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While snowboarding, it is essential to have proper control over the board. To ensure adequate control and balance, you have to invest in suitable snowboard boots.

These boots not only keep your feet comfortable but also provide full control over the board so that you can enjoy the activity safely.

While selecting a pair, you have to look into several aspects. Researching all the information on these aspects can consume a lot of your time, and you may not even end with the correct details.

On the contrary, a well-detailed buying guide presents a simple solution to this issue. You can access all the necessary details and analyze them to funnel down the best fit for your feet.

So, let us start with a quick introduction and then move further into this guide to begin the hunt for the best pair.

What are Snowboard Boots, and why should you buy them?

When you are preparing for your snowboard ride and looking at the setup for boards, snowboard boots are the primary part of the gear that should strike your mind.

If you feel like you need to have a more comfortable fit for your boots, you can gear it up with bindings, and it will be perfect.

Snowboard boots are precisely that part of the gear where you might need to spend an extra bit of money if you can ensure that you are getting the boots that fit you perfectly. The boots that you are purchasing should perfectly match your style of riding and should be able to support you in the snowing conditions.

They are indeed an essential part of the setup, which will influence the performance and comfort.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Snowboard Boots


Your shoes should be able to provide you with the perfect and comfortable fit with a tight and stable fitting over the top of the feet and all-around your ankle. These stunning snowboard boots will resist a bit when you bend in the forward direction and while trying to flex, but anyway, it will still provide you with a relaxed motion range without pressurizing your feet.

You will have enough space for your toes inside the toe box to make your feet comfortable. Your foot's heel will also be held nicely in the heel cup of the snowboard boot and there will be no interruption by the boot liner. They will be stable and laced up in the firm fitting of the top.

When you are trying on snowboard boots, you should sit down, then loosen the boot, and after that, try it on to ensure that it fits right for your foot.

The toe box has enough space, so your toes will not curl up; instead, they will be grazing inside the right amount of space inside the boot.

Whenever you try to bend your legs in the snowboard stance, you will feel a very slight pull on your toes, which will indeed ensure a proper fit. You need to wear properly fitting socks with your snowboard boots whenever you are trying on your new boots and while you are riding too.


The traditional sizing of the US number is used for the snowboard boots. Still, the user's correct size may vary according to the manufacturer's production of the boots, and the size may also vary for the single model of the boot, which was manufactured separately.

For instance, let's say that manufacturer A produces the size 11 with a more extensive outsole, but the manufacturer B produces the size 11 with a smaller outsole. Thus the size may vary according to the manufacturer in some instances.

There are specific snowboard boots that have been specially built by the manufacturer for the low profile. Such boots allow the rider to use a narrow board, too, with the shorted outsoles. The angle of the snowboard bindings also decides the maximum length of the boots that you attach with the particular board.


The boots have a variety of flex ratings, which range from soft to very stiff.For our convenience, snowboard boots are classified into a spectrum in which there are three classes for flex, soft, medium, or stiff.

Some manufacturers will provide you with the number rating which ranges from one to ten, in which one is the softest and ten is the stiffest for the boot flexing. There are different classes in the flex rating. Soft rating is between 1-2, the medium between 3-5. The stiff class represents 6-8 while the remaining belongs to the very stiff class. The flex rating and its comfort will vary in different boots.

Flex also depends on the type of snowboarding that is performed by you. We have explained all the flex types in detail for your convenience to have a piece of better knowledge and understanding related to the snowboard boots.

  1. Soft flex

This type of snowboard boots provide comfort and have flexible materials that are not tough on your feet when you are in the mountains for days.

  1. Medium Flex

Such boots offer a balance between mobility and support for optimum performance and comfort.

  1. Stiff Flex

These snowboard boots offer the maximum strength and support for providing edge power and supreme control at maximum speed in extreme situations.

Boot liners

The liner is the boot's inner portion, which is made up of lightweight EVA material. It is quite moldable and provides vital cushioning and padding to the boot. If you are mountaineering for days, you need to make sure that you have comfortable feet after the trip to the mountains for days has been over.

There are particular liners in the snowboard boots that can be easily removable while the other liners are permanently attached within the boot. The perks of having a removable liner are that it can be removed from the boot when it is wet, and it can be spread out to dry when they are wet.

There are so many types of liners available in the market. For your better understanding and knowledge about the liners, we have described below some liners.

  1. Heat-moldable

These heat-moldable liners are the premium liners that provide custom fitting to your feet. Trained professionals perform the process for heat molding.

  1. Stock

These liners provide you with the necessary stability and balance. They take your feet shape in some time to elevate the comfort.

  1. Moldable

These liners are specifically built to conform to your feet' shape and will save you from the expensive liners as they are made up of high-quality materials.


The footbeds or the insoles can increase your foot's comfort level in the snowboard boots. These footbeds work by supporting our foot's natural shape, and such footbeds can be a part of the extensive upgrade for any pair of snowboard boots.

Footbeds are known for making any snowboard boots comfortable for the user, but they cannot readjust any boot which does not fit you. You can look for a boot fitter to know and adjust with a proper footbed.

Lacing System

The laces for the snowboard boots are quite classic and straightforward; nearly all people know how to tie shoelaces and how you can customize and modify them on your foot. The lacing method can be cheaper than the other methods, and one can easily replace the laces when they wear off. It's a quick tip that if one uses the wax-coated shoelaces, it will not be easily loosened.

The snowboard boots lacing systems are of various types.

  1. Traditional lacing

If you talk about ancient times, the traditional laces are the perfect option for the typical riders. Such laces are relatively easy to use, and they can be customized as per our needs, but during the daily activities of the day, they might loosen up.

The snowboarders like to stick with this system, which is classic for easy replacement of the laces and a fit that feels comfortable wearing.

  1. Quick-pull Lacing

The quick-pull lacing is faster than the traditional lacing system. It is also called the zone lacing system. Here the forefoot and ankle region are tightened separately.

Such kind of lacing works faster and is easy to use. These laces can also be tightened easily, even if you are wearing gloves. The quick pull lacing system varies in the production of different companies.

  1. Boa lacing

This lacing system can deliver fast and secured micro adjustability to your snowboard boots. Here the process includes a ratcheting dial. You can quickly turn and lock the boots even with your gloves on.

These laces come with a double or even a triple system. Here you get one dial to control the tightness of the forefoot and the other to handle the tightness of the upper cuff.


We have listed specific ways that can make your boots feel a lot more comfortable. The molded liners can help in providing comfort to your feet. You can also choose the snowboard boots with a larger toe box for extra comfort and safety around your toes.

Make sure you do not buy a large boot while looking for extra room in the toe box, as you may end up buying a loose boot on your foot. Large-sized boots will affect your performance on the slopes of the hills.

There are boots that are softer and more flexible. Such boots will provide you with extreme comfort and are quicker to wear than other boots. Stiffer snowboard boots will need more time to be worn by you until they feel like they perfectly fit around your feet.


When we start to ponder about the products manufactured separately for the different genders, we may not understand how they differ in the making and production. For snowboard boots for men and women, the right size and comfort matter.

The cuff that is available on the women's boots is a bit lower so that the boot does not cut into the leg of the females. The boot's shape is also made to fit and adjust for a narrow foot, which is comparatively wider for men's feet.

If you are considering buying the women's boots, you need to buy the women's binding to suit with it not to interrupt the boots' performance. This will make the boot fit precisely on your feet, and then it will also be highly responsive.

The gender of the snowboard boots for men and women will only differ in terms of shape and size. But some manufacturers produce such boots with a variety of designs, which are often masculine or feminine as per the choice of the buyer. Nearly all the shoes have unisex features like the plan and classic buckle, which is often black or grey.


There is a wide range of options to consider while you are buying the perfect pair of snowboard boots for yourself. Most snowboard boots are made up of synthetic materials that are tough and long-lasting enough to be used by any snowboarder no matter what is their skill level.

If you want a material that lasts longer than the synthetic material boots, you can consider buying the boots made up of leather. Leather is known to be quite tough, but it is also expensive. So your durable leather boots might cost you a bit more than the synthetic boots.

The soles are made out of rubber to provide some extra durability. The rubber might be light and heavy in weight. The role of the light rubber is to be used for the light snowboarding boots, whereas the heavy snowboarding boots will deliver more durability.

The flex offered to you by the material will also enhance your skill level. The flexibility of the shoes offers beginners a comfortable experience and relaxing fit.


Insoles are there in the snowboard boots to eliminate any imperfection in your feet and provide a relaxing and comfortable fit.

  1. Custom insoles

They are present in the shoes with the sole purpose of eliminating any imperfections that are present in your feet, like alignment in feet, ankles, or knees. This sort of setup is meant to provide support to your body, and it will decrease any chance of injury, and it will reduce the fatigue that is experienced by your body.

  1. Trim-to-fit Insoles

These are the best and most popular insoles that are available in the market. These also come along with the snowboard boots, and you can choose the insole that will be suitable for your feet.


When you are considering buying a pair of snowboarding boots, you will want to go through all the designs and styles that are available in the market to suit your purpose. Snowboarders who like to spend their time on the slope will most likely go for the mountain snowboard boots.

Freestyle snowboarding boots are considered excellent for people who like to be in the park instead of the intense slopes. There is also a choice between hard and soft boots.

Soft boots are flexible and are often considered to be perfect for people who are beginners and are thinking of buying snowboarding boots. Stiffer boots are the preferred choice by professional snowboarders as they are durable.

Every snowboarder has a different and unique style, which is fulfilled by the fantastic variety of snowboard boots that are being produced by the manufacturers with stunning designs and styles. Having the perfect snowboard boots for the level of skill you practice will help you in gaining a positive experience while you are snowboarding.

Riding style

There is a variety of riding styles that are practiced by the snowboarders. A snowboarder or free ride boarder who likes speed will prefer going in for responsive boots, which are comparatively stiffer than other boots.

Park riders and recreational snowboarders will most likely prefer something softer and can be easily controlled. We have described below all the categories. So now you can have an idea to which you belong as a snowboarder.

  1. All-mountain

Almost all riders belong to this category, and they will most likely prefer going for the boots that provide flexibility. The beginners should always try to start their journey with soft boots as they are more comfortable than flexible boots. If you are a person who loves to ride fast, then you should go for stiff boots. The backcountry split boarding will also belong to this category.

  1. Freeride

The free ride is also known by the name of big mountain riding. Free riders always invest a bit more in their boots to ensure their safety and also to get assured of the boot's durability. They do not want to compromise on the speed of their ride, so they go in for stiff boots. The rigidity of the stiff boots assists them in having edge power for scribing lines across the snow, which is firm.

  1. Freestyle

To assure that the rider has maneuverability and quick responses in the park, soft and flexible boots are necessary. The riders who have an approach for the fun-focused terrain will buy softer and flexible boots as comfort is their first choice and also the ability to maneuver, which is supported by flexibility.


It is essential to wear the correct socks type as the wrong one can have a negative impact on the fit and comfort of the snowboard boots. Many people believe that their feet will stay warmer if they wear thick socks or wear multiple layers of socks within the boot, but this is not true.

Layering or thick socks will make your feet sweat, and your feet will feel colder, so this is not an alternative for keeping your feet warmer. The fitting of the boot will also be affected by the thickness of the socks.

Thin socks will fit better inside the boot, and it will help you in gaining a maximum response from your boot. It would help if you considered investing in a nice pair of socks to keep you warm and comfortable, along with not disturbing the performance of the boots. The perfect snowboarding socks are thin, and the material that is used in the making of the socks plays a role in removing the moisture from your feet so that they stay dry.


Price is the primary aspect in the process of purchasing snowboard boots.

The price will decide the quality and the material of the boots. But this does not mean that you need to buy the most expensive pair of snowboard boots to have the perfect pair of snowboard boots.

The technology and the materials used in the boots will highly depend on the cost of the boots. The higher the cost, the more is the quality of the boots. Such technologies are specifically designed for advanced riders.

If you have just begun with your experience of snowboarding, it is suggested to purchase the boot that will provide you with features that will enhance your abilities and skills. The expensive boots have the most advanced technology and are mostly made to provide the rider with all the necessary features like strength, durability, comfort, and lightweight.


  1. Should I opt for speed laces over traditional laces?

If you want to reduce the lacing time, then opt for speed laces. However, they are more difficult to replace than traditional ones.

  1. I am a beginner in the snowboarding world. Should I opt for stiffer boots?

No, as a beginner, you should opt for softer boots. They will keep your feet comfortable, and you can easily maneuver them without any difficulty.

Final Verdict

Having all the details in your hand, all you need is to pick the best pair for your feet. To reduce the hassle of the selection process, we have prepared this extensive guide for you.

It contains all the necessary pointers that will aid you in pinning down the best pair. Go through them and purchase an elite pair of snowboarding boots. / - © Copyright 2020