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Whether it is a casual get together with your family members, or you are going to organize a format party, having a good shade in your patio always pays off. Patio umbrellas are stylish and serve this purpose quite brilliantly.

However, while selecting an umbrella, you have to deem certain things. You have to look into the size, type, material, and other secondary properties.

Gathering information on these elements can become a strenuous task. You may even end with the wrong details.

An extensive buying guide is a handy option to access all the information at a single stop. Have a quick look at pointers and sort out the best product

So without wasting any more time, let us go through a quick introduction and then move on with our hunt.

What are Patio Umbrellas, and why do you need them?

After snowing for a minimum of 9 months, the summers arrive and stay for a short term and leave. As you know, Vitamin D is very crucial for your body, and the Sun is the best source that shows its face for a few months only.

To soak in the rays and strengthen your muscles and bones, you need to lie down in the Sun without burning yourself or developing skin issues. Patio Umbrellas help you do the same without harming your skin and the tissues.

These umbrellas are set up, preferably in your house's patio area or anywhere else, where you will be experiencing intense heat.

You can spend enough time outside your house under the cool shade and enjoy your time to the fullest. No need to get burnt; open this umbrella, set it up, and enjoy yourself on the pool chair with a glass of Slurpee in hand and your favorite tune in the background.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Patio Umbrellas

Since there are many variants of these umbrellas available in the market, picking out the best one can be challenging.

The wide range of colors, size, shape, etc., can create a lot of chaos and conspire to confuse you. We must help you find your best match, so we have put our best efforts to keep our promise.

This guide for the umbrella for patio contains all these features and informs you about these umbrellas' benefits and disadvantages. It also tells you about the things you should look for while purchasing one.

So, let's have a glimpse of these umbrellas' critical features without any further ado and know why they are essential.


The size of these umbrellas are significant because they provide shade, and if the size isn't appropriate, you will be exposed to the sunrays and hurt yourself. Pool parties, tea time in the backyard, and many other activities are performed outside.

To stay safe and make the most out of that time, getting a large umbrella is necessary. Patio umbrellas feature different sizes having varying diameter and lengths. These umbrellas are large enough to cover the chairs kept around the table to provide you shade everywhere.

However, you won't find them to be large enough to provide shade to the walking alley. Hence, you should first determine the area you want to be covered and then search for the variants and opt for the perfect one.

Ensure that you buy two sizes bigger than required so that your umbrella covers more space to provide you overall protection from the direct Sun.


The style of a canopy is no exception, and this feature should not be left out. An attractive looking umbrella enhances the look of your backyard, pool, or any other place wherever it is used.

If it doesn't have an appealing appearance, your money and time invested would be of no use, and it will ruin the look of that area too. Hence, searching for an attractive umbrella is essential, and patio umbrellas help you make your space look stylish and modern.

You should consider the canopy's shape and color, the pole's material, and the type suitable for that space.

If you want an umbrella for your private pool, you should look for one that gives you enough shade and doesn't hinder while you move.

The chair should stay under the canopy, and the style should enhance the pool's look and not ruin it. Similarly, color also influences the choice. Darker colors can trap the Sun's heat and become warmer, which you wouldn't want while relaxing under your umbrella.

Hence, before you opt for an umbrella, search for a suitable variant to make an eligible investment.


The inseparable relation that a flag and a mast have defines the link between this umbrella and the base. Without a base, the umbrella cannot stand firmly and will fall.

The thing to be noted is that patio umbrellas don't include a base stand in their set. You will have to purchase one separately. This extra purchase can consume a significant amount of time and also add extra pennies to your budget.

However, with little smartness, you can reduce the time and money that needs to be invested. These umbrellas have weight specifications mentioned, giving you a clue about the base stand's weight that will be required.

This piece of information can help narrow down your search, and you can effortlessly pick one that is compatible with the weight and height of your umbrella. Also, search from the shortlisted variants of these bases, which is easier to use, and move and opt for the suitable one.


Four different types of patio umbrellas are crafted to suit your convenience. Have a quick look at these types to opt for the one that you need.

  1. Tilting Umbrellas

With these umbrellas around, you need not worry about changing your sitting position while out under the shining Sun. Whenever the Sun changes its place, all you need to do is tilt the canopy of your umbrella in that direction to stop the rays from falling on you.

These umbrellas have an adjustable rod that is present at the top end of the pole. This flexibility enables you to change the angle of the canopy according to your convenience.

  1. Cantilever umbrellas

These umbrellas have their poles on the sides and not in the middle. This design enables you to stand under these umbrellas without any difficulty.

The design offers them more stability and makes them robust enough to withstand heavy wind flow. The construction is entirely heavy duty and is highly durable and long-lasting.

  1. Free Standing Umbrellas

These umbrellas are the ones that are used on tables to provide shade while you are having meals outside under the open sky. However, you need to check the compatibility of your table's hole and the width of the umbrella's pole. If not compatible, the shade provider won't be of any use.

These umbrellas form the best poolside furnishing items and enhance the look. They are highly affordable and widely famous. There is only one pole in the center of the canopy that gives it the necessary support.

  1. Ventilating umbrellas

If you live in coastal areas where humidity is a common phenomenon, you should consider purchasing an umbrella that lets hot air escape to keep you cool in its shade. These umbrellas can withstand moderate winds, but when heavy winds blow, they lose their stability.

Besides, some variants feature double ventilation. These variants work perfectly when the weather is windy as these can withstand heavy winds and allow maximum heat dissipation.


The materials used to construct the poles and the canopy affect their durability and quality. Hence, lay more emphasis on the material's choice to ensure that you buy a long-lasting service for yourself.

Materials used for the umbrella

Umbrellas are made of different materials that enhance their durability and performance. Durable, high-quality materials are essential so that your umbrella withstands the elements' harshness and does not wear off too soon. Listed below are the different materials that are used to make the canopy.

  1. Sunbrella

Sunbrella is the best fabric to be used for products that are exposed to the elements for a long time. This fabric is vibrantly colored and does not fade away over time because the dye is interlocked in the fibers of the material.

It is an incredibly durable material that lasts very long and keeps your umbrella in working condition for years.

  1. Polyester

Polyester is another highly durable synthetic material that can withstand all the adversities and is exceptionally lightweight. If your umbrella is made using this material, you can expect high-quality performance from it and won't ever be disappointed.

This material comes with a four year warranty period, which ensures that the color won't fade away even when exposed to the harmful UV rays for hours. Besides, there won't be any mildew formation that may damage your umbrella.

  1. Olefin

This material is highly affordable and doesn't compromise with quality. It is an excellent option if you want a good quality umbrella at a low cost. Like polyester, olefin is also a synthetic material and has high durability. If maintained properly, this fabric will last for years without the requirement of any repair.

The color of this fabric doesn't fade away quickly. This unique fade-resistant feature makes this fabric stand out from all the others.

  1. Thatch

If you want to experiment with a new umbrella design and find a quirky alternative to the traditional look, you can always rely on the thatch. This material adds a fun element to your umbrella with its funny patterns and designs.

This fabric is a hybrid and made using polypropylene and polyester fabrics combined. It doesn't lead to the formation of mildew and prevents insects from damaging it.

Materials for the poles and the rib

The material of the umbrella's poles and ribs provide durability and stability to your entire umbrella. Choosing the right material is crucial to ensure that you are sitting under a stable and robust umbrella to provide you with adequate shade.

Listed below are the materials used to manufacture patio umbrellas' ribs and poles to make them stand firmly.

  1. Fiberglass for the ribs

Fiberglass is an incredibly durable material used to construct the ribs of these umbrellas that make them wind-resistant. The flexibility that this material has gives sturdy support to your umbrella to withstand the heavy wind flow and prevent it from breaking.

Besides providing flexibility, this material is rust and corrosion-resistant, making it an ideal choice for umbrellas used in beaches or places with high humidity.

  1. Wood

The appearance of the wooden poles is similar to the ordinary umbrellas that you see in the market. The wooden appeal blends excellently with the tables they are put on.

This material is generally not used to manufacture the frame of tilting umbrellas but is a perfect choice for other types because of its lightweight and robust build.

  1. Aluminum

Another highly durable material for pole manufacturing, aluminum is the most versatile material out of all the others available. It is lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant. It is robust and effortless to use.

The umbrellas having aluminum poles can be tilted well. However, this material is also used in many types of umbrellas because it features many forms.

  1. Steel

This material offers almost the same functionality as aluminum but is less expensive compared to that. The lower price is because this material cannot resist rust and corrosion when exposed to salt and moisture, unlike the aluminum ones. Also, steel is bulkier than aluminum, which makes the movement of your umbrella difficult.

Lifting Method

The lifting method of your umbrella defines its operation, i.e., the opening and closing mechanism. There are three mechanisms, and every umbrella has a different one.

These three mechanisms are mentioned below to look at them and then decide which one is convenient for you.

  1. Crank

This lifting method is the most popular one, and this popularity is due to its ease of use. It doesn't require too much muscular strength and can be turned easily. All you need to do is turn the turn and push the crank to open the canopy, and do the reverse to close it.

  1. Push-up

This mechanism is similar to the one that you apply to open your ordinary rain umbrella. Though it seems more comfortable when we compare it with a rain umbrella, the method isn't easy.

Only small umbrellas for the patio have this mechanism because pushing the pole using one hand is more comfortable when the size is small.

  1. Pulley

A pulley system includes both the push-up and the crank mechanism. You don't have to turn the crank here; instead, pull the cord provided to open the canopy. For closing, you need to push a button provided like the one in the push-up mechanism.

Pressing the button releases the lock that keeps the canopy open and after the lock is removed, use the cord to close the canopy entirely and store it.

Canopy Shape

The shape of the canopy depends on your choice and the area which needs to be covered. You will find these umbrellas in many different forms. Square, rectangle, hexagonal, octagonal, and the list is never-ending.

These umbrellas come in a bunch of shapes to provide convenience to you so that you can use them wherever you want. If you are purchasing one to enjoy the time in your backyard with your family, you can opt for a decent shape that covers the sitting area appropriately.

On the other hand, if you invest in one to host pool parties or barbecues with many guests, you better choose two square-shaped umbrellas rather than one rectangle-shaped.

Two square-shaped umbrellas will cover more area than one rectangular-shaped umbrella, giving more shade and providing a cool place.

Canopy Adjustment

Patio umbrellas feature two types of canopy adjustments, which are made keeping your convenience in mind. Hence, understand the adjustments listed below and then make your decision.

  1. Tilting adjustments

As stated earlier, a tilting tent has a tilting adjustment, enabling you to position it at any angle to prevent the sun rays from falling on you directly. This type of adjustment involves three subsections that allow you to adjust the canopy at different positions.

  1. Collar tilt

The collar of the pole twists to position the canopy at a specific angle. You can adjust even while sitting if your hands reach the collar of the pole.

  1. Crank

The crank lifting method also helps to tilt and position the canopy. This adjustment method is the easiest of all and is found in many umbrellas.

  1. Push-button

By pressing a button, you can unlock the canopy and position it at the desired angle to stay protected from the sun rays.

  1. Rotating adjustments

This type of adjustment is generally found in cantilever umbrellas, where the pole rotates, enabling you to change the canopy position without tilting it or moving the entire setup.

The pole rotates 360 degrees covering a wide area and providing you the desired amount of protection from the Sun irrespective of its position.


The framework on which the fabric of the umbrella's canopy is attached is known as the ribs. This structure provides support and strength to the canopy so that it continues to provide you with an adequate amount of shade.

These umbrellas have a maximum of 8 ribs, but some variants also have more. But remember that having an extra amount of ribs is beneficial for keeping your umbrella stable, but several of them can add to its weight and make it bulky.


Patio umbrellas are incredibly lightweight and very effortless to move. Despite their immense size, they are highly portable and can be moved around your house with ease.

The materials used don't add any extra weight to these umbrellas; instead, they provide strength and stability. They are straightforward to turn or tilt and can be collapsed easily.

The easy collapsing feature makes it easy to store anywhere without much struggle.


The materials used to manufacture the canopy and the pole make the umbrella entirely durable and long-lasting. No mildew formation or rusting takes place even when it is exposed to the elements for long.

The umbrella can withstand heavy wind flow and still stay stable without being damaged. These construction materials make this umbrella incredibly durable and provide it with a dynamic design, making it even more robust.


Like any other outdoor equipment that you use, even these umbrellas have some additional accessories to make them even more unique and functional. These accessories are listed below.

  1. Umbrella Lights

Lights are the best accessories to elevate the look of any product. Be it a chair, your staircase, or your wall; lights rock everywhere. The same is the case with these umbrellas.

They help enhance the look of the area they are used at, and adorning them with lights will upgrade that space's appeal even more. You can decorate your umbrella if you are throwing a pool party to give your party a classy feel and gather good compliments.

  1. Base tables

There are many variants of an umbrella base stand available. The standard ones only have the space to hold the pole with three or four legs, while some look like a barrel or a table. You can opt for these unique base styles to keep your books or drink glasses on them while elevating your umbrella's look simultaneously.

  1. Patio Covers

These covers for your umbrellas are incredibly breathable and waterproof. They are used to keep your umbrella safe when it's not being used. They are also UV treated to stay protected and safeguard your umbrella from the harmful UV rays.


  1. How can I measure the length of the product?

All you need is to measure the length of a single and then multiply it with two to get the diameter of the umbrella.

  1. My patio umbrella does not come with a stand. Should I invest in one?

Yes, you should invest in a proper stand as it provides a proper base to your umbrella and prevents it from blowing off easily.

  1. Which color should I opt for while purchasing the product?

This depends on your personal preference, but light colors are the best. They heat up slowly and don't fade quickly.

Summing Up

Patio umbrellas present a stylish way to add shade to your furniture. All you need is to pin down the best product.

In this guide, we have corner-stoned all the pointers that will aid you in your selection process. Go through the guide and purchase an elite umbrella. / - © Copyright 2020