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Backpacks allow you to keep your necessary supplies safe and within reach. As a travel enthusiast, you must know the importance of a good pack. Arming yourself with the right model can save you from several challenging situations. Keeping in mind all the elements of the enthusiasts, Patagonia Backpacks present elite models that cater to all the needs.

With several models available, you can easily get confused about picking the right one. Referring to a comprehensive buying guide will answer your questions about the product and present you with all the essential details under the same roof.

You can quickly analyze your requirements and speed up your selection process. Let us start with a brief introduction to these packs and dive deep into this extensive guide.

What are Patagonia Backpacks, and why should you opt for them?

If you search for a durable and sturdy backpack to go hiking in Patagonia, you must choose a Patagonia backpack. This is one of the essential items that you need to consider to carry all other essential hiking gear along with you.

Most of the dedicated backpackers and hikers are passionate about this particular brand when choosing a backpack. The manufacturers provide you with a high-quality bag that you can use for different purposes.

The best thing about these backpacks is that they are multifunctional, so you can easily use a Patagonia bookbag as your laptop bag. Similarly, travel backpacks are perfect for hiking adventures.

Patagonia hiking backpacks have excellent durability and versatility, enabling you to consider them as the daily urban lifestyle bags.

Things to deem while purchasing Patagonia backpacks


The first and foremost thing you should check while choosing Patagonia backpacks is the size. It is essential to get the right size of your bag to make sure you will put all the necessary gear and other items inside the backpack without any issues.

Patagonia hiking backpacks are available in a wide variety of sizes, and one is entirely different from another.

So, you need to decide which items you will take along with you for your hiking trip and choose the backpack size accordingly.

You should think about the number of gear and your trip's duration to get a fair idea about the things you need to carry inside the backpack.

Moreover, it will be beneficial to consider the backpackers' body size and strength so that the larger and heavier size does not weigh them down during hiking.


You will find Patagonia backpacks of different types. But before selecting one particular style, you should make it clear why you need the new bag.

If you have a clear idea of the purposes of buying the backpack, it will be easier for you to pick up a style without having any doubts in your mind.

You should know that Patagonia products are multifunctional, which means you can use a bag for different purposes. Supposedly, you have a Patagonia school bag, but it can be used as a reliable hiking backpack as per your continent. Furthermore, you can choose this bag to use as your laptop bag.

However, it is entirely about your personal preference, which types of bag you want to have for you. You should always consider the activities that you actually need the backpack for and buy one accordingly.

High Quality

There are some specific reasons for the high popularity of Patagonia backpacks, and their standard quality must come first in the list.

Patagonia backpacking backpacks maintain a higher level of quality compared to any other packs available in the market. They come with the same top quality as the rest of the Patagonia products.

You can have higher durability and more comfort from these backpacks. Also, they ensure a higher level of performance, which makes sure that you will not have any accidental issues during your hiking trip.

You need to follow the manufacturer's care instructions, and you must treat them gently. That will help you to keep the bag long-lasting. You should take care of the backpacks in a proper way to maintain quality.


Almost all Patagonia backpacks are multifunctional, which can be quite impressive for the hikers and backpackers. Most of these backpack models can be used for several purposes.

This is the reason why people are more likely to choose Patagonia products over any other brand. For instance, if you have a Patagonia book backpack, you can easily use it as a Patagonia laptop bag.

Traveling backpacks with Patagonia can be the right choice for your hiking adventures. It does not matter how challenging your hiking will be; Patagonia hiking backpacks can serve your purpose in the best possible way.

Similarly, you are allowed to use your Patagonia hiking backpack for any other circumstances as it can meet up all your outdoor needs. Also, it can be used as a regular urban life backpack.


Patagonia not only does guarantee the quality of the products but also it comes with sustainable practices, which makes these brands more popular among the customers than any other brands.

You will be amazed to know that Patagonia has its ways to harvest the materials sustainably. Patagonia is a brand that is known for its transparency besides quality.

Patagonia backpacks can be very useful as hiking gear to explore nature without harming nature. If you are a nature person, you will surely love this feature about these backpacks.

Their eco-friendly concern is very effective in protecting nature, so Patagonia's backpacking backpacks have an excellent impression among outdoor enthusiasts.

This is another important reason you should opt for Patagonia products, and you will get exactly what you want for your outdoor adventures.


All materials used in designing Patagonia backpacks are natural as well as sustainable. They are committed to maintaining the sustainability of the materials in their way. So, you do not need to worry about the quality of the materials of your Patagonia backpack.

These backpacks are crafted with high-performing materials that are environment-friendly as well. All the materials have more or less the same quality, so you will not find much difference.

You can choose the materials depending on your personal choice and their looks and designs.

Some of the typically used materials for making Patagonia hiking backpacks include –


Many Patagonia packs are made with CORDURA®, a synthetic material combined with cotton or other natural fibers.

This material is made of high tensile fibers, so it is incredibly durable and resistant to abrasion.

Thought CORDURA® fabrics are a little heavier, but they have a better water repellent capacity as they come with waterproofing coatings.

  1. Organic Cotton

This is also a popular choice of material for the Patagonia backpacking backpacks. Organic cotton is the same as regular cotton, but the only difference is that it is obtained organically.

Organic cotton is grown from non-genetically modified plants, so it does not contain any synthetic chemicals.

It is more sustainable, but you need to pay a little more extra for this material.

  1. Recycled Nylon

If you want your backpack to be more sustainable, you can go for the recycled nylon. A large number of Patagonia products are made out of recycled nylon.

This material is composed of post-industrial waste fibers and post-consumer fishing nets. It can be a very eco-friendly choice.

However, recycled nylon is more expensive compared to the new nylon.

  1. Recycled Polyester

PET is the raw material used in making recycled polyester. It is obtained from recycled plastic bottles.

It is absolutely environment-friendly and also very easy to maintain. But because of the overall processing, it comes a little costlier than standard polyester.

  1. Solution Dyed

Solution-dyed fabrics consist of color pigments, and they are resistant to UV rays. You can choose this material for better durability and longevity of your backpack.


Having the right fit of your Patagonia hiking backpack will determine the comfort, so you must pay much attention to the fit while scanning for Patagonia backpacks.

You should examine the straps in advance to make sure you can adjust them comfortably to get a proper fit.

You can follow the tips to get the best fit for your Patagonia backpack :

  1. Torso Length

Normally, people have an overall idea of their body weight and height, but they are less likely to know the length of the torso. But your torso length can be a crucial factor to pick up the right fit for your backpack.

The size of the backpacks differs according to the length of the torso. Having a taller height does not necessarily mean that you have a longer torso. You can use a tape to measure your torso length.

For example, your torso's length is 50cm or more; you should look for a larger backpack. If the length is between 45 and 50 cm, you will need a medium-sized pack, and if the length is less than 45 cm, you can go with a small backpack.

  1. Hip Belts

When you are trying the backpack for the first time, you should never tighten the shoulder straps. Instead, you should try to adjust the hip belts in the first place.

You should tighten the hip belt properly to check whether the padded section wraps around your hips comfortably or not. You should also confirm one thing that the weight of the backpack rests on the hips rather than the waist.

This is the primary purpose of using the hip belts. They make sure you can have a low and nice center of gravity that supports you in maintaining the balance properly.

  1. Shoulder Straps

If the hip belts fit, you will have the chance to tighten the shoulder straps. As the name suggests, shoulder straps wrap your shoulders completely to have a close fit.

The straps help to hug the backpack close to your back. There is no free space between the pack and your back.

Having standard quality shoulder straps means you will carry 30% of the overall weight of the backpack on the shoulders, and you will get the rest support from the hip areas.

  1. Load Lifters

Load lifters are also a special kind of straps found on the top of the backpack, and they mainly come attached with the shoulder straps.

You can shorten these straps to lift the larger backpacks. When choosing the load lifters, you should keep one thing in mind that the anchor points should be parallel to the collarbone.

This is the best way to find the right fit for the packs for you. So, you should check this feature thoroughly before buying it.

  1. Chest Straps

Most of the larger sized backpacks are desi with two additional straps in the chest area that are adjustable and help to join the shoulder straps.

These chest straps ensure that the shoulder straps will not frequently slip when you are hiking on the trails, and they also provide a close fit of the backpack to your body.

However, chest straps designs are not the same for men and women, but it is entirely up to your choice which designs fit you the most and work for you in the best possible way. You should choose the designs accordingly.


Another crucial buying factor is the comfort that you should not overlook while choosing Patagonia backpacks. It is needless to mention that it will be difficult to enjoy your hiking or backpacking trip without having a comfortable bag.

All of the backpacks that come with Patagonia are incredibly comfortable, so you can easily carry them for an extended period during your outdoor adventures.

You do not need to worry about comfort when you are going for Patagonia products. They make sure you do not have any feeling of discomfort while carrying these backpacks.

You should check the fit of the backpacks because a good fit can maximize comfort. You can also check the review of the previous customers to know about the fit of the backpack models.

It is essential to check that the backpack you are choosing fits well with your body, and thus you can have your expected comfort effectively.


It is difficult to predict the weather during your hiking trip, so you should look for waterproof backpacks to protect the items you have inside the pack from rain and water.

When you are going on outdoor adventures, you must carry electronic devices and dry clothes in your backpack. If you do not have a waterproof bag, all your essential gear will become in case you are caught in the rain.

Most Patagonia backpacks are designed with waterproof fabrics that can give a good amount of protection from the Patagonian rainstorm.

However, you should always remember that no backpack is 100% waterproof because there will be a chance of water penetration through zippers and seams. Therefore, you can search for a waterproof backpack cover.

You can wear the cover on the top of your backpack that will work as better protection.

Otherwise, you can select a pack with a built-in cover that you can roll up and keep in the deeper pockets when not in use.


Which color you want for your Patagonia backpack is completely a matter of your personal preference. You can choose a color that suits your style the most.

But, you should be aware of some factors when you are going to choose the color. If you are planning to hike in a dangerous trail or thinking of technical climbs, it will be better to choose strong and vibrant colors for your clothing and gear.

You should follow the same rule for your Patagonia backpack. Having a stronger color of the backpack will help the rescue team spot you quickly and easily if you experience emergencies.


You will need to take several hiking gears along with you when you go for a hiking or backpacking trip for an extended period.

You must take some electronic gadgets, a set of dry clothes, some foods and water, and many other essential objects for your outdoor trip.

Checking your Patagonia backpack's compartments will help you keep your things organized properly. So, you should make a list of the required objects and choose the organization accordingly.

It is no brainer that more compartments will offer you more space to take more items with you.

Extra Features

  1. Pockets

Pockets play a vital role in determining the functionality of the backpacks. So, you must check the number of pockets your backpack has before making your purchase.

Usually, Patagonia backpacks are designed with many pockets, which are very useful to store different small objects such as sunblock, tissues, snacks, sandwiches, etc.

Many Patagonia backpack models also have some external pockets to hold water bottles so that you can get access to water easily while hiking on the trails for a long time.

These pockets are very appropriate for keeping the essential items organized within reach of your hands without any wriggling.

  1. Bungee Cord

You will find some Patagonia hiking backpacks with in-built tabs and loops of bungee cords, extremely stretchable. These bungee cords are attached to the outside of the backpacks, which can have multiple uses.

You can use these cords to hold sleeping mats, or you can stash the waterproof jacket effectively. If your backpack does not have the in-built bungee cords, you can buy them separately from any camping stores to attach them to your backpack.

  1. Zippers

You should buy a backpack equipped with sturdy and durable zippers if you are going for multi-day treks. You will need to open and close the zippers many times.

It will be better to look for thicker and sturdier zippers that will increase the security of the items you are carrying inside your backpack.

Many hikers prefer double zippers instead of the single one because they provide more security. If one zipper stops working, you will have the other one to protect your personal belongings.

  1. Padlocks

You may have to stay in communal lodges during the Patagonia trips or stay in different cities and towns on the way to Patagonia. Small padlocks will come in useful in such situations.

You can attach the padlocks to the backpack's zipper so that you can have extra security, and thus, you can sleep peacefully at night regardless of where you are staying.

With these padlocks, you can lock the compartments you do not need to frequently access when you are hiking. It makes sure that you will not need to fiddle with the small keys when you need them.

How to clean Patagonia Backpacks

If you want to expand your Patagonia backpack's lifespan, you must follow the care tips properly. The manufacturers give all these instructions, and you just need to follow the guidelines without fail.

The first thing that comes into mind when you want to know about the washing procedure is whether Patagonia hiking backpacks are appropriate for machine wash or not.

You are allowed to put these bags in the washing machine, but you should never use any harsh detergents except for laundry detergents. You should make sure the detergent you are using is mild enough and biodegradable well.

It will be better to use an old pillow cover to keep the backpacks before putting them in the washing machine. This will prevent the fabrics from getting damaged.

You should also strictly follow the water temperature mentioned for your backpack model, and you can clean your pack conveniently.

It is recommended to remove the dirt from the backpack regularly with a wet cloth so that you can wash the backpack without giving much effort when not in use.

If you do not let dirt and debris accumulate on the backpack, it will be easier to wash, and thus, it will last longer.


  1. Why should I prefer this brand?

High quality, durability, and comfort are all the prime features that the brand offers in its models. Also, Patagonia commits to fabricate the packs with eco-friendly materials. No matter the situation, the bags will cater to all your needs without fail.

  1. Can I machine-wash these backpacks?

Yes, you can wash them in a machine. Use a mild detergent with freshwater. If you can get hold of eco-friendly detergent, it will be best to use it while washing.

Summing Up

Patagonia Backpacks rennet durable and comfortable packs loaded with tons of features to cater to all your needs.

All you need is to pick the best option. In this guide, we have laid out all the critical pointers that will aid you in the selection process. Skim through the guide and arm yourself with an ultimate variant. / - © Copyright 2020