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Want to boost up your weight loss regime? Equip yourself with suitable sauna suits and see the difference for yourself.

Ths suits are incredibly flexible and trap the heat, which in result, elevates your body metabolism. They are an excellent option to opt after performing an intense exercise session or extreme physical exercise to prevent heat loss from the body. The trapped heat produces more sweat, which flushes out the toxins and boosts the metabolism that speeds up your weight loss process.

With several brands present in the market, it is crucial to have prior knowledge about the product to select the best option. You can find all the essential information in a comprehensive buying guide. It saves you a lot of time, and you can quickly funnel down the best option.

So, let us give a quick glance at the introduction and then move further with this guide.

What do you mean by Sauna Suits? Why do you need them?

If you want to sweat intensely while exercising, you will definitely need a sauna suit. This is a special kind of tracksuit that comes waterproof and helps to hold up your body heat during your work out session.

When you exercise, you can sweat profusely wearing this sauna suit. Also, a sauna suit can increase psychological strain and produce more perspiration. It may cause dehydration and other heat-related issues.

You can find a wide variety of these suits along with shirts and pants, offering some great health benefits.

Using these suits, you can have faster weight loss. These suits induce sweat loss that helps in detoxification and reducing your body weight.

Things to deem while selecting suitable sauna suits


  1. PVC

PVC refers to Polyvinyl Chloride commonly used in designing the sauna suits. It is a synthetic plastic substance that is able to trap heat in an effective way. You should not expect high quality from PVC material, and thus it tends to rip and get damaged very quickly.

You may find it difficult to control your body temperature while wearing a PVC sauna suit. Therefore, there is a high chance of becoming faint due to extreme heat.

  1. Nylon

Nylon is also a synthetic material, but it is tougher than PVC. Due to the higher durability, nylon can last longer. This material can also hold up more heat, so it has some safety concerns that you must be aware of.

Another downside of using nylon made the sauna suit is that it will produce illness-causing bacteria.

  1. Neoprene

If you want to have the maximum durability of your sauna suit, it will be better to choose Neoprene material. It is a synthetic rubber that is able to retain high temperatures. Also, it is suitable for high-intensity workouts.

Neoprene is famous for its flexibility and complete range of motion. This is why Neoprene is considered as the best material for a sauna suit.


First of all, you should pay attention to the closures while choosing your sauna suit. Usually, these suits come up with a snug fit, so if you do not have comfortable closures, it will create irritation on your skin.

Zippers are convenient to use, but one major disadvantage of using Zippers is that they will put much pressure on your skin.

You can also go for Hook-and-Loop closures as they are very popular in the market. Hook-and-Loop closure can be a better choice than Zippers.

Some suits are designed with a slip-on style. They do not have any closures, so you must be a little careful when you are wearing and removing the suits.

Size and Fit

  1. Size

The size of the sauna suit is very crucial to get the right fit. So, you must consider your sauna suit's size before buying to make sure that you can work out comfortably wearing the suit.

Usually, sauna suits are available with unisex sizes, which means the size is the same for both men and women. The size of the suits varies between extra small to 8XL.

However, you must follow the manufacturer's guide to get the right size of the suits. It will also be better to consider your height, weight, and body type to get a proper fit.

  1. Fit

When it comes to choosing the fit of your sauna suit, it is recommended not to go for a too loose or too tight suit.

If you wear a tighter sauna suit, it may reduce your blood circulation during the exercise. On the other hand, it will be challenging with a too-large suit to achieve the efficiency you want.

Neoprene can be an imperative choice to have more flexibility and a better range of motion so that you can sweat profusely for a rapid weight loss.


Comfort is another essential buying factor that you should check properly before buying your sauna suit. Having an uncomfortable sauna suit means you can not reach your desired result easily.

You need to feel comfortable when you are working out wearing a sauna suit.

Therefore, you must choose the right material to increase your comfort. Lightweight materials are appropriate for these suits to maximize your comfort during exercising. You must look for high-quality materials that ensure the highest comfortability.

You should also select material that is machine washable. So, it will be convenient for you to clean and maintain the suit without any hassle.


Breathability is a primary factor that you should keep in mind when you are scanning different sauna suits. Though you are working the body, there is no point of overworking.

You should consider the design of the suits as well. You will find the single piece bodysuit, which is more likely a sweatsuit. Also, there are two-piece sweatsuits, including top and pants as well.

It is crucial to have better performance, but you should choose a design that offers more breathability. If the sauna suit is not able to prevent heat escape, you will not get your desired results quickly.

You can search for a sauna suit designed with a crew neck for better breathing facility or ventilation mesh that will offer more breathability to inner thighs and armpits so that you can work out comfortably.

Some people also like their suits to be designed with elasticized cuffs to enhance their comfort.


Generally, sauna suits have a snug fit, so without proper ventilation, you can not perform your daily exercise for a long time. Therefore, checking the ventilation of your sauna suit is incredibly essential.

These suits are designed in a way that can hold up the heat in an effective way. Due to extreme heat, you can become faint or pass out. So, you must select a sauna suit that comes with better breathability.

Many suits are available with mesh ventilation, which can be an excellent choice to avoid heat-related illnesses. These ventilations are found in the inner thighs or underarm areas that help to prevent overheating.

It will be a crucial decision to go for a sauna suit that has knit or mesh ventilation offering excellent breathability.


Many people prefer to listen to their favorite music during the workout period. If you have some pockets in your sauna suit, you can use them to put your iPod or other belongings.

Pockets provide some storage space where you can keep your keys, mobile phone, wallet, etc. You can also carry a water bottle inside these pockets.

With a view to that, some sauna suits are designed with in-built pockets, but it does not create any difference in your workout feeling.

Although it is your personal choice which items you want to keep inside the pockets, it is suggested not to keep any heavier items. Otherwise, they will impede your movement, and you will not be able to exercise comfortably.


Choosing the right style of cuffs can have a significant impact on the performance of your sauna suit.

Usually, sweatsuits come with a loose fit that needs maximum seal to produce more heat.

People are more likely to choose elasticized cuffs so that they can work out conveniently. Elasticized cuffs are used on the sleeves and waist of a top and the bottom of the wet pants.

It will help you in a significant manner to get your job done effortlessly.


When you are going to buy a sauna suit, you should determine your budget in advance. Sauna suits are available with a wide range of prices, so if you know how much money you can spend on a sauna suit, it will help to narrow down your choices.

The price varies from one manufacturer to another. Also, it depends on the material quality and construction. The price range varies typically from $10 to $110.

If you are looking for the cheapest sauna suit, you can go for PVC material. It is less expensive than other materials. But when your target is to buy a durable and long-lasting sauna suit, you will need to pay more.

Neoprene's Suits are best in terms of quality, but the price range starts from $60. So, it is ultimately your personal choice of how much you want to invest in buying a sauna suit.

It will be better to buy a sauna suit that matches your lifestyle, but that does not exceed your budget.


If you buy a sauna suit at a low price, then you should not expect an extended shell life. Only standard quality materials can ensure better shelf life.

It has a significant impact on your safety as well as the performance of the sauna suit. So before making your purchase, you must make sure that the sauna suit you are choosing can prevent overheating and offers the utmost safety for the users.

Both Nylon and PVC materials are useful in trapping heat, but they do not have proper breathability. Thus, they can increase your body temperature to a great extent, and your body takes a lot of time to become cool naturally.

You will not find proper ventilation in low-quality suits, which means there will be a chance that you can become faint within a few minutes of your workout.

There are some designs available in the market that feature safety ventilation areas all over the suit so that your body can increase temperature and cool itself down conveniently.


When you are about to buy a sauna suit, you should check the review of a particular design beforehand. This is the best way to get a high-quality sauna suit.

You will have all the information related to the sauna suits available on the internet. You need to research thoroughly to find out the issues that come up with the suit. By going through the customer's reviews, you will have a clear idea of these suits and their performance.

Therefore, you must take your time to do a little homework and proper research before paying for a particular suit design. You should search for a reliable company which has a good reputation for customer satisfaction.

Also, look for some proven products to make sure that the suit you are going to buy is durable enough to last for an extended period of time.


  1. Core

If you find a sauna suit that covers the core, it will cover your entire chest along with the torso. Moreover, it will cover your upper hands as well as the upper legs. You can choose these suits to wear for cardio exercises.

They can prevent chafing and increase your body temperature due to your increasing heart rate. So, you should never overdo these suits to avoid any health issues.

  1. Full Body

You can consider the full-body suits as an extended version of the core suits. These suits cover your entire core body area and legs up to the ankles and the arms up to the wrists.

Therefore, these suits can cover all muscle groups, which is appropriate for almost every exercise. If you prefer a baggy suit, you can pick up a full-body design.

  1. Torso

As the name suggests, torso suits only cover the torso area that includes your belly and chest. So, these suits can be ideal for beginners.

With these suits, you can cover the most heated region, but also you will get enough chance to make yourself accustomed to the increased temperature.

  1. Upper Body

Upper bodysuits are available with pieces that will cover your chest and arms up to the wrists. You can consider these suits as windbreakers. But you need to be careful so that you can avoid the loose sleeves. Otherwise, it may create problems during weight-lifting.

  1. Lower Body

On the other hand, lower bodysuits are absolutely perfect for covering your legs as well as your hips region. These suits also come with pieces. They can be an ideal choice for cyclists and joggers.


Versatility is a vital factor when you are purchasing sauna suits. You don't want a suit that will make it difficult to move when you wear it. Uncomfortable suits won't go well with your sport.

The perfect sauna suit is when you can easily walk, run, CrossFit, and even do other activities without being uncomfortable. You can even buy a unisex suit or inspect the versatility of the gender-biased suits before purchasing.

Ease of Use

The ease of use comes in two ways:

  1. Instructions for washing

No matter from which brand you purchase your sauna suits, you must wash them following the meant instructions. Most of the suits are to be cleaned by hands. Well, that is quite queer, but you have to follow it anyway.

The suits may turn into an unusable garment piece if you don't wash them with hands. However, some companies do manufacture suits for machine-washing. It is best advised to read the rules for cleaning your sauna suit and strictly follow them.

  1. Properties for anti-odor

When wearing sauna suits, some may result in sweating, and that might create an odor. As the suit already sticks to your body, make sure to purchase a suit with a moisture-wicking feature and anti-odor material.

The suits designed with these features do not cause any problems. They either capture the odor or eradicate the odor-causing bacterias, thus, not giving them a chance to spread.

Wear duration

The effectiveness of the suits not only increases but also the afterburn for a prolonged period. You can wear the suits only for 45 minutes, till your body replenishes the electrolytes. You stay hydrated and so not feel like fainting.

However, a doctor's consultant is highly suggested before you go out into the water. If you are suffering from heart problems, complications in blood sugar levels or blood pressure, you should go for a checkup.

These complications may increase the wearer's body temperature, which plays a vital role in the sauna suit's efficacy.

The suits are not at all cheap, and each of them comes with different features that outstand others, but with a high comfort level. Some of the features are more efficient and even far-reaching.

A post-workout is also conducted by many wearers and especially for the ones who are under health complications. These workouts can be efficiently planned with a medical professional and some additional consultancy.


The suits encounter certain death and extreme scenarios that most people consider them a bad option. They portray the suits as fads and a peril activity to be undertaken. However, recent researches have given it some validation and also proved that people who consider them trends are the ones who need to lose weight to wear them.

The suits won't work if you think you can quickly lose weight by sweating. Your initial value regains again after drinking water. This theory of losing weight in one day is false, and the suits prove it.

You cannot opt for a sauna suit if you think that losing weight is only about a fixed period. Your body has to be perfect for a long time so that it can support efficiency. The effect of the suits levels up during the "afterburn period." The metabolism burns more, and the wearer's body temperature gets elevated. That is when the body uses up all the fat stores.

Is the product beneficial for weight loss? How to use it properly?

For a quick weight loss, the suits are incredibly wonderful. They are designed so that they can trap the body's heat and quickly elevate the body's temperature. This sweating results in the loss of the extra pounds when you workout.

The pulse rate and metabolism also increase during the workout.

You are wondering how to lose weight wearing the sauna suit? Well, we will guide you so that you do not encounter any difficulties.

  1. Always look for extra vigilance for size when purchasing the sauna suit. The suits are mostly unisex and compared to the standard tracksuits. In case you wear a large-sized tracksuit, then opt the same when it comes to a sauna suit. Remember to check the size guide before purchasing it.
  2. Always wear moisture-wicking and close-fitting clothes under your sauna suit. Wear something that does not make you uncomfortable.
  3. Avoid tucking your shirt into your pants when you are wearing the sauna suit. Rather wear the elastic bands on your cuffs, collar, ankle, and waist perfectly.
  4. The suit can cause dehydration when working out to lose weight. So it is best advised to drink at least six ounces of water before and after the heavy workout.
  5. Do make a habit of drinking plenty of water after any heavy exercise. It is suggested to gulp down at least six ounces of water after every 20 minutes workout when wearing a sauna suit.
  6. Take a break when you are exercising for a long time. Do not try to work out for long in your sauna suit. Always wear it for five to ten minutes increments and then work up by increasing your duration. Do not wear for more than an hour while exercising.

To move from low effect exercise to the high ones, follow these simple steps:

  1. Always walk before you start to jog.
  2. Start with jogging and then increase your pace to start running.
  3. Your leg that is lying should raise first, and then the hanging one.
  4. Always read the instructions to clean your sauna suit and clean it before you start working out.


  1. Is it safe to wear sauna suits?

Always consult your doctor prior to opting for any suit. Discuss all your health issues and select the best option. Never wear the suits for an extended period and keep yourself hydrated.

  1. Can I hand wash the product?

Yes, the suits are hand washed with cold water and mild soap solution. Never use hot water as the suit will lose its shape and integrity.

  1. Can I wear my usual garments underneath my sauna suit?

No, you should wear sweat repellent garments so that the suit can work efficiently. Regular garments will not work properly.

Final verdict

With proper sauna suits, you can quickly speed up your weight loss regime. All you need is to find the best fit.

Go through the critical pointers laid out in this extensive guide and match your requirements with different products. You will find these details quite helpful in selecting an elite product for yourself. / - © Copyright 2020