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Swimming pool fences can significantly increase the security of your pool. It will prevent unauthorized or unwanted addition to your pool and bring you peace of mind. If you're looking to get an above-ground or in-ground swimming pool, you should also toss fences in the combo.

However, there are many brands and countless materials with designs available for pool fences. It could become a daunting task to find out the best pool fences for your swimming pool. This guide will help you break down everything to the simple requirements.

Therefore, you will get answers to all of the questions and clear the doubt about whether you should get a pool fence or not. Before you begin with the guide, it is vital to understand the difference between regular fences and pool fences. It would be best if you also had a clear decision about getting a pool fence.

Let's look at some essential information.

Why do you need a Pool Fence?

You might think that you can get anything like a pool fence. However, a pool fence is created explicitly with pool protection under consideration. Often, these are treated with anti-elements and waterproof coating or agents to ensure longevity.

Most of the pool fences are more decorative and classier. You can find countless color options and materials for them. Hence, these are convenient and flexibly settle according to your décor requirement. In other words, you can't install just any other wall or bar as a pool fence.

Similarly, pool fences can be highly user friendly that even a single person can get it done. However, there are complex models available that require professionals. It all breaks down to your requirements and what you expect from the pool fences.

Reasons to buy pool fence

There are countless benefits to getting a pool fence. A pool fence is a pocket-friendly option to enhance the security of your pool area. Even if you try to look at any disadvantages or drawbacks, the perks outweigh them considerably.

Let's take a look at some of the best reasons to get pool fences:

Improve pool security

Fences are meant to provide apt protection for you and prevent any form of intrusion. Whether you use fences for your house or pool, it will provide proper security. It also provides security to other people and things. It safeguards anything from getting inside the pool without your permission.

There aren't many additions that you can make for the security of the pool. Hence, fences would be a better choice if safety is your primary concern.

Children and pet protection

Children and pets don't understand the dangers pools may possess for them. Not everyone knows how to swim. Threat amplifies for children and pets with a pool full of water. Even without water, it has elevated height risks in which a person may fall and injure themselves.

Getting the right fences will prevent your children and pets from stumbling into the pool. More importantly, you will be able to go through your routine without worrying about losing them. If you are someone who safeguards everything else for children and pets, then you should undoubtedly consider pool fences. It is not just for your kids and pets, but anyone in your neighborhood will benefit greatly from having a pool fence and reducing your liability.

Accidents and drowning

Statistically speaking, accidents in pools and drowning have been among the leading causes of death and other injuries regarding the pool. Therefore, installing fences becomes a must-have. It can drastically reduce the chances of accidents and people falling into the pool.

Even people who don't know how to swim may use the fence's support to prevent themselves from drowning. If they can't access the pool, the chances of drowning or other accidents reduce gradually. Ergo, it would be best if you considered pool fences.

Stylish addition

There is a limit to the range of innovation and decoration you can introduce to your swimming pool. However, installing a fence can enhance its appeal and aesthetics, almost like fine lines in a painting. More importantly, if you get sleek and stylish bars, you may even manage to elevate the décor of your house.

If you like to have a little pleasant décor for the house, then you can use fancy glasses or embellished metal fences for your pool. It all comes down to your budget and taste. Once you consider these factors, you will be able to get the fences that compliment your pool and house.

Customizable options

Apart from stylish choices, pool fences tend to be highly customizable. There is a wide range of materials and designs it is available in. Therefore, you can mold it according to your style requirement and even add countless new designs or tweaks.

Fences are essentially pieces of metal, plastic, or mesh that you can play with. You may even create a dome around your pool that could protect it from foreign elements. It is a cost-effective way. In simple words, what you do with pool fences depends strongly on your imagination.

User friendly

Apart from customization, pool fences tend to be user friendly and easy to install or maintain. You can take care of these in a cost-effective manner. Even if you have to hire a professional, the investment and procedures are borderline feasible.

In fact, investing in pool fences has more perks than any potential drawback. The worst you can have is a damaged or worn out fence that would require repair or replacement. Considering how easily the fences are available and their material, it would be a breeze. If you are a DIY (do it yourself) enthusiast, you can get these things done yourself.

No legal trouble

Pool regulations in many countries and states require you to install fences around your pool. If you don't want to get into legal trouble or receive a penalty, it is vital to get bars set around your pool. It can be a chain or other options, as well.

It doesn't matter whether you have an in the ground or above the ground swimming pool. Fences are indispensable. Hence, you will have to invest in a good, durable pair. Some places have a specific requirement of material strength. It would be a good idea to check for the regulations and requirements before getting the fences installed.

Eliminate your worries

Combine all of the points mentioned above and remove fences. You will notice just how many worries you will have related to the swimming pool. By integrating fences, you will eliminate all of these and have peace of mind. Imagine not having to worry about someone or something getting in the pool at night while you're asleep.

For your mental well-being, it could be a great idea to invest in high-grade fences.

Factors to consider when purchasing pool fence

Now that you have decided to invest in pool fences, it's about time for you to get a reliable guide. Read ahead to understand some common problems and other considerations you should make before investing in the fence.

Remember that budget and future maintenance should be your primary consideration. Then it would be best if you considered the aesthetics and décor. After that, you will be able to get the best pool fences.

Safety features

The primary role of the pool fences is to provide apt security for you. Therefore, you should look for some of the safety features. For example, how is it installed and bolted. Is it lightweight and moveable or has a firm placement? You might have to consider the type of investments that comes with the fence.

Gate installation

The most important consideration is the installation of the gate. It should provide you a safe passageway but also have a proper locking system. If you have children and pets, a lock system could enhance security further.

Similarly, it would be a better idea to have more than one gate installed if you have an accessible pool from all directions. Some fences have the flexibility for you to install gates later, so that is a good idea as well.

Strength and other physical aspects

For proper security, the fences need to have adequate strength and durability. The too rigid fence may end up hurting anyone crashing into it, although nobody should be able to crash into it. However, too flexible fences would be like mesh netting, leading to inevitable damage and frequent repairs.

Strength grade

Understand the strength you might require. Now you won't need an industrial-grade fence as you will not have a vehicle falling into the pool, hopefully. However, you'd need enough strength to support or prevent kids and multiple adults.

Metal fences are a great addition, but they require proper waterproofing and element protection.


If you have a pool inside a building, surrounded by the walls, there's no need for you to invest in fencing. Because walls are indeed the fences. So, pool fences are for open-air swimming pools. In other words, the bars will consistently be exposed to weather elements. Therefore, you need proper weatherproofing.

Waterproof rating

Of course, swimming pools are full of water, and there is more moisture in the air. Hence, waterproofing should be your primary consideration for anti-element protection in fences. Some fences would require you to add waterproof coatings. Others come with water-resistant material.

Mold, mildew, algae, and other formation can quickly appear on the pool fences. Ergo, you need to look at the material that won't absorb too much moisture. That could compromise the integrity of the fence.

Standard metal fences that are prone to rust are out of the question, as well. You would need stainless steel at the least. Even those are not entirely waterproof.

UV protection

The second natural element your fences would be exposed to is sunlight. More specifically, UV rays can be highly damaging to any material. Continuous exposure can weaken the integrity of any robust material. Ergo, it would be best if you had proper UV protection. There are many polishes, waxes, and coatings available that offer UV protection.

Even if you don't have complete waterproofing, UV protection is paramount. Otherwise, you might not even realize it, and your pool fences might have degraded in quality over time.

Other elements

You do need a durable fence to prevent any object from damaging it. However, some other elements like storm and winds may also cause some form of damage to your fence, especially its structure. Metal fences are prone to electricity, which might not be a great thing, especially if you install lights on top of the fences.

So, you may have to consider other material that has specific elemental resistance. However, waterproofing and UV remain the two most important factors. Pollution and other factors would require you to clean and maintain your fences properly.

Repair and maintenance

Physical strength with durability and proper weatherproofing is vital for your fences for year-round performance and cost-effective additions. However, repair and maintenance is more time consuming and could potentially dig a hole in your pocket if you're not considerate enough.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning the fences should be a breeze because you won't always have time to overlook the fence's wellbeing. You might have to hire someone to take care of the fences. This seems very exhaustive as you are adding pool fences for convenience, not extra work.

Therefore, vacuuming or other thoroughly cleaning endeavors should be sufficient to clean your fences. OF course, the color and material will once again play a vital role in this. Some fences require you to provide them proper polish, coating, or lubrication to work optimally. So make sure to check these requirements as well.

Repairs and replacements

Another most common problem you will face is the repairs and replacement of the parts of your fences. It is inevitable. You will suffer some damage. Your fences could've worn out over time, or someone might have tried to break into it. Either way, replacing or repairing the damaged area should be your priority.

While it would be significantly low, the older your fence gets, the more prone to damage it will be. You should look for longevity, warranty, and customer service. Some fence installation companies provide year-round maintenance and service packages to keep your fences in mint condition. You can opt for these options and drastically reduce your requirement to always take care of the fences.

Convenience of installation

Are you aiming for DIY-friendly fences or something that requires professional installation? Both of these factors will play a significant role in determining the right fence for you. Those that are DIY friendly would provide you ease and could be a flexible investment.

Professional fences are great for long-term sturdiness and protection with years to come. Hence, if you opt for cheaper fences with low-grade material, it is better to get a DIY-friendly version. However, if you're aiming for premium-grade fences, then you should certainly consider professional installation.

Removable vs. Fixed Pool Fence

There are mobile fences available for your convenience that you can place around the pool to create a barrier. Now, these are great if you want to keep the appeal of an open-air pool without the hindrance of the fences.

It is a good choice if you want to tell people about the restrictions of the fences. However, these are not great for security purposes as these are moveable. Many chain link types of wheeled fences fall in this category. It is not the best choice; it works as a sign.

However, it can be very convenient if you get children or pets around and want to safeguard your pool immediately. When there's a cleaning process underway, this could be a great choice for fences. Correlatively, fixed pool fences are overall a better option any way you look at it.

Types of fences

The type of fence has nothing to do with its material. It is more about the design. There are single-layered fences, then block type fences with a glass wall or steel block that look like barriers. Similarly, you have net-type fences you can look through and work as a cushion.

There are top head fences with bent tops to prevent climbing through and add more security. What's the point of considering the type of the fences? Well, a fence can be the ultimate wall of protection. So it might not only protect people or the pool, but it could also enhance your security and aesthetic allure of the area.

Ergo, the type of fence could play a vital role. Correlatively, chain types or netting fences are a cheaper option. So if you have to consider the budget, these could be a better choice.

The material of the pool fences

You might already have a good idea about the material you need for pool fences. However, this is to help shed some light on different types of materials available in the market.


Of course, metal fences are the most common and easily affordable options that come in various types. However, these are more prone to rust and other elemental damage.


Nylon, ABS plastic, and mesh designs are common additions that provide proper netting and protection. However, these lack durability and could be more comfortable to break through. While they will work for kids and pets, these are not the best choice for strength.


This could be a great addition in the area where you have a pool surrounded by lush greens. Alternatively, if you want to give a stroke of aesthetic appeal to your pool, many different types of wood are available.

These could be as strong as mesh or a little stronger. However, wooden fences are more prone to mold and mildew than other materials. Therefore they require frequent maintenance and replacement.


These are becoming an alternative to wood. Similarly, there are fiberglass and sheets of plastic that people are using similar to glass. For modern décor, the glass could be a great addition to your swimming pool. Many high-end resorts and hotels utilize glass fences for their shimmering brilliance and appeal.


These are more like walls or pillars that are very heavy, stable, and sturdy. Ergo, they can provide you apt protection, but at the same time, they are more like construction. These are very costly and may require you to get an artist. These premium-grade fences are also rare and require a lot of diligence in care and maintenance.

FAQs: Best Pool Fences

Q: Do you have to install pool fences around the swimming pool?

If you own a pool that is accessible to the public, you need to have a pool fence. These are laws regarding this particular requirement. The standard directions state that if your pool is deeper than 30 cm or 300 mm, it needs to have a pool fence.

Q: What is the average life and cost of pool fences?

The pool's life depends on the material and the element-proofing (Waterproofing) you got for it. Most of the fences will last you a season or two, and the average cost will depend on these choices as well. For example, mesh pool fences are one of the cheapest options available. These tend to last for years (3-10) to come if proper maintenance is supervised.

Q: What is the cheapest pool fence option?

Chain link type fences would be one of the cheapest options as it could cost as low as single-digit dollars per feet or meter. However, these don't have well-versed protection. If you want to get the formality of getting the fence done, these are a good option.

However, it is strongly advised that you consider other options to help you in the long run.


There you have it! The ultimate guide to getting a pool fence. Now you will never have any trouble getting the best pool fences. What's more? The common questions and some tips would prove to be highly beneficial. Remember to always consider your budget and future investment before getting a pool fence.

Brands are not important at all. You may even get custom-made fences from material available in the market. Now you know what you need to get as your pool fence, from the cheapest chain links to high-end ceramic decors. Have safe swimming, especially if you own a public pool. / - © Copyright 2020