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Plug and Play hot tubs buying guide

Whether there is scorching heat or freezing icy winds out there, the plug and play hot tubs ensure a relaxing and stress-relieving bath every time. With its unique capability to start on just plugging its connector makes it highly user-friendly.

However, selecting a suitable hot tub can be a herculean task. You have to consider the environment, size, material, and whatnot. Also, you need to ensure that the product fits your budget.

An extensive buying guide will allow you to analyze all the crucial factors with your needs and make an informed decision while selecting the best-quality product for your space. Also, you will get answers to your different queries and doubts at a single stop.

Now let us start with a brief introduction of the product.

What actually are plug and play tubs? Are there any significant advantages?

A plug and play hot tub is a kind of spa that runs on 110-120 volts so you can just install it in your homes without the use of special wiring, power outlets, or any other such fuss. Does it not sound so simple and hassle-free? That is because it is. While most hot tubs run on double that voltage, these are specially designed to be operated in households.

Plug and play hot tubs are quite inexpensive when compared to their counterparts, and they make it so convenient to have a spa day and pamper yourself in the vicinity of your own homes! Do not know much about electric connections and their workings? Have no clue about how different power outlets would be installed if you want a hot tub? Worry not, because plug and play hot tubs have you covered.

They were invented and became famous for all the right reasons, which are as follows:

  1. Inexpensive Prices

Do you want to have the fun of owning and playing in your hot tub but do not want to spend a fortune doing so? Plug and play hot tubs have low upfront costs of purchasing and installing because they can be plugged into household outlets. It saves you the cost of hiring a professional electrician and changing wirings.

  1. Hassle-Free Installation

As the name suggests, it is a mere plug to enjoy relaxing sessions. The botheration of changing wires, replacing, and installing new power outlets goes right out of the window. So, rejoice and relax in your new hot tub in a matter of minutes, because a few minutes is all it will take.

  1. Portability

They can be transported anywhere without many problems because of their compact and lightweight built.

Difference between Plug and Play Hot Tubs and Hardwired Hot Tubs

When the idea first hits you about wanting a hot tub, you may be confused about which is a better choice – plug and play hot tubs or hardwired hot tubs? Both types have pros and cons, which you can consider to make a sound decision that suits you best.

  1. Plug and Play Hot Tubs

These hot tubs, as discussed before having several advantages that make them highly sought after. The ease of installation is its prime but not only advantage. While the lack of requirement for extra wiring and new power outlets is one of the biggest reasons for its demands, plug and play hot tubs are also cheaper.

They also draw less electricity, which makes them more energy efficient. They are compactor and lighter, which makes their portability another great advantage.

  1. Hardwired Hot Tubs

The hardwired hot tubs lose the round of convenience of installation because they required a detailed setup. You will be required to invest in new outlets and wirings for which you will have to hire an electrician. The upfront costs also rise due to this.

They are also quite expensive and require a lot of electricity to operate. But in the long run, they save much more than play and plug tubs. They are much more efficient with better insulation and many more features that will make your experience a lot more pleasant.

Things to Consider When Selecting the Appropriate Plug and Play Hot Tub

  1. Size

You must give substantial consideration to the size of the hot tub as it will determine the insulation, speed of heating up, and the number of people it can hold comfortably. You need to ensure that the size suits the area where you are planning to install it.

Many features about a specific hot tub may stand out, but size must be given its due importance because, in the end, how comfortable you are when seated in it will make up much of your experience.

On average, most tubs have a capacity of about 3-4 people. Depending on your preferences, you can go for a lower or higher capacity. The size will have a huge on the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of working.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Larger hardwired hot tubs require much more energy consumption than plug and play hot tubs. This makes most such hot tubs quite energy efficient. They do not need extra voltage power outlets and are much smaller than traditional hot tubs, playing a significant role in this.

Energy-efficient plug-and-play hot tubs save you enormous electricity bills every month and contribute to environment conservation. Then again, some models will be more energy-efficient than others. So this feature is essential to look out for.

  1. Jets

Jets are arguably the most critical feature of plug and play hot tubs. However, contrary to common beliefs, a more significant number of jets does not necessarily mean that the container is better in terms of relaxation, enjoyment, or any noteworthy feature. You must look out for the quality of jets and their placement.

The best feature of jets that a tub can offer you is adjustability. If a hot tub allows you to adjust the jets, the experience of hot tubs will become customizable. You can change it according to your preferences, which will mean higher function and relaxation for you.

The positioning of the jets also plays a significant role in your comfort and relaxation. Some plug and play hot tubs have jets on their seats. This feature is as close to a body massage as it can be.

  1. Lights

The mellow and subtle glow when you are relaxing in your hot tub can enrich your experience to a whole new level. This brings us to our next consideration when purchasing a plug and play hot tub – lights. These special features are best for night time use as they not only add an aesthetic but also facilitate vision.

The best of the plug and play hot tubs come with built-in LED lights, most of which can also change colors. This can help set the lighting according to the mood for a more relaxing experience. The ambiances that lights add to the settings of the hot tub enhance the spa-like resemblance.

  1. Length of the Cord

The length of the cord will determine how it is connected to the power outlet and thus its position. If the cable is short, then you will be forced to place the hot tub near the power outlet even if it does not suit the ambiance. To avoid this, it is essential that you consider the length of the cord of the hot tub of your choice as a crucial factor.

Some hot tubs are not designed to be used with extension cords. Often, it may also reduce the efficiency of functioning. So, you must check that the cord length is compatible with the nearest power outlet and the position you plan for it. A minimum of 50 feet of cord length is appropriate.

  1. Noise

The pleasant hot tub experience may be easily disrupted by continuous buzzing. It is really crucial, then, that you ensure to choose the plug and play hot tub that is not noisy and, preferably, one which is as silent in its functioning as possible. If this feature is neglected, you may end up with a tub that is deafening and annoying, and you do not want that.

You can check for appropriate noise levels of plug and play hot tubs on their online reviews and check for models that may come with special noise-cancellation features.

  1. Cover

Suppose you place your hot tub outdoors, which is very common, and leave it unused for a while. The changing weather conditions, the dust accumulation, insects, and the other external circumstances that are out of your control all will have adverse effects on the durability and function of the tub.

It is essential, then, that you look for plug and play hot tubs that come with good quality covers so that efforts of maintenance of the container in the absence of its use are reduced to a minimum. Especially if you have pets or children, a cover for your hot tub is essential.

  1. Construction

A hot tub is constructed to ascertain how vulnerable or resistant they are to wear and tear. Good quality hot tubs have constructions like inner linings and outer framings that make them look more appealing and damage resistance.

Good lining constructions are those made out of durable plastic. They are also easy to maintain. Framings or outer shells may be provided in wood like mahogany. Fiberglass and ABS material are robust to provide for protective shells.

Such type of construction not only enables safety in use but also makes the tub look more stylish and fit the ambiance of gardens or patios.

  1. Placement

The shapes of the plug and play hot tubs vary in sizes and shapes, which determine where they can be placed. Thus, the placement of the container is another crucial factor to be taken into consideration to buy an appropriate hot tub.

If you are looking to place in the corner of a room, there are unique tubs explicitly built for this. The corner placement tubs are triangles, which optimizes size along with placement. If you want to place it in a large given area, there are several choices of shapes like rectangles or circles that will be suitable.

  1. Budget

Often, the decision to make a purchase is guided by the budget more than anything. But you can wipe the crease of worry off your forehead because whatever budget you have, there are several options that you can choose from, which are aptly functioning and affordable for you.

Plug and play hot tubs are already quite inexpensive. There are several choices you can choose from according to what you plan on spending. It is crucial that you stick to your budget and don't overspend on features that may end up being useless.

It is also vital that the budget you make will determine the quality of the tub you will end up with. So, consider spending a little more upfront for a better quality experience and better efficiency, which will pay for itself in the long run.

  1. Material

When you plan to invest in a hot tub, the experience you expect also includes your expectations of durability and proper functioning without continuous need for repairing. The container's quality will ultimately depend on the material and how sturdy and practical it is for smooth operation.

As discussed in the construction section, good quality plastic is often used to make the inner linings. The ABS material or fiberglass outer shells are also resistant to damage and wear and tear. Durable moldings are often made from acrylic foundations. Comfortable and durable seating also involves an acrylic molding foundation.

Some hot tubs are made of a material like vinyl, which is synthetic. They make up inflatable hot tubs that use the idea behind the plug and play tubs. However, they are less durable and have less insulation, especially for colder weather.

  1. Power Source

The most apparent advantage of plug-and-play hot tubs is that they can be plugged into standard household power outlets and do not require much energy for smooth operation. Still, several features of the tub you choose may require more energy consumption.

Advances in the making of hot tubs have made progress in less power usage for more features providing a relaxing and pleasant experience without the cost of extreme power sources.

  1. Seating

The capacity of the hot tub you choose will determine how many people can be seated comfortably at one point of time to enjoy the warm bath and body massage that it has to offer. Most tubs have seating for about 2 to 6 people. If you have a larger space and are expecting several people to join you, several options that can seat even more than 6 are also available.

Apart from the number of seats, the quality of seats is of utmost importance for comfort. See into the material used for seating and other features for additional support like backrests and sometimes, even footrests. They can also be reclined and adjusted for deeper, fuller relaxation.

  1. Cup Holders

When looking for deep relaxation, you might enjoy a drink in the tub while the jets and the bubbles do their work. If that sounds like you, you might want to pay attention to features provided in a hot tub and if it includes cup holders.

Some plug and play hot tubs even go the extra mile to provide stable holders for not just glasses but bottles. This can be a real delight if you relax and chill with your friends or family together while enjoying a beverage to further lighten your mood.

  1. Top Plug and Play Hot Tubs Accessories

Apart from the basic features that make a hot tub the magically relaxing place it is, there are several add-ons that you can have installed to enhance your experience.

  1. Tables and cup holders

Floating tables and cup holders are on top of the list because of their huge demand and general function. Who does not like a drink to soothe you while the hot tub turns on its magic? Hot tub bars are relatively more exquisite and add more hospitality to the tub.

  1. Tub Vacuum

Another popular accessory to add to your tub is a hot tub vacuum. To completely remove the botheration of having to clean and maintain the container after the fun is over, such a feature offers self-cleaning with the touch of a button.

Some hot tub vacuums are rechargeable while others connect to the power outlets like a standard vacuum cleaner. They are an excellent addition for minimizing your upkeep and hassle of cleaning.

  1. Ozonators

Ozonators are yet another great choice of accessory for plug and play hot tubs. Their primary function is keeping the water in the hot tub clean without the use of harsh chemicals. It is more of an essential addition than a choice because it adds to hygiene.

Some tubs come with an in-built Ozonator, but if not, getting one installed should be on top of your to-do list after making the purchase.

Maintenance of Plug and Play Hot Tubs

The upkeep of your hot tub is quite essential for the longevity of the life of the container and for your hygiene. The regular examination of the working of the tub requires cleanings, and repairing is necessary if you do not want your investment going down the drain after a mere few uses.

Some essential steps that you need to do once every week are:

  1. Use alkalinity strips to check the nature of the water every week or so. It should be appropriate, i.e., between 80-120 alkalinity. If the levels differ from this range, you need to change the composition by adding acids or basics.
  1. The cleaning and sanitization of the tub after every use is essential. You can choose either bromine or chlorine for this purpose.
  1. Checking the pH levels is the next step. There are specialized strips available for this too, which you should keep handy. The pH should be between 7.2 and 7.8 for the sake of your health and for keeping the tub equipment corrosion-free. If it is too low, add sodium bicarbonate and, if low, add sodium bisulfate.
  1. Cleaning the filter after every week or so depending on usage is also essential. This will ensure the smooth functioning of the filters and no obstruction in clearing the water of germs.


1. Is it necessary to buy a plug and play hot tub than other tubs?

For all the people who are facing power-saving issues, plug and play hot tub caters to their needs well and saves a huge amount of money. Be it summers or winters, you can easily enjoy the hot tub service in the best way. Also, even if you are not looking for an additional electrical panel space, these hot tubs serve the purpose quite well that too in a budget-friendly way.

2. What are the merits of opting for plug and play models?

Plug and play model comes with a plethora of benefits such as:

  • High Portability: These tubs can be flexibly moved to different locations.
  • Low Cost: The best part comes in reduced cost as there is no charge for installation
  • Reduced Wattage: These are considered highly efficient as they draw minimal power and, thus, cut your electric bills too.
3. What are some tips to save the hot tub electricity bills?

You need to add-on an extra layer of insulation using a base blanket that will prevent the heat from getting lost. You will require a layer of polystyrene sheet, which will keep the base warm even after your session is over. Some people also prefer going eco-friendly and opt for solar blankets.

4. Can we use extension cables while using plug and play tubs?

No, a large number of such tubs do not come with such an option. However, in recent times, some options offer this facility too.

5. What is the average time to heat up the water in plug and play hot tubs?

The water takes about 10-18 hours to heat up in these tubs.

Final verdict

Play and plug hot tubs provides a simple solution to enjoy relaxing bath sessions anytime. However, you must choose the right quality product that caters to your needs and complements the aesthetics of the environment.

In this guide, we have listed all the critical characteristics to deem while selecting a tub for your space. Go through every point, and you will be all set to make an ultimate purchase. / - © Copyright 2020