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Pool Noodles Buying Guide

Want to add a safe, cheap toy that will even provide safety aid in your pool? Opt for suitable pool noodles for your pool and let your kids enjoy the experience safely.

The product is relatively light in weight. With the added safety, feature it one of the best and entertaining toys in the pool. With high flexibility, it can be twisted, bent, and turned around in any direction.

With many options in the market, you can easily get confused about buying the best one. For this, you should have prior knowledge about the characteristics that define the usability of the product. Collecting all the details can consume a lot of your valuable time.

On the contrary, a comprehensive buying guide presents all the information in a well-organized manner. You get all the correct details under one roof that saves you a lot of time. You can swiftly analyze the information and strike down the best toy for your pool.

However, before all this, you should have a clear understanding of the product. So, let us start with a brief introduction and then deep dive into this extensive guide.

What do you mean by Pool Noodles? Why do you need them?

Swimming already gives immense joy. How about making it more fun and interactive with your friends and family? Well, if that is what you are hunting down for, then pool noodles are definitely for you. Also known as water noodles, they are highly interactive, light in weight, and easy-to-use.

These objects can be used as a pool toy to float and also as aerobics gear in the pool. These are highly flexible as they are designed with foam cylinders. However, you need to look for those ones that are comfortable to use and can also provide you with impeccable body support.

Well, let's tell you a bit more about the use of pool noodles so that you can be crystal clear about its benefits!

Pool noodles are likewise a lightness help. The coast in water and can serve as a buoyancy gadget for you or your children in the water. You can easily lay these noodles under your chest, or even sit on the head of them, or grasp them to furnish you with more lightness in the water. They are extraordinary for kids, as they start as a toy, however, can turn into a lifeline.

They can likewise be utilized to supplant a kickboard; however, it's still presumably the best plan to get the genuine article.

On the off chance that you are figuring out how to swim or experience difficulty swimming, at that point, it very well may be controlled to be a kickboard, yet it's critical to know your kickboard swimming procedures directly. Twist the noodle in the middle, and you will have the focal point of the noodle right under your chest.

The side closures should twist out and should be under your armpits. Now you are ready to kickstart and rehearse your swimming in the pool.

Well, now that you are aware of how the product can help you, let's get on with the rest of the guide that will help you to choose your ideal pool noodle for use.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate pool noodles

Pool noodles are a fantastic thing that makes learning swimming more fun and interesting.

However, there are factors that you are required to consider before you even get on with the purchase of any pool noodles. Well, do not fret about it, as you will be guided about the features too. So let's go!

Size and Color

Can you imagine the world without color? It is very horrifying and heart-wrenching. Colors bring a different perspective to everything, and that includes the noodles too. If the noodles are colorful, then kids will be more attracted and take an interest in swimming.

You can quickly get them in standard colors and purchase the ones that your kid prefers. You can even look for personalized colors online for your kid.

The noodles are mostly 63 inches in length and have a diameter of 2.8 inches. You can even get the preferred size, whether short or long, as per your wish. There are a variety of sizes that you might like, and you can choose.

Always purchase the ones that fulfill your needs and also for swimming. Most of the pool stores and even online stores have the standard size that you are looking for.

Uses of Pool Noodles

These noodles have turned out to be life-saving and a new attraction to learn swimming. The kickboards are easily getting replaced by these noodles and bringing in new confidence. However, there are other reasons, too, that will justify the need for pool noodles.

Since these noodles have a buoyancy aid, they have double floatation that is highly needed to stay afloat. They can help you with an aerobic workout and even with the development of your upper bodies. Your kid's arms development will be more worthwhile with these noodles. Let's give you an insight into the uses:

  1. These vibrant color objects attract little ones, who find swimming scary and makes it look attractive.
  2. These noodles are highly versatile and multi-functioning. You can quickly go for a light workout if you have injured yourself using these noodles.
  3. You can easily stay afloat in a vertical position without even moving your arm or leg. This is one of the reasons that everyone prefers them.
  4. These foam noodles are durable.
  5. You can easily afford them as they are not expensive.
  6. For amateurs in swimming, this is a better option instead of the kickboard.
  7. When compared to other types of floaters, these noodles are highly preferred.

The flexibility of the noodle makes it more desirable as any belt does not strap you, nor you have any weight put on you. You can easily use it by just holding on to it and can even bend it. Flexibility makes it more desirable in any way you want to use it. The use is straightforward and straightforward, and you can manipulate it in every way you want it to be.

Apart from all these pool uses, you can even use the noodles for other aspects. These noodles are useful for you when your kid's skiing, and it protects them from falling and hurting them. These noodles can be used even when your kids are using the trampoline, and they require protection.

You can even make your tennis game with the help of these noodles. Just use the noodle by bending it, and all you need some netting. Once you are ready with the set-up, you are good to go! Now you can have double fun aside from just swimming.

Using them Safely

Safety always comes first, whether it's swimming or any activity that you are planning to go for. You cannot let the fun time of your kids turn into something that can be disastrous or even deadly. Always give the safety priority no matter what. Always keep a lookout for them!

Float noodles have buoyancy in them, and that can make you stay afloat in any way you want. They can make your child more comfortable and also easy for them to swim without any problem. The bulkiness in this noodle makes it safer for the kids to use it for swimming and even having fun at the same time.

On the off chance that you have a youngster place the floater under their arms, at that point, they can skim around without requiring a day to day life jacket for your kids.

When they are happy with gliding vertically, they can move their advantages and buoy on a level plane in the pool. Children will adore the brilliant hues and the way that they are lighter, without fearing the water.

When children figure out how to skim with the Foam pool noodles, they can start figuring out how to swim and become significantly more secure in the water. With the use of foam under their little arms and chest and their legs evenly behind them, they can start to kick.

They can do this vertically if they are not sure enough to kick while in the flat position. Working on kicking encourages your youngster to get familiar with the movement of kicking in the water.

You can likewise utilize your pool noodles to pool-proof your children. On the off chance that you fold one over the chest of your youngster, and under the arms, appending the noodle to itself as it is folded over, at that point you can have little kids glide in the water. However still, keep an eye if your kid does not know how to swim and is using a floating device to protect them.

Material Consistency

Pool noodles can be an open or intense center. Strong ones will offer you better lightness by and large in the water. They are likewise more grounded. Bare pool noodles are less durable, however simpler to curve and wind.

In case you are anticipating combining the foam noodles to produce a structure or pontoon, at that point, substantial swimming noodles are the best approach. Empty ones are much less expensive than healthy alternatives and are also lightweight.

In the event that you need to cut them, at that point, an empty noodle will require less exertion to slice through.

Material Safety

Before you plan on purchasing the noodle, you have to be assured about the material used as you do not want it to be toxic in nature that can harm you. Always examine the material before you decide on buying them.

PVC and phthalates don't need to discourage your late spring fun. Luckily, there are some more confident choices available. If you need to dodge possible introduction to harmful synthetics, search for things made with ethylene-vinyl acetic acid derivation, or EVA.

Items made with EVA are adaptable and incorporate most pool noodles. Indeed, your pool noodles are most likely sheltered! Different things made with EVA include foam glide belts and tangles.

Styrofoam-like items designed for EVA material are presumably not destructive whenever gulped. Yet, it would be best if you looked out for stifling little youngsters.

Obviously, in the event that you can't discover items made with EVA, you can purchase utilized toys made with PVC. Since these have effectively off-gassed, they have a lower danger of presentation.


The foam noodles are so handy and versatile that you can easily make these noodles anything and even do your own Do It Yourself activity with these.

You can tackle ongoing issues on low spending utilizing pool noodles. These incorporate children's thoughts, party thoughts like drifting illuminators, and cultivating ideas. Here are the absolute best pool noodle hacks for the pool that will make you need to load up a couple of something else.

  1. Making boats with noodles

This is an excellent venture for youngsters as they would genuinely love to play with boats they have made and adorned themselves as they would prefer.

  1. Making a boat for beverage

This can be valuable, particularly on the off chance that you like having drinks while unwinding in the pool.

  1. Game of Racquetball

You can accomplish this by collapsing the finishes of the pool noodles at that point, wrapping it with a net, and utilizing pipe tape to make sure everything is set up. You can then be able to use them for a great pool game.

  1. Safety pad for trampoline

Are you stressed over your exhausted trampoline security cushion? Indeed, not any longer! With pool noodles, you can without much of a stretch supplant it by utilizing a crate shaper to cut them down in the center and afterward fold them over the springs.

You can utilize pool noodles for insurance, seeing as they are smaller and delicate and are acceptable at retaining sway. In case you have any corners that make stress over your children's security, you can utilize pool noodles to make them more secure.

Pool noodles can likewise be utilized for expressions and artworks, making ball games, making a drink glide, just as the capacity for paintbrushes of casting poles.

You can likewise utilize them to make pontoons, water sprinklers, wellbeing cushions, and different toy shapes for playing in the water.

How to cut pool noodles?

There will be numerous events where you have to realize the ideal approach to cut pool noodles in case you do our making ventures.

  1. Tools

You will require specific tools for the cutting of foam noodles. Let's give you an insight into it.

  1. Miter Box

A miter box is probably the best thing you can have when cutting pool noodles. It can help keep the noodle still while you slice and also guide you when cutting straight lines.

The miter saw should be able to work and also justified, despite all the trouble on the off chance that you do a ton of making, particularly making with pool noodles. It looks sufficiently huge to deal with the activity.

  1. Knife

For cutting pool noodles, you need an appropriate blade. We suggest a serrated knife, similar to a bread blade, to use with your miter box.

A straight cutting edge works, as well, yet may not travel through the noodle as without any problem. In the event that it is a straight cutting edge, be sure your blade is additional sharp, so it cuts clean and doesn't tear the noodle.

An electric blade will function admirably, as well. If you are planning on creating with pool noodles now and again, it might merit the speculation!

Pool Noodle Hacks

There are particular other DIY and hacks for foam noodles that can save your life and even make it easier and also save up a lot of expenses. Let's get to know about them:

  1. Resting of wrist

Were you tired of working the whole day sitting in front of the computer and laptop? Well, here comes the noodles to save you from your tiring experience! You can easily cut the noodle and make it into a wrist rest so that you can stay away from fatigue and keep working comfortably.

  1. Avoid door bumming!

Don't you hate the fact when the doors in your home keep bumming and make a loud sound? Well, it isn't enjoyable! You can use the noodle to cut and also slip it on the door's edge, and then it will avoid any bumming.

  1. Beverage Floating

Make an essential, modest gliding refreshment compartment to keep your savors cool that too in the pool and close within reach. Cut off lengths of pool noodles that can easily fit a plastic container. Utilizing a box with a lip assist with keeping the pool noodles set up. String a bungee string through the focal point of the noodles to keep them cozy against the sides.

  1. Creative Water Raft

Want a game of treasure hunt in your pool itself? Well, you need a raft for that. Don't have one? Well, do not worry as you can easily make a small creative water raft by tying up these noodles together so that they can serve you as a comfortable raft. You can even include your pet as one of your mates! Now that you have the raft, you can easily look for your treasure.

  1. Your Boots will be standing!

Don't you get irritated when you are heading out wearing the nicest wardrobe, but your wrinkled boots just spoiled your whole look? Well, it is such a mood spoiler! But the pool noodles can easily save you from this mishap. Just put them inside your boots and voila, they are standing and won't give you any more wrinkled boot problems.

  1. Creative Wreath for your door!

How about a decorative "No Entry" sign or something more colorful on your door? Wondering how? Well, you can easily manipulate the noodles by folding or bending them and then making beautiful art pieces to hang in front of your door.

Steps to use Pool Noodles for Swimming

Well, now that we gave you an insight into the guide, let's enlighten you with specific steps that you need to follow while using the pool noodles. Here we go,

  1. Always put the noodle under one armpit, then back and then under the other armpit, if you are planning on learning the flutter kick, as you have to swim in a vertical position.
  1. Try placing the noodle under your armpits and across the chest when prepping up to learn the breaststroke kick.
  1. Position the noodle behind your neck so that you can learn the backstroke kick quickly.
  1. For the scissor kick, place the noodle under your lower armpit so that you can float in the horizontal position.

Now that you are well aware of every feature and steps that you need to analyze before purchasing your ideal pool noodle, you are good to go!


  1. Which material is used to develop the product? Is it safe?

Polyethylene foam is used to fabricate the product. This material is present inside the life jackets. The material is light in weight and has floating capabilities.

It comes with a budget-friendly price tag and makes a safe and fun toy to add to your pool. The material is safe and usually has no harmful side-effects.

  1. Are the noodles recyclable?

No, the foam is not recyclable. You can reuse the product until it gets severely damaged and does not fulfill its purpose. Once it is of no use, just cut the noodle and throw it in the garbage.

  1. How can I cut the product?

Use a serrated knife to cut the product. First, put a mark from where you want to divide it. Then make a small cut with the knife and slowly add pressure to cut the noodle. Please don't use any hasty motion as it will not give a fine cut.

Final Verdict

Add a cheap and fun element to your pool with the pool noodles. They are safe and inexpensive and a lot of fun to play with.

Here in this guide, you will get all the details to select the best option. Go through it to make an informed purchase and have fun with your family and loved ones. / - © Copyright 2020