobiles for transportation or sports activities should invest in high-end goggles that are durable and have multiple features such as interchangeable lenses.

Tips to take care of the snowmobile goggles

Well, everyone wants their favorite pair of snowmobile goggles to last longer. So, we are here with a handful of useful tips that you need to know right now.

Store the goggles properly.

When not in use, store the goggles properly so that they remain protected from scratches and damages. Buying a hard case for the goggles is a great idea to safeguard them against scratches and damages.

Don't dry them in direct sunlight.

If your goggles get wet due to the falling snow, or you have washed them, avoid drying them in direct sunlight. Even if the goggles come with a UV-resistant coating, it is advised to avoid drying them in direct sunlight as the scorching heat can damage them.

Don't clean the lens with a wet cloth.

Never clean the goggles lens with a wet cloth, as it can leave several streaks on the surface. Instead of using a wet cloth, consider using an anti-fog cloth to clean the lens.

FAQs: Best Snowmobile Goggles

Q: How do I get rid of the fog forming around the lens?

A: The only way to avoid lens fogging is by buying a pair of goggles with good ventilation. The ventilation holes let the hot air pass out of the goggles, and it eliminates the chances of fogging.

Another thing to avoid fogging is buying the right size. Don't touch the lens with wet hands as it is another thing that leads to fogging.

Q: Are snowmobile goggles comfortable?

A: It depends on the size and padding of the goggles. When you buy snowmobile goggles following this buyer's guide, you can expect them to be comfortable.

Q: How long does the snowmobile goggles last?

A: The life of the snowmobile goggles depends on multiple things, such as how you are using them and the durability. Always go for branded goggles as they last longer. Make sure to follow the tips that we listed above to ensure that your goggles last longer.

Q: Should I shop the goggles online?

A: Yes, you can shop for snowmobile goggles online without worrying about anything. There are multiple benefits that you only get with online shopping, such as you can check the customer reviews.

However, make sure to check the size chart before you click the buy now button.


With this definitive snowmobile goggles buyer's guide, you can expect to purchase the best pair of goggles. Go through every single factor that we have listed here to make sure that the goggles you are going to buy will fit you well and are comfortable.

There is nothing more important than the goggles because they protect your eyes and are good for better vision. By keeping all the factors in mind, you can make an informed decision.

Lastly, don't forget to check the customer reviews to determine the fit, comfort, and durability of the snowmobile goggles. / - © Copyright 2020