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Pool floats are one of the most diverse items available in the market. It's not easy to find the best one at all. There are so many designs and colors! Flamingo, chair, cushion, even a bed. You will discover floats that mimic standard floating devices and much more.

All of these options can easily overwhelm you and make it a daunting task to decide which one you want to buy. This could demotivate you, or you may end up choosing impulse. However, to help you with the selection process, you have this ultimate buyer guide for pool float.

Here you will find precise information that is essential to making the right decision. This guide helps you consider only the points that matter and help you shuffle through the choices. Thus, you will be able to find the perfect pool float for you or others!

So, what are you waiting for? Let's begin!

What is a pool float?

A pool float is a very convenient object that provides you a base to support your body in the water. By doing so, it enables you to float in the water. Now, it might sound like a complex mechanism, but it is very straightforward. A pool float encompasses materials that can float on water.

Primarily, there is the air that helps you get the desired results. However, some foams and beads help you get a similar effect. Most of these are very cost-efficient methods available in the market. Thus, it will be easier for you to invest in them.

Pool floats are a high value for money as they last much longer than you'd expect. If you take proper care and maintain it, they may last for years to come. Thus, it makes the cost almost non-existing in the long run. However, if you're unsure about buying a pool float, read ahead.

Reasons to use a pool float

Pool floats have countless benefits that make it an excellent choice to add them to your pool. You might think that they are suitable only for a young audience. However, today you will find pool floats that are fantastic for people of all ages, sizes, and orientations.

If you're confused about whether you should really invest in a pool float, here are some of the reasons that will help you:

A proper safety precaution

Sure water is fun to splash around in, but it is equally dangerous. While we are consistently attracted to its thrills and fun, it's equally important to have proper safety measures. That's where pool floats come into play. Please don't confuse them with floatation devices like life jackets that you find for natural waters.

A pool float is more of an aesthetically pleasing way to keep safe around your pool. If you have children or pets, you might want to have pool floats around for their safety and enjoyment. The elderly also benefit significantly from pool floats. Pool floats are a commercial way to increase the safety of the pools.

Learning or teaching to swim

Many different types of pool floats help you in learning how to swim. Apart from safety, this was another reason that quickly caught on. Many people don't know how to float their bodies and control their limbs while they are in the water. Pool floats provide them a base to slowly learn how to float.

Whether you want to learn how to move arms and legs or simply work those legs for pushing forward, pool floats are a brilliant addition to the learning curve. More importantly, if you want to try different swimming styles but find them risky, a pool float would undoubtedly help you in these endeavors.

Many trainers use them for training young children or people who don't know how to swim. It helps people by providing them a sense of security. As fear is the primary reason people don't learn to swim, a pool float makes everything easier.

To relax comfortably

Imagine working the entire week and then pouring yourself a drink as you chill on your favorite pool float to relax. The feeling of floating on the water has a very unique and relaxing vibe that can refresh you. Many people enjoy floating on the pool, listening to their favorite music, and having a drink.

You will also find pool floats in many luxurious hotels and resorts for a similar reason. Even after you're done swimming, you might want to cool off and relax. For any of these reasons, getting a pool float is a worthwhile investment.

On the other side, as it adds more security for young, elderly, and pets, you can have peace of mind. Thus, you can enjoy your swimming or relax comfortably as you know that your loved ones have a reliable medium to keep themselves safe.

Pool parties

Do you want to zest up the excitement of any party around the swimming pool? Then pool floats are a very feasible option to turn up the excitement factor. There is much pool floats like a beverage holder or cup holder that you can use to serve snacks, drinks, and much more.

If you're a couple of youth with high adventure spirit, you might admire the experimentation you can do with these brilliant innovations. Overall, you have a great and simple addition to the parties. It might seem very insignificant but makes a massive difference.

Improve the aesthetics

You might not know, but pool floats are a subtle method to increase your pool's aesthetics and surroundings. There are many colorful and designer options available in pool floats. You can find the colors that complement your pool, blend with the surroundings, or stand out.

If you love decors and want your pool and surroundings to have a specific attraction, pool floats can work very well. Many resorts and hotels use it for a similar reason. Modern households also utilize pool floats in their swimming areas for extra comfort and tweak up the décor.

Entice the people

If you combine all of the above-given reasons, it makes the pool floats a very compelling addition to the swimming pools. These are highly affordable and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Thus, you will always find something that suits you or someone else.

As mentioned above, even resorts and luxurious locations utilize pool floats. It is to entice them and compel them to use the floats. Thus, you can do the same if you have a pool business or something similar. It would undoubtedly bear many positive results for you. Even if you decide to charge extra for it, people are most likely to try it.

Factors to consider when buying a pool float

Now you're ready for the guide and learn everything you need to know before buying a pool float. The information is broken down into an easy language to make it easier for anyone to buy them.

As mentioned above, there are countless options available in a pool float. The designs and colors will not be a primary consideration here. The cost of most of these is negligible, so that will not be considered either.

However, some tips and brief information will help you with those two factors and shed some light. There will be a reference to both of these to help you make a better buying decision.

Type of float

Before you begin considering the factors, you must learn about different pool floats available in the market. People often don't buy a pool float because they think there's a single type. Some people don't admire the material, while others may find it uncomfortable.

Thankfully, there are three different types of pool float available in the market. So, according to your budget and preference, you can now buy a pool float that best suits you. Here is a quick rundown on these different pool floats to help you make an informed decision.

Knowing the type of pool floats, their perks and drawbacks are the best methods to make a buying decision.


Inflatable pools are primarily a PVC (or vinyl) product that requires you to pump them with air to inflate them. This quality provides you the ease of storage as you can deflate them after each use and store them in a compact area. These are very travel-friendly due to high portability. Therefore, you can take them anywhere, even on vacations, to enjoy the pool somewhere.

Many people know pool floats as inflatable, and as it is the most prevalent choice, you will find countless designs and colors. The versatility is the key strength, as well as the weakness of inflatable pool floats. These are lightweight and very affordable so that you don't have to worry about their cost at all.

However, they are prone to get blown away by the winds, even if they are on the pool surface. More importantly, if they get a puncture, it could be challenging to fix them. Many inflatable pools lose their integrity after damage. It is relatively easy to damage them if you don't take proper care, even if most of the material is thick and resistant.

If you want an authentic experience of an inflatable pool with minimum investment and an extensive range of choices, these are a mighty perfect option for you.


These are synthetic pool floats that have foam as the primarily floating material. You find foam in other places where cushioning is required. However, they have an excellent floatation capacity. Even if they sustain damage or get punctured, there's no air to leak. Thus, they can float consistently.

There's just no way to sink them as they will always stay on the top and provide exceptional buoyancy. As an artificial material without puncture potential, these can last for years to come and require minimum maintenance. You can clean them efficiently.

However, to support your size and weight, you might have to look for the right size and thickness in the foam pool floats. Naturally, a foam pool float costs more than an inflatable pool. If there is anything like vinyl, which is prominent in these floats for the external layer, it might wear off.

It is not easy to store them as you will need proper space without any potential physical harm or damage that could 'break' the foam. However, if you decide to look past the drawbacks, these have a very stable floating capacity. It's almost like getting an additional surface on your pool. So, these are worth the investment.

Beads filled

These are popularly known as canvas pool floats. It is a relatively new addition to the range of pool floats available in the market. The beads that you get inside these floats are similar to the foam. The objective is to bring you a comfort identical to bean bags with apt bounciness on the water's surface.

Beads filled float utilizes an acrylic fabric but has a remarkable buoyancy rate. Similar to inflatables, there are many options in colors. However, the primary selling point is the exceptional comfort they can deliver. More importantly, you can use a canvas pool float inside and outside of the pool. This versatility in use is undoubtedly admirable.

However, due to their fabric, they can get heavier to pull out of a pool. You can think of it as a perk, too. After all, it means that beads filled floats are more resistant to wind. These are convenient to store but might not require any consideration for physical damage. A canvas pool float also gets dirty easier.

Alternatively, you might not have to store them at all. You can use them inside your house as a form of extra seating option or something to tweak up your décor. These work similar to the standard bean bags in the market. These floats provide comfort, so stability is not the primary concern here.

Primarily factors

Once you can decide the pool floats category you want, you can move on to the primary considerations. Now, this is the segment you can read for complete information. It also acts as a quick buying guide to make it simple for you to choose. Here's everything you need in a pool float:


Of course, you can't find variation in the pool's actual material that helps it float. That will remain foam or PVC. However, when you consider material, it has more to do with its quality, thickness, and durability. Some pool floats have an external layer, covering vinyl, nylon, acrylic, or other material to provide more comfort for the user while increasing the float's durability.

First, if you consider the material, you have to see if it can withstand the pool area's weather condition. Some pool floats are made to withstand intense heat without getting damaged. You might want it if you live in scorching regions or have a pool heater.

The thickness and quality of the material will determine how long the pool will float last. If it's a thin layer, you can't' expect it to be highly resistant to damage. Similarly, the material would also make an impact on your comfort. Check for the material's breathability as you wouldn't want the sweat to puddle up below you.

Size & weight support

This feature is primarily related to foam and bead type pool floats. However, an inflatable might also need these considerations as you can't get too small floating devices that would fail to provide any floating at all. The size of your pool float should be enough to accompany you or anyone else you want it for.

The weight support determines how much weight a pool float can handle before flipping and throwing you off into the pool. For proper weight distribution, you don't have to balance the pool float. Always get more weight support capacity than what you initially weigh.

Almost all of the items that are related to the pool will provide you a weight support unit. The size factor also plays a role according to your pool. Please don't buy a pool float that's too big or occupies too much space in your pool, as it could hinder other people from having fun.

Design & portability

As you know, there are countless options available in terms of design and color. So that comes down to a personal preference. However, if you plan on carrying your pool float around, you might want to consider portability. It should have easy storage. Some pool floats, some with a carry bag to make it easier for you to pack it and carry it. So you can look in this department to get something worthwhile.

As you know, pool floats have a chair design, couch, and much more, which depends on the size factor and what type of float you prefer. Nothing is stopping you from getting different pool floats to suit other requirements and mood.

Purpose of the float

Finally, make sure to understand the float's purpose to assist you in making the final decision. Who is it for? Is it for you, children, pets, or the elderly? This will easily simplify the range for you. Next, the thing about the pool color and décor requirement. Do you want to prioritize it? If not, then move on to the next factor.

Safety and learning will be next on the list as you'd need a pool that can provide optimum protection and support to you and others. Any pool float should provide some leisure of learning unless you're already a learned swimmer. Then you can focus on relaxation and comfort, another reason to buy the pool float.

Finally, how much will you use the pool float, and how will you use it? Is it going to have to survive many dives and falls, or do you need something you rarely use to relax? This can help you determine how much you should invest.

Finally, if you combine these aspects, you will clearly understand the pool's purpose. Thus, you will mix and consider all other factors and get the right pool float.

FAQs: Best Pool Floats

Q: Can you leave pool floats in the pool?

A: It's not a good idea to leave pool floats in the pool, especially if there's no one to use them. The water is full of contents like chlorine. On the other hand, your pool float might develop mold and mildew, even microorganisms that degrade its quality.

If it is consistently exposed to the sun, the material's integrity will get weaker, and it will wither away. Hence, you should find a way to store them properly.

Q: How to clean and maintain a pool float?

A: You can clean a pool float by using vinegar, baking soda, or cleaning bleach. It will be best if you use them with cold water.

However, there's no need for you to watch a pool float daily. You can do it after the initial use. Always make sure to dry the pool floats before storing them away.

Q: How to store pool floats?

A: First, make sure that the pool floats are completely dry and properly cleaned. It's best to put them in the container they come with. Most of them come with a bag or something similar to help you with the storage process.

Alternatively, you can pack them and put them almost anywhere. Always deflate the pool floats before storing them. If its foam or beads type, find the best area without pointy objects that could damage the pool floats.


There you have it! Now you can look past the illusions of marketing schemes and bewildering colors to find the right choice. Whether you want to make a personal choice or gift it to someone, you have all the essential aspects to consider for a pool float.

It doesn't matter the type of pool you have or where you go with these, as long as you have the right float to support you. This guide aims to bring you the information that matters with tips and suggestions that could help you make a concise decision. Hopefully, you find the information useful and worth the read! / - © Copyright 2020