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No matter what type of boat you are going to take out in the water, you have to deal with sails. With sails, you have to protect your hands from bruises and burns. Don't be stressed. Sailing gloves are here to the rescue.

These gloves protect your hands and provide a perfect grip over the ropes. The sails will not slip, and you can quickly maneuver them according to the situation.

However, while selecting a particular pair, you have to deem certain elements. You have to look into the size, style, padding, protection, comfort, and other additional properties.

With several models available, you cannot blindly choose any one of them. You have to study its every feature and make an informed decision.

Gathering information on all these elements can become a tiresome task. You may even end with incorrect details and facts. On the contrary, a well-detailed buying guide provides all the information at a single stop.

You get access to all the information in a jiffy with which you can quickly funnel down the best product. So, starting with a brief introduction, let us dive into this organized guide to pin down the best pair of gloves.

What is Sailing Gloves? Why should you use them?

Ocean and other water bodies are the best sites to spend your time and for any water sport. Staying in a landscape where you are surrounded by water everywhere teaches you many things.

It teaches you patience, crisis management, and much more. You have to keep yourself safe and satisfied with minimal amenities, for there won't be any general store or restaurant in the middle of the water.

Since the vast water bodies contain many elements like salt, minerals, etc. the water is not fit for drinking, and prolonged exposure can be risky. The presence of salt can corrode the metals and do many damages, and your hands are no exception.

Take a bowl of water with plenty of salt in it and soak your hand inside it for five to 6 hours. You will understand what is being talked about!

Sailing Gloves are the much-needed sailing gear that always finds a place inside your sailing kit whenever you are going out on a cruise.

These gloves are your hand's shield, which helps it stay protected from the harsh effect of salt, minerals, and, most importantly, the sun's heat. With this pair of gloves in your hand, you can quickly grab the rope and cut the lines.

It won't be difficult for you to do any task because these gloves are incredibly comfortable and won't burn your hands. These gloves prevent blisters and also insulate your hands in winter seasons so that you can work efficiently.

Why should I read this buying guide before purchasing suitable sailing gloves?

Now that you have decided on the type you want to opt for, it's time that you should start searching for it. But before that, you have tons of critical aspects to scrutinize.

The hunt for the best gloves for sailing purposes is challenging, and you should ensure that you don't miss the critical features that are most required.

To help you find a suitable match, we have come up with this outstanding buying guide, which holds the answers to every query that you have. Be it the fabric, grip, size, or fit; you have got all covered and secured.

Without any further ado, let's start sailing and know the benefits and the unknown facts about these gloves for the sailors on the way.

Types of Sailing Gloves

Sailors involve themselves in various activities like tying ropes, raising and fixing the anchors, etc. The hands do these activities, and hence, your hands need to be in good condition.

To keep your hands working and comfortable, sailing gloves feature different unique kinds of them. These variants are listed below for your better understanding.

  1. Helmsman Gloves

These gloves are also known as coxswain gloves. Coxswain is the person who controls the entire vessel and steers it in the correct direction.

You will be able to move your fingers flexibly and work efficiently because these have a pre-curved design for the fingers for a perfect fit.

The wrist strap is adjustable for your convenience, and the cuffs are quite long so that you get the optimum level of protection and warmth. These gloves are waterproof and keep you safe from all the adversities.

  1. Drivers Gloves

These gloves are designed for the individuals who paddle fast so that the boat moves more quickly. Despite being made to suit the fast paddling driver's needs, these gloves are not suitable for sailing purposes.

The design consists of leather or any other flexible material at the palm region so that you can have a comfortable grip.

These gloves are entirely waterproof and offer adequate warmth while the temperature drops due to heavy showers, cold winds, or winters.

  1. Deckhand Gloves

Unlike the other two types mentioned above, these gloves are more desirable for people who assist in activities like maintenance, rectifying safety issues, painting, etc.

These gloves are not too extended like the others but have adequate palm protection as they wrap around the entire palm in the best way and offer comfort.

They also have a pre-shaped design to get a snug and comfortable fit to carry out your tasks with ease.

Things to deem about while selecting an appropriate Sailing Gloves


Our hands perform the majority of the tasks, and it is required that the gloves you are opting for should aid in the activity and not hinder it.

Sailing gloves are preferred by many sailors worldwide because these hand protectors provide you comfort and movability. You can effortlessly grip the things and work with no issues.

These gloves come in different sizes that enable you to opt for the one that suits your hands' size. You can go for a broad sized glove or the one with a small size so that it doesn't slip or allow cold air to flow inside.


A pair of hand gloves should provide a snug fit for you to have no issues while wearing it. It shouldn't be loose and should not slip because the slipping gloves can hinder your activities.

These gloves for the sailors offer a comfortable and snug fit to your hands. These gloves are neither too tight nor too loose. They provide a perfect fit if you opt for the apt size.

You can work while wearing these with ease because the wrist straps are adjustable and provide a convenient fit so that the gloves don't move from its place while bending your fingers.

Also, when used in the winter months, these straps prevent heat exchange and keep you warm. The excellent fit that these sailor gloves provide keeps you relaxed and pain-free throughout the day.


Sailing gloves are high-quality gloves and the best sailor's accessories made from highly durable and excellently performing materials.

  1. Outer shell

The outer shell of these gloves is made of synthetic materials like polyester. Some variants also feature an outer shell made of natural materials.

These materials have incredible breathability and moisture-wicking properties that keep you dry and comfortable. Since wet hands are the best place for the gloves to slip, keeping them dry becomes essential.

  1. Grip Area

The palm region is often made of leather or any other grippy material that helps you have a firm grip and efficiently do your work.

The materials used are excellent in every climate. These materials are superior in breathability, durability, insulation, and waterproofing.

These gloves have padding inside them, which enhances the level of protection that they offer. If you are handling heat soaked ropes or cold metallic objects, the padded regions absorb the harsh temperature and prevent it from reaching your skin.

This feature is the most sought one and makes these gloves stand apart. The moisture-wicking property helps maintain appropriate air circulation during the hot months and lets the moisture generated inside escape into the air.

It is the breathability of these materials that keeps your gloves odor-free and comfortable to wear.

The durability is the next, which prevents your gloves from getting damaged and increases their life span. This high durability ensures that you get a long period of service and protection from the harsh elements.

No other gloves are as efficient as these hand gloves are and thus, are so famous and most opted.


Sailing in the open waters isn't easy. There are high waves that rock your vessel side to side, and the water also enters inside. This salty water, along with the moisture and humidity, makes everything slippery and hard to handle.

An ordinary glove is inefficient to tackle this problem, which demands something more robust and compatible.

Sailing gloves are designed in a specific manner to have a firm grip even on the slippery surfaces.

With these gloves in hand, steering your vessel becomes more manageable. You can save your water vessel from any damage and drive it out of the rough water.


Durability plays a significant role when any gear is discussed, whether it be your shoes, caps, camping tents, or the sailboats' gloves, durability matters everywhere.

These gloves for the sailors thriving in the ocean are made from extraordinarily damage-resistant and durable materials. They have a long lifespan and sustain the wounds and damages that the rough water gives them.

Being waterproof makes them more durable as they stay safe from the water-related damages and offer you more years of service.


When you are away from your home, protection is paramount, and you need to stay protected from every possible danger.

The ocean is calm and peaceful, but it turns into a giant monster when it shows its wrath. If at one moment it cares for you like a mother, the other moment it can ruin you in seconds.

To save yourself from all the adversities, you need to be protected by any means, and in this case, it is the sailor's gloves. Sailing gloves provide you the desired protection, but you have to opt for the right design to cater to the protection needs.

The design of these gloves plays a vital role when protection is concerned. You should opt for the ones that cover the entire hand and the fingers and have no opening for the elements to enter.

Also, search for the gloves with adequate thickness and padding to keep you safe from getting injured by sharp objects. A thinner pair of gloves will provide flexibility but not appropriate protection.

Hence, search for the variants and opt for the one that suits you well and is comfortable and offers protection.


These gloves come in three different finger styles. The finger styles' difference is created to match the convenience of all the sailors who are using these gloves. These types of finger styles are listed below.

Scan all the three in detail and then opt for the one you think will be more suitable for your use.

  1. 3/4th or small finger cuts

The gloves which have this finger design cover the entire palm on the front and the back but cover only the finger's base. This design is suitable for sailors who plan to sail during the hot season and want more flexibility while doing any activity.

The gloves' design is an excellent choice for those who want to have full palm protection and don't bother too much about the fingers.

  1. Three-finger design

These gloves cover all the three fingers entirely except the thumb and the index finger. If you want a pair of gloves for all-season use, a three-finger covering glove is the perfect option.

These gloves offer adequate warmth and comfortability, along with excellent flexibility for your fingers.

  1. Full finger gloves

These gloves cover all the fingers and protect you from the elements. They offer great comfort and warmth but compromise with flexibility.

However, some variants that have pre-curved finger design do not hinder your activities and provide enough flexibility.


Your wrist is the only place where the majority of the essential devices rest. The watch, GPS systems, and many other devices are made wrist-mounted so that you can use them with ease.

Having a wristwatch enables you to have a quick look at the time. The wrist GPS device helps you track your pinpoint location. Wearing a pair of gloves with an extended wrist area can hinder the gadget's purpose.

To make the accessibility of watches more convenient for you, sailing gloves come with velcro closure systems present inside these gloves.

Being inside, it doesn't obstruct the watch or the GPS's view and enables you to access them effortlessly. You can also search for variants that have a dial cutout just for your watch's dial.

Warm and Cold Weather

Investing in these gloves for ocean sailing is worthwhile because they offer you many benefits and keep you comfortable whenever you are sailing.

The requirements for the warm and cold weather differ, and so the choice of the gloves. Listed below are the points that will guide you to find a suitable pair of gloves for the weather you are traveling in.

  1. Warm Weather

If you are cruising in the warm weather, you should search for gloves with excellent breathability and comfort. You can opt for the gloves which have small fingers or the ones with three-finger coverage.

This design enables you to stay sweat-free and comfortable while staying out in the warm weather.

Besides, these gloves also protect from the harmful UV rays that you are exposed to because the sun rays reflected from the ocean damage more than the rays falling directly.

  1. Cold weather

The biting cold worsens when you are surrounded by water. It makes you lousy, inactive and freezes you if anybody is exposed. To combat these problems, opt for the gloves with full fingers and sound insulation.

If your hand protectors don't provide you enough insulation, you won't do any activity easily. Moreover, this exposure will make you uncomfortable and maybe sick.


While cruising, you deal with many things. Hot ropes, sharp knives, or frosty handles, etc. as these objects can cause damage to your hands, which will then prevent you from doing anything.

Since your hand is a significant body part, protecting it is crucial. To protect your hands well, you should look for gloves that have more layers of protection.

The gloves designed for sailing purposes have thick padding inside them so that your hands stay protected. They absorb all the sudden impacts and prevent these impactful waves from coming in contact with your hand.

With these gloves, you need not worry about grabbing anything or working with sharp objects. Besides, these paddings are highly breathable and absorb moisture to keep your hands dry.


These gloves serve many purposes and can be of great help. You can use these for rowing, paddling, on cruise ships, and many more places.

If you want to use your gloves for rafting or other fun sports activities that require the hands to paddle faster, you can always rely on these gloves with short finger design. They protect your palm and offer dexterity while grabbing the grip of the paddles.

If your hands are prone to blisters, you can opt for these gloves' full-finger design to protect your entire hand. The cutout variants are astonishing for touch screen compatibility, wristwatch, and other device accessibility.

Touchscreen Compatibility

Since smartphones have become an integral part of your life, refraining from using them even for an hour is difficult. Also, this small device contains all the vital information in it, which makes it more crucial.

Using a glove, you cannot operate the touch screen, which will make your cruise tricky, but by investing in sailing gloves, you can. These gloves are positively touch screen compatible and can be operated effortlessly without removing them.

You don't need to expose your skin to the biting cold to listen to your favorite tune or find the right track. Life has become much more comfortable and more accessible with the invention of such incredible and fascinating gadget compatible hand gloves.

Cuff Length and Style

The cuff length and its style are more dependent on your personal preference and comfort. Some individuals prefer small cuff lengths, while others prefer the longer ones to seek more protection.

Let's look at the different cuff lengths, styles, and advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Long cuffs

The long length of your glove's cuff or over the cuff style of these gloves' cuffs will extend and may cross your jacket's sleeves. Having a long length cuff offers more protection against the elements.

  1. Short cuffs

On the contrary, the short cuffs or under the cuffs style, end at your wrist's base and protect only your palm and fingers. However, the short length provides more mobility of your hand than their counterparts, but protection gets compromised.


  1. What type of gloves are best suited if I am looking to steer my boat?

This depends on your personal preference, but typically the helmsman gloves will cater to all your needs. As per the name of the product, the gloves are explicitly fabricated for the one who steers the vessel.

The design, adjustable wrist cuffs, and other elements make the gloves quite comfortable.

  1. How should I clean the gloves?

You can even hand wash them with soap and water solution, or you can machine wash them. Make sure that you don't use any harsh chemicals on your gloves. It can damage the material and ruin the product. Dry them in the air before storing to maintain a long life.

  1. What is the benefit of waterproof sailing gloves?

No sailor wants to get their hands wet with seawater, especially during the winter season. The waterproof gloves protect your hands from getting wet and provide proper comfort and warmth.

Summing Up

Sailing gloves present an effective and comfortable way to protect your hands while sailing your vessel. All you need is to pin down the best pair from the available options.

Here, in this guide, you will find all the necessary details that will aid you in your selection process. Go through the pointers and purchase an elite pair of gloves for your expedition. / - © Copyright 2020