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Love to go on skiing expeditions but tired of carrying your boots in an organized way? Sweat no more. Ski boot bags are here to the rescue.

These bags proffer a proper and organized way to carry your boots with you anywhere. With high portability and user-friendliness, these bags keep your boots safe from any unnecessary wear and tear.

Moreover, a suitable size bag has enough compartments and space to carry other essential items. With all pieces of equipment placed in one container, you can easily manage all the stuff and enjoy your skiing experience.

Why should you read a proper buying guide before selecting the right bag?

Selecting the right bag for your skiing boots is a whole other story. You need to consider the material, size, strap quality, durability, and whatnot.

You will never want to invest in a poor quality product and let your precious skiing boots get damaged. To prevent all this, you need to know all about the different characteristics of the bag.

The buying guide provides you with detailed information about the product under one roof.

So, dig into the guide and get familiarized with all the characteristics of the ski boot bags.

What is a Ski Boot Bag? Why should you buy them?

Ski boot bags carry your essential skiing gear in a structured manner. The bags are very convenient to carry around and help in keeping your ski boots safe and secure.

Exterior pockets, helmet storage, goggle pocket, and many other storage spaces are available with ski boot bags.

It provides safety and holds all your products in one place. Moreover, you will not need an additional bag as this bag fulfills the requirement of every storage.

These bags are also light-weighted and do not feel like a burden on your back. Their price range is affordable as well. From comfort to quality, these bags excel in every field or aspect.

Are you confused about making its purchase? Stay tuned and clear all your confusion.

Types of Ski Boot Bags

The first thing that you will need to know about ski boot bags is its type. There are mainly three types available in these bags. The types consist of side boot pockets, split level design, and internal dividers. They are further explained with the help of the following points :

  1. Side boot pockets

The name itself gives a hint on its specialty. Side boot pockets bags store the ski boots separately in different pockets. The risk of scratches is zero with these bags as your boots don't scrape against each other or the other items you have stored.

Finding stuff stored in the bag also becomes easier because of separate storage pockets. Moreover, your boots remain fresh and scratch-free with a constant brand new look.

  1. Split level design

Split level design for ski boot bags is a little similar to that of side boot pockets. Like side boot pockets bags, it also isolates the boots with the other items.

But, it does not separate the boots. This means that there are two basic storage columns in this bag. One is for storing the boots together while the other is for storing all the essential items. In this way, finding items is easy, and your ski boots stay protected from scratches that can occur by these items.

  1. Internal dividers

The internal dividers may look like an ordinary bag from the outside but are different from the inside. These bags have an internal divider with extra cushioning or soft padding.

These bags are water-resistant. But the problem of scratches prevails in these bags since most of your items are stored together. Finding things can also be problematic because of this.

However, some manufacturers provide extra separate pockets in these bags that can help in preventing such problems.

Things to deem about while selecting an appropriate Ski Boot Bag

  1. Size

Always consider the size before purchasing a ski boot bag. Keep your gear in mind when selecting the proper size. This will help in preventing the chance of selecting a bag that is either too large or too small for your gear and other essential items.

If you are purchasing the bag online, then always cross-check the dimension measurements. Also, check whether the product is true to size or not through the feedback given by customers who have already used the same ski boot bag.

  1. Style

People usually forget to pay attention to the style, which leads to the purchase of a non-suitable product. Considering the style is essential for ski boot bags.

The style can vary from a handbag to soft luggage. The models can also differ in terms of shoulder straps, a chest strap, or a waist strap. Furthermore, the color, pattern, or design options are also available in huge varieties.

So, you need to decide which style suits you the most and is the most comfortable for you and then make a purchase accordingly.

  1. Material

Material is another crucial component to consider when purchasing ski boot bags. Bags made with stronger materials can last for a longer duration than those made of weak materials.

Ski boot bags go through some rough and tough usages and are made for the purpose to withstand the terrains of skiing. Buying bags made of nylon or polyester materials is a good choice as these are stronger and durable.

Also, look for a tarpaulin base as it proffers extra protection against water. Or, you can purchase one with spiky rubber feet as they protect against water and muddy surfaces.

  1. Pack Space

Ski boot bags usually come in a similar size in context to pack space. Pack space defines how much of essential items you can store inside back. It is recommended not to store too much, or else the back will become heavy and problematic.

Possibilities are that you will easily find a ski boot bag with the required backspace. Most bags have different additional pockets for different items. However, if the storage still lacks in size, try storing it inside the boot as it will create more space.

  1. Storage Pockets and compartments

Many manufacturers provide additional storage pockets and compartments that not only provide more space but also help in better organization.

Having extra pockets and compartments in your ski boot bag is always beneficial. Finding the stuff is also easy with no extra complications because of better organization.

Moreover, the items are safer and will not scrape against each other as they are stored in different compartments. It also saves time as both packing and unpacking are quick processes with such ski boot bags. Some bags also have an external shock cord lashing that provides more options for storage.

  1. Colors

There are dozens of different color options available for ski boot bags. The most common choice among people is the standard black color.

This is because dark colors don't get much dirty, unlike light colors, and can withstand the tough usages in muddy or dirty areas. Therefore the need for maintenance and cleaning is lesser in them.

On the other hand, light colors get dirty frequently and require proper maintenance. So, if you are not willing to do regular cleaning, it is recommended to choose a standard black or any other dark color for your bag.

  1. Zippers

Another element that is important to consider before finalizing a purchase of ski bags is the zipper. A low-quality zipper has possibilities of being torn off while you are on your trip. Such a situation can be extremely uncomfortable and annoying.

Buy bags with good quality zippers to avoid the chances of something like this to happen to you while you are on your trip. Try to look for large waterproof zippers as the small ones tend to break easily. Also, ensure that the zippers are made of metals and not flimsier plastic as plastic zippers are of the worst quality.

  1. Drainage and Vent

Always ensure that the ski boot bag you purchase has a good drainage and ventilation system. A good drainage and ventilation system confirms the water-resistance of the product.

Bags with these capabilities can protect your boots and other essential items from getting wet or soggy. They also prevent the water from storing up and increasing the weight of your bag along with harming everything inside.

They are very helpful under rainy weather circumstances. Weather predictions can go wrong. Therefore, it is better to be prepared with drainage and ventilation facility bags rather than suffering later.

  1. Fit

Always check whether your boots will fit in the bag before purchasing or ordering them. Ensure that the length of your boot is in accordance with the height of the bag.

Consider the dimension in the given description box if you are making a purchase online. Check the bag and the boots accordingly if you are buying it from a store. You can carry one of your boots to the store for the same purpose.

If you find problems with fitting the extra essential items in the bag, try storing these vital items inside your boots.

  1. External Shock Cord

External shock cord is another major element that you must look for when buying a ski boot bag. These cords are extremely beneficial and can help in creating some extra storage space.

They can increase the carrying capacity by creating space outside the bag. You can easily store something as big and bulky as a jacket with the external shock cord. Moreover, they do not increase the weight of your bag and are a very comfortable feature.

These bags with the availability of these external shock cords are always an added advantage. If you are someone who is always in need of extra storage and somehow always ends up carrying too many essential items, then boot bags with an external shock cord is an ideal option for you.

  1. Waterproofing

As mentioned earlier, weather predictions can go wrong. You may plan to have a bright weather trip but end up with heavy rainfall. Even when there is no rain, the chances of water spilling inside or all over your bag exist.

Your luggage is at risk under such circumstances. All the items, including your boots, can get wet or damaged. Furthermore, soggy and wet luggage tends to be heavier than a dry one.

However, if your bag has waterproof technology, then you don't have to worry about such situations at all. Therefore, try to purchase a bag with waterproof fabric and waterproof zippers.

The chances of encountering rain or water can be low, but never completely zero. You can look for nylon or polyester fabrics as they have more water-resisting tendencies and are also long-lasting.

  1. Comfort

Comfort is an element that always matters with almost every product and, therefore, must always be considered when purchasing a ski boot bag.

Bags with padded straps tend to be more comfortable as such traps don't dig into your shoulders and cause discomfort. Some manufacturers provide padding in such a way that it is not only comfortable for your shoulders but also for your back.

Another factor that is important for comfort is how well the bag fits your body. This refers to the way the bag sits on your back and shoulders. If the straps are too tight, then they can be a cause of discomfort and vice versa.

  1. Airline Checking

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding a ski boot bag is whether they can be carried on a flight or not.

Well, the answer to this is yes, only if the bag that you have purchased is suitable and fits all the airline norms and guidelines. Different airlines have different guidelines for luggage.

Therefore, you need to check with the airline first to see if it will charge you any extra cost or fees. For most airlines, if your bag weighs less than 50 pounds, then you don't have to pay any extra charges or costs. Ski boot bags usually are suitable for this condition. You can use a simple bathroom scale to have an idea of how much your bag weighs.

Another factor that defines whether the bag is suitable for flight traveling purposes or not is its size. If the bag is too large and does not fit the cabin compartment, then you probably will not be allowed to carry it with yourself.

The charges for skis and snowboards differ from the regular oversize charges. So you need to consult the airline to know details about it.

  1. Carrying Option

The carrying option is yet another crucial element that must be considered. The ergonomic handles on the sides or the top of the bag elevates the portability of ski boot bags.

While there are models that have shoulder padded straps with padded back mesh support, the extra padding provides comfort and prevents the straps from digging in your shoulders.

Some models come with both these types, that is handles and straps. So, you can switch between the two according to your needs. The final decision is always yours, and you need to decide which of these types will be more suitable for you.

  1. Reflective Piping Lines

The last but not the least thing or additional feature that makes a ski boot bag more desirable is the feature of reflective piping lines.

The reflective piping lines provide light to your bag and help you find your essential items under dark or dim light circumstances. Moreover, these lines also provide a classy look to your bag, which is another reason to have them.

Encountering dark or dim light situations during the skiing trip is common. Therefore, having reflective pipelines is always a beneficial feature to have in your ski boot bag.

Steps To Clean a Ski boot bag

Cleaning the bag is not a difficult task at all, as these bags do not require high maintenance. All you have to do is follow some very simple and basic steps. With these steps, you can clean and increase the life of your ski boot bag.

  1. Spray bottle

The first step to clean a dirty bag is to use a spray bottle with warm water filled inside. Damp the bag with warm water with the help of the spray, but not too much. The more you will damp, the more time it will take to dry up.

  1. Use a sponge

After using a spray bottle, use a sponge dipped and soaked with soap water. Clean the outside as well as the inside with the help of the sponge. It is better to avoid scrubbing too much or too hard. Once you are done with the sponge, you can follow the next step.

  1. Rinse and wipe

After using the sponge, use clean water to rinse the bag and then take a clean cloth and wipe the bag. Make sure to rinse and wipe all the soap and dirt away as the remains can fail the whole process of cleaning. Also, remember not to scrub very hard or fast. Once you are done with this, you are ready for the final step.

  1. Dry

The last step to follow in order to clean the ski boot bag is to dry it up. You can either use the dryer or hang the bag under sunlight. However, hanging the bag under sunlight is a more recommended and preferable option as the bag may not be electronic dryer friendly. Your ski boot bag will be clean and fresh once it has dried up.


1. Does the bag size depend on the ski boot size?

No, the bag size actually has no relation with the ski boot size. Manufacturers design the ski boots bag in such a way that they have higher storage capacity.

Other than that, it must be noted that ski boots may come in different sizes, but their size difference is minor. Thus, if you see different sizes of ski boot bags, know that the bigger bag will have the same space for the boots. It is just the other storage compartments space that increases.

2. How should I take care of Ski Boots in the summer?

Don't think that keeping your ski boots locked safely in the summers will do magic. Ski boots require regular care, and that can be done by consistent washing. You need to wash them and keep them dry. While washing, you should be removing the liners and cleaning thoroughly for proper cleaning. Also, keep an eye on any damages that may occur after you use them.

3. What are the rules/tips to carry a ski boot bag while on an airplane?

Note: Each airline has a different set of rules for carrying ski boot bags. You need to check with the airline before carrying such bags for the same. Some general guidelines are provided below:

  1. What is your bag type-checked bag or carry on bag: If it is a carry on bag, you need to measure the weight and adhere to the specific guidelines of the airlines. For a checked bag, you need to check its weight and ensure it is less than 50 pounds.
  2. Early Check-in at the airport: It is a hassle-free way to get all the details about your ski boot bag handling procedure. This tip also saves most of your time, especially if you have an international flight as they have a higher number of security checks.
4. What are the essential items needed in a ski boot bag while going on a mountain?

There are four main key components that you must carry when going on the mountain:

  1. Ski boots: You can add this one night before in the bag so that they are packed for your expedition.
  2. Ski Goggles and helmet: Carry your extra gear such as goggles and helmet too.
  3. Extra pair of woolen clothes: Spare socks, hats, gloves, and extra jackets must be packed.
  4. Food: It is recommended to carry your food if you want a budget-friendly visit.

Final Verdict

Whether you are traveling by road or air, you can totally rely on your ski boot bag to aid you in managing and carrying your stuff quickly.

With all this information on different characteristics of the ski boot bags, all that is left for you to go through it and select an appropriate product for yourself. / - © Copyright 2020