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Every pool owner knows the significance of the maintenance of the pool. If you want to enjoy relaxing baths in your pool, you need to take proper care of it.

You cannot just own a pool and then ignore the hygiene factor. Also, the cleaning part takes a lot of time and resources. But don't worry. You can rely on pool cleaners to complete this task for you efficiently.

However, selecting a suitable pool cleaner is an entirely different story. An ill-fitted pool cleaner will not perform its tasks efficiently, and you will curse yourself for investing your money in it.

This buying guide contains all the necessary information which will allow you to strike out all the features you require in your product. Also, you will get trusted in-depth details under one roof, which will save your valuable time.

Before starting with the guide, let us first get familiarized with the product.

What are the pool cleaners? Why should you use them?

Being a pool owner, you must want a cleaner pool all the time. The task of cleaning the pool gets easier by having a powerful pool cleaner. This device is so helpful that it will not be difficult to clean and maintain your pool correctly.

A pool cleaner comes with different benefits as follows:

  1. Saves time and money

Having a pool cleaner means you can keep your pool clean without hiring anyone. Also, you do not need to spend all your free time cleaning pools. So you can enjoy your weekend inside the pool without worrying about cleaning.

  1. Needs no chemicals

When you use a pool cleaner on a regular basis, you will need no chemicals for cleaning. With a pool cleaner, you can remove the algae spores, and it maximizes the oxygenation in pool water, which means you no algaecide is required to clean the spores.

  1. Saves water

The continuous growth of algae and other debris affects the pool chemistry, so you need to add chemicals or change the water. But with a pool cleaner, you can quickly eliminate the trash from your pool, so you do not need to drain gallons of water every time, so you can save water effectively.

Why is reading a buying guide essential before selecting the suitable pool cleaner?

Selecting a suitable pool cleaner can be a challenging task. You have to give a proper thought about pool type, size, cleaner type, budget, and whatnot.

With so many options available in the market, you cannot just opt for any option in a blink of an eye. For proper research, you need all the essential facts and details. Reading this buying guide will answer many of your critical questions and queries.

Also, the guide contains information about all the vital factors that allow a product to stand out for its own. So, let us start with the guide.

Types of pool cleaners

You will find various kinds of pool cleaners available in the market that will help you clean your pool hassle-free. All of them have their pros and cons. So, you must know about all the types to select the best pool cleaner for you.

  1. Manual pool cleaner

Usually, manual cleaners are attached to the garden hose or the skimmer. With this simple and handheld unit, you are able to vacuum the dirt and debris manually. However, they are not as effective as automatic cleaners.

  1. Robotic pool cleaner

Most pool owners are likely to have robotic cleaners because they are easy to maintain. It comes with an in-built pump and filters, so it does not put much strain on the pool pump. This cleaner runs on an electric motor and stops working automatically according to the timer.

This robotic cleaner can climb the wall and stairs and reach the tightest corner easily. It comes handy while removing all types of dirt, debris, algae, and bacteria and, therefore, reduce chemical usage.

  1. Suction pool cleaner

Suction cleaners are less expensive than any other cleaners. Generally, these cleaners are appropriate for both above ground and in-ground pools.

You can attach the suction cleaner to your skimmer, and it cleans and scrubs all the debris from the pool water like a robotic cleaner.

Moreover, they are easy to maintain and reduce your electricity cost significantly.

  1. Pressure side pool cleaner

With a pressure side cleaner, you can clean the surface of your pool easily. It uses a booster pump line or water return port, so it does not get clogged frequently.

As it has the in-built filter bags, it does not damage the pool's filter. Also, it is able to remove both smaller and larger debris from the pool water.

Why is it necessary to keep your pool clean?

Keeping your pool cleans will make the pool look better. But that is not all. It is essential to clean your pool regularly so that you can safely use it for a long time.

If you do not clean the pool properly, it will initiate fungus, algae, and bacteria. When the pool's chemistry is off, it will make the water dirty and harm your family members.

Furthermore, if the level of calcium hardness is high, it will cause scaling. A low level of pH can enhance the corrosion of the equipment.

Therefore, the filters and pumps will need more power to eliminate the deposits, which may damage them. As a result, the whole structure will lose the strength which you never long for.

So, you must choose the right pool cleaners to clean and maintain your pool for all season long.

Things to deem about while selecting an appropriate Pool Cleaners

Size of the pool

You should definitely consider the pool size while buying a pool cleaner. It is better to choose a robotic cleaner for a larger pool. Basically, you can use the robotic cleaners for any size of the pool, but they come a little more expensive than the other pool cleaners.

So, if you have a tight budget, a pressure side cleaner can be the right choice for you to clean a smaller size pool. For pressure side cleaners, you should assess the hose length in advance. If you have a larger pool, it will need more hose, so naturally, more workload with extra storage space will be required for these cleaners.

But, side cleaners are not so useful in cleaning all types of debris. So, you have to go through the pre-cleaning process before using the cleaner. Besides, you should maintain the cleaners properly to get your job done at ease.

When it comes to a smaller size pool, you may think of manual cleaning. As it takes more time, some people prefer pressure cleaners to remove dirt and debris from the floor of your pool.

Though all these cleaners work effectively for smaller pools, a robotic cleaner is always one step ahead of the others in terms of maintenance and ease of use.

Hose length

When you are choosing a pool cleaner, you should check the hose length of the cleaner. The pool cleaner needs to have enough hose so that it can reach the corner of the pool from the pool's skimmer without any difficulties.

Especially if you are looking for a pressure side pool cleaner, you should not overlook the hose length. Make sure the pool cleaner has the right length. Otherwise, you will have to invest some more money to buy an additional hose for the cleaner.

Type of pool

Your selection of the pool cleaners also depends on the kind of pool you have. Following are the common types of pools—

  1. Concrete pools

Concrete swimming pools have a wide variety of designs, so you have the leverage to set up the pools anywhere you want. You are allowed to select the shape, size, and depth and add specifications like rockeries, steps, vanishing edges, etc. as per your choice. They also have great finishing options such as colored quartz, natural pebbles, and more.

  1. Fiberglass composite pools

You will find a different variety in style, shape, size, and colors of the fiberglass composite pools. They come up with an excellent finish. Also, you can install these pools easily. These pools are ideal for places difficult to access. Many fiberglass pools are available with water features, in-built spa, etc.

  1. Above ground pools

Above ground swimming pools allow you to enjoy your pool time even though you have a tight budget. Being made of vinyl-lined or fiberglass composites, these pools offer you various colors and designs. They have high portability and can be installed swiftly.

  1. Vinyl-lined pools

If you are searching for a budget pool, vinyl-lined pools can be an excellent option for you. As the vinyl lining is tailor-made, it will match with the shape and size of your pool appropriately. Some of the advanced models are designed with plastic, concert, or steel walls.

Type of debris

Another critical factor to be considered while choosing the pool cleaners is the type of waste. Some people do not pay much attention to the trash, but it has a high impact on the performance of your pool cleaner.

Some cleaners are useful to clean larger debris. Though the automatic cleaners can remove all the trash, you will need to clean the pool manually after a certain point. So if you are not aware of the debris and their size, it may take a toll on you while cleaning the pool.

Usually, the filtration bags collect most of the dirt and debris from the water, but there will be a chance that more significant debris like twigs, leaves, or dead bugs floating on water.

Automatic cleaners are appropriate for cleaning the sidewalls and floor of the pools so they can not pick up the debris from the water surface. So you can not depend on the cleaners to remove such waste from the pool.

Moreover, the debris which is more significant in size is not able to pass through the channel of the cleaners, which causes clogging and reduces the performance of the cleaner.

Therefore, it is evident that whatever pool cleaner you use will remove the debris from the water surface. The product will surely help you skim the debris from the bottom, but you should always check that the cleaner you are choosing can eliminate all the waste properly.

Pool cover

Some people have swimming pools that are protected with pool covers. Usually, the cleaners are not able to clean the pool if it has any cover. It is actually challenging for the cleaners to function when your pool is covered.

However, if you think that the cover is essential, then you can look for a cleaner that is compatible with a pool cover. There is some model available in the market that can work effectively in spite of having a pool cover.

So, you should check this feature carefully prior to getting a pool cleaner.

Filtration system

If you need to add the side vacuum to your pool, you will be in need of an in-built filtration system. In case you have no traditional filter system, you should have an extra pump.

Otherwise, simply plugging the above-ground cleaner will be helpful. Nevertheless, you will always have the option to choose a robotic cleaner that functions smoothly without any assistance.

Generally, the filter bags of the pool cleaners are capable enough to pick up all the debris from the water. Still, you will find some larger debris like dry leaves, twigs, etc. on the pool water.

Automatic cleaners will clean the walls and the floor of your pool in a significant way, but you need to put some effort to skim the debris from the water surface.


When you are about to buy a pool cleaner, you should look for the feature that determines the adjustability of the device. It is recommended to choose a pool cleaner that can work compatible with different shapes and sizes of the pool.

The cleaner you are selecting must have an adjustable hose buoyancy along with the main flow. There are some cleaners equipped with a deflector, which means the cleaner will not get stuck easily while in use.

Type of surface

The surface types play a significant role in determining the type of pool cleaners you need to have. Also, you should make sure that the pump you have can clean properly. Considering the surface also lets you know whether you need to get a robotic pool cleaner or not.

Moreover, you should check if your pool is in-ground or above-ground that tells you about the construction material of your pool.

Needless to say, not all types of cleaners are able to clean your pool correctly. Some cleaners can remove the debris from the side and bottom surface, but when it comes to picking up the debris from the top, they will not help you much.

You can go for a pressure side cleaner, which is useful to remove the common debris from pool water so it will keep working without any hassles. It will clean both the large and small size debris from the pool effectively.

Therefore, you are suggested to check the type of surface the cleaner can be compatible with before taking it to your home.

Ability to climb walls

It is essential to check that the pool cleaner you are going to buy has the ability to climb walls and stairs. If you have a cleaner that can only clean the floor of the pool, it will be of no use.

In such cases, you will have to brush and clean the pool walls every week so that they do not become the breeding ground for the algae and bacteria.

It will be wrong to think that the debris gathers only on the bottom surface. You should not ignore the sidewalls and stairs, which means you need a cleaner equipped with climbing ability.


You will definitely want a pool cleaner that will last long. Commonly, most branded cleaners come with higher strength. Still, you should check once before making a purchase.

The best way to check the durability is to look for the manufacturer's warranty. The more extended warranty they offer, the more time your cleaner is expected to last.

Also, you can go through the review available on the internet. It will give you a fair idea about the life expectancy of the products.


Generally, robotic cleaners are a little costlier than any other pool cleaners, but people prefer them because of their efficiency and low-maintenance.

However, if you have a tight budget, you will have several pocket-friendly models offered by the manufacturers.

Robotic cleaners come within a range between $500 and $1000. Some range more than $1000 as well.Suction side cleaners are the cheapest of all having a range from $100 to $400.

If you are targeting a pressure side cleaner, it will cost anywhere between $300 and $900.

But you must keep it in mind that if you need to buy an extra booster pump, you will have to invest more. Typically, the booster pumps are available within a range of $200 to $400.

How to maintain pool cleaners?

You must take proper care of your pool cleaner so that it can perform for a more extended period of time without any replacement. Naturally, these cleaners are easy to maintain, but you should use them in the right way and keep them securely.

  1. These cleaners are very easy to clean. If your pool cleaner has its own filter bag, you should clear it properly and rinse thoroughly with fresh water.
  1. When the bag is full, you should remove the debris from the bag every time to make sure it neither loses the suction capacity nor burns out the motor. When the cleaner you are using has a separate filter, you can easily wash the dirt with a hose with less effort.
  1. People who have robotic cleaners should take the cleaner out after use and wash the extra chemicals properly. Also, they should let the cleaner dry before using it.
  1. You should also take care of the hoses. It is better to keep them with your cleaner. You can hang them from the wall instead of laying them on the ground, so they remain dry and clean.


1. What is the average time for a pool cleaner to last?

It all depends on the maintenance of the pool. Different types of pool cleaners come with their time. The robotic pool cleaners are equipped with a battery that will eventually stop working. Also, pressure and suction type cleaners have different parts that will need a replacement after a prolonged life of 8 years.

2. I want to buy a pool cleaner. What is the approximate cost of different types of pool cleaners?

A good quality pool cleaner comes at a reasonable price range.

  1. Robotic cleaners: Anywhere between $499 - $1000 (Expensive out of all others)
  2. Pressure Side Cleaners: Anywhere between $299 - $899 (Midrange)
  3. Suction side cleaners: Anywhere between $99 - $299 (Cheapest among all)

3. How frequently should you clean a pool?

Cleaning a pool at what time mainly depends upon a lot of factors:

  1. How easily it gets dirty and if it has a pool cover on top of it
  2. Once you know how frequently there is debris accumulated in it, you will be able to measure the number of times you need to clean it.
4. Should I use the same pool cleaner for an above ground pool?

No, an above ground pool doesn't need the same type of pool cleaner. It will require a cleaner that doesn't have a strong action as these pools are shallow and quite small as compared to the in-ground pools. Therefore, you can go for any cheap pool cleaner for them.

Final Verdict

Cleaning debris and scale from the pool has never been comfortable with the dawn of smart pool cleaners. You just have to purchase the right product and relax, while the intelligent device cleans the pool on its own.

In this buying guide, we have gathered all the essential details about the different characteristics of the product. Go through them and make an informed decision while selecting an ultimate device. / - © Copyright 2020