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After a fun, snowy weather, all there is left is massive piles of snow to clear out. Snow shovels can reduce your workload and aid you in cleaning the piles quickly.

However, before selecting the incredible tool, you need to think about various factors. An ill-fitted shovel can increase the chance of accidents and strain on your hands and arms too.

So, to invest your money in the right product, you need adequate information about different characteristics. We have prepared this buying guide with all the essential information on various factors that alter the product's usability.

Go through it and select the best fit for yourself.

But first, let us get familiarized with the product appropriately.

What are snow shovels, and why do you need them?

A snow shovel is an essential tool for the household, helping in scooping, lifting, and throwing the snow away quickly. It is not like other shovels as its head is specially designed to gather and lift snowflakes without any effort.

If you live in a place where it snows every winter or just want to remove snow from your driveway, sidewalk, you will need this tool to get your job done quickly.

Also, if you are from the warmer area, it will be better to have a snow shovel because of the unpredictable weather condition. Having a handy snow shovel will help you to deal with an unexpected snowstorm in your driveway.

Though snow may not seem much heavier, one foot of snow has a range between 3 and 20 pounds. So, a snow shovel can be the right choice for the house owners to clean off the snow hassle-free.

Types of snow shovels

Different varieties of shovels are available in the market for snow scraping. Some of the major types include –

  1. Traditional snow shovel

These shovels are designed with a broader blade effective to scoop a large amount of snow. Usually, wood and plastic are used to make these shovels, but heavier materials like aluminum, steel, etc. are also used broadly.

  1. Snow scoop shovel

As the name suggests, these shovels come with the scoop used in collecting plenty of snow at a time. The shovels are developed with durable handles and sturdy blades. These both elements help you to scoop the snow swiftly.

  1. Snow push shovel

With a snow push shovel, you can push the snow quickly instead of lifting and throwing. These shovels work effectively for lighter snowflakes. It is difficult to clean off hard and thick snow with these shovels.

  1. Snow pusher with wheels

Some of the snow push shovels are equipped with wheels, which makes the pushing task simpler. If you have a back pain problem, you can look for the snow push shovels with wheels to push the snow away with ease.

  1. Snow sleigh shovel

These are like the snow push shovels, but they work swiftly to push more snow effectively. The wide blades of these shovels make them function properly.

  1. Snow shovel and snow pusher combo

This will be a great choice if you want to push and shovel snow at once. It helps to clear stubborn snow with more convenience.

  1. Telescopic snow shovel

Having a telescopic snow shovel means you are allowed to adjust the handle size according to your comfort. Also, these shovels are portable and travel-friendly as well.

Things to deem about while selecting an appropriate Snow Shovel



  1. Wood

Wooden handles are handy to lift a large amount of snow as they are very durable and sturdy. These lightweight handles should be maintained carefully for long-lasting use. You can apply linseed oil as the coating to keep the handles durable and resistant to water.

  1. Fiberglass

Handles made of fiberglass are the most durable and feel good in the hand. As they are a little heavier, they can cause strain for more extended use. But if the heavier weight does not bother you much, you can rely on fiberglass material for its tensile and weather-resistant features.

  1. Plastic

Made lightweight, plastic handles are more comfortable to use. If these handles get exposed to sun and water for a long time, it will cause breaking or cracking. However, if you are searching for a lighter material for the shovel handle plastic will be the best option for you.

  1. Metal

Generally, lightweight metal like aluminum is used to design shovel handles that help to lift snow effectively. They are not rust-proof and tend to break easily under pressure. But, aluminum made handles are very affordable.


  1. Metal

Some snow shovels have metal blades because they can lift heavier loads. Metal blades usually are durable and robust to deal with any type of obstacle. Being heavier than plastics, they add more weight to the shovels, which may cause back strain.

  1. Plastic

Plastic blades are lightweight as well as flexible, and thus they are easy to use. However, they are not as strong as metal blades. You can not chip solid ice with these blades.

  1. Combination

The combination of plastic and metal is appropriate for the shovel blades. Sometimes, when wearing a trip, a small piece of metal is attached to the plastic blades which make the shovel stronger without increasing the weight. Also, it maximizes the efficiency of the tools.

Blade design type

Majorly, two types of blade designs are found in snow shovels such as –

  1. Flat shovels

This type of shovel blades comes rectangular in shape, which is considered the ideal design for lifting stubborn snow. They are very useful in cutting through thick and deep snowdrifts.

Moreover, you can use them to shovel snow from your driveways. With these blades, it is effortless to remove piles of snow very swiftly so they can be helpful, especially in shoveling snow mixed with ice without any hassle.

  1. Rounded scoops

Rounded scoops design is mostly used to push the snow instead of shoveling. These blades help you to pick up the snow from the sidewalks to build a steady path.

Also, if you want to scoop up the snow from your path to remove it thoroughly, you should choose the design of the rounded scoop blades to fulfill your snow shoveling needs.

Handle type

The style of the shovel handles matter a lot regarding comfort and efficiency.

  1. Folding handles

As these handles fold up quickly, you can carry them in your car or keep them inside your backpack while taking a trip to the mountains. These are mainly used for emergency purposes, but it will be better not to choose them for heavy-duty removal of snow. You can keep them in your car as an emergency kit to clean snow during heavy rainfall in less effort.

  1. Ergonomic handles

This type of handle bends at an angle toward the top. The specific design of these handles come with a lot of benefits for people having back pain issues. Though the bend does not allow you to lift more scoops, you can use them to clean off snow without any back strain.

  1. Wheeled handles

It is clear from the name that these handles are equipped with wheels. The innovative design of these handles is useful for reducing heart and back strain. Besides, they can collect and lift snow faster than the traditional shovels. So, if you live in a place getting a substantial amount of snowfall every year, it will be better to look for a wheeled handle shovel to make your shoveling task easier.

  1. Dual handles

Dual handles have a straight shaft that is found in all types of shovels. Besides, they are available with a second handle, which is attached to the first one properly. The main reason behind using this second handle is to provide more support to the users so that they can comfortably manage the shovel. Moreover, it offers more leverage as you are allowed to use the shovel with both your hands.

Shovel length

The length of the snow shovels should be considered in the first place while making a purchase. You must check the length properly because it indicates the dimension of the snow shovel, and thus you can know about its reach in advance.

The length of the snow shovel is measured from the shovel handle to the tip of the blade.

It is effortless to understand that with a longer shovel, you can collect and lift snow quickly, and you do not need to bend your body too much. Therefore, a longer length is appropriate for people having back pain.

Moreover, a higher length is ergonomic and comfortable to use. The range of the shovels differs according to the company. Usually, the length varies from 32 inches to 54 inches, so you can choose one that suits all your requirements.

Shovel width

Apart from the shovel length, the width of the snow shovels is equally essential. Checking the shovel width before buying will give you a fair idea about the size and width of the blade. You should keep in mind that the performance of your snow shovel is closely related to the width of the blade.

People generally prefer larger and wider blades because of their flawless performance. It helps to remove snow very quickly without any difficulties. If you choose the smaller blades, it will take much time and effort to clean off the snow.

So, it is suggested to select the blade that is 24-inch wide instead of a blade having 18-inch width. It will make a big difference in performance.

Wider blades also help you to pick up a large amount of snow at once, which is nearly impossible for a smaller width blade.


One of the essential factors that you must check while choosing a snow shovel is durability. You need a shovel that can last long without any replacement.

A flimsy snow shovel is not the right choice for heavy use as it tends to break quickly, and that is not something you intend for.

Therefore, it will be wise to check the reviews before you are going to buy your shovel. You will have nothing but pertinent information about the durability of the shovel that you have chosen to purchase.

You should also go for a little expensive model to get the higher rated shovel that will meet your requirements adequately.

Adjustment options

Although you choose the right shovel length for better reach, you should look for several other adjustment options so that it will not create any problem when in use.

Different options are available in the market, which means you are able to select precisely what you need. Basically, with these adjustment options, you have the leverage to change the length of the shovel according to the amenity.

If you have a snow shovel with a too-long handle, you can shorten the length as per your need.

For instance, the roof rake snow shovel can be increased up to 204 inches as it is provided with the telescopic handles. Nevertheless, you are allowed to reduce its length significantly, enabling you to use them as the regular shovels without having any problems.


A full snow shovel will be the best choice for you when it comes to removing more snow from a larger area. Hence, you must consider the snow shovels' size beforehand to make sure it will perform well without any issues.

For snow shoveling, you can go for a 24-inch shovel. A shovel that is 18 inches may cause back strain. On the other hand, a 30-inch shovel will allow you to push, sharp, and shove at the same time.

Make sure that the extra size of the shovel does not have any negative impacts on the weight and durability of the shovel you are buying.


When you are about to buy a snow shovel, you should never overlook its weight. It is not always necessary that only the heavyweight shovels are appropriate for a more massive load.

There are some lightweight shovels as well that can work as good as the heavy-duty shovel. So, it is always better to look for a lighter model that has the same features as the heavier one.

Lightweight shovels help you clear out the snow from your walkways and driveways without putting any strain on your heart and back. They are ideal for minimizing the exertion level, which is considered a significant factor in health benefits.


If you want your snow shovel to last long, you must check the warranty before you pay for it. You should give importance to the warranty as it tells you about the durability and longevity of the model you are going to have.

Additionally, you should pay attention to the build quality of the snow shovels. Bear it in your mind that a rigid and sturdy structure of the shovels makes them long-lasting and reliable as well.

Not all manufacturers offer the same warranty.

But a more extended warranty means more extended durability. It means the manufacturer of the shovels expects that the product will last long significantly.

There are some shovels that have a 6-month warranty where some other models have a 2-year warranty. You may find some reliable shovels available with a 10-year warranty.

Additional tips while buying shovels

It may seem like a task to choose the best snow shovel, but there are some simple tips that will make it easier for you to get the right shovel exactly how you want.

  1. You should always consider your strength, and it is suggested not to go over your physical capacity. If you have a shorter height and thinner body, you should avoid the all-metal shovel because it will feel heftier in your hands. Accordingly, a smaller model for a stronger person will not go well.
  2. After your strength, your height also matters. You should look for a shovel that is appropriate for your height. When a tall person uses a short shovel, it will bring back pain inevitably. For a short height people, nothing can be more uncomfortable than using a longer shovel for snow shoveling.
  3. You should choose the handle diameter correctly. It is crucial because your comfort is related to the diameter. If you choose the right fit of the handle and use hand gloves properly, you can easily avoid the risk of having blisters.
  4. Looking for the quality of the shovel over the money will be better. If your budget is not the concern, you should invest some more to get the high-quality model that has a more extended warranty. It means you can use the shovel for long years without any replacement.
  5. Last but not least, you should pick up the right blade size. Always remember that more massive shovels become heavier after you fill it completely so that it may cause strain to your back. Instead, choosing the blades that can scoop easily will help you to finish your cleaning quickly.

How to maneuver a snow shovel correctly?

No matter how expensive snow shovels are, if you do not know how to use a snow shovel in the correct way, you will end up with inviting muscle cramps and back strain. Sometimes, improper use of snow shovels may lead to severe injuries.

You should decide the technique of snow shoveling, depending on the amount and texture of the snow you need to clean off.

For heavy snowfalls, you must use an ergonomic shovel. Similarly, a lighter shovel will be suitable for fewer snowfalls. A push shovel is required to remove the hard snow mixed with ice so you can cut through the ice easily. These shovels are actually very appropriate for sidewalks and driveways where you can shovel the snow without slipping on the ice.

An overhand grip is handy for people who have back strain issues. Also, you need to maintain your balance correctly.

It will be wise to distribute your overall body weight evenly rather than pressurize your hand and body.

Moreover, shoveling can create a strain on your hearts, so you must be careful about that. If you do not exercise regularly, you should start by warming up your body. Keep yourself hydrated and take small breaks during the shoveling task. It is wise to clean up the higher traffic areas instead of the entire courtyard.

You should not continue shoveling if you feel any of these symptoms, including intense chest pain, pain in the left arm and left shoulder, cold sweat, etc.

Overdo is not the right option. Therefore, go slow and take more time to complete your work.


1. What is the right way of cleaning and storing a snow shovel?

Cleaning a snow shovel is a piece of cake since you just need to put some water and remove the debris, if needed, you may require a little soap. Keep in mind that you dry it up so that you can see there is no chance of rust in the case of metal shovels. Just hang the snow shovel like you hang other snow equipment to keep it clean for a long time.

2. What is the plastic classification used for making snow shovels?

Snow shovel requires a plastic that can withstand low temperatures without becoming brittle. Besides, the load picking capacity should be more without any breakage in the body of the shovel. For such a requirement, snow shovels made of polypropylene are used.

3. What is the main difference between a snow pusher and a snow shovel?

A snow pusher has the only function of pushing away the snow from the way. However, a snow shovel helps in lifting as well as throwing the snow to some other location. While there are different types of blades for snow shovels, a snow pusher has a concave blade shape, which helps in easy pushing of abundant snow in no time.

4. What are the extra features to look for while picking a snow shovel?

One can go for a snow shovel that has different types of handles, such as an ergonomic handle or spring-assisted handle. If not these, you may also look for a collapsible handle. In the case of the blade, you may go for a blade that has an extra-wide pushing structure.

Final verdict

Snow shovels present an efficient and straightforward way to clean tons of snow with a minimum required effort. Arm yourself with the right shovel, and you are all set to take on massive piles of snow.

Read this buying guide and evaluate all the factors with your requirements and select an ultimate product. It is beneficial to keep an adequate shovel in hand to deal with challenging situations. / - © Copyright 2020