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Nothing can be more amazing than putting on warm and dry ski boots on your tootsies before heading out for skiing! But how can you make it happen?

Well, you need a ski boot dryer that dries up the boots quickly so that you can wear them for skiing. Most folks think that using a hairdryer can be the best remedy to dry up the boots quickly, but it can damage the boots, and the heating element inside the hairdryer can also get damaged.

So, a ski boot dryer is the only solution if you want to keep your boots dry. Do you know how to select a ski boot dryer?

If you haven't used a boots dryer before, then it can be tricky to buy the best one! Thus, we are here to help you out with this buyer’s guide.

The ski boot dryer buyer’s guide contains everything you should know about the dryer. We have listed multiple factors that are essential to check beforehand.

What is a ski boot dryer, and why do you need it?

A ski boot dryer is a device that dries up your wet boots quickly. The device has two or more openings that release hot air, which then passes through the boots to soak up the moisture to make them dry.

Ski boot dryers are available in a plethora of options, and you can even dry multiple pairs of boots with a single dryer.

Benefits of ski boot dryers

There are numerous benefits of using a ski boots dryer. And here, we have explained a few of them so that you can determine why it is essential to buy a dryer.

Wet feet can lead to the growth of bacteria.

If you wear wet boots, then there are higher chances of bacteria growth, which can lead to fungus and other such issues. Skiers and snowboarders should always wear dry boots to prevent cold feet and other such issues caused by wearing wet boots.

Gives you comfort

Imagine the comfort you will get by putting on a pair of warm boots on a cold morning. It can only happen if you have a ski boot dryer by your side. Even if the boots aren’t wet, you can use the dryer to heat them for added comfort.

Enhances boot’s life

Wet boots don't last long as the inner lining gets damaged, and you have to replace the boots with a new pair. But using a ski boot dryer will prolong the life of the boots.

You can dry the boots before wearing them, so it is essential to buy a dryer.

Multiple settings

Ski boot dryers can dry multiple types of boots due to the various heat settings. You can dry up the boots without damaging them, which isn’t possible with any other device.

Affordable to use

Using a ski boot dryer is affordable, and you don't end up with huge electricity bills. Some of these devices even work on a battery so you can take them in your car while going for skiing or snowboarding.

After so many benefits, it is natural to look for the best ski boot dryer. Keep reading the article and check the below-mentioned factors to buy a reliable boot dryer.

Factors to look for when buying a ski boot dryer

A skin boot dryer may look simple to use, but it is critical to buy a device that works with your boots. There are multiple types and options available when looking for ski boots dryers.

With the below-listed factors, you can quickly make a rewarding choice by buying the best ski boot dryer.

Type of dryer

Start with choosing the type of dryer, and then look for other factors in the same category. Ski boot dryers are available in two options, i.e.:

  • Portable dryer
  • Domestic dryer

Portable dryer

As you can find it out by the name itself, these dryers are compact, and you can take them wherever you want. Generally, compact dryers work with battery packs so you can use them in remote areas as well.

The max temperature the dryer can reach is around 80-90F, which can take 3-6 hours to completely dry the boots. You will find limited options when looking for compact dryers because most of them work with electricity.

Also, the weight of the dryer is less as compared to domestic dryers.

Domestic dryer

A domestic ski boot dryer can dry up the books as quickly as 1 or 2 hours only. The dryers have powerful heating elements because they draw the power from the wall outlet.

You can even dry multiple pairs at a time, and other such items like gloves, hats, and scarves. You will find various attachments with domestic dryers, which makes them handy and convenient.

You cannot take these dryers with you due to the limitations of power and weight.

The power, speed of drying up, and other similar things depend on the type of dryer you choose.

Heating elements

The heating element is the primary component of a dryer because it supplies the heat required to dry up the boots. Checking the heating element is vital because it should be sturdy and durable to last longer so that you can dry the boots without any issues.

Check the placement and the size of the heating element available on the dryer. Bigger heating elements work better, but they draw more heat and consume more electricity.

If you need a boot dryer that dries up the boots quickly within an hour, then go for dryers with bigger heating elements. Also, look for some reviews to determine the durability of the heating element.

The longevity of the element depends on multiple factors such as the brand, its thickness, and its purpose.

Heating type

After checking the heating element, check the type of heating the ski boot dryer uses. Generally, there are two types available with the ski dryers: convection heating system and forced-air heating system.

Convection heating system

Ski boot dryers with a convection heating system produce heat to dry the boots. The system doesn’t circulate the air, so the drying time is more as compared to the forced-air system.

Furthermore, these systems are quieter and cheaper.

Forced-air heating system

Ski boot dryers with a forced-air heating system circulate the air inside the boot to dry it quickly. If you don't want to wait overnight to get the boots dry, go with the forced-air system.

However, it is a little noisy, but it takes less time to dry up the boots.


The capacity of the bot dryer depends on how many pairs you want to dry with it. If you need a dryer for yourself, then look for options with less capacity, such as the dryers that dry only one pair at a time.

On the other hand, you will find a variety of models that can dry more than one pair. And these are ideal if you have a group of friends who ski together.

Dryers with bigger capacity are expensive and aren't portable. If you need a portable dryer, go look for dryers that work with one pair at a time.

Noise levels

The noise levels are a factor often overlooked when buying a ski boot dryer. Some of them can be extremely noisy, and it would be a challenge for you to sleep whilst the boots are getting dry.

Usually, battery-powered ski boot dryers produce less noise due to the small blower. If you go for a bigger capacity dryer, it is natural to experience more noise.

You should go for boot dryers that produce less noise so that you can keep using it overnight to dry the boots.

Ease of use

It is essential to buy a ski boot dryer that is easy to use so that you don’t have to brainstorm to learn about its features. Usually, the boot dryers are simple to use, as there is a switch that you can press to turn on the heating element.

The problem can arise if you have a dryer with multiple temperature settings. The best way to determine if a ski boot dryer is easy to use is by checking the customer reviews. Look for reviews that talk about the functionality and ease of use to make sure that you are buying the right boots dryer.

Temperature settings

Some ski and snowboard boot dryers have multiple temperature settings that are good for drying expensive boots. Not all boots are the same, as some have thick inner lining while others have thin.

If you have multiple pairs, then go for dryers with variable heat settings. Sometimes in the cold weather, you need more heat to dry up the boots, and that's where the dryer with adjustable temperature settings help.

Reservoir and drip tray

The reservoir and drip tray are essential components of the boot dryer as they keep the water in place and prevent it from spreading on the floor.

When you turn on the boot dryer, then it produces a powerful blow of air that enters the boots to dry them. Not having a drip tray with the dryer will spread the water on the floor, and it can lead to accidents.

Not all ski boots dryers come with drip traps and reservoirs, so it would be great if you check it beforehand.

Note: You can even get the reservoir and tray as an accessory if not available with the dryer. Make sure to check if the dryer is compatible with a drip tray.

Drying time

The drying time can vary from a few hours to overnight, depending on the type of ski boot dryer you want to buy. You should check the heating specifications to determine the total time it would take to dry the boots.

If you don’t want to wait, go for dryers with a powerful heating element to quickly dry up the boots. Another thing to check when determining the drying time is the availability of variable temperature settings.

You can set the dryer on the highest heat setting to dry the boots on the go.

Deodorizing capabilities

When wet, the ski and snowboard boots can get smelly, and solely drying the boots won't help! You should check if the dryer offers deodorizing capabilities so that it can eliminate the smell, and the boots feel fresh.

Furthermore, dryers with deodorizing capabilities can also minimize bacteria growth so that the boots will be friendly for your tootsies.


Safety is paramount when choosing a ski boot dryer. It has a heating element that can reach up to 100-degree F. Go for boots dryers that come with an auto-shutoff feature to automatically turn off the power supply of the element that is heated more than the limit.

Some other factors can be protection against short-circuits and overvoltage. Some best branded ski boot dryers come with these features, and it is wise to invest your money in these products.


Just drying the boots won’t help, and you need a dryer that exterminates the bacteria and other such elements from the boots. You will see UV lamps in some ski boot dryers, which eliminates the bacteria and sanitizes the boots.

Sanitizing the boots is essential to get rid of bacteria and odor. However, the feature is only available in domestic boot dryers, and only limited portable dryers offer this feature.


How about a boot dryer that dries your gloves and hat as well? Sounds good, right? If you love snowboarding and hiking, go for a boot dryer that works with gloves, hats, and scarves.

You can dry all the essentials with one dryer, and nothing can be more convenient than this. While making a choice, check if the dryer works with gloves and other such items.

Usually, these dryers have variable temperature settings as gloves and scarves require less heat to dry up.


A ski boots dryer is an electrical device, so you can't risk not checking the warranty! Some of them come with a 1-year warranty, while some brands offer a 2-year warranty as well.

Depending on your budget and preference, you should check the warranty. Also, don’t forget to read the warranty terms to make sure that everything is covered, and you can get the dryer repaired or replaced in case any problem arises.


Ski boot dryers can be as cheap as $30, but some models can cost you a few hundred dollars. You should make a choice based on the aforementioned factors.

Expensive boot dryers come with a variety of features such as variable temperature settings, multiple boot drying vents, and less drying time.

Make your budget before looking for the best ski boot dryer to make a selection that fits in your budget.

Accessories to buy with ski boot dryer

After deciding on what ski boot dryer, you should buy some accessories that will be more than helpful. We understand choosing the accessories is challenging, so we are here with some recommendations.

  • Glove dryer

You cannot put gloves directly on the dryer, and that’s where the glove dryer steps in. You can mount this accessory on the blower to dry your gloves.

  • Drip tray

If you haven’t received a drip tray with the ski boot dryer, purchase it separately. It is essential to buy a drip tray so that it accumulates the water coming from the ski boots.

  • Dry rack

The dry rack is useful for organizing the boots after drying them. You can use the rack to keep the boots warm for a long time.

  • Carrying bag

If you want to buy a portable ski boot dryer, buy a carrying bag as well. The bag will be beneficial when transporting the dryer from one place to another.

FAQs: Best Ski Boot Dryer

Q: How long does it take to dry the boots?

A: It depends on the type of ski boot dryer you have and the condition of the boots. Usually, it can take around 2-3 hours to dry the boots completely, but some dryers promise to do it before this timeframe.

If you want to dry the boots quickly go for powerful dryers with variable heat setting features. The boot dryers that release more heat dries up the boots quickly.

Q: Are ski boot dryers noisy?

A: Yes, some ski boot dryers can be extremely noisy, that it will disturb your sleep. If you need a quiet boot dryer, look for options with a convection heating system.

Bigger boot dryers with more capacity are usually noisier as compared to the smaller counterparts.

Q: Can I make a boot dryer at home?

A: Yes, you can follow a DIY approach to make a DIY ski boot dryer at home, but it can take a lot of time. If you want to invest your time, then fabricating it at your home isn't that hard. Gather all the required materials and follow the best DIY guide to make a boot dryer.

Q: Are boot dryers safe?

A: Using a boot dryer is safe, so there is no need to worry about anything. Most of them have built-in safety features that protect the device from getting damaged due to electricity.

However, you should follow some preventive measures if you have kids and pets at home. The tubes extracting from the dryer can get blazing hot as hot air is passing through them.

Make sure that your kids and furry friends cannot touch these tubes. If possible, set up the ski boot dryer in a room where your kids don’t enter.

Q: Are ski boot dryers worth it?

A: Yes, ski boot dryers are worth every single penny you spend on it. Wearing wet ski boots can lead to multiple issues such as allergies and skin irritations. So, buying a ski boot dryer is indispensable.

Check this guide to find out the factors you should consider before buying a ski or snowboard boot dryer.

Q: Why is there a UV bulb on the dryer?

A: The UV lamp is there to sanitize the boots. Wet boots are a house to a plethora of bacteria and fungus-causing elements, and the UV rays are essential to exterminate them.

You should go for ski boot dryers that come with UV lamps.

Q: Are boot warmers and dryers the same?

A: No, boot warmers and dryers are two different devices. The dryer is important to dry up the boots, whereas the warmer helps you in keeping the feet warm. You should get both a dryer and a warmer if you are an avid skier or snowboarder.

Q: Do these dryers damage the boots?

A: if you know how to dry up the boots properly, then there will be no damages at all. The dryers have come with heat limited that limits the release of heat so that the boots remain in good shape.

Also, if you are buying a dryer with variable speed settings, check the max temperature rating of the boots.

Q: Do boot dryers fight odor?

A: Yes, most ski boot dryers fight the odor so your boots won’t smell anymore. If the boots stink a lot, then you should go for dryers that have built-in deodorizer. The deodorizer eliminates the smell, and you will love your ski boots even more.

Q: Can I take a boot dryer in a compact car?

A: The short answer is yes! You can take a portable boot dryer in your compact car. Some of these dryers are so compact that they fit in the trunk with other luggage.


With this ski boot dryer buyer’s guide, you can buy the best boot dryer. Make a list of the factors present in this article and compare different boot dryers on these parameters. Always go for the devices that come with a good warranty and belong to trusted brands.

You should even check if the dryer works with your gloves and scarf so that you can dry up all the essentials you have. Before clicking on the buy now button consider reading some customer reviews to know about their experience with the particular product. / - © Copyright 2020