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Tired of wearing shoes and sneakers in summers? Want to try something lightweight and breathable? Don't worry anymore. Slides are here to the rescue.

The product is light in weight and gives your feet a lot of freedom to breathe. The provide is quite comfortable and allows your feet to get rid of irritating sweat quickly.

However, selecting a suitable pair requires a proper study of different characteristics. You can find all the useful information in a comprehensive buying guide. With all the details and facts under your possession, you can quickly sort out the best pair.

So without wasting any more time, let us go through a quick introduction and then move further with the guide.

What do you mean by Slides? Why do you need them?

Are you annoyed with the foot sweat? Do your feet stink like a rotten mouse? Do you want to feel the swirling air when walking around?

If you are a person who wants to look fabulous and still feel comfortable, slides are here waiting for you.

Unlike closed sneakers, these footwears are open and offer excellent comfort. There is enough space to wiggle your toes and feel the cool breeze. The feet are secured with a broad strap that enables a firm grip on your footwear.

This design is very similar to the design of the sandals. This variety of footwear helps you stay safe as they are slip-proof and keep your feet clean. The product is ideal to be worn mostly in the summers when you tend to sweat a lot.

To escape the heat and enjoy the free space, these are the best. The slides are designed to be worn on beaches or near the poolside.

Many gymnasts prefer wearing this to the gym. This helps them keep their feet cool and sweat-free.

So, the next time you are thinking of investing in some stylish footwear to decorate your walk-in closet, don't forget to buy a new pair of slides.

Slides vs. Flip-flops

Many reasons attest to the fact that nothing can match the comfort that the slides provide during summers.

Before we construct our own opinion and create a heated debate out of it, our understanding regarding both should be clear. To help strengthen our fundamentals, let us have a look at the features.

These contrasting features will help us know what makes the product more powerful than a flip-flop.

  1. Straps

When you grab a flip-flop, you will find that it has a very narrow strap to secure your feet. This strap is not durable and has a toe separator also. The narrow strap and the toe separator can be painful if you wear the flip-flop for a long duration.

If you invest in these footwear, you will feel more comfortable and happy. It contains a wide strap with no toe separator. The footbed is wide.

  1. Arch support

The arch support in your footwear helps you stay comfortable. If your footwear has no support, you may end up having pain in your entire body. This essential feature gives the product an edge over the flip-flops.

A flip-flop lacks arch support and is very uncomfortable to wear. Besides, it does not have a proper shape like the slides. This adds to the pain that you have by wearing it.

  1. Blisters

You know the after-effects of wearing new footwear. Blisters and shoe bites are the common ones. Due to the presence of a toe separator and a thin strap, flip-flops hurt you more than the slides.

With a wide and comfortable strap on top of your feet, the product eliminates every possibility of a blister developing on your smooth feet.

  1. Nature of walking

You don't feel any pressure or discomfort while wearing it. Because of this excellent comfort, you do not develop body aches.

On the other hand, due to the rigid straps and weird shape, flip-flops are not comfortable to wear. You can't walk easily or leap. You don't get perfect balance that may lead you to a great fall.

Why should you read a buying guide before purchasing suitable slides?

Browsing through innumerable pages and misguiding yourself with so many fake reviews is not the solution. To surpass this tiring process and buy genuine footwear, refer to this guide.

Vast information from different platforms has been condensed and compiled for your better understanding. By referring to it, you will find it relatively easy to find your perfect match.

Without wasting a second, jump into the next section and find out more. Devote some time to each section and then conclude.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Slides


Your footwear has to be comfortable and provide the ease of walking. You shouldn't be experiencing any pain or pressure. Size contributes a lot when footwears are concerned.

If you wear a small size, your toes or heel may not fit. The width will be small, and you will feel it very restricting. Even if you walk in those, your feet will develop rashes and blisters. A bigger size, on the other hand, can also cause hindrance.

You will not have a firm grip. The footwear will always slip, and so on. To avoid the discomfort, switch to Slides.

These feature sizes that fit every foot size and are super comfy. The strap is wide enough and doesn't put unnecessary pressure on your feet.


Footwears are the only thing to wear that carries an enormous amount of risks with them. You have the chance of sprain if your ankle gets twisted. Slippage is another significant factor.

While you buy footwear, the sole's design, footbed shape, and straps are some features that you compulsorily check.

These crucial features are dependent on the fit of your footwear. The size of the product also alters the fit. The design also affects it. To ensure that you buy yourself safety, opt for slides.

The pair offers your feet a cozy fit. It is designed to support your ankles in the best way. The heel cup has an appropriate size, and the support provided by the arch is excellent.

Since nothing else is present besides a strap, it is designed perfectly to secure your entire foot.


Many people dream of wearing footwear that feels like not wearing one. With the heavyweight, non-durable materials, this dream is broken into pieces.

To revive that enthusiasm inside you by whispering life into that long broken dream, slides have created a benchmark.

The pair is made using durable and lightweight material. The materials used are:

  1. Synthetics and breathable fabrics

The areas that come in contact with your foot's skin like the strap, etc., are made using breathable synthetic materials. These materials help in keeping your feet moisture free and increase slip-resistance. These allow your skin to breathe and do not retain any odor.

  1. Ethylene Vinyl acetate, memory foam or gels

While walking, you should feel soft and wobbly. The footbed of your pair helps you step on any surface by providing support and comfort. It needs to be gentle on your feet but also should be strong enough to provide adequate support.

EVA, gels, and memory foams are materials that are very gentle to feel. These are very durable and firm. To make the footbed of your product suitable, these three materials are used to construct it.

  1. Hard rubber

What is the use of investing in a product that doesn't stay long? To make your pair more durable and long-lasting, hard rubber is used to construct the sole. Rubber is a solid material and keeps your slide's sole intact for very long.


You must be thinking, what variations can a pair have? If you think so, you are entirely wrong.

With the increasing popularity, every single day, a new design is incorporated into the product. To match the comfort and cater to all your needs, you will find different variants.

The most significant demand that customers like you have is the variation in adjustability. Keeping in mind your satisfaction, the product now features a wide range of its kind that differ in adjustability.

  1. Elastic straps

You will find variants that have elastic straps. These are popular for their cozy fit. With an elastic strap, you will have a secure fit and won't have to adjust it too often.

  1. Velcro

Velcro is very easy to use and is very efficient. If you have a swollen foot or are wearing socks, you can easily adjust your strap with the velcro's help.

  1. Buckles

Buckles, due to their robust build, are very durable. These offer excellent adjustability.


When you purchase a product, the investment should pay off. This means that the product should last longer and not get damaged pretty soon.

The product should be highly durable. You will be walking on soft or hard surfaces, so having a robust pair will endure the rugged use. To ensure that you are investing in the right pair, check for the materials used.

Materials like foam should be avoided. Foam is soft and cannot endure high pressure. If your product has EVA in it, you don't need to think twice.

Also, check the velcro, buckles, and elastic in it. Please make sure that they are in perfect condition and are durable. A durable product often costs more, but you can still get hold of a good deal. If budget is an issue, you can compromise in the area of style but not comfort.

Hence, look for variants with more durable material that ensure a long-lasting product. Also, search for other variants as well.


Slides are chosen over any other type of footwear, mainly because of the excellent comfort. Not just the resistance to slip or keeping your feet dry, they are preferred because of other features.

  1. The cozy design

The cozy design with a wide footbed is not very common to be found. By opting for other types, you will either not find a perfect size or a suitable shape. They are shaped according to your feet to give maximum support and comfort.

  1. The risk of blisters

While you get blisters on using other footwear, this is never the case with them. They help your feet slide in with ease and have hidden seams. The material is skin-friendly and causes no friction.

  1. Sweat-wicking

With an appropriate heel cup and sweat-wicking feature, this footwear has ruled over many hearts and continues to do so. The strap and the surrounding area are lined with a breathable fabric. This lining absorbs all the sweat and keeps your feet dry.

  1. Shock-absorbent footbed

Before you make your purchase, do check whether the footbed is shock-absorbent. This feature is vital while walking. Shock absorption helps eliminate the risk of sprains etc. and does not put pressure on your joints.


The common places where you are likely to wear your pair are the beaches or poolside. Since the pool and beach have water, a non-slip pair is essential.

To keep you safe and prevent from falling, slides are designed specially. These include contoured outsoles. The small groovy structure helps increase the friction between the surface and your pair.

The slides are more slip-resistant than any other footwear. This feature makes them stand apart. If you want to avoid any accident, the slides are what you should rely on.

If your foot slips on the inside, you shouldn't be anxious. The insole is lined with sweat-wicking material. This prevents your foot from slipping by absorbing sweat.


The slides are the favorite footwear of every individual. This is very easy to pair with any outfit, and undoubtedly it goes well with them. A pair of slides complemented with a pair of shorts and a cool T-shirt is the best outfit for a summer outing.

To make your looks more comfortable and quirky at the same time, you should hunt for the product with different designs. The slides feature a contoured midsole with an adjustable or fixed strap.

You will find designs that feature a flat or an elevated heel. Look for simple designs. Simple designs help you slide your feet easily without any trouble.

You can also search for variants that have multiple straps to enhance the visuals. Hence, opt for the one that you find comfortable and appealing.

Tips on Managing Discomfort in Slides

As you read above, how the slides are made ideal for you. Despite so much care taken to keep you safe and comfortable, sometimes you may feel discomfort. After all, we are humans and make mistakes.

To avoid such circumstances from taking place, listed below are some key tips on how to manage the discomfort in your product.

  1. The rubbing scene

Whenever you buy a new footwear pair, it tends to rub against the surface you are walking on or your skin. The constant rubbing can cause rashes and discomfort.

Choose the option which has a small gap of 1-inch between your foot and the edge of the product. This will prevent your feet from rubbing against the new borders and develop rashes.

  1. The strap

Check whether your strap is made of elastic or any stretchable material. If it is stretchable, check again whether the fabric is breathable or not.

Breathable material allows moisture to evaporate and keep your feet dry. This, in turn, reduces rubbing due to which swelling may occur.

  1. Movement of toes

Do you know that if your footwear is too tight and no blood circulation is allowed, you may faint? You don't want to experience this. To maintain the circulation and remove any suffocation, ensure that your pair has space for your toes to move and your foot.

How to Wear Slides?

Slides are not restricted to a definite occasion. You can wear it in parties, on casual outings, and so on. To make a style statement and become a fashionista in your group, you should know how to wear your favorite footwear.

To help you with the same, some tricks and tips are mentioned below. Refer to these key points and opt for the one that matches your personality.

  1. Pair your product with jeans to create an everyday look

Jeans paired with your slides are the match made in heaven. Any shade of your favorite denim with a cropped top and a suitable pair with an elevated heel is the best combination for every occasion.

You can also wear a furry option or one with a shiny strap. This will add a fun element and enhance your personality.

  1. Create a casual outfit with a pair of slide and linen pants

To upgrade your style and stay comfortable simultaneously, try pairing your linen pants or skirts with a stylish pair.

  1. Floral slides with a skirt or pant

Floral prints are very trendy these days. Everyone is on the lookout for the best floral prints. What can be more good than pairing a floral option with your outfit? Florals also cut the simplicity of your outfit and add some crunch to it.

  1. As a traveling shoe

The airport look is very comfy and casual. To look like the celebrities walking in and out of the airport, change your existing style taste.

Grab your favorite option and pair it with any comfy outfit that you like with a pair of shades. You will become the eye-catcher as soon as you enter the airport.

How to Clean Slides?

You will be wearing your slides almost everywhere. Due to traveling, dust and other dirty elements tend to get stuck inside your footwear. If not removed, these may affect your footwear in the long run.

To increase your slide's life span, and make them more durable, follow the steps mentioned below. These steps will guide you on how to clean your beloved.

  1. Clean the dirt and grim

You never know when you step on wet mud. This mud can get stuck to your slides. Upon hardening, it becomes difficult to clean.

To clean your shoes, you should use a brush that has strong bristles. Strong bristled brush helps remove the dry dirt and grim.

  1. Scrub the cloth

Baking soda is the best cleaning agent. Make a paste of baking soda with water using equal amounts. Again, use a strong-bristled brush and scrub the paste on the fabric of your footwear. After all the dirt is removed, rinse with water.

  1. Wipe the leather

If your footwear is made of leather, don't scrub it using baking soda and water. Baking soda being harsh will harm the leather. So, to avoid this, use a mixture of vinegar and water. Soak a soft cloth into this mix and gently wipe.

After wiping, leave it to dry. When the leather is dried completely, use a leather conditioner to coat your product. This will keep it safe.

  1. Clean the footbed

To clean the footbed of your product, use rubbing alcohol. This is an antibacterial agent that removes all the germs along with dirt.


  1. Can I wear the product on the beach?

Yes, you can wear the slides on the beach. Your feet will have full freedom to move and breathe. Also, you can quickly maneuver them while going in the water.

  1. Do slides slip?

Typically, the product does not slip often and provides you with a proper grip over the surface. If your footwear is quite old, then you should take care while walking over wet surfaces.

  1. Can I wear my slides to my office?

No, the footwear is not meant to wear in the corporate sector. The product will not give a good impression and will not go with your professional style.

Final Verdict

Slides present a breathable option to opt-in summertime. All you need is to select the best pair.

In this guide, you will find all the critical pointers that define the performance and usability of the product. Skim through them and make an informed purchase. / - © Copyright 2020