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Want to enjoy your favorite music by the poolside? Invest in suitable pool speakers to elevate the fun of your pool parties.

The speakers can work efficiently even if some water splashes on them. Moreover, some models have a floating feature, which prevents them from drowning in the pool.

However, you have to look into several elements before pinning down the best product. A comprehensive buying guide provides you with all the information that will aid you in sorting out the best product.

You can quickly match your requirements and make an informed decision. But before all this, let us give a quick tour to its introduction and then move further.

What do you mean by Pool Speakers? Why do you need them?

Pool parties are in trend these days. Parties are best to spend quality time with your dear ones and release stress. How can you expect a party without loud music and a glass of chilled drink?

The right tune sets the mood. To create a musical atmosphere, music speakers are required. Ordinary speakers are good but not like the ones used inside the water. Pool speakers are designed to provide you with thrill and excitement.

These speakers can be used in water without getting damaged. These are waterproof and lightweight, making them floatable.

You can use them in your backyard pool, boat, or beach. While swimming, you get a chance to synchronize your moves with the rhythm. Such a stylish symphony! You can dance like a mermaid.

The advantage of using these speakers is that you can hear the sound even underwater since the speaker floats beside you. You can efficiently operate your speaker without grabbing your phone.

By investing in these speakers, you can buy yourself a life that changes your existing one completely.

Why should you read a buying guide before purchasing pool speakers?

Searching for the best pool speaker is a tedious task. To stop browsing through innumerable pages, we have brought you this buying guide. Here all the relevant information is combined and presented.

This guide will help you ignore the baseless facts about a pool speaker that are doing the rounds. You will come across the actual and verified facts. You will learn new features and their usages that you never knew before.

Also, it will help you find your best match and invest in the right thing. While many retailers may fool you with forged speakers, you can contradict their claims. You can do so only by paying attention to the critical aspects listed below.

So, do not waste your precious time and get started with your work. Carefully scan through all the features, know their pros and cons, and then decide which one to opt for.

Types of Pool Speakers

The market is flooded with different kinds of speakers. All are equally good, but there are instances where you can go wrong.

To ensure that you invest in the right type of speaker, look at the different speakers' features. This will enable you to scan through the variants and pick out the one that you need.

  1. Standalone

As the name suggests, these speakers include a single device. A standalone pool speaker is highly portable and lightweight. The speaker features a compact design and different shapes.

The best advantage is this speaker can be connected through various means. You don't have to rely on Bluetooth alone. You can connect your device via connecting cables, NFC, Wi-Fi, etc. It can also be connected to your iPhone that lacks a Bluetooth application.

You can also find standalone speakers that emit different lights synchronizing with the beats. These also have built-in FM radios.

  1. Pocket-sized

A pocket-size speaker is easy to carry anywhere. This speaker doesn't occupy much space and can be inserted inside your trouser pocket also.

It also comes with a mounting device. In case you don't feel like carrying it in hand, you can mount it on some solid surface and keep your hands free.

  1. Multi-connected

If you have a large area and want your music to be loud enough, multi-connected speakers are the best. These are similar in look to the standalone speakers but get connected to multiple devices at a time.

You can pair other speakers with this and see the magic. These speakers can be connected to speakers of the same brand or even others.

  1. Voice-controlled

Do you want to change the music by uttering a word? Voice-controlled speakers are the ones that you need. These speakers work the same as Google Assistant or Amazon's Alexa. Just say 'Change,' and there you go!

Your voice is enough to control the speaker. Voice control reduces the chance of any electrocution. Besides, you don't have to travel from one end to the other to operate your speaker.

  1. Drop-in

These speakers can float on the surface of the water. You can have more fun with them floating beside you. Wherever you go, take it along with you.

The drawback of using this speaker is that the wires or cables stay in the water with the speaker. These cables can pose a threat, especially when small kids are around.

Things to deem about while selecting an appropriate Pool Speakers


Many brains contribute to designing the compact and most useful speaker. A lot of effort goes into a speaker's construction to make it suitable for you. Listed below are the techniques incorporated in your pool speakers' design. These protect it and help in easy operation.

  1. Conformal coating

Your speaker has a Printed Circuit Board or PCB that houses its critical components. PCB includes audio parts, essential wiring, etc. Your speaker is supposed to stay in the water. It is highly required that the PCB stays away from water or moisture.

Conformal coating is essential because it covers every part of the PCB. This coating comprises a hair-thin film that coats your speaker's crucial components and protects them from the harmful elements. Salt, coarse particles, humidity, and UV rays are some of the most affecting ones.

Unlike any plastic sheet, the film is up to 250 microns thick that forms a perfect shielding layer. You will find that there is some amount of air between the PCB and this film.

The presence of air makes the film breathable. A breathable film allows water and moisture to escape out. This film is made using water-resistant materials like polyurethane, silicon, etc.

  1. Nanotechnology

This technology is used to build waterproof and damage-resistant coating for your speakers. Fluoropolymers are used to construct the layer because these are very durable and make a good shield.

The enhanced flexibility that it offers enables the layer to cover the narrow crevices and spaces. Lubrication is the essential characteristic of this layer. Apart from this, fluoropolymers help form a barrier between the PCB and the damaging elements.

  1. Superhydrophobic coating

Hydrophobic means the fear of water. The superhydrophobic coating is done on your speaker's circuit board to make it waterproof. This layering is also done on other crucial parts like the batteries, cable jack, charging ports, etc.

  1. Glue, gasket, and tape

Waterproof glue is used to join two different components together. The tape is used to seal the crevices and gaps. On the other hand, gaskets are used to make the entire design airtight and prevent water from entering the speaker.

Water-resistant vs. Waterproof

Many people don't know the fundamental difference between the word 'water-resistant' and 'waterproof.' They tend to use these words interchangeably. Due to this misunderstanding, they buy the wrong product and repent.

You should not make the same mistake. To buy the right speaker, first, understand the difference.

A water-resistant speaker can endure a few splashes or exposure to water for a short period. If you extend the duration of exposure, your speaker will get damaged.

While on the other hand, a waterproof speaker can be immersed inside the water for a long duration. Even after being exposed for such a long time, these speakers do not incur any damage.

Pool speakers are supposed to float on water. What good will be a pool speaker if it gets damaged on the first day? To combat this problem, invest in an excellent waterproof speaker and not on a water-resistant one.

Size and style

You will find a variety of speakers that differ in size and visual appeal. Many speakers have a small size that makes them very handy. These speakers can be used while walking around your pool or sitting on the pool chair.

These have loops that help attach the speaker to your body and free the hands. If you are going on a trip, you can opt for a bigger size. These emit louder sounds and are great to use when a lot of people gather around.

These speakers feature variants that can be kept in multiple positions. A speaker with multiple position facilities is handy and provides you the ease of setup.

If you are an eco-friendly person and believe in sustainable living, you won't be disappointed. There are many options available where you can find speakers that are constructed using recycled material.

Besides, if you are a person with a retro vibe, you can opt for speakers that complement your personality. You will get speakers that have visuals like a clock's face or radio-like structure.


Just like any other product, a speaker needs to be highly durable. The speaker will be used in places having water or any different landscape.

With water around, there are risks that your speaker may get corroded or fall. If your speaker falls on water, there is nothing to worry about. If it hits any solid surface, the situation can be terrible. It might break as well. To ensure that your speaker is durable, search for pool speakers.

These speakers are made using durable and rigid plastic or rubber. Rubber is a flexible material and does not wear off soon. Plastic makes the speaker very strong. Even if you use it roughly, it can withstand all the pressure and still power up your party.

These materials do not require high maintenance and are affordable. You can easily clean your speakers and make the most out of it.

Battery Life

Powering up your speaker every time is very annoying, especially in the middle of your party. Also, you will not have the facility of electricity everywhere you travel.

These shortcomings of a speaker demand for extended battery life. This is possible only when your speaker has a powerful battery.

A pool speaker has variants that offer a battery life of 8 hours to 20 hours. These have potent batteries that spice up your party.

But before you get excited and search for the top end speakers, there is a note of caution. A powerful battery demands for more funds. Besides, these batteries take a longer time to get fully charged.

Hence, before you purchase a top-end model, be sure that you have enough funds and time. If not, it is better to opt for a mid-range model that offers a decent battery life.


While you purchase a pool speaker, connectivity can be an issue. There are two ways of connecting your music source to your speaker. You can connect them either by Bluetooth or using an Auxiliary cable (ideal diameter is 3.5mm).

An Auxiliary cable connection can be a problem because you will have to find an adapter and keep the speaker near it.

Bluetooth is a more common option because it negates the wire problem. Bluetooth connection works great when you will be moving around the speaker.

The best solution will be to search for speakers that have both the connectivity options. While you are near an adapter and away from water, you can use an Auxiliary cable. When this connectivity is not possible, you can switch to the Bluetooth connectivity.


Pool speakers feature manual as well as voice controls on them. Manual controls enable you to control your speaker while you are in the water. This eliminates the necessity to walk up to your phone and then change the settings.

While manual controls ease the task, voice control is the best method of controlling your speaker. Thanks to modern technology, the majority of your tasks have been reduced.

To control your speaker manually, you need to swim near it and then operate it. Manual control will pose a problem because your hands being wet can slip. Also, if you are using your speaker at a place other than the pool, you might have to walk or use your dirty hands to do the same.

By investing in a speaker having a voice control option, you can call out your speaker's name and give commands. You can ask it to play your song, change it, read out the news, etc.

This will keep your speaker clean, and you can move anywhere without searching for it. Your voice is enough to control your speaker your way. It depends on you and your convenience.

You can look for variants that have both the controls and pick out the best one.

Audio & Sound Quality

The primary purpose of a speaker is to emit good quality sound. In this high definition world, everything needs to be high definition, and sound is no exception.

Loudness has no value until the sound emitted is not clear. Even the loud voice will be a pain in the ears if the sound is cracked.

You can always rely on pool speakers. These speakers emit a high-quality sound that is loud and has a stereo effect. The sound never cracks, and you can always lend your ears to the melodious tune.

Even when you turn it to the maximum volume, the same pitch is maintained, and no distortion is observed. So invest in a pool speaker to experience the melodious tune and have a blast at your place.


Due to its compact design and lightweight, a pool speaker is highly portable. You can easily carry the speaker wherever you go, irrespective of the amount of space you have.

The lightweight helps the speaker to float on the surface of the water and not sink. This is the best feature of a pool speaker.

Even while you are walking, you can carry it with ease. Search for variants with loops or attaching features. The attachments will help you with storage as well as transportation.

Type of Phone and Connectivity

Compatibility with the music source is a vital factor to consider. If your device is not compatible with the speaker, then how will you play music?

While many smartphones have Bluetooth connectivity options, some do not. Besides, having a Bluetooth connectivity feature does not suffice alone. Your smartphone should be able to connect with your pool speaker without any trouble.

You can search for variants of pool speakers that are compatible with your devices. Also, do check whether your speaker can be connected to multiple devices at the same time.

Multiple connections help everyone to play their favorite songs without wasting time in connecting their device.

Wireless Range

The significant advantage of using a Bluetooth pool speaker is the wide range. These speakers offer a range of 100 meters.

Despite having such a wide bandwidth, this connection can be disrupted because of the presence of obstacles. If there are walls, chairs, or any other barrier between your device and the speaker, your connection may get affected.

Hence, look for variants and their compatible devices with a strong connection. Also, ensure that there are minimum or no objects present in between the two devices.


A pool speaker can be used inside or outside your home. When outdoors, your speaker is exposed to the harmful elements of nature. Though it has protective coatings, to increase the life span, you should also look at certain vital features.

These speakers have an International Protection (IP) rating on them. This rating determines how secure your speaker is.

The maximum rating that is given to a speaker is IP64. Speakers with this rating are protected from every element. If you come across a rating like IPX4, then do think before purchasing it. The 'X' determines that your speaker is not at all protected.

If you intend to use your speaker indoors, you don't need to bother about the IP rating. If you are using it outdoors, make sure that you check the ratings before purchasing.

Mounting Options and Accessories

To enhance the portability of your speakers, pool speakers feature different mounting options and accessories. These include straps, carabiner clips, and a lot more.

These accessories make it easier for you to carry your speaker and move around with it. If you are a cyclist and love jamming while riding, look for mounting accessories that enable your speaker to be mounted on your bicycle.

The handy speakers feature thread mounts. Though they can be easily handheld, sweat will be an issue when summers arrive. To get rid of that sticky sweat, you can attach these speakers to your belt or any other solid material using the thread mounts.

Number of Speakers

The number of speakers you should have depends on the pool's area and the speaker's depth rating.

A single pool speaker is enough to cover an area of 400 square feet. If you have a pool area larger than this, you should consider buying more speakers. Also, to amplify the sound and create a stereo-like effect, you will need more speakers.

Besides, check the depth rating of your speaker. Your speaker will not work if you install it at the wrong depth. Hence, opt for a pool speaker with a flexible depth range and powerful sound to negate extra speakers' needs.


  1. Can I connect my smartphone with the pool speakers?

Yes, you can connect your smartphone with the product and enjoy your favorite mix. Some models have the feature of using a USB drive. So, make a suitable purchase according to your requirements and budget.

  1. Are floating pool speakers safe to use?

Yes, you can use them in the pool without being stressed about getting a shock. They are safe and will cater to your requirements smoothly.

  1. Can I use pool speakers inside the pool?

Some models come with a floating feature, which allows them to float on the surface of the water without sinking. If you want to use the product while you are inside the pool, then invest in floating speakers.

Final Verdict

With all the information under your possession, stop looking here and there? Here, in this guide, you will find all the elements that define the usability and performance of the product.

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