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Are you planning a camping expedition with your friends or family members? Have you packed all the essential supplies? Give a quick look again. We bet you have missed packing the sleeping bag liners.

These liners are the most underrated item when it comes to packing the camping equipment. If you neglect them, then you are risking a considerable amount of comfort and protection on your journey.

The liners protect you from insects, increase the comfort level of your sleeping bag, and even extends its life exponentially. However, you have to deem every element to select the best product.

A buying guide presents you with all the necessary information about the product. You can quickly wrap your head around different elements and strike down the best product. Also, you can get answers to different questions.

So without any further ado, let us start with the guide.

What do you mean by sleeping bag liners? Why is it important to have them?

A sleeping bag liner is such a camping gear that has its importance underestimated by the users. It is like a cloth sack that is lightweight and thin, required to sleep inside your sleeping bag.

It helps keep the sleeping back perfect and oil-free as body oil can increase the sleeping bag's warmth. You are also able to use the liners when you do not have any bed linen.

There are some specific reasons behind using a sleeping bag liner, such as:

  1. Cleanliness

A sleeping bag liner has the same purpose as a bed sheet that keeps your sleeping bag free of dirt, and thus you can maintain your health properly.

  1. Protection

With a sleeping bag liner, it is easy to increase the lifespan of the sleeping bag because it prevents it from lifting.

  1. Comfort

It provides you with a comfortable sleep system on your trail so that you can sleep cozily.

  1. Additional benefits

You can use a sleeping bag liner in mountain huts, sketchy hostels, etc.

Types of sleeping bag liners

  1. Silk

The silk is very comfortable and easy to dry. So, if you are camping in a rainy area, your sleeping bag will not get wet quickly. Also, silk is extremely lightweight and compact, which means you can pack the liners without any hassle.

Though it does not provide much insulation and warmth in colder weather, it has better breathability than other materials.

  1. Cotton

If you want to have a durable and robust sleeping bag liner, you can consider cotton material. Cotton is highly breathable but not lightweight, so you may find it a little challenging to pack the liners. Also, it does not dry as quickly as silk.

  1. Synthetic

Synthetic material is preferred for its high moisture-wicking property. Therefore, it provides an excellent feel for your skin. It is durable and sturdy. As it is stretchable, it can be an ideal choice for restless sleepers. A sleeping bag liner made up of synthetic is not only breathable but also easy to maintain.

  1. Fleece

If weight is not an issue for you, fleece can be a suitable choice. It provides comfort and warmth effectively. Fleece materials can wick moisture and get dry quickly. However, it is not light in weight and becomes bulky when packed.

  1. Insulated

The best thing about the insulated liners is you can use them in any type of weather conditions. They are lightweight and can add warmth up to 25°F. Though they come thin, you can not pack them compactly as a synthetic or silk sleeping bag liner.

  1. Expander

If you are not so worried about the weight and packed volume, you can rely on expander liners for a luxurious sleeping system. They are stretchable and lightweight as well. The antimicrobial feature of the high-quality expander liner helps to keep away microbes and bugs. Also, it reduces odor from the sleeping bags.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Sleeping Bag Liners


When you are going to buy a sleeping bag liner, you must check the weight in the first place.

It is no brainer that the 25-degree thermal liner will have less weight than the 5-degree sheet. So what you need to do is contemplate the importance of the thermal properties before choosing a heavyweight liner.

Nevertheless, you should always remember that it is possible to get the thickest liner that does not weigh much. You can have a thick liner that weighs within a pound.


You need to use your sleeping bag liner in different weather conditions. If you are camping in hotter areas, there will be a considerable chance that your bag may become steamy.

So, you should look for a liner that comes with a moisture-wicking feature. It will be better to choose a liner that can wick moisture away.

If you tend to sweat heavily, you should look for the particular trademark named "CoolMax" to make sure your liner will have higher breathability so that you can sleep comfortably without getting drenched.

Heating Ratings

When you are about to buy a sleeping bag liner, you should never overlook the heat ratings. It will help you to understand how much additional warmth you can get from the sleeping bag liners.

Generally, most companies add the temperature rating to the specification of the product in different forms. So you must check it thoroughly to know the amount of added warmth provided by the product.

It is always recommended to go for the highest rating. You can get the warmest sleeping liners that are rated from 15 to 25 degrees.

You should consider your requirements in advance and then go for the heat rating that can be absolutely perfect for you.

Bug protection

Bugs can be a real issue while you are sleeping underneath the open sky. So, if you plan to camp without a tent, you must look for the bug protection feature for the sleeping liners.

It will be tough to sleep when you have bugs crawling around you at night time.

You will find many liners designed with fabrics that have the special insect-resistant coating. It will help you to keep the bugs away and ensure that you can sleep peacefully without any disturbance.


Another essential factor that you must consider while buying your sleeping bag liner is compressibility. You should keep in mind that the bulky sleeping bag liners are very useful for providing proper protection from cold, but they need much space while packing.

You must consider the space in your backpack beforehand and choose the liners accordingly. People are more likely to travel with less weight, so you should get a liner that can be packed compactly.

If you buy a lightweight liner, it will be easier to fold the liner in a smaller size so that you can keep it inside your backpack without any extra effort.

Usually, the liners made out of silk or cotton take less space to fit in your backpack. On the other hand, if you choose the insulated or fleece liners, space can be a significant issue when you are going to pack them.


Commonly, the sleeping bag liners are available in different shapes and sizes. So, choosing the right size is crucial as it has a significant impact on the liners' fit. If you fail to find the right fit for the liner, you will not get the ultimate comfort.

Also, there are some liners that are mainly designed for accommodating your height. It means you are able to have both shorter and longer liners that come with the proper length and width to fit in your sleeping bag.

You can go for a mummy sleeping bag liner, which helps to add extra warmth. This liner is able to take your body shape to trap the heat effectively. But it may feel constricting after a certain point of time and hamper your sleep severely.

It is suggested to select a rectangular sleeping bag liner in case you move excessively during sleeping.

Pillow Case Liners

As the name suggests, the pillowcase liners are used for pillows. Some sleeping liners come up with an extended part that acts as a pillowcase.

A pillowcase liner is a reasonable addition to the sleeping bag liner because it will help you to protect the pillow from dust and dirt. Having a pillowcase liner means you do not need to clean your pillow frequently.

If you are going on a trip where you will not have enough scope of showering for an extended period, you can easily consider a pillowcase liner to keep your pillow clean properly.

Expander Liners

There are obvious reasons behind the popularity of the expander liners. They are lightweight and stretchable. Because of the jersey knit structure, it can be stretched twice of the standard width.

Expander liners also have another remarkable feature that they come up with the antimicrobial property. It is essential when you are camping outdoors to make sure you will not be affected by bugs or microbes.

This type of liner has a wide variety of sizes, and you can buy these liners within a budget-friendly range.


Like all other camping gear, your sleeping bag liner should be durable enough so that they can last long even after extensive use. When you go on a camping tour in different areas, you should get a tough and sturdy liner.

In order to have a durable sleeping bag liner, you should look for the highest quality materials. It will be wise to spend a little more to get a durable liner made of top quality materials.

You must pay attention to the material because it plays a vital role in determining the durability of the sleeping bag liners.

There are some liners available in the market which have a soft texture, and they are comfortable as well. However, you should not compromise with the liners' durability so that they can work alone efficiently.


If you have any previous camping experience, you will surely have an idea of the essential gear required for camping. You will need to carry several other gears which are heavyweight.

Therefore, it will not be convenient to add any extra weight that can impede your movement and cause discomfort.

You will be happy to know that most of the sleeping bag liners come up with a design that is particularly lightweight. Also, they are easy to carry.

Hikers and backpackers are more likely to get a lightweight sleeping bag liner that is portable. Having a travel-friendly design means you are able to transport the liner without any troubles.

Moreover, you should check the pack volume of the sleeping bag liner and how easily it can be attached to the backpack so that you can carry it conveniently.

Shape and size

You will find a wide range of shapes and sizes of sleeping bag liners in the market. You should always remember that each shape has its own benefits and drawbacks. So, it is solely your responsibility to decide your requirements and search for the right shape accordingly.

Below you will find different shapes of the liners including—

  1. Standard

These liners have a rectangular shape so that you can keep your feet more comfortably than the mummy shapes.

  1. Long

It is quite easy to understand that longliners are specially made for taller people. They are similar to the standard shape except for the fact that they can accommodate people with tall height.

  1. Mummy

The specialty of this shape is that the liner is broader near shoulders but narrower near feet. If you have a mummy sleeping bag, this mummy liner fit in it perfectly. The hood comes up with the liner provides a cocoon-like feel.

  1. Double width version

If two people are sleeping inside a single sleeping bag or feel claustrophobic with the tight liners, it will be wise to go for these double width shape liners.

  1. Traveler

It comes with a rectangular shape but has an additional pillowcase. You can use this liner when you are staying in a hostel, hut, or hotel to maintain your hygiene properly.

Furthermore, you should select the right size of your sleeping bag liner to make sure that you will get a snug fit. Without having the right size, it will be challenging to have the perfect fit for the liners.


Before you buy a sleeping bag liner, you should have a clear understanding of when you are going to use your sleeping bag liner.

For instance, if you are buying the liner for winter, you should search for a design that can warm you up in the colder temperature by adding some extra degrees.

On the contrary, when you are going on a trip during the summer or the place you have chosen for camping is in a tropical area, you will need a sleeping bag liner that will reduce the temperature.

Usually, the sleeping bag liners are made up of cotton, silk, or synthetic materials. Different materials have a different effect on temperature retention, so you must study them properly.


It is imperative to decide the purpose of the sleeping bag liner so that you can choose the most suitable design for you.

There are many liners that come with versatility, which means you can use them in different seasons. But, if you need a sleeping bag liner only to keep you warm during cold nights, you will need to look for that particular feature in the liners.

With better compressibility of the liners, you will get a better chance to store your sleeping bag liner in a smaller space.


Considering the convenience would be the right decision as it determines the machine-washability of the sleeping bag liner.

If you have a silk liner, which is the best according to the quality and packability, you should wash them by your hands instead of machine wash. It will help to increase the longevity of the liner.

However, liners made of polycotton and microfibres are appropriate for machine wash so you can wash them quickly in a machine with several other camping equipment.

Value of Money

When you decide to invest a good amount of money to get the best sleeping bag liner, you will definitely be expecting the best performance in return. This is how it can make justice to your money.

You will see different ranges of the price of the liners, which depend on some significant factors. If you want to get the best quality materials, you will need to pay more for it.

So, when you choose an expensive liner, you must check the quality and do not forget to go through the customer review before paying for the liner.

Also, if you see a sleeping bag liner that comes at a cheaper rate, look for the missing factors like the hood, double stitching, etc.


Usually, sleeping bag liners are used for providing warmth to the people, so you should make proper scanning of the insulation feature before making a purchase.

As you have already come to know that two types of liners are there in the market offering better insulation. They are:

  1. Fleece sleeping bag liner

These liners are lightweight and comfortable. They can increase the warmth up to 12°F. Also, they work effectively to protect your sleeping bag from sweat and moisture. If you do not have any issues with a bulkier liner, you can pick up this fleece liner for better insulation.

  1. Insulated sleeping bag liner

Thermolite® is the prime material majorly used in designing the insulated liners. They are lightweight and compatible with different weather conditions. Though they come costlier than the fleece liners, they are able to increase the warmth of the sleeping bag up to 25°F. The major downside of these insulated liners is they can not be folded and packed compactly in less space.


There is no point in thinking that the liners are only for the winter season. They are equally needed for the summer. So, it will be better to find a sleeping bag liner that is flexible enough to be used in different weathers.

If you have a good quality sleeping bag liner with you, it will help you to reduce the weight while camping outside because you will not need to carry the bulky sleeping bag.

The liners are lightweight and do not let you feel sweaty so you can sleep comfortably at night.

Furthermore, they do not take much space inside your backpack as they have a very compact size.


Last but not least, you should know how easy the liners are to clean.

If you think of the dry-cleaning, it will cost a lot. Also, washing the liners by hand takes time. Another problem is that not every dry cleaner is equipped well to clean the liners in a proper way.

So, you should not take any chance that may harm the functionality of your sleeping bag and liners as well.

However, you can wash these liners in the machine efficiently.


  1. Are these liners worth the investment done in them?

Yes, the liners elevate the comfort level of your bags. They are quite handy as they can be packed in a small case. They are highly portable and quite easy to store.

  1. How to install the liner in the bag?

Open your bag and turn it inside out. Then look for zippers and zip up the liner with your bag. Some bags come with straps, so fix them properly to avoid the slipping of the liner.

  1. I am new to the camping world. In which type should I invest my money?

You should opt for silk liners. They are light in weight and quite easy to pack with your other supplies. Also, it increases the comfort level and provides efficient protection against several bugs. The material offers excellent breathability.

  1. Are liners travel friendly?

You need to look into the materials of the liners to find the travel-friendly ones. Silk, synthetic, fleece liners are quite thin and light while, on the other side, cotton liners are bulky. So, evaluate all the material and make the correct decision.

Final Verdict

Sleeping bag liners not only increases the warmth level but also protects you from several bugs. It also increases the life of your bag and provides you a comfortable place to sleep.

With all this information present in your hands, all you need is to select an elite product. Go through all the factors present in this comprehensive guide and funnel down the best product. / - © Copyright 2020