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Pool Deck Paints buying guide

Looking to improve the aesthetics of your pool deck? Opt for suitable pool deck paints to give an elegant look and protect your deck for a long time.

The product keeps your deck safe from the damage of several environmental elements. To keep your deck, you need to choose an apt product. For this, you need to look at several properties.

Collecting all the correct details and facts on different characteristics can become an arduous task. On the contrary, a comprehensive buying guide provides all the useful information under one roof. All you need is to go through the pointers and funnel down the best product.

But before this, let us have a quick introduction to the product to have a better understanding of its benefits.

What do you mean by Pool Deck Paints? Why do you need them?

Concrete paint can be an ideal choice for the pool deck to give protection from elements. It also helps to cover any cracks, fading, or bubbling around your pool.

By using the pool deck paint, it is easy to get an attractive appearance of your pool area. There are some specific reasons for choosing these decks paints such as:

  1. Easy to maintain

It helps in creating a non-porous barrier to protect the pool deck from water and pool chemicals. So, it takes less time to maintain the pool than a raw surface.

  1. Cost-effective

Paints will help you to redo the pool deck without costing a lot of money. Refinishing or re-staining wood surfaces, repairing cracks costs more, which can be avoided by painting.

  1. Enhance appearance

Using deck paints, you can easily cover chips, cracks, or splinters to reduce the imperfections.

  1. Suitable for bare feet

As decks paints are usually UV resistant so it can repel heat, and thus you can protect your bare feet from scalding.

  1. Safer

Deck paints are generally resistant to slip, so there will be less chance of accidents, and you can safely use the pool.

Different Types of Paints

  1. Water-based Acrylic Paints

This type has the least drying time. It takes a maximum of three days to dry for the outdoor pools. It can quickly dry within five-six days for an indoor pool setup.

This paint can be an appropriate choice for high humidity and rainy conditions. Moreover, it comes with an affordable price tag.

However, this paint has a significant drawback that it is not long-lasting. It can last not more than 2 to 3 years. Moreover, water-based acrylic paint is not very resistant to chemicals and stains, so many people do not prefer it for their pool decks.

  1. Premium Acrylic Deck Paints

You can use Premium acrylic deck paints to repaint the pool deck that has been painted previously, or you can use it on unpainted concrete.

This paint can be used on wet or dry decks, and your pool will get a glossy finish after the paint dries.

If there is a proper ventilation system, it will dry within three days for outdoor pools. It will take at least one week to dry for an indoor pool.

This pool deck paint can remain intact for a minimum of three years. But it is not an ideal option to cover the imperfections. With this paint, it will be a little challenging to hide cracks and splinters on the pool deck.

  1. Epoxy Pool Paints

This solvent-based deck paint can be an excellent choice to add a sharper look to the pool deck. You are allowed to use Epoxy pool paints on concrete, fiberglass, plaster pools, and Gunite.

If you are looking for a durable and long-lasting pool deck paint, you can easily rely on this paint. This paint is resistant to chemicals or stains, and thus it can last long for 6 to 8 years.

But, you can not use Epoxy paint for repainting. It can be applied only on bare concrete surfaces or a deck, which is already covered with Epoxy paint.

It will take a week to cure an outdoor pool. For an indoor pool, it will dry within two weeks.

Deck Paints or Stains

Both the pool deck paints and stains come up with some advantages and disadvantages. It will be better to know about them before you choose the right option to cover your pool deck.

Deck Paints


  1. Variety of colors

If you use paints, it will offer you more variety of colors. You can choose a color that goes well with the home's exterior. Different hues are available there, starting from chocolate brown to royal blue, forest green to crimson.

  1. Lasts longer

Paints can hide the flaws of a weathered deck to enhance its appearance, and it can last for a more extended period of time because of its durability.

  1. Easy to maintain

Undoubtedly, you can maintain the paints at ease. You simply sweep the dust and wipe out spills from the painted decks.


  1. Traps moisture

With time, paint is more likely to trap moisture, which can damage the wood quickly.

  1. Hides natural beauty

The natural look and feel of a wooden deck can be covered by the paints.

  1. Remains permanent

It is difficult to go to stain from paints because the whole process is expensive and requires extreme measures.



  1. Budget-friendly

Stains are available at an affordable price range, so it is cheaper than painting.

  1. Enhances natural look

With staining, you can highlight the natural beauty of your wooden deck. Also, it can prevent moisture in a significant way.

  1. Easy to use

You can apply a stain on your deck very directly. You need a roller or brush to apply the stain with ease.

  1. Less slippery

Usually, stains create less slippery surfaces, so it is safer to use.


  1. Less durability

Stains do not last long, so you need to stain your deck in the alternative years.

  1. Does not hide cracks

Stains are not a good choice for repairing because they are not able to fill cracks appropriately.

  1. Not compatible with top quality woods

Stains can not be an ideal choice for tropical hardwood. Because of their density, they do not hold stains properly.

  1. Fails to hide flaws

You can not cover all the imperfections of a weathered deck by using stains.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Pool Deck Paints


When you are going to choose the deck paints, you must consider the coverage in the first place. It will help you to save your money and time as well.

Some concert deck paints which can spread quickly and cover a larger area. It can be a cost-effective solution because you will not need much of this paint.

But having said that, it will be better to have enough paint before starting painting a larger area. Otherwise, you have to wait for an extended period to get your job done effectively.


It is very disappointing to wait for one or two weeks before the pool deck paints cure. Therefore, you should choose a paint which is fast-drying.

There are some deck paints that can dry just within a few hours after applying, while some others take up to two or three days to dry completely.

If you need to apply a double coat, you must look for a fast-drying paint so that you can start using your pool as soon as possible once your painting is done.


It is also essential to take finish into your consideration while buying the pool deck paint because it helps to enhance your pool's appearance.

There are some paints available in the markets that offer a high-gloss finish.

On the other hand, many products are found that are not good for a smooth finish, but they are resistant to slip and ensure a firmer grip.


The main aim of using the pool deck paints is to have a better guise of the pool deck. But, you should also consider that good paints can protect the deck from the harshest elements.

With a view to that, you should opt for a concrete deck paint that is resistant to UV rays, rains, and pool chemicals.

Choosing a weather-proof pool deck paint will ensure that the color will remain bright and vibrant for a long time, and you do not need to repaint the pool deck every year.

Non-slip finish

Another very crucial factor that you must check while buying your pool deck paint is non-slip finish. Many deck paints can be found that come up with this special benefit.

If you have a smooth surface, it may cause accidents which you never intend for. To increase the safety of your family, therefore, you will need a paint that is resistant to slip, and thus you can prevent any mishaps.

Long-lasting color

You will spend money on your pool deck paints with an expectation that they will last for a longer period. It will be a hassle to repaint the pool deck at a regular interval.

The best way to avoid this problem is to select a long-lasting color. Although it depends on the brand you choose for your deck paints, most of the accessible products will last long.

It will be better to go for a pool deck paint resistant to UV ray, so the color does not fade due to the sunlight and look brighter for longer.


If you have both the wooden and concrete surface around your pool, it will be wise to look for a paint which can be used on different surfaces.

A pool deck paint applied to different decking areas will be a practical choice to save your money.

It makes sure that your pool gets a uniform look, and you will complete your task more quickly.


When you choose the pool deck paints, you should never negotiate with the durability factor. It will be a crucial decision to buy a deck paint that is long-lasting and resistant to fading.

Having a durable paint ensures that it is capable enough of dealing with several elements. Also, the paint should be resistant to water so that you can use it in rainy areas without any issues.

The first and foremost thing you should do to get a durable paint is to check whether it is labeled as deck paint or not. Also, you can search for exterior paint, which can be used in painting the flooring and railing on the deck.

You should avoid interior paints because they are not weather-proof and fade significantly faster.

Surface Sheen

Surface finishes provided by a pool deck paint vary according to the percentage of gloss elements used in the product.

  1. Eggshell

With the eggshell pool deck paint, you can have a softer finish. It provides a little sheen, not more than 10%. Due to the lower shine, it is easy to hide the damages in a wood deck. However, it is recommended to choose enclosed desks for this paint as it is prone to attract dirt.

  1. Satin

Satin is renowned as "low luster," and you can select this paint for the outdoor pool decks. Satin has a muted sheen, almost 30%. But it is able to cover up the imperfections in the wood.

The main benefit of choosing this paint is that you are allowed to remove dust and spills without any extra effort. It is actually straightforward to clean. Semi-gloss, which is also called enamel, has 70% sheen. Therefore, you can use it to match your exterior trim perfectly.

  1. High-gloss

High-gloss paints are easier to clean. You can blow off the dust and wipe out spills. It provides about 85% sheen, so it is a little difficult to hide flaws in the wood deck. All the nail holes and cracks will be more visible, so you should choose this paint for brand new pool decks.

Added Protection

You should keep in mind that pool deck paints are mainly required for outdoor use. So, it will be useful to look for some extra protection to make sure that the paint will remain unchanged for a long time.

Generally, most of the deck paints have additives in the formula that can prevent mildew and mold, protect the pool deck from harmful UV rays, and withstand extreme temperatures.

You can go for any of these additives according to your requirements, but it is highly recommended that you should opt for all three to ensure maximum protection.

It will increase the durability of the color, and you will get a brighter look at your pool for an extended period of time without repainting the deck.

Check weather exposure of deck

Without having a durable pool deck paint, it will be challenging for the deck to withstand extreme weather conditions. So, you must select a deck paint that comes up with better durability and longevity.

If you are living in a place where your pool decking area is directly exposed to sunlight, you should choose a paint that is resistant to harsh UV rays. It will make sure that the color is not going to fade any soon.

On the contrary, if you are living in an area with high moisture and extreme rain, you should look for a deck paint that has non-slip qualities. For better protection, you can pick up a paint having the built-in grip as well.

Current deck damage

What type of pool deck paints you need depends on the deterioration of the deck. It means you must consider how damaged the deck is before making your purchase.

In case you have a rough and damaged deck, you should buy a stronger and more durable paint. It not only does help to hide the flaws like holes, cracks, or splinters but also provides a consistent look.

If your pool deck has been painted already, then it will be better to look for a that works without any so you can apply it on the deck directly.

It ultimately depends on your personal requirements which type of paints you want. So, you should figure out the level of damage in advance to get a deck paint accordingly.

Use of deck

Last but not least, you should also contemplate how your deck is used to find the best pool deck paint effortlessly. It depends on some factors which you should never overlook.

If you live in a rainy area, you should buy deck paint with gripping. Similarly, if the place encounters heavy snowfall or extreme foot traffic, it will be an excellent choice to search for a non-slip pool dock paint.

Therefore, you can prevent accidental slipping and maximize the safety of your family.

Also, you should choose a deck paint that is smooth so that it can prevent splinters. This is an effective way to make sure that your kids will not get hurt even though they are running around barefoot.

How to paint a pool deck?

Though you have the best pool deck paints, it will be pointless if you do not know exactly how to paint your pool deck in a proper way. There are some essential steps that you must follow to start painting your pool deck conveniently.

First step

You should start with a clean concrete deck, so you must make sure that the deck is clean enough. Remove all the dirt and debris, including big leaves and dust, to make your deck clean.

You should also wipe out the spills (if any) from the surfaces by using a scrub brush and strong degreaser. TSP( Trisodium Phosphate) is an excellent choice to remove oils and dirt from the deck.

Furthermore, a pressure washer can be beneficial in cleaning all the dirt and scum from the deck.

Let it dry properly and swipe it finally to start the next step.

Second step

This step is required to repair the cracks of the pool decks. Primarily, you should be more careful about the concrete decks to find the cracks before painting.

Take a pump sprayer and fill it up with a 2 part epoxy concrete sealer. You should always follow the instructions given by the manufacturers. Then, spray the epoxy patch evenly on the concrete pool deck and leave it to dry.

Check the manufacturing guidelines to know how long it takes to dry and move on to the next step accordingly.

Third step

Before starting this step, you should make sure that you have the right application kit that includes all the necessary tools for painting. A roller frame, along with an extension pole, is practical to get your job done efficiently.

First, pour the concrete paint on a tray. If you want, you can add non-slip additives to the paint to get a textured surface. Now, use the paint rollers to spread the concrete paints all over your pool decking area.

It is suggested to start from one end and finish it to the opposite end. Spread the paint evenly and consistently. Two coats are considered a standard method, so after the first coating, leave it for some time to dry and then apply the second coat to the deck.

Fourth step

This is the final and probably the most vital step to paint a pool deck. You must seal the deck after painting so that you do not need to repeat the same process within the next 2-3 years.

Take an unused roller pad to apply the concrete sealer on your pool deck. Apply the sealer evenly over the whole deck surface.

Then, allow it to dry according to the time given on the label. It will take nearly 24 to 68 hours to dry completely. After that, your pool deck is all ready for use.


  1. Which color should I select for painting the deck?

It depends on your personal preference. If you want to give your deck a bricky look, then go for maroon. Tan color gives a beach look while blue and green give a hint of clear waters.

  1. Can I apply the paint on the damaged deck?

Ye, it all depends on whether the deck is functional or not. If the deck can support the weight, then you can apply the paint, but if not, then make proper repairs and then go for painting.

  1. Is it beneficial to seal the concrete deck?

Yes, it protects the deck from harmful UV rays, stains, and other environment variables.

Final Verdict

With all the information under your possession, what are you waiting for? Select some good quality pool deck paints to maintain your deck.

Read this extensive guide to get all the useful details to sort out the best option. Having a beautiful deck gives an elegant look to the whole setup. / - © Copyright 2020