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Thinking about an easy way to clean and maintain your pool? Opt for Polaris pool cleaners. The cleaners are best suited for the job and are quite easy to handle.

While looking for the best cleaner, you need to understand some elements. You need to have correct information on these characteristics.

A comprehensive buying guide presents all the information under one roof. You can quickly analyze the information and funnel down the best pool cleaner for your favorite pool.

So, without any further ado, let us dive into this immense guide.

What are Polaris Pool Cleaners, and why should you buy them over other cleaners?

Do you like to swim like a fish on a sunny day? Can you jump into a dirty pool to fulfill your desire? Certainly not! A clean swimming pool appeals to you, and you get tempted to dive into it and have fun.

Due to the stagnant water, the floor becomes slippery and covered with a layer of moss. The story doesn't end here! The bugs, small insects, and mosquitoes make your pool the most suitable breeding place.

The dry leaves, spider's web, and heavy debris are some cherries on the cake's top. Though swimming pools are the most exotic site of your backyard where you can have fun and chill, maintaining them is a more significant challenge.

What if a scorpion crawls in and stays there forever? Well, if you don't want your pool to become the favorite chilling site of the insects, consider investing in Polaris Pool Cleaners.

These pool cleaners manufactured by Polaris are high-quality cleaners. They are highly versatile and clean your pool efficiently. With these cleaners around, your swimming pool will always stay spotless.

You don't have to worry about the debris floating on the surface or any other dirt. This cleaner will suck it all and leave your pool clean and fit for use.

The significant advantage of using this pool cleaner above all others is its reliability, durability, and high performance. These aspects are unbeatable by any other robotic cleaning machine for your pool.

They maintain your pool and reduce your task to the maximum extent. By investing in this product, you won't have to look for any other item like the floor scrubber, brushes, etc. and will always get excellent results.

This cleaning machine is a one in all solution for your pool's cleaning and maintenance. Hence, before you opt for one, let's learn more about it.

Why read this buying guide?

Now that you know why these cleaners are preferred over any other pool cleaning tool, it's time to understand it in-depth. Polaris has introduced the world with many models with varying designs.

They all are highly efficient and do their job excellently. However, some features make the absolute difference, and we will be focusing on them today. To invest in an excellent cleaner, you need to know which element is required and how it works.

The irrelevant web pages and reviews are of no use while searching for them. You will waste your time browsing those pages and, in the end, will not find the best match.

Thus, to make your task more comfortable and help you pick out the best match for your pool, we have brought this buying guide.

You will find all the crucial aspects of Polaris pool coolers you should look for while purchasing one. You will also know the advantages of having these features and why you should invest in them.

So, let's look at these crucial features and grab the compatible cleaner for your pool.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Polaris Pool Cleaners

About the brand

Before jumping on to this pool cleaner's features directly, let's get familiar with the brand first, which manufactures these life-saving pool cleaners. Polaris is a well-established and widely popular pool cleaner manufacturer.

You will find both manual and automatic pool cleaners produced by this brand. According to it, the appearance of your pool builds up their reputation.

If it looks spotless and pristine, more customers are tempted to use their products. On the contrary, if the look is ugly, they will lose their customers.

Hence, to maintain your pools and their position, they improvise their cleaners regularly by incorporating the latest technologies in them. Some of them are listed below.

Motion sensors

These sensors help to sense the walls or other obstacles that might come in the way while cleaning.

  1. Vacuum Technology

This technology helps to suck away the debris and other sediments that might be there in your pool. Vacuum technology ensures that your pool is thoroughly cleaned and looks spotless.

  1. Booster pumps

This pump is an essential addition to your pool cleaner, helping it clean the entire pool effectively. Pool cleaners with a booster pump are suitable for larger swimming pools, which are challenging to maintain.

  1. Programmable timer

The timer installed in your pool cleaner helps you to set in the timer when you want the cleaner to clean the pool. Once programmed, this cleaner will start its job without you having to put it in work every time.

  1. Jet sweep assembly

This jet sweep assembly is another cleaning attachment that adds a start to the cleaner's performance.

Besides these advanced technologies included by this brand into its machines, they aren't costly and can be used conveniently. The product quality and the customer service provided is excellent and unbeatable.

Thus, by investing in Polaris Pool Cleaners, you will get enhanced performance, incredible durability, excellent customer service, and last but not least, a spotless and fresh looking swimming pool.

Pool Cleaner Categories

Based on their operation, Polaris pool cleaners are divided into two categories: manual and automatic. Let's look at their differences and functionality.

  1. Manual pool cleaners

Your hands power the manual pool cleaners, and there are no machines equipped with them. You will have to push them by hand and scrub the entire pool.

It is physically tiring and time-consuming. Also, because of such intense physical work, you may not clean your pool at regular intervals.

Though they are affordable than the automatic ones, the work is more. If you want to keep yourself fit and are okay with moving around your pool, you can always opt for this pool cleaner.

  1. Automatic pool cleaners

Automatic pool cleaners are robotic cleaners that don't require any manual assistance. They are self-efficient and can be left inside the pool to clean it whenever needed.

You don't need to hover around the pool to get it cleaned. All you need to do is set the timer and leave it in there.

The next morning when you return to have a swimming session, you will have a pristine pool waiting for you with freshwater pumped in.

These automatic models are further dissected into three main categories. Let's look at these three distinct automatic models and know how they work.

  1. Pressure-side pool cleaners

If trees surround your pool and you often find the dry leaves floating on the water surface, pressure-side pool cleaners are all you need.

These cleaners suck the large debris also and clean your pool from all the dirt that's inside. They are self-propelled and hence don't require any external force to move them.

You can also search for variants with booster pumps installed in them, which aid in movement and effective cleaning. These cleaners are very fast in their work and highly powerful than the others available.

How does it work?

This cleaner has two sides; one side consists of the suction side where the water is sucked inside. While the other side pumps back the water into the pool after filtration. The return jets present in your pool provide power to this cleaner via a hose attached to its body.

This water pressure from the return jets moves the cleaner floating on the water surface all around the pool. Simultaneously, the sweep cleaner moves underwater, loosening the debris stuck on the floor and the sidewalls.

There is a bag present at the end of the sweep cleaner's hose attached to the jet. This bag is known as the skimmer bag. It collects all the debris and sediments that are pushed back by the sweeper hose to the return jet, thus reducing the cleaner's weight.

  1. Robotic cleaners

Unlike the pressure-side pool cleaners, robotic pool cleaners use electricity instead of water pressure to move around. Also, they are safe to be used inside water even after running on electricity. The reason for this safety lies with the ground-fault circuit interrupter outlet (GFCI).

When plugged into this outlet, a low voltage power is delivered, which is adequate to move the cleaner. Thus, there is no damage to your cleaner, even when working underwater.

However, they cost a bit expensive because of the additional features that come along with them.

How does it work?

These cleaners are highly durable and work efficiently. They clean your pool profoundly, and all the debris collected is stored in the filter canister included with the cleaner.

They scrub the floors and suck all the debris and climb the stairs and the sidewalls to clean the sediments and moss built-in on the surface.

  1. Suction-side pool cleaners

For those who want to own an automatic pool cleaner but your budget holds you back, suction-side pool cleaners are meant just for you.

They lack the best features of both pressure-side and robotic cleaners, but you can get your primary job done by them in the best way.

How does it work?

Their job is to suck the debris and other dirt present in your pool while moving on the way and sending all the material to the skimmer via your pool's filter system.

No suction-side pool cleaner is found with the name tag of Polaris. The parent company, Zodiac, manufactures these cleaners, offering you the same quality and features that Polaris is famous for.

Customer Service

Polaris is known for taking care of all its customers' needs and improvising their products to match their preferences.

This excellent customer service has made this brand stand out from others and come so long. If the customers are not appropriately catered to, the success rate of any brand drops down.

Polaris has made your lives much more comfortable and worth living with this thinking and always at the customer's service. Refer to the section below to see why this brand is so different from others. Also, when you purchase any of its products, what benefits you gain.

  1. How-To-Videos

When you visit their landing page, you will come across plenty of how-to-videos, which help you get insight into these pool cleaners and know more about them.

You will also find videos that guide you through the installation process of these Polaris Pool Cleaners and also teach you about other aspects of using them efficiently.

These videos are very engaging and help you understand the technicalities and the minute details in no time.

These illustrative pool cleaner installation videos make your life plain sailing. They also reduce your task, and you don't have to visit any shop or call another person to help you with the same.

  1. Search functions

Polaris knows that the parts come with a limited lifespan beyond which they will experience wear and tear. To help you find the genuine parts effortlessly, they have included easy to search options.

These search options are very resourceful as they help you find whatever parts you need to replace.

There are search bars on the top of the page where you can type the name of the part you want and then search it. If you don't know the name, you need not worry! Look at the part number and type the same. You will get the desired spare piece in no time.

  1. Contact Information

In any case or situation, you can reach the company in no time using your social media, emails, fax, or even your smartphone. All you need to do is call on the number or send a message on the email and instantly fix your problems.

Size and Weight

The best method to check your pool's and the cleaner's compatibility is by considering the pool cleaner's size and weight. If you have a large swimming pool to clean, you will need a large cleaner which is also heavyweight.

The reverse is valid for the small pools. Polaris pool cleaners feature different variants of different sizes and weights. You will find variants weighing a minimum of 14 pounds to a maximum of 44 pounds.

The majority of the models have a sleek profile that looks appealing and works efficiently. However, if you want a cleaner that can tackle a massive pile of debris and dirt, you can consider the ones with a bulky body.

Another thing that influences the size and weight of these pool cleaners is their wheels. Hence, before you opt for a variant, consider the aspects and your pool's size and then opt for the suitable one.

Warranty and Durability

To enhance the lifespan and durability beyond its warranty date, you need to maintain it properly. Regular cleaning and maintenance is the key to a long-lasting service.

Though Polaris pool cleaners come with a standard warranty period of 2 years, you can increase its durability using this clean and maintain trick. You will find variants that last for even 8 years with all the primary parts intact due to regular cleaning.

Warranty is just a number; the entire thing comes down to how you take care of it. So, if you want to keep your robotic cleaner intact and get long-lasting service from it, make sure you focus on the warranty period of all the products individually and maintain it in the best possible manner.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Manual pool cleaners are relatively easier to use than automatic ones. The difference is because of the additional set up that you have to do to use the robotic pool cleaners. These setups include the attachment of the cleaner with the pool pump and the booster pump.

This extended attachment is not there in manual cleaners as they only have to be attached to the pool's pump and no other separate pumping system.

When maintenance is considered, these cleaners cannot lack in that area. They require additional care as they keep on cleaning your pool and the dirt collects inside.

However, you don't need to worry about the pathogens or insects budding inside because the chlorine present in the water kills them all.

Hence, you should always clean your cleaner's skimmer bag and keep the vacuum system clean always. Besides, if any part breaks or malfunctions, don't try to repair it yourself. Instead, take help from any professional to prevent further damage.

Type of Pool

The type and size of your pool matters because it can drastically affect your choice of cleaner. Depending on your pool's type, you can opt for Polaris inground or above pool cleaners for effective cleaning.

Some variants are appropriate for both the pool types, but many don't work in both. Hence, opting for a suitable device is essential for getting a spotless pool with crystal clear water.


Many considerations are taken into account when you are purchasing a pool cleaner. The size of the pool, its type, etc. are named, but the significant one is the budget.

If you have a large pool, but the suitable pool cleaner doesn't fit your budget, it might be troublesome. It is recommended that you save your money and buy the suitable one instead of purchasing a non-compatible pool cleaner which cannot clean effectively.

This hasty choice will not only lead to money wastage but will also consume time. Thus, save the desired amount of money and expand your budget to get a suitable pool cleaner.

After you have achieved your budget goal, it's time to search for the model. To do that, consider visiting a walk-in store, check the specifications, and then land on an online website for the purchase.

Online shopping is an effective way to get your preferred cleaner at a reduced price but physically verifying it will work wonders and prevent you from unnecessary money wastage.

Additional Tips to select the right product

The markets have been flooded with many pool cleaners, and finding the right one is not easy. If ill-opted, the entire investment will be a waste, and you won't be satisfied with the machine's job.

Hence, have a look at the section below to know some additional tips that will help you select the right product.

  1. Chase the need, not the popularity

Don't always chase the most popular pool cleaner model because its popularity indicates that many consumers worldwide use it.

A single model's popularity doesn't mean that there are no other products available in the market for your use.

If you carry out some in-depth research and browse through the models, you will find many pool cleaners with high-quality and come in an affordable range.

They are as effective as the expensive ones and save your money and time also. Besides, also search models according to your requirement so that you can get the desired results.

  1. Automatic pool cleaners are more efficient

If you have a large pool, you will have to look after it and clean it regularly. Cleaning a large swimming pool is not easy with manual pool cleaners. Hence, an automatic cleaner does the job for you in an effortless manner.

Though they are a bit more expensive than the manual ones, the results are impeccable. Thus, add some pennies to your budget and buy yourself an automatic pool cleaner for better cleaning.


  1. I don't remember the model of my pool cleaner? How can I retrieve it back?

Look for the serial number, which will be printed on the side of the product. In new models, you will find a sticker that has the serial number. With this number, you can get the model name.

  1. Are the cleaners durable?

Yes, with proper maintenance, the cleaners can work efficiently for 5-8 years. Take proper care of the cleaner, and they will keep your pool well maintained for every occasion.

Final Verdict

With all the information under your passion, all you need is to find the best Polaris pool cleaner for your pool.

Here in this guide, you will find all the pointers that will aid you in your selection process. Go through them and make an informed decision. / - © Copyright 2020