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Looking for a comfortable backpack that keeps your necessary supplies safe and fit the urban lifestyle? Stop searching here and there. Roll Top backpacks are here at your service. The packs complement your fashion style and are quite comfortable.

The packs are highly portable and remove the hassle of opening several zips to store your items. They are easy to use and offer ample space to carry your things.

Selecting an optimal bag requires an in-depth study of different elements. You have to look into size, capacity, water-resistance, and other radiational properties. Gathering all the details can become a tiresome task.

On the contrary, a comprehensive buying guide will provide you all the necessary facts quickly. With all the information under your possession, you can funnel down the best product in no time.

However, first, you should know a little about the product. So, going through a quick introduction, let us dive into this immense pool of information.

What are Roll Top Backpacks, and why should you buy them?

A roll-top backpack is quite different from the traditional packs in terms of comfort and ease of use. This is the main reason why students, bikers, campers, and professionals are more likely to choose these backpacks.

They do not have many flaps and zippers. Instead, you can roll them down quickly like a lunch bag. Also, these backpacks have no mesh linings, drawstrings, and pockets.

You are allowed to use these backpacks with maximum comfort because they are designed without any hook clamps. It is very convenient to pack and remove things, which means they can be an excellent choice for your urban lifestyle.

There are some specific reasons why you need to choose the best roll-top backpack such as—

  1. You are able to organize essential things in small pockets so that you can keep them within your reach.
  2. A large number of items can be stored inside the huge volume.
  3. Some models are built with extra straps to balance the weight properly.
  4. You can easily keep the stuff inside the pockets provided for extra storage.
  5. These backpacks are available with several designs, and you can select the best one as per your requirements.
  6. With these backpacks, you are able to protect your stuff effectively.
  7. You can have the right fit according to your body posture, and thus, you can reduce strain on your back.

Types of Roll Top Backpacks

  1. Daypacks

If you are going for a short bike trip or one-day hiking, you can choose this type of backpack. As daypacks are frameless, they are very comfortable to use.

However, they are lightweight, so you should not carry more than 15 pounds. Daypacks are appropriate for less weight.

Some good quality daypacks are designed with hip belts to make sure they reduce thumping while walking.

  1. Internal Frame Packs

When you need to carry heavier loads, internal frame packs can be a good choice for you. Different types of materials, like plastic frame sheets, aluminum stays, or Delrin rods, are used to make these backpacks. Sometimes, the combination of all three materials can be found.

They can fit the shape of your back correctly so you can carry bigger loads without any strains.

Usually, these backpacks come with a supportive hip belt to efficiently transfer the weight to your hip area. This is why people prefer these backpacks to carry heavier weights.

Internal frames come narrower and fit closely, which makes them suitable for any strenuous activities like hiking, bushwhacking, skiing, etc. They make your hands free and offer the proper center of balance.

For hot weather, you can have a trampoline style internal backpack where the breathable mesh helps in air circulation, but it does not reduce the stability.

But it is very crucial to maintain proper loading so that you can keep the bags stable and organized as well.

  1. External Frame Backpacks

You can consider the external frame backpacks to carry bigger and heavier weight while walking on the trails.

The exterior frame of the backpack helps to lessen the load on your back. Therefore, it is not ideal for skiing or hiking, but trail walkers can use these backpacks due to the wobble fest. You can also use hiking poles to increase stability.

External frame backpacks offer a better center of gravity that has two significant advantages. It aids in transferring the weight to your hips that allow you to walk straight without leaning forward. It also allows airflow between your back and the pack to increase your comfort while you are walking in a hot and sweaty condition.

Though external packs have multiple pockets, you need the correct way of loading them properly.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Roll Top Backpacks


You will find a wide variety of sizes for the Roll Top backpacks.

However, it will be better to choose a bigger size pack. For the traditional backpacks, the volume matters the most, but you can select the size of a roll-up bag according to your preferences.

The top of the pack can be rolled down quickly so that you can get enough space to store all the required stuff. It offers maximum comfort without disturbing the proper balance.

As you are allowed to roll down the bags' lid, you will get more compressibility than any traditional backpacks. It is very beneficial for users.

With this additional compression, you can prevent the choking when it comes to packing other items.

This is how you can reduce the bags' weight, which is advantageous for the bikers significantly.


You must check the quality of the material while buying a roll-top backpack. Without choosing high standard materials, you cannot have a durable and long-lasting bag.

Also, the waterproofing features depend on the materials used in designing the bags. Not all the materials have the same qualities, so you must pick them up carefully.

It is vital to check the denier rating of the chosen material, which will let you know about the material's thickness. You should go for higher numbers to make sure that the bag is exceptionally resistant to tears.

For backpacks, waterproofness is essential, and you should check the waterproof rating of the materials in advance. Most of the basic materials, including nylon, is resistant to water, where PVC material is completely waterproof.

Moreover, the zippers and the buckles should be strong and sturdy. So, you must check the materials to prevent wear and tear.


The design of the Roll Top Backpacks is crucial for users. They look like a regular bag. But the absence of additional pockets, straps, and zippers bring a new design for these bags.

You can have them at an affordable price due to the least waste of fabric. Therefore, these bags are available with an attractive look, and you do not need to go beyond your budget to buy them.

Nowadays, most of the backpacks are designed with internal padding, where you can keep your laptop securely. If you are a student or professional, it will have an excellent benefit for you.

Moreover, some models come up with a side pocket. It helps store your water bottle so that you can get easy access to water while walking, riding, or hiking in hot weather.

Designed with incognito zips at the backside, some bags provide extra space to keep your money, cards, and phone securely.

Waterproof vs. Water Resistant

It is a prevalent thing that confuses several people. Before you go to buy the Roll Top Backpacks, you should know that there is a difference between water-resistant and waterproof.

Apparently, waterproofness and water-resistance are a same thing, but it may have dire consequences if you overlook the differences.

Some bags have a water-resistant coating that can protect the stuff from light rain. But they are not able to withstand heavy rainfall and the stuff becomes wet in that case.

Therefore, you will need a waterproof backpack to use them in heavy rains, but your stuff will be protected and dry. By using a water-resistant bag, you cannot deal with harsh elements.

On the other hand, a waterproof bag gives you that chance to carry some sensitive items like laptops and other electronic gadgets with you even if it is raining.


It is better to have a backpack with multiple compartments so that you can store the essential items in an orderly manner and access them quickly when needed.

You must check the main compartment in the first place. It should be large enough to hold all of your required items. It depends on some factors like the timespan and the area of your traveling.

You can find some bags designed with a particular area for a laptop, which is incredibly useful for professionals and students. It ensures that all your items are safe while you travel for an extended period.

So, you do not have any hassles to store your electronic devices inside these bags, and you can also keep them organized as per your convenience.

Another thing you must consider is the quality of the zippers. Having high-quality zippers means that there will be fewer chances of unzipping unwillingly.

You can look for a water bottle holder attached to the exterior of the bags when you are going on a hiking trip.

Fit and Comfort

Roll Top Backpacks are able to carry heavier loads, so you must get the right fit of the bag to maximize your comfort. You must get adequate support from the pack.

One of the most crucial parts that you must consider is the straps. There are several factors to make the straps comfortable for use.

Some straps are padded enough and provide you with great comfort when you are using the bag for a long day. Besides, the straps must be extremely adjustable so that you can get a perfect fit.

You can look for two main straps additionally to carry heavier loads. With the waist and sternum straps, it is easy to reduce the weight from the shoulder and distribute the weight properly.

Therefore, it will be easier for you to carry the bags for an extended period of time.

When it comes to comfort, you must select a breathable backpack. Usually, mesh liners are used to build these bags. It helps in ventilation that allows you to use the bag in hot weather conditions.

Large Opening

Choosing a large opening of the bag will help you to look inside the bag hassle-free. Similarly, you can reach in and out of your backpack without having any discomfort.

Simply put, large openings allow you more space so that you can organize the stuff in an effective way. You can store the essential items within an accessible reach.

You can search for the specific laptop compartment to keep your device protected during a long journey.

Fewer Zippers

Besides large openings, you must also check the zippers of the Roll Top Backpacks.

One thing you should remember when you are about to buy your backpack that excess zippers can have a negative impact on the lifespan of the bags.

In roll-top models, you will see fewer zippers, which reduces dirt accumulation so you can use them comfortably.


People are likely to use the Roll Top Backpacks for climbing, skiing, bike riding, etc. It is needless to mention that you can encounter different weather conditions during your trip.

So, you must choose a bag that is capable enough to deal with harsh elements such as rain, and this is how it can serve your purposes efficiently.

Another vital thing to contemplate is the unisex design. It means both male and female users can use these bags with an equal level of comfort.

All-weather protection features can be a good addition as well. Some models come with a whistle as well as reflective strips to make sure you will get the highest performance.


Arguably, it is true that the Roll Top Backpacks offer you more protection than the traditional backpacks or any other models.

There are several reasons why these bags are safer to use. One of the primary reasons is that they are well-built and incredibly supportive.

Made of comfortable paddings, they can support you in the best possible way when you are walking on the trail with heavier loads on your back.

Moreover, the extra weather protection feature works effectively to keep your clothing and other equipment, including electronic devices protected and dry in difficult weather conditions.

This is how these bags can improve the safety of the users and the items as well.


You must consider the color of the backpacks while choosing one for you. Though it ultimately depends on your personal choice, you must have an idea of the colors beforehand.

A wide variety of colors are available in the market, including the primary two colors green and black. Many travelers are likely to have these colors, so they are easily accessible.

However, you can look for any other colors that suit you the most. You have to be careful while choosing the waterproof backpacks. For tropical areas, you should avoid dark colors. If you select any dark color, it will attract sunlight and, finally, increase the temperature of the stuff. It can be harmful to your camera or laptop, so you must pay attention to that.

On the contrary, bright colors can always be the right choice. With a fluorescent color bag, you can increase the visibility of your backpack that comes in useful while you are traveling outdoors.

Another advantage of choosing a bright color is that you will not lose your bag quickly. If you do not remember where you have put your bag, the bright color will help you to find the bag in less time.


Checking the capacity of the Roll Top Backpacks should be a vital part of your buying process. It will be wise to choose the capacity depending on your purpose of use.

For day to day use, you can go for a pack that does not have a large capacity. With extra storage and incognito sleeves to store your laptop securely. It is an efficient way to keep your items in an organized manner.

On the other hand, you should select a bag with a larger size if your plan is to go hiking. For longer trips, it will be more helpful for the hikers. A larger backpack will allow you to store all the essential gear and tools inside the pack without any issues.

Every part of the backpack is not protected with a water-resistant coating. So, you should store the stuff in the right place to keep them dry and protected from water.

Usually, the big compartment comes waterproof so you can put a lot of stuff inside. This is how you can save the essential supplies from heavy rain.

Price Range

You must fix your budget in the first place so that you can narrow down your choices without having any doubts.

There is no point in breaking your bank to get a good quality roll-top backpack. Instead, you can define the maximum and minimum range to buy a bag within your budget.

But having said that, it will be reasonable to invest some extra money to get some additional features that will increase the durability and longevity of the bags.

Generally, these backpacks come within the price range between $50 and $100. However, there are some decent designs available below $50. Also, you can go for above $100 to get some impressive designs.


Versatility is essential for the Roll Top Backpacks. Have a fair idea of the place where you are planning to go on a trip. Knowing the weather condition will help you to select your backpack in a significant way.

If you are going to travel in rainy forests or wet climates, you should choose a backpack that is sealed and fully covered. Also, you should look for the highest waterproof rating of the bags.

Oppositely, when you are going to beaches or hot countries, you can look for additional pockets. With this, you can keep your water bottle stored within your reach.

Therefore, it is crucial to pay attention to versatility. Some people tend to overlook this feature while buying their backpacks. Look for it with priority so that you will not end up getting disappointed at the end.

Additional Storage

Additional storage is an essential factor that you must consider before paying for the Roll Top Backpacks. It can make a massive difference between your choices.

You will spend a good amount of money on your backpacks, so you will definitely expect your bags to be capable enough for storing all the essential items required.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to go for a large number of additional storage. Many manufacturers are designing their waterproof bags with extra storage to increase the capacity of the bags.

If you buy a water-resistant bag designed with multiple pockets, you will be able to keep your things in the bag without any extra effort.

There are some backpacks constructed with mesh pockets, which are very helpful in keeping water bottles. But it will be better to avoid these pockets for storing things in rainy conditions.

Otherwise, everything will become wet that you never intended for.


  1. Are the packs waterproof?

Yes, the bags come in different variants that are waterproof. As the design of the bag saves your supplies from the rains, opt for bags that are light in weight and do not retain water for a long time.

  1. Are these bags worth their value?

Yes, the packs are highly user-friendly. They keep your items safe from water damage and have ample space to accommodate them. With proper padding, they can support heavy loads and are quite comfortable.

  1. Any tips on maintaining the pack?

Here are some tips to follow:

  1. Take out all the items from your bag.
  2. Wash the bag properly with a soap solution.
  3. Always read the instruction manual before using any chemicals to clean the bag.
  4. Dry it properly. Never store the pack in direct sunlight.

Summing Up

Roll Top backpacks allow you to carry your stuff around comfortably. You can store all your items safely and maneuver it without any unnecessary hassle.

While selecting, look for the bags that are not heavy. Here in this guide, you will find all the necessary information that will aid you in sorting out an elite bag. Give a quick look and invest your money in the appropriate option. / - © Copyright 2020