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Are you looking to keep your fantastic pool clean? A pool skimmer does the job easily and efficiently. But wait. Do you know that you need to deem the pool skimmer baskets' condition to ensure proper filtration process?

A basket is a component of the skimmer which collects all types of foreign material from the water while allowing the clean water to pass. Due to external and environmental factors, the basket's quality deteriorates with time.

You must clean it regularly and replace it when the situation demands. Selecting the right basket can maintain efficient cleaning for a long time and also possess a substantial threshold against the typical wear and tear.

You have to consider different aspects like material, size, durability, usability, etc. This task requires a lot of research and takes up a lot of your valuable time. However, referring to a buying guide for pointers can reduce your work and help you strike out the best product for your pool.

Before starting with the guide, let us get a brief introduction to the product.

What do you mean by Pool Skimmer Baskets? Why do you need them?

Pool skimmers are essential for your pool maintenance. They work like vacuums for your pool, taking in all the dirt and contaminants that may have entered your pool water. The pool skimmers have baskets, which are the first filter that the dirt encounters. The effectiveness of debris filtration, thus, lies on the shoulders of a right pool skimmer basket.

Often, the one basket that comes attached to the skimmer that you purchase is not one that will work efficiently and serve you well for long. Having to clear all sorts of stuff like bugs, leaves, grass, bugs, and whatnot, you want a skimmer basket that does not give up on you or your pool's maintenance and hygiene.

The skimmer basket's primary function is to provide a barrier between the debris and dirt collected by the skimmer and the plumbing of the pool. To make sure you buy the right kind that works well and is durable, we have a guide with criteria to choose the pool skimmer basket that is perfect for you!

Why read the buying guide before purchasing a basket?

You may think that selecting a basket is a piece of cake. You just have to go to the market and buy one. But you will be surprised to know that you can easily invest your money in the poor-quality product and fall into the market's bear trap.

A buying guide provides you with all the necessary information on the product's critical factors that define its usability. You can also get simple solutions to all your queries and questions.

So, without any further delay, let us get started with the detailed information on different characteristics of the product.

Types of Pool Skimmers

All the pool skimmer baskets have the same primary function – preventing the junk and debris dirt from interfering with the plumbing of the pool. But the way different baskets operate may vary.

  1. Built-In Skimmer

These types of skimmer baskets come with the pool settings. The gutter-like spaces on the edges of the pool work as the strainers or filters. Most larger pools have built-in systems for filtration, and because they are large, they require several such skimmer baskets. They are directly linked to the pipes of the pool.

  1. Manual Skimmer

As the name suggests, the manual pool skimmer basket needs to be operated manually. It comes with a netted filter attached to a stick glided over the water surface to trap any dirt or junk that may be afloat.

Because they work manually, they do not need any electricity. It also does not require direct connections with the pool's plumbing. However, they require a person to thoroughly clean the pool manually, which can be strenuous work.

  1. Automatic Skimmers

Automatic pool skimmer baskets have built-in features that allow them to move across the pool's surface and collect junk and dirt from the water. They work by collecting the water, filtering it of any contaminants, and releasing the filtered water. They are directly linked to the filtration system of the pool.

  1. Robotic Skimmers

The robotic skimmers are quite similar to automatic skimmer baskets because they too move around the surface of the pool's water. Some may work with batteries, while others are even more advanced and use solar energy. This makes them quite an energy-efficient while being entirely automatic so you do not have to lift a finger.

Things to Consider When Purchasing the Perfect Pool Skimmer Baskets

  1. Build Quality

The way that the pool skimmer baskets are built, their design of the filtration system, and how they separate the junk determines the efficiency and durability of the product. You want the material used to be A Plus so that you are not stuck having the machine repaired time and again.

For your skimmer basket to be of high quality, you need to check for the material used in its housing and the filtration system. The housing must be sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear from bumping into the pool's walls or the sun rays. UV resistant plastic makes for the best housing quality.

The quality of the filtration system material should also be able to withstand clearing out junk. It may come across some rocks in the dirt or larger leaves, so the filtration system's material should be robust.

  1. Size

The size of the basket that you plan to buy is as important a consideration as any. Depending on the filtration system of the skimmer that you possess and its connections with the pool's plumbing, you need to determine the right size to ensure efficient functioning.

If you end up with a larger sized basket than required, the bucket's seal will not fit, and the collected junk and dirt will find an escape back into the pool water or even worse, to the pipes. This will disrupt your entire pool plumbing.

If the size is too small, you will need to keep clearing the filter again and again because it cannot accommodate much junk. You can easily save yourself the trouble by looking for specifications on the product you are planning to buy and compare it with the specifications of the skimmer you have. You can also measure your skimmer's dimensions to ensure you buy the right size.

Compatibility with the skimmer is essential for the proper functioning of the pool filtration. If you want your pool's maintenance to remain uninterrupted and efficient, make sure that size compatibility between the skimmer and the basket is taken care of.

  1. Handle

For convenience purposes, it is crucial that your skimmer basket comes with a handle. Pool skimmer baskets require to be cleared after every cleaning round because the junk needs to be discarded. This will become a hassle if the basket does not have a handle.

To empty out the dirt in the strainer filter of the basket, you need the basket to have a sturdy handle that can withstand damage. Some handles may be too light and break off if the basket became a little heavy. These are cheap plastic handles that are as good as if they were not there. Opt for metal ones instead.

You can also go for some advanced versions of baskets that do not require manual discarding of the debris from the basket. This negates the function of a handle, and so you need not worry about it.

  1. Installation

Who wants the botheration of installing together intricate pieces of equipment or worry about hiring a professional? Not me. And I am guessing that you don't either. So it is essential that you look for pool skimmer baskets that are already assembled and require minute installations that you can handle by yourself.

Clearing the debris from the basket is a regular task, so you do not want flimsy lids or complicated builds that become a hassle every time you remove and reassemble it. Look for baskets that can manage to weigh down in the skimmer and have a simple lock technique that is adequately sealed and yet, easy to open and shut.

  1. Price

You never buy anything without thinking twice about whether the money you are spending is worth it. You want the product to be as cost-effective as it can be. The same goes for when you are looking to purchase the right pool skimmer basket.

When you set a budget for a skimmer basket, you need not set it too high. You can easily find an excellent and affordable option among the several choices that swarm the market. Even without trading on quality or performance, an inexpensive pool skimmer basket will not be hard to find.

  1. Durability

Spending money and putting in efforts to find a basket with several features and that too at a cheap price only to find it gave up on you after only a few runs can be disappointing. This is why you need to look into a product that will serve you well and for long. You must make durability an essential factor in your checklist to make sure you end up with a long-lasting product.

The material of the basket is a great contributor to durability. Look for a robust build and sturdy material that can withstand damage. Do not settle for a low-quality product because it is cheaper as that will break or function inefficiently.

Your maintenance and regular upkeep also add to the life of your pool skimmer baskets. You want to clean it meticulously and ensure that it is not handled roughly when it is removed and reinstalled in the skimmer every day.

  1. Ease of Use

While this factor is not a consideration you require, if you are looking for a manual skimmer, automatic or robotic pool skimmer baskets must critically have this feature. Look for reviews of previous users to ensure that they are not complicated to operate.

Especially if you are not quite tech-savvy, complicated buttons and difficult installation will make it hard for you to clean your pool without hassle. You must look for user-friendly models that come with easy instructions and convenient assembling of the skimmer's basket.

If you are too worried about the technicality and difficulty of the use of automatic skimmer baskets, you can opt for manual ones. But know that they are not very difficult to maneuver once you get the hang of it.

  1. Materials

Plastic is the typical material used in the making of pool skimmer baskets. However, even plastic qualities vary, and you can end up with a low quality, easily breakable basket if you do not put in the effort to look for the right quality basket.

Thicker, damage-resistant plastic is what you are looking for if you want your basket to be easy to handle and resistant to wear and tear. Very thin and low quality will not serve you well, especially since the basket has to be in chlorine water most of the time.

You also want your basket to be made of UV resistant plastic because scorching sun rays can easily ruin the quality of standard plastic. This will make the basket more durable too.

  1. Warranty

The warranty of the manufacturer for any product assures its quality. It is an indication that the manufacturer is quite confident about the product being durable and is willing to bet on it. If your pool skimmer baskets come with warranties and guarantees, it is a sign that you have put your trust in quality in good hands.

Further, the product warranty allows you to hold the manufacturer accountable in case of early breakdown or disruption in smooth functioning. You can ensure that you invest in a quality product and can get a refund or replacement in case you are not satisfied with the performance if your basket has a warranty.

  1. UV Resistant

Unless you have an indoor pool, you have to factor in the quality of material that houses your skimmer and whether it can withstand the harsh rays of the sun. The skimmer mostly will have to work in under the sun, and the UV rays can turn plastic brittle, ruining its durability and general performance.

Look for specially made UV resistant plastic so that it can work efficiently even in the face of scorching heat and remain desensitized to the harsh UV rays. If not, the daily work of the pool skimmer baskets under the sun will deteriorate the quality and compromise the pool's effective cleaning.

  1. Type of Debris

When looking for pool skimmer baskets, it is vital that you also keep in mind the type of debris that your skimmer deals with daily. Most skimmer baskets are designed with small holes to manage regular-sized pool contaminants like rocks, leaves, and bugs.

If, however, you are particular about ensuring that the pool is thoroughly cleared of even smaller debris, you might want to opt for specialized baskets with tiny holes for filtration. Pollen, sand, small insects, and other such smaller pool dirt cannot be cleared with a regular basket strain and require a finer mesh.

If you are quite particular that your pool remains free of even the tiniest speck of dirt so that your swimming and splashing are not disturbed by unhygienic, dirty water debris, you might want to opt for vacuum heads. They are meticulous and can clean the pool floor spotlessly without having to drain all the water.

  1. Type of Pool

The type of pool you possess will also need to be factored in to ensure that your pool skimmer basket is up to cleaning it properly. Skimmer baskets are mainly designed to clean outdoor pools because they encounter dirt like leaves and bugs more often than indoor pools.

Even on the basis of your pool being above ground or in-ground, there are specific filtration systems and baskets that could cater to your need. Also, the size of your pool should be taken into consideration to buy the most suitable skimmer basket.

  1. Clean-Up Frequency

How often do you use your pool? And more importantly, how often would you want it to be cleaned? These are essential questions that you need to consider for buying the right sized skimmer basket. If you want to clear your pool often but do not wish to remove the junk basket every now and then, a larger basket will allow you to use it multiple times before it requires cleaning.

How to Maintain Pool Skimmers

To ensure that the pool skimmer baskets keep on functioning correctly and the life of the product is expanded as much as possible, you must maintain your skimmers. They require as much attention when it comes to upkeep as the pool.

When it comes to manual pool skimmer, they are the easiest to maintain. All you need to do is simply clear the collected junk and dispose of it. Put the mesh under running water after you do so for a couple of minutes, and you are good to go.

Automatic pool skimmer baskets, on the other hand, may prove to be trickier to maintain. It involves being vigilant about what the basket is collecting. If something can obstruct the flow of water, you need to discard it immediately and start over. You also need to keep your eye out for the proper functioning of the skimmer every once.

To clean your skimmer basket meticulously, following are the simple guidelines:

  1. Switch your automatic pool skimmer off.
  2. Remove the lid covering the basket. This may be easy, depending on the type of handle it possesses.
  3. Take the basket out of the skimmer and discard the contents. Ensure that the basket is now completely empty.
  4. Replace the basket in its position in the skimmer, and your skimmer is ready to be used again!


1. How frequently should I clean the pool skimmer basket?

The pool skimmer basket should be cleaned regularly. However, the frequency of their cleaning depends upon many factors. This can depend on factors like if your swimming pool is under a tree or not, the amount of debris it can have, etc. Thus, you need to keep an eye on the amount of debris collecting the basket. It is essential to clean it side by side so that there is no debris clogging the way of water.

2. Do we really need a pool skimmer basket, or is it just a good-to-have feature?

Yes, it is crucial to have a basket that filters all the debris beforehand so that the pool water stays clean. Some people do consider it as an add-on and do not purchase it. But this is not recommended at all. Pool water has a chance of getting dirty quickly. To keep this under check, pool skimmer baskets are used to prevent any further damage to the filter.

3. What is the process of removing a basket?

A pool skimmer basket is very easy to remove. Start by opening its lid, and then, you need to rake out the basket by rotating it. Then, all you need to do is hold its handle and pull the basket upwards without letting go of any debris in it.

4. Can the pool skimmer basket handle fine-grained debris?

Generally, pool skimmer baskets are used to remove the larger debris like leaves. However, the finer-mesh baskets can aid in getting rid of bugs, pollens, and dust. Other than that, you can look for the different types of baskets that can get all the debris out. Additionally, vacuum heads are used to remove all the fine residue from the pool.

Summing up

Pool skimmer baskets come in different styles, sizes, and materials. All you have to do is select the best options for your pool to ensure its efficient cleaning.

We have prepared an extensive guide that will aid you in the selection process and allow you to funnel down the best basket from the different available options. / - © Copyright 2020