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Buying a snowboard bag isn’t just checking the size and the brand! You need to make a lot of considerations so that the snowboard gear doesn’t come out, tearing the bag's seams.

Buying a reliable snowboard bag is essential so that you can carry the gear up the hill without any issues. Furthermore, it should be comfortable, and the padding shouldn't dig into your skin whenever you put the bag on your body.

We understand that purchasing a good ski or snowboard bag isn't easy at all, so we are here with this definitive guide to make things easier for you.

Below mentioned are the factors that you should consider when buying a snowboard bag.

Do you really need a snowboard bag?

Before delving into the guide, it is essential to know whether you need a snowboard bag, or you can use the packing blankets that most of your friends might be using.

When traveling with your board or set of skis, it is critical to ensure protection, as a damaged board will ruin your performance, and it will not last long, as the durability is affected.

When you pack the board or other such gear into these bags, then you can rest assured about any damages. The snowboard bags have padding and cushioning inside, which protects the board from dings and bumps, even when handled by the airline baggage handling department.

Overall, if you don't want your favorite snowboard to get damaged, then the only way to ensure its safety is by using a snowboard bag.

Some boards can even cost up to $1000 or more, and it is an excellent deal to get a $60-70 bag to safeguard your valuable board.

How can this guide help you in making a good decision?

It's natural to wonder how this buyer's guide will help! Well, in this guide, we have listed almost all factors that you should consider when buying a snowboard bag.

From the types to material and size, we have explained everything in detail to help you buy the best bag without any fuss.

You can compare multiple bags using the below-mentioned factor to get the most durable and sturdy bag for your board.

Factors to consider when buying a snowboard bag

Here is a list of factors that you must consider when looking for a snowboard bag. Note down all the factors and then evaluate the bag on the following parameters to ensure that you are going in the right direction.

Types of snowboard bags

The first thing to start with is the types of bags! Choose the type of bag according to your budget and requirements. Snowboard bags are available in a plethora of types that are as the following:


Sleeve bags are the most basic type of snowboard bags that are highly affordable and lightweight. Sleeves should be your choice if you don’t want to travel carrying a bulk.

If you want to travel in your car, then these snowboard bags can be a good choice. However, there are some downsides to using sleeves as well.

There is no padding in sleeves, so the amount of protection isn't that good. Moreover, sleeves don't come with wheels, so you have to carry it using the straps. In short, the overall weight will be on your body.

You cannot travel with sleeves to a further distance, such as in flights.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Easy to pack and unpack
  • Handy and durable


  • Not as durable as the other types
  • No inner padding

Padded bags with wheels

If you want to travel with multiple boards that you need in the competition, then a padded bag with wheels should be your choice. These snowboard bags have wheels so you can pull the bag, and it will distribute your weight.

The padded bags allow you to carry multiple items, such as boots and caps. The thick padding inside the bag protects your board and other items from any damage, so you can rest assured that these bags are perfect for traveling.

However, the bags are heavy, so you have to be extra careful while packing your items to avoid exceeding the allowed weight limit you can carry on the plane.

Padded bags without wheels

As it is evident from the name, these bags don’t have wheels, so you have to carry it while traveling. These bags are suitable for carrying one board only as you cannot carry a heavy load all the time.

The bags offer different levels of padding to safeguard the snowboard and other accessories. If you are traveling by train or bus, then you should go form padded snowboard bags without wheels.

Furthermore, these bags are lightweight as compared to bags with wheels and are affordable as well.

Hard case

A hard case is just like a sleeve that’s made using a hard material to absorb the impact in order to protect the snowboard. The bags offer ample space to accommodate your snowboard and other accessories like gloves and caps.

Most of these bags are manufactured using hard plastic and other such materials that are durable and are easy to clean.

Hard cases are heavy as compared to sleeves, but these are good for traveling. Additionally, there is no padding at all, but the hard shell of the bag protects the innards from damages.

You will get a plethora of options when it comes to choosing the size and style of the snowboard bag.


The construction of the bag impacts its durability, so it is essential to determine how good the construction is before pressing the buy now button.

The construction involves various things such as the material, seams, handles, and straps. Start with checking the material of the bag. The materials will be different depending on the type of bag you are going for.

If you are buying a sleeve, then you will find polyester and nylon bags that are soft and highly durable. On the other hand, snowboard bags such as hard cases are made using hard plastic or other synthetic materials that absorb the impacts while protecting the items you are carrying.

Checking the seams can be difficult, so make sure to check the brand and customer reviews. You should also consider the quality of the grab handle and straps as a broken strap can make it hard to carry the bag.

Another thing that most folks overlook is the quality of wheels. If you are going with a wheeled bag, check the wheels and make sure that they are swiveling so that you can easily pull the snowboard bag.

When you ensure that the bag has good construction, then you can carry more weight in it without worrying about any malfunctions or damages.

Weight of the bags

Here is another factor that most snowboard riders overlook when buying a snowboard bag. The bag can get extremely heavy after packing all the items, and it may exceed the allowed limit of the airlines, which means that you cannot take the bag on the flight.

The best way to determine the ideal weight of the bag is by checking it with the airlines. If you want to travel to your destination via plane, then check the allowed limit you can carry.

After that, find out the weight of the bag and add the total weight of your snowboard and gear. This way, you can reckon the total weight that you need to carry. Check if the weight is less than or equal to the maximum luggage limit allowed by the airlines.

Checking the weight is essential if you don’t want to return from the airport as the authorities will not allow a heavy bag.

The lightest snowboard bag is the sleeve, but these aren’t the best when it comes to protecting the board. On the other hand, hard cases are heavy, but these offer good protection.

It can be difficult to find the snowboard bag that’s of the right weight. SO be extra careful and compare different bags to get an ideal bag that offers protection and is light in weight.

Weight capacity

Another thing that you should check is the weight capacity. You cannot exceed the weight capacity of the bag as it will limit the lifespan of the bag, and the carrying handle or strap can break down. All snowboard bags have different weight capacities, so it would be great to check how many pounds you can carry with the bag.

The weight capacity depends on the size, brand, and type of the snowboard bag.


We know that you don’t want your favorite snowboard to get damaged, and that is why checking the padding is essential. The inner padding of the bag will absorb the impact caused during traveling.

A damaged snowboard can impact your performance, so it would be great to look for snowboard bags with padding. Different types of snowboard bags have different amounts of padding, and some bags like sleeves have no padding at all.

Snowboard bags with padding can be heavy, so you need to carry more weight to protect your bag and gear. You will find snowboard bags with the following padding options:

Bags with no padding

Some snowboard bags have no padding, and the most common type is sleeves. The bags are not very good when it comes to protection, but they are lightweight.

If you want to travel by car, then you can go for sleeves.

Bags with partial padding

Snowboard bags with partial padding offer decent protection to safeguard your board and gear from getting damaged. These bags have limited padding on the most crucial areas, including the tail and the tip, which are the two sensitive parts of the snowboards.

Bags with full padding

Snowboard bags with full padding protect your board from wear and tear. The bag comes with ample padding that absorbs the shock and keeps the board and gear protected at all times.

If you want to travel by flight or bus, then look for bags with full padding. Often, the ground staff of the airline manhandles the bags, which can result in a damaged board.

The full padding of the bag will absorb the impact, and your board will remain safe and protected from scratches and damages.


Check the zippers to ensure that you can easily close or open the bag to access the snowboard. Some bags come with Velcro that keeps the zipper secure, and the bags don't open accidentally.

Some bags even come with lockable zippers, and that is essential to safeguard the board from thefts during the transit. Overall, go for branded snowboard bags if you want zippers that last longer, and provide tight protection.

Off-season storage

After the snowboard season comes to an end, it is time to store the bag. The snowboard bag should be easy to store. Some of them are foldable and are easy to pack.

IF you are going for a hard case, then make sure that you can put it on a wall mount so that the bag remains safe.

It is essential to check the off-season storage if you want your snowboard bag to last longer.


You can store the snowboard in the main cargo space of the bag, but what about the other items such as caps? You need a snowboard bag that has multiple pockets so that you can carry the stuff with ease.

The pockets can be outer and inner based on the type of bag and the brand you are considering. Go for bags that have zipper pockets so that your packed stuff remains inside the pocket during traveling.

Some snowboard bags have no pockets at all, and you can only carry your board in them.

Inner straps

The inner straps are an important component of the snowboard bag because they will keep the board securely in place. While traveling, the board can move up and down inside the bag, which can result in minor damages, like the edges of the board can get damaged.

When you secure the board using the inner straps, then there is no chance that the board will move. Furthermore, the straps are beneficial when packing multiple snowboards together, and you can stack them to ensure the ultimate protection.

Another benefit that you will get with the inner straps is the protection against scratches. A snowboard with multiple scratches doesn’t look good, and that is why you should check the availability of inner straps in the bag.

Exterior compression straps

Exterior compression straps are especially available with wheeled snowboard bags, as they can handle more weight. If you have multiple items to carry, then look if the bag has exterior straps where you can fasten your gear.

The straps are usually made using durable materials such as nylon that can handle more weight without getting damaged.

A pro tip: You will find the exterior straps on wheeled bags, as they can carry more weight. Also, you can pull the bag easily rather than carrying the weight. Check if the bag has wheels if you think that you need the exterior compression straps.


Determining the size of the bag is among the top things that you should check in a snowboard bag. The best way to determine the bag’s size is by checking the size of the board.

Also, you should keep in mind about any future upgrades that you can make, as not all snowboards are of the same size. These bags are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some have wheels, whereas some are ideal for carrying on your back.

When deciding the size, check the dimensions of the board, and go for a bag that's slightly larger than your board. If you want to carry more than one board, then the size of the bag should be bigger.

Keep in mind that bigger bags are heavy, and they can create issues when traveling on flights. There are many things that you should consider when choosing the ideal size.

An ideal snowboard bag should have ample room so that you can pack your clothes and gear along with the boards. The category of sizes is as the following:

Small bags

Small snowboard bags usually contain the sleeves that can accommodate the snowboard only. These bags are lightweight and highly affordable. Most small bags lack wheels as you don’t need them.

Medium bags

Medium bags have more space, and you can even pack more than one board. These bags are heavy as compared to small bags, and have multiple pockets to accommodate the snowboarding gear.

Large bags

Large bags are the biggest size that you can get to accommodate multiple boards. If you are a professional, then large bags should be your choice. These bags have exterior compression straps and have a lot of pockets.


When buying a snowboard bag, don't forget to check the warranty. You should go for a bag that comes with at least a one-year warranty covering any manufacturing defects. The warranty depends on the brand and the type of snowboard bag you are buying.


Usually, most snowboard bags are affordable, but it would be great to have a budget before searching for the best one.

Never go for cheap quality bags just for the sake of saving some bucks. You need a reliable bag with excellent durability and weight carrying capacity.

Tips to help you pack your snowboard bag

Packing a snowboard bag is different from packing luggage. You are packing a solid board, and that needs extra care so that it doesn't come out tearing the seams of the bag.

In the excitement of reaching your favorite snowboarding spot, you can pack the bag in the wrong way, and it will impact the longevity of the bag and the board.

Here are some helpful tips that you need to know to pack the snowboard bag properly.

Before starting packing, make a list of items that you want to pack and weigh them on a scale. If you are traveling from a flight, then the weight should not exceed the allowed limit.

Now start packing:

  • Place your snowboard inside the bag with the bindings up.
  • Now consider packing other items on the sides where some space is left.
  • Fold everything like your jacket or snowboard pants so that they take minimal space.
  • If you have a bigger bag, you can even pack the helmet.
  • Use the pockets to pack your socks and other things that need less space.
  • Before closing the zipper, use the straps to fasten the snowboard so that it remains secure in place.
  • Close the zippers, and take the bag for weighing to ensure that you don’t exceed the allowed limit.

FAQs: Best Snowboard Bags

Q: Are snowboard bags waterproof?

A: No, not all snowboard bags are waterproof. But as are going in the snow, it is crucial to keep the bag protected from water. If you have a waterproof bag, then there is no need to worry about anything.

But if your bag isn’t waterproof, consider buying a waterproof sheet that you can use with the bag to protect it from splashes.

Q: How heavy are snowboard bags?

A: The weight of the bag depends on multiple factors such as the type, brand, and size. The lightest bags of all are sleeves, and hard case snowboard bags are heavy.

Q: Is it important to buy a bag with a boot compartment?

A: It depends on you and why you are buying a snowboard bag. If you are traveling by car, then there is no need to look for a boot compartment. But if you are traveling by plane, then a boot compartment will be great as you can pack everything in one place.


With this snowboard bag buyer’s guide, you can select the best bag that’s durable and perfect for traveling with. All the factors listed in this guide will help you streamline the options so you can quickly select the best nag according to your budget.

Don’t forget to check the tips and FAQ section to get some more invaluable information about snowboard bags. Lastly, check the warranty and read the terms so that you are well aware of what the manufacturer will cover in case the bag breaks down while traveling. / - © Copyright 2020