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Are you tired of scrubbing the irritating algae and dirt out of the pool? Don't worry. Robotic Pool cleaners are here to rescue you from this tiresome task.

These pool cleaners are like terminators that scan the threat (dirt, algae, other foreign substances) in your pool and terminate them automatically. Just sit back, relax, and pool-up your pool once the robotic pool cleaner cleans it.

Importance of reading a buying guide before initiating the robotic pool cleaner

The buying guide allows you to get all the information about the cleaner so that you can easily maneuver and maintain it.

Here in this comprehensive guide, we have showered light on some of the critical characteristics for you to aid you in selecting the best cleaner. Let us dig into these features.

Why should you opt for a robotic pool cleaner?

You should buy a pool cleaner considering your budget and time. Though the robotic cleaners are a little expensive, they can clean the pool automatically without any hassle. Some advantages of using a robotic pool cleaner are:

  1. You do not need much time to clean your pool.
  2. It will be beneficial for you if you have back pain or other health issues.
  3. A powerful robotic pool cleaner comes up with a better scrubbing facility and proper navigation.
  4. A robotic cleaner does not require the pool's pump for power.

Types of pool cleaners

There are three types of pool cleaners available in the market. Here we discuss each type a little for better understanding.

  1. Suction side pool cleaners

Commonly, you will find two types of suction pool cleaners, including inertia driven suction cleaner and geared suction cleaner.


  • Very simple to install and easy maintenance
  • Works without electricity
  • Available in the low prices


  • Not able to filter leaves
  1. Pressure side pool cleaners

Many pressure cleaners have an extra booster pump that makes them more powerful.


  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Sweeper brush can reach the wall and floor of your pool easily
  • Collect leaves, sands, and algae as well


  • Costly than suction pool cleaners
  1. Robotic pool cleaners

Robotic cleaners are perfect for larger pools. They operate on electricity and work smartly to remove debris stuck on the pool walls and pool floor. Also, they are easy to maintain and save your time.


  • Works better than suction and pressure pool cleaners
  • Requires no installation
  • Uses its power source
  • Perfect for water mixing
  • Good for scrubbing and filtration


  • A little expensive

Things to consider while selecting the Robotic Pool Cleaners

  1. Types of robotic pool cleaners

Before picking up a robotic pool cleaner, you must check the pool type and select the model best suits it. You will come across two types of robotic pool cleaners, and to make the right choice, you should know about them in detail. The two types of pool cleaner include:

  1. In-ground pool cleaners

If you have a large pool, you should opt for the in-ground pool cleaners to ensure 100% coverage. It means this type of robotic cleaner can reach into the tight corners of the pool, including the pool walls, floor, and waterline as well. They are bigger in size but come with a variety of features that are very useful to clean your pool without much effort. Though in-ground pool cleaners can be a little expensive, it will surely be an excellent choice for the big pool owners who want to clean their pools comfortably.

  1. Above-ground pool cleaners

When your priority is to scrub the pool floor efficiently, it will be wise to look for the above-ground cleaners instead of the in-ground model. Above ground, robot cleaners are the most suitable option for scrubbing and vacuuming the floor of your pool. These cleaners are lightweight and come with a compact design. So, you do not need much effort while cleaning your pool with an above ground pool cleaner. It comes within a budget-friendly range so you can afford it easily. There are some above-ground cleaners suitable for in-ground pools as well.

  1. Filtration

The robotic pool cleaners are equipped with more than one filter to remove dirt and debris with different sizes easily. Both water and soil pass through the filter, and thus waste material is collected by the filter. So, you must choose the right filter type to get cleaner and healthier water in your pool.

Larger filters can capture large-size debris like leaves. But for small particles and algae, you will need excellent quality fine-filters. They can collect the waste debris that is small up to 2 microns. Also, some single filters can capture different large and small debris efficiently.

Though you have the right type of filter, the kind of filtration mechanism matters the most to clean your pool. Usually, the filters work with two types of filtrations - either cartridge filtration or bag filtration. Both have some pros and cons.

  1. Four large cartridges are used to filter dirt and debris in the cartridge filter mechanism. It comes with a lightweight design that helps to remove and wash the cartridges efficiently.
  2. Bag filters are likely to capture a considerable amount of dirt and debris. They are designed with unique fabrics, so they can work efficiently without being clogged. Bag filters are very useful in cleaning large debris.
  3. A cartridge filter is designed with pleated fabric to capture debris, but the bag filters are made up of mesh, microfiber, etc.
  4. You can clean the cartridge filter without any hassles, and they are also straightforward to maintain. High-quality bag filters are appropriate for machine wash, and the disposable filters need no washing.
  5. You are allowed to use multiple cartridge bags to increase their longevity and rotate them before cleaning. However, the capacity of bag filters depends on its material and construction of layers.
  6. Because of the robust framework, the cartridge filter can handle the pump pressure easily. Bag filters use a metal bag or plastic bag to withstand the flow pressure.
  1. Cabling of the cleaner

If the power cord of your robotic pool cleaner gets tangled frequently, it will prevent the pool cleaner from giving the best performance. With a tangled wire, it is difficult for the robotic cleaner to reach each corner of the pool. Therefore, you must look for tangle-free cabling for the pool cleaner.

Nowadays, most of the robotic pool cleaners are designed with a thin electric cable instead of a bulky hose, so they do not tangle quickly. A robotic cleaner with a swivel cord can reach the tight corners of your pool without any issues. You can plug in the cable and take it any direction according to your convenience.

The mechanical swivel supports the cable to move freely. Some high-quality robotic cleaner is available with the gyroscopic feature to reduce the tangling of the cords. Also, the top-tier models have a motor-driven feature that stabilizes the wire from getting tangled easily.

  1. Pool size

When you decide to buy a robotic cleaner, you should know the size of the pool. A powerful robotic pool cleaner is always the right choice when it comes to cleaning a larger pool. But what matters the most is the length of the electrical cord.

Longer cord allows the cleaner to cover more cleaning spots. The cable of a robotic pool cleaner is plugged in and remains submerged inside the pool water. Therefore, you should choose a cord length in accordance with the size of your pool so that it can clean the furthest spot without any problems. Usually, above ground pool cleaners are designed with shorter cable lengths.

You can imagine the cleaning spot like a sphere, and then it will be easy to measure the radius of that sphere, which is decided by the length of the power cord.

  1. Wheels

Generally, people choose robotic pool cleaners to clean a larger pool for 100% coverage and to remove all sizes of dirt and debris effectively. To make your cleaning easy, you should choose a cleaner with four wheels and wide tires.

While choosing a robotic cleaner, many buyers simply ignore this feature, but you must remember that for high-end performance, the wheels of a robot pool cleaner play an essential role. A robotic cleaner having wider tires and four-wheel drive can rotate around your pools with ease.

It is better to find tires that are made up of rubber. Plastic is not appropriate for tires, so you should avoid them. The rubber tires allow the cleaner to navigate properly, and they can work on slippery walls and the floor of the pool. So, go for a pool cleaner with four wheels and rubber made tires.

  1. Brushes

Initially, premium quality in-ground pool cleaners were designed with scrubbing brushes. But those days are gone. Now, the in- budget above ground pool cleaners are also available with brushes for scrubbing. Robotic pool cleaners equipped with scrubbing brushes can remove dirt and debris from your pools' bottom and sidewalls as well.

Moreover, it reduces the suction system's effort so that you can clean the algae and dirt stuck on the wall and floor. Usually, the robotic cleaners come with a single brush, but if you can afford an expensive cleaner, you will get a dual brush for cleaning.

Though you need to spend a little more for a cleaner with a scrubbing brush, it will be worth your money. The device that only has a suction system can collect the debris floating on water, which means you will find much grime even after cleaning.

  1. Scanning ability

Similar to scrubbing brushes, this feature was also only for expensive robotic cleaners in the beginning. However, most of the existing brands offer robotic cleaners designed with advanced software and smart sensors. Therefore, the pool cleaner can measure the pool's size and shape in less time.

You will be happy to know that you can find some robotic cleaners for your pool that can be controlled through your mobile phone remotely. In the coming time, we expect to have a more intelligent and efficient cleaner that will function in a better way.

  1. Debris

You must select the right robotic pool cleaner for your pool to effectively remove both large and small debris. Different types of robotic pool cleaners have different filtration systems, so they do not equally work to collect all sizes of debris. If there is a big tree beside your pool, make sure that your pool cleaner is equipped well to collect big leaves.

Many robotic cleaners with high standards are designed with more than one filter that you can change easily. Some filters are good enough to capture leaves. Also, some filters can capture small dirt and debris, including algae and bacteria.

You can buy a cleaner with an ultra-fine filter to effectively pick up all the smaller particles and clean your pool. Some robotic cleaners are available with more flexibility to catch debris so you can buy according to your budget.

  1. Weight, Power, and Speed

Weight is a significant factor when it comes to selecting a robotic pool cleaner. As it is needed to lift the cleaner several times while cleaning the pool, you should not go for a heavyweight model. If you have a heavy robotic cleaner, it may trouble you while lifting it after your cleaning is done. It is suggested to buy a robotic cleaner that can float automatically so you can lift it out of the pool effortlessly.

Besides, you should consider the power of your robotic pool cleaner. Power determines the ability of your pool cleaner. A cleaner that does not have much power can be a great disappointment because it will not be able to collect all the leaves and debris from the water. So, for better cleaning, you need a powerful cleaner.

When it is about speed, you may think less about this feature. But do not ignore it. If time is your concern, you must give it importance. The speed of your robotic cleaner decides how timely it can clean your pool. Though there is a chance that you will have to compromise with the toughness, it will definitely work in a time-efficient manner.

  1. Wall and stair cleaning

The regular pool cleaners can pick up large debris like big leaves where a large amount of dirt gathers on the sidewall of your pool. The best robotic pool cleaners are well-designed so that they can climb the pool wall and stairs efficiently. Also, they can clean the waterline without any hassle. Therefore, you should make a wise choice when you buy a robotic cleaner. You can choose a pool cleaner designed with micro-brushes that can rotate easily around the pool to remove the dirt particles stuck on the wall and stairs.

  1. Lid Removal

Before buying a robotic pool cleaner, make sure that it can quickly remove the water build-up at the time of cleaning. Top access lids are very useful to empty water from the pool cleaners when they are filled up. You should also remember that the filter bags should have a big size, so you do not have to remove the debris frequently. Some filters can be removed from the top and cleaned quickly.

  1. Automatic settings and software control

The robotic pool cleaners are very useful and lessen your burden to clean the pool manually. You can set programs in advance so they can work automatically. You can program the cleaner for different days according to your convenience to make sure you can clean your pool even if you forget to run the cleaner.

You will find some brands that can be controlled by computer software. Also, you can communicate via your phone. The software is used to detect the robot's movement, so it gets around the entire pool. Moreover, it enhances the cleaning process and covers more surface area.


  1. Should I think about energy efficiency when selecting a cleaner model?

Energy efficiency depends on the model and the type of cleaner you are going to select. Also, the size of the pool is critical while evaluating the energy efficiency of the pool cleaner. Smaller robotic pool cleaners consume less power and energy while the larger ones can consume up to 1000 Watts in an hour.

If you don't want a massive electricity bill, we suggest to not choose a model with power more than 100-1200 Watts

  1. What do you mean by cleaning cycles in robotic pool cleaners?

The cleaning cycles provide you an estimate of the time in which the pool cleaner will clean the pool. Higher models offer shorter cleaning cycles and also come with pre-programmable cleaning time, which increases the user-friendliness of it.

  1. How can I evaluate the price of a particular model?

Select a decent model, with the ability to scan different pool surfaces and smart controls. Try to avoid paying high prices for unnecessary alarms and lights.

  1. How to avoid tangling the power cord?

Choose the model with a swivel cord, which will prevent the power cord from tangling up severely. If you don't have this feature in your model, then keep the power cord stretched out in sunlight. This will decrease the tangling level of the cable.

  1. Any tips to ponder for the maintenance of the robotic pool cleaners?

Here are some useful tips which can increase the life of your product:

Clean out the filters every time you clean your pool with the robotic pool cleaner. Also, check out for any debris and remove it so that it doesn't damage the filter fiber.

Check the quality of brushes and filter regularly and change the parts when necessary to ensure proper cleaning of your pool. These parts tend to wear out with time. So, if you keep using them for a long time, the cleaner will just keep on eating power units and will offer poor cleaning.

In winters, isolate every part of the product and store them away from the direct sunlight.

  1. Is the warranty of the product essential to deem about or its just market hokum?

You should definitely look for the warranty before selecting any model for your pool. Deem about the details and what parts are covered in the warranty. In case of malfunctioning, you can easily do the repairs

Final Verdict

Try to work smart, not hard. Allow the robotic pool cleaners to clean the pool while you relax and enjoy the view and weather. The smart machines are easy to assemble and install and can reduce your work to a large extent.

So, compare the features of different models and select a powerful cleaner for your pool. / - © Copyright 2020