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With winters coming around, the best way to have fun with your kids is sledding. All you need is to take out your snow sleds and enjoy this relaxing activity.

Selecting the appropriate sled requires proper knowledge about its every element. You have to think about the shape size and other additional properties.

A buying guide contains all the information in an organized manner. You can analyze all the elements quickly and funnel down the best product.

So, without any further delay, let us go through a quick introduction to the product and move further with the guide.

What are Snow Sleds? Why should you buy them?

Remember the one-horse open sleigh of Santa clause? That was the sled drawn by horses or reindeers, but today we will be looking at a snow sled. Interested? Then let's get started!

A sled is a land conveyance that is used to glide on the snowy surface. The most exciting and fun outdoor activity after skiing and snowboarding is sledding. The best thing about sleds is that you don't need any experience to have fun in them.

Various snow sleds are available in the market to suit individuals of all age groups. This means that nobody would be left out to experience the thrill.

Want to experience sledding in the soft snow? Opt for sleds to make the most out of it.

Types of Snow Sleds

Before you start your hunt, you should have a basic understanding of the different types of it. let's have a quick look at all.


Toboggans can fit multiple people in them. This feature is excellent if you are riding with your friends or family. Their bottom is flat to have a high speed while riding down in soft snow. These are further dissected into two types.

  1. Wooden toboggans

A toboggan made out of wood is sturdy and durable. They are a little expensive. Wooden toboggans are excellent for kids, toddlers, and even adults.

  1. Plastic toboggans

Toboggans made of plastic are affordable. The only disadvantage is their fragility. These get easily damaged because they lack resistance to strong impacts. These are more comfortable than the wooden sleds because these have a cushioning effect.


Like the shape of any ordinary saucer plate, these sleds have a round shape. This shaping is excellent to accommodate one person. These are called the sports car of the sleds' world.

These move very fast and provide you a smooth descend. Saucers are quite difficult to handle, but if you have no obstacles in your way, these are the best choice for you.


Runner sleds are comparatively faster than the other two. The best thing about them is these feature steering wheels and also effective breaks.

These are not meant for beginners. They are made using metal or wood. Despite having a durable build, these sleds cannot endure strong impacts.

Before you choose any of these, make sure that these sleds suit your skills and the location you are planning.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Snow Sleds


The material used determines how fast, flexible, and durable your sled is. The terrain type and snow depth play a significant role when the material is considered. Snow sleds are typically made using four materials. Those include:

  1. Metals

Metal is the most durable material suitable for sled construction. Saucers and Runners feature metal construction with a wooden frame.

These are bulky and quite expensive. If you are sledding in areas having thick snow, these are not the right choice.

  1. Plastic

Plastic sleds are very affordable. They are not as durable as the metal sleds. Their lightweight characteristics make them very popular among kids. Less durability makes them weak over time. This demands for frequent replacement.

  1. Inflatable

The material used to make these sleds inflatable is Vinyl. This material makes your sleds light in weight and faster. If you plan to ride your sled on rough and bumpy terrain, these are the best options.

The drawback you will find here is that the sleds may rip-off pretty soon and may get punctured also.

  1. Foam

This material is very new in the world of sled making. The sleds made of foam offer more cushioning and comfort. These are more durable than plastic and can be ridden on similar terrain.


Sledding in a soft, fluffy white snowy blanket is what you desire. This is not the reality. Snow takes a very short time to harden up. If you have chosen a sled suitable only for soft snow, you have committed a blunder.

Durability is an important aspect to consider when sledding. Snow Sleds are durable, aid in smooth gliding, and protect you from any accident. Besides, these do not break or need frequent replacements.

Hence, if you are willing to invest in a durable sled, search for the sleds made of durable material. Look if that can endure the rugged terrain and hard snow. After having considered all these factors, opt for the one that suits your preference.

Also note that if you are purchasing sleds for your kids, make sure that you invest in a durable one. This will keep your kids protected against any harm.

Size and Weight

No one desires to own a sled that does not provide you comfort and is very heavy to move. The size directly impacts the weight but certain other factors can make a difference.

Like you came across different designs of Snow sleds, these sleds also come in various sizes. While toddlers have a small-sized sled for themselves, adults can have large-sized ones.

If you want to accommodate your kid with yourself, you can opt for a sled with adequate room for both.

Weight depends on the material used. Metals are more substantial compared to plastic sleds. These also offer excellent durability. To suit your kids, you will find sleds that are constructed using both metal and wood.

This doesn't end here. You will also find metal sleds that are light because the sleds are made using one layer of metal.

Keeping in mind your needs, search for the variant that offers you comfort and is light in weight at the same time.


The shape of your sleds is enormously influenced by the type of sleds that you use. Sleds used by kids come in various shapes to suit their level of safety and mobility. If you are scanning for the best Snow sleds, you should look for comfortable designs.

Having a comfortable sled shape makes your trip more enjoyable. A comfortable design helps in effortlessly controlling your sled on the smooth surface. To get better control, opt for Runners.

These feature steering wheels along with brakes. By opting for saucers, you will get speed and comfort, but maneuverability will be at stake.


Your key to enjoyment is comfort. To avoid a bumpy landing down the hill, a comfortable sled helps a lot.

Comfort is the key aspect when it comes to your kids. To ensure that your kids experience a smooth ride, invest in a sled that offers maximum comfort.

Snow sleds with their excellent cushioning feature, make sure that you and your kids ask for more. The sled's style featured by them contributes significantly to improving your sledding experience.

Opt for sleds that have ample space. This ensures that you can stretch out comfortably and enjoy your ride. Gone are the days when you have to sit in a fetal position on your snow sled.

Inflatable vs. Hardshell

Hardshell and inflatable snow sleds differ a lot based on different grounds. These have their pros and cons associated with them. Before you move any further, let's quickly examine how they differ.

  1. Inflatable

  1. These have air-filled inner tubes in them
  1. The tubes of air offer excellent cushioning to your body while you are descending from the hill. These also ensure that you experience a smooth landing.
  1. These are not very durable and are prone to damage.
  1. Using an inflatable sled is time-consuming because they require setup before riding.
  1. Hardshell

  1. These lack any inner tube and have a hard base or seat.
  1. These are not as comfortable as the inflatable sleds. You might not experience a smooth landing while using these.
  1. Hardshell sleds are very durable and offer fast speed.
  1. These are convenient to use because they do not require any type of setup.
  1. Generally, sleds are made of hardshell and not inflatable.


To stay protected and have a firm grip on your sled, handles are very crucial. These help you balance your sled and ensure that you don't get flown away due to the high speed.

Snow sleds have firmly attached handles on them. There is one handle for each person riding the sled. Besides having an attached one, these also feature extended handles made of foam. These provide more protection.

Before purchasing a sled with extended handles, it is smarter to make sure that these are not very long. Long Handles are prone to get caught under the sleds.

This is very dangerous because if it happens, you may get injured very severely. Hence, opt for sleds that have firm handles that are comfortable to use and keep you safe.

Rope/Steering Methods

Since snow, when soft is slippery. You may end up getting carried away in a different direction. To eliminate this problem, a steering wheel or a rope is essential.

Ropes or steering methods help you in keeping your sled on track and prevent it from deviating.

A proper steering method enables you to have reasonable control over your sled and go to areas that you wish to explore.

Thanks to snow sleds. These feature the perfect steering method on the sleds. These help in easy maneuverability and control even if you are riding at high speeds.

These also feature a sturdy rope so that you have something strong to hold when you are riding down the snowy hill.

Extra Features

To stand apart from the ordinary sleds, Snow sleds have extra features in them. These add-ons make them very dynamic and fashionable. This is the reason why many sledgers opt for the snow sleds and not any other sled.

The following are the additional features that are exclusively found on snow sleds. Go through each feature carefully. If you want to own a sled that provides you all these, opt for the one with the desired features.

1. Industry grade build

A lot of effort goes into the making of your sled. This determines the durability and speed of your vehicle. High-quality plastic and wood are used while constructing your favorite snow sled. These have a high flex ratio, and an additional layer of coating is also done to make it long-lasting.

2. IceVex cold resistance

A snow sled has this resistance property in it. This ensures that your gliding vehicle performs efficiently, even in harsh snowy conditions.

3.Wide base

Sleds having a wide base offer you maximum comfort and keep you in place. This enhances your enjoyment to many folds.


A snow sled has a flat bottom surface. This prevents the snow from sticking on the surface that may later create hindrance in your ride.

5.Built-in pulling rope

A built-in rope is used for pulling back your sled up the hill. Having a rope makes your task easier, and you effortlessly pull your sled.

6.High flex quotient

Flex quotient when higher enables your sled to move flexibly in the rugged snow. It becomes more comfortable for you to bend and control it.

Side Walls

Sidewalls play a significant role in choosing a sled. They keep the rider safe and comfortable while sledding.

Snow sleds are the best options available when you look for sidewalls. These have high walls that are designed to incorporate a handle. Having handles ensure that you stay in place and don't fall off your sled.

To add more comfort and protection, these sleds have slightly curved sidewalls. The curvy design helps in making your sled streamlined. A streamlined sled offers enhanced speed while keeping you safe and in place.


We discussed in the above section about streamlining your sled. Do you know what that term means?

Streamlining helps in cutting through an obstacle to move faster. For instance, fishes, airplanes, and birds all have a streamlined body. This shape helps them to cut past water and air and move at a faster speed.

Similarly, if your sled has a streamlined body, it will feature a pointed front wall. This pointed shape helps it to cut through the snow while descending from the hill.

Cutting through snow helps increase your descending velocity. Hence, you will reach the bottom of the hill in less time and at a faster speed.

Age Recommendations

Manufacturers, along with the weight limit, also set age recommendations on every sled. For your safety, all the snow sleds feature age restrictions on every sled.

This ensures that the sled which you are riding is safe for you and doesn't break. If a sled is manufactured for accommodating only two kids, an adult should not ride it. Therefore, keeping your preference in mind, opt for the sled that you want to use.


Snow sleds have a protective coating on their surface. This coating is meant to increase the durability and life of your sled.

Besides durability, a sled with a protective coating helps your sled to move at a higher speed. The coating also helps your sled to become resistant to the cold climate.

Try to avoid using plastic sleds. This rules out your worry about your sled breaking on the first trip. This is because plastic is not durable and not coated with a protective coating.


The length has to be considered when talking about the best snow sled. Having an appropriate length enables you comfort and the ease of descending. Length plays a significant role if you are buying a sled that can accommodate more than one.

If you do not buy the sled having an appropriate length, you might end up being squeezed inside it. To have more comfort, opt for a sled with adequate room for both of you to fit in.

The length of your sled also impacts its speed. So considering all these aspects, invest in a good snow sled.


The meaning of expensive and affordable products varies from one individual to another. Price becomes the deciding factor every time and holds the top priority in your list.

To invest in good Snow sleds, check the quality, durability, and material used of the sled you have in your mind. This will help you in scanning the products that fit in your budget and narrowing your search.

Though costly sleds last longer but there are exceptions. Even a cheaper sled with top grade material can also prove worthy. When sleds are concerned, there is something for every individual to have.

Ways to ensure proper safety of snow sleds

Every outdoor activity is associated with high amounts of risks. Snowboarding, skiing, or sledding, you have enormous chances of getting bruised and injured. With the involvement of kids, you need to take the utmost precautions to ensure that they stay safe at every moment.

Irrespective of using the high rated sled, danger lurks everywhere. It is entirely up to you how you plan to tackle it.

To ensure safety while riding snow sleds, it is essential to emphasize specific tips and tricks. This way, you can ensure the full safety of you and your family. Mentioned below are some points that you should critically emphasize on.

  1. Wear warm clothing

Since you will be surrounded by snow everywhere, cover yourself with warm clothes. This negates the chances of getting frostbite or becoming a victim of hypothermia.

  1. Sled only when an adequate amount of light is present

Sledding demands high visibility. To avoid accidents or to deviate from your designated path, sledding in light is crucial. At night due to lack of adequate light, you may end up falling in an ice pit. This also becomes troublesome when the rescue team wants to locate you. Therefore, sledding should always be carried out in the presence of adequate light.

  1. Scrutinize the area before sledding

It is always recommended to scrutinize the area where you are planning to carry out sledding. This helps you in finding all the potential obstacles and hazards that might come your way. If you find no threat in the area that you have chosen, you can continue there. If not, then it is better to search for some other hill.

  1. Always wear protective gear

Gears like helmets, gloves, snow boots, and goggles are essential before you start. You never know what the future holds for you. To overcome this uncertainty, make sure that you are fully prepared for the worst.

  1. Make sure that you accompany someone who knows how to do sledding

If you are a newbie, going alone is not recommended. Make sure you take some lessons before planning your trip. Else accompany someone who has some experience. In times of emergency, that person will help you out and save you.

  1. Buckle up your kids

You know how to balance yourself, your kids don't. Sleds have buckles in them to secure your baby to it. Make sure that you buckle up your toddlers before they start sledding. Also, ensure that the strap that you are using to secure them is damage proof.


  1. Which type is best to use on powder snow?

If you are an adult and know to maneuver the sled, then you can go for the runner style. If you are purchasing a sled for your kids, then toboggan-style is the safest.

  1. How should I clean my sled properly?

Use warm water and soap solution to clean your sled. Please don't use any harsh chemicals to clean stains as they can deteriorate the quality of your sled. Refer to the instruction manual as some brands have specific settings to be followed.

  1. How to increase my speed while sledding?

The runner style sled is the best style to glide faster on snow. You can use snowboard wax under your sled to reduce the friction. But keep in mind that high speeds can lead to unfortunate accidents. So, stay safe.

Final Verdict

Sledding is the best way to enjoy your wintertime with your loved ones. All you need to do is select the best snow sleds.

Here in this guide, you will find detailed information on all the characteristics which will be quite useful while selecting an elite sled. Go through them and make an informed decision. / - © Copyright 2020